Yearly Physical

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As you may have guessed, it was time for my annual physical but little did I know this would be an exam I would not soon forget. I had just moved to a new town so I didn’t know anyone there who could point me to a good physician. Therefore, I was at the mercy of my insurance company to make my choice. I just randomly picked a physician and made an appointment. Before I knew it, the day had arrived so I took half a day off from work in order to take care of things.

After arriving at the office and filling out the usual paperwork I was finally called back by one of the nurses. She led me to a room with some scales had me stand on them, then she took my blood pressure, pulse and all the usual things. She then escorted me to the exam room and asked me too strip to my underwear and told me the PA would be in in a moment. I then spoke up and asked why the PA? She said, “Didn’t’ you get our message? Dr. Lockhart had to go out of town on an emergency and we just assumed since you didn’t call back you were OK with seeing his PA.”

I paused for a moment and, realizing I would not be able to take another day off from work anytime soon, replied, “Oh sure that’s fine.” She then left the room and I proceeded to remove my clothes down to by boxer briefs.

I sat there on the table for what seemed to be an hour before the door opened and in came the PA. My eyes widened when I saw that the PA was female. I had not been expecting any of this but then I didn’t know the doctor or any of this staff. After the initial shock wore off, I noticed she appeared to be in her mid-thirties, shoulder length dirty blonde hair, curvy but not chubby, of medium height, and a very pretty face. She walked over and shook my hand and said, “Hello, I’m Sharon I’ll be performing your physical today.”

I smiled and said, “Hello.”

She stepped to the side revealing a nurse that had followed her into the room, “This is Jill, she will be assisting me and acting as witness to your exam,” she explained.

Jill had short black hair, taller, slender but not skinny, and looked like she might be all of twenty years old, a very lovely young lady.

I was feeling a sense of embarrassment as well as slight excitement being barely clothed in a room with two females. I just Maltepe Grup Escort kept thinking to myself, “This will be over soon and I will have the rest of the day off,” as she began. She did the usual things, asked questions about my health and so on. Jill sat in the corner in one of those rolling chairs as Sharon performed the exam, she appeared to be writing things in what I assumed was my chart.

“OK if you will please stand at the end of the table,” Sharon requested.

I hopped off the table and went to the end of the table as she requested. I then watched as she put on a pair of exam gloves, snapping them into place. “Alright, now for the fun part,” she quips with a slight smile on her face. “I need to examine your testicles to make sure they are intact and there are no issues. Jill, please come over here while I do this and bring the Orchidometer.”

I watch as Jill reaches into a drawer and pulls out the stringed beads and hands them to Sharron. She then stands beside Sharon in order to watch. “Now please lower your underwear for me,” Sharon requests.

I reach down with my thumbs and hook them under the elastic and slower lower them. “Go ahead and step out of them for me,” she requests again.

I step out of them and hold them, crumpled, in my hand. Sharon sits in the rolling chair and moves closer to get a look at me. “OK feet about two feet apart for me,” she orders. I comply. “It must really be cold in here,” she jokingly says, “Jill, grab a hot towel, we’ve got to warm the boys up a bit so I can get to them without hurting them.”

Jill grabs the towel out of some sort of warming device and hands it to her. She then applies it to my scrotum for a few minutes. It was a welcome warm sensation which seemed to do the trick. When she removed it my testicles were hanging low as she rolls up closer to get a look. She starts by holding my testicles in her hand and bouncing them, then the usual turn your head and cough. Next I feel her gloved finger and thumb as she takes my left testicle and begins to roll it between them. She starts to feel the beads she’s holding in the other hand, I can feel the warmth of her breath upon my exposed member as she turns to Jill and says, “Plus twenty-five.” Jill scrambles Maltepe Manken Escort over to grab the chart and starts to write.

I’m not sure what she’s talking about as I’m preoccupied with her rolling my ball around and hitting those sensitive places only a man knows about. She finally turns loose of the left one, takes the other and after a few moments for feeling of it makes a puzzled sound. “I’m not sure about this one,” she says, “Jill, glove up and give me a second opinion.”

I watch Jill as she grabs a pair of gloves and quickly puts them on. This lull in the action gives me a chance to realize my penis has not become what I would call semi-erect but has grown in size. A man can only take so much “fondling” before things start to happen. Just then Sharon releases my testicle as Jill takes her place in front of me and begins to roll it about as she takes the measuring beads from Sharon. “Oh yes, I would say this is over twenty-five as well,” Jill tells Sharon, her hot breath teasing my growing penis.

Sharon then says, “Well while you’re there, compare it to the other.”

Jill places the beads in Sharon’s hand and then takes my other testicle with her other hand. By this time, I’m not believing what’s happening, a girl half my age has me by the balls examining me like I’m some sort of specimen. She looks up and smiles at me as she rolls and tugs. I flinch as she strikes a nerve. I see an almost sarcastic sympathetic look on Jill’s face.

“I would say they’re both very close to the same size,” Jill says, after about two minutes of rolling them around.

“Very good, thank you Jill,” Sharon says as she steps back in front of me.

“You’re testicles appear to be very healthy and are well above normal size, you should have no trouble producing all the sperm and testosterone you need,” Sharon tells me with a smile on her face.

I look over at Jill and she has a smile as well. I can now feel that I have become semi-erect just from this conversation and physical contact.

“Alright, only one thing left. Turn around and place your elbows on the table for me, feet apart,” Sharon requests.

By now I am getting pretty hard as I comply with her request. I bend over, feet apart, Maltepe Masöz Escort and place my elbows on the table. I look forward and in the mirror in front of me I can see my refection in the mirror behind me. I can’t help but feel vulnerable and embarrassed as I look up and see my ass totally exposed, my cock hard and pointing straight down between my legs for all to view.

Sharon speaks up and say, “I’m sure you know this but I need to place my finger inside your anus, in order to check your prostate,” she pauses and then relays to Jill, “Make sure you are watching so you will be familiar with this procedure.”

I hear her open the drawer and grab the lube. Then suddenly a finger against my most private of privates. “Here we go,” Sharon informs.

The suddenly she’s in. The feeling of total violation comes over me and then suddenly I feel her probing finger strike my prostate. It feels like a lightning bolt starting deep inside and shooting out the end of my penis. My knees almost buckle as she moves from side to side. “Jill, notice the motion I’m using to make sure I don’t miss any of the prostate surface,” Sharon informs, “He feels nice and smooth, which is perfect.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Jill replies.

“Since you are a urology student you will be doing this a lot throughout your career.”

By this time I am almost gasping for air and can’t help but let out a loud grunt as I feel semen dripping from my penis. I know both woman can’t help but notice my secretion. Just then Sharon pats me on the bottom and says, “Its ok we won’t charge you for that.”

My face crimson red as I feel her pull out of me. I feel her wiping off the excess lube and then instruct me to stand. As I turn back toward them, I have a full erection with semen dripping. Sharon jokes, “Looks like all your parts are working very well.”

I glance over at Jill and see her smirking as I start attempting to get back into my underwear.

“OK, you’re good to go, everything looks good. Just get dressed and they will take care of you at the front desk. We’ll set you up for another exam for next year,” Sharon says as they both head for the door.

As I get dress I’m still trying to figure out what just happened. Was that a standard exam or were they playing with me? There wasn’t any unprofessional contact but there was a lot of contact. Did I just have an orgasm while she was inside me? I’ve never felt such a sensation as when she had her finger was moving across my prostate. Hmmm. Maybe the girlfriend and I need to play doctor sometime.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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