Walk-In Clinic

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I don’t know why I forgot to wear men’s briefs that day, perhaps I was just so used to the comfortable feel of silk and lace that I didn’t even think about it when I dressed. Or maybe I had an unconscious desire to be caught; to finally have my little secret uncovered.

So here I sat at the walk-in clinic, debating whether to leave, or to risk the off chance that I might be caught wearing women’s underwear. Surely, if I had to disrobe they would give me one of those gowns to wear. I could strip my panties off and hide them in my pants pocket before anyone saw them.

It was nearly five o’clock, and what had been a full waiting room was gradually clearing out. Finally I heard my name called. Looking up from the six-month old magazine, I saw that I was alone; I would obviously be the last patient of the day. The pretty young nurse’s assistant directed me to a room at the end of the hall. As I stepped inside she opened a cabinet and pulled out one of those short cotton gowns that barely cover your ass.

“Here you go,” she said cheerily, her eyes roaming the length of my 6-foot frame, “Disrobe and slip this on. You can leave your briefs on for now. A nurse will be with you shortly.”

Her instructions to keep my briefs on threw my careful plant into disarray. I stripped everything else off and then spent precious minutes debating whether to remove the panties. Unfortunately my decision came a few seconds too late. I was just dropping my panties when the door swiftly opened behind me, and a whoosh of cool air swept between my bare thighs.

I spun around, grabbing the thin yellow gown to hold out in a feeble attempt to cover myself.

“Sorry,” The young woman in nurse’s whites offered, “Not quite ready were you?” She smiled, apparently amused by my discomfiture.

Flushing red, I attempted a comeback but words failed me. She was strikingly beautiful. Her eyes flashed with cool green fire as my own eyes roved quickly over her well-curved figure. Her two large breasts struggled against the confines of the prim white uniform. I could see the white lace of her brassiere peeking out from between the overstressed buttons.

I struggled for words but merely stammered.

“Relax hon,” she said reassuringly. “I’m the nurse. I need to ask you some questions. But first why don’t you step out of those. . .”

Her gaze had slid down my body to where my panties lay bunched in a soft blue heap around my ankles. In my rush to cover myself I had forgotten them. I stepped meekly backward while she bent down to scoop them up. I was so embarrassed that I barely noticed the excellent view down her cleavage.

She stood up, and held the filmy, powder blue panties on the end of her finger. They happened to be my sexiest pair, and were generously fringed with white lace around the waistband and high-cut leg openings. Only a true femme-slut would wear these. The nurse fixed me with a knowing smile.

“My, my, aren’t these charming.” She dangled the panties in front of me as I turned beet-red, “You could have left these on …” She snatched them away as I reached out for them. “… but there’s no harm in leaving them off now. . .that is unless you’re uncomfortable?”

Without waiting for my answer she turned and hung them on a wall hook. She looked at them and smiled as if she’d just mounted a trophy. Struggling to regain my composure, I fumbled to unfold the gown and conceal myself.

She reached out and grabbed the sleeves, holding them open for me while nonchalantly glancing over the top at my exposed genitals. My cock had already risen to “half-mast” and was wagging about rather obscenely as I wriggled into the gown.

“Hmm. . .Uh-huh. . .There you go.” She winked as I slid my arms into it. “Now let me help you get these strings tied. They can be a bit awkward.”

The nurse stepped around behind me. I felt an electric shock as her warm soft hand brushed mine. My cock was now fully erect, its sensitive head brushing against the front of the gown. I bent over so it wouldn’t show as much, but this caused the back of the gown to open up, giving her a clear view of my ass.

I straightened, but it was too late; she’d already slipped her fingers between the open edges, pretending to work on the closure strings.

“This your first time to the clinic, honey?” she asked casually as she finished tying the top string and moved down to tie the next one.

“Y-yes ma’am,” I mumbled, trying to keep my back toward her to hide my huge erection.

The light touch of her fingernails against my bare back ever sent shivers up my spine. I was sure she noticed. She snuggled her leg in close behind me until it brushed the backs of my thighs. This also kept the gown from closing at the bottom. I felt the starched cloth of her uniform rub against my buttocks, and tried to think of something else.

Finally she finished and then sidestepped around to face me from the front. I tried to hide the tent pole in front of my gown by bending over again, but she put a firm hand on my shoulder and stopped me. Her gaze fell downward to take in otele gelen escort the gown’s bulge, where my erection poked stiffly outward.

My cock twitched involuntarily beneath the thin cotton material. There was a wet spot where my pre-come had soaked through. She smiled knowingly and turned to retrieve her clipboard.

“Please sit down.” She indicated a vinyl covered stool. “Let’s start by going over your medical history.”

I gasped as the stool’s cold vinyl touched my bare skin through the crack in my gown. The nurse smiled at my discomfort and nonchalantly grasped my knee to brace herself as she sat down across from me. In the process she knocked away my hands which I’d been using to cover my lap. My erection was still obvious.

“Relax honey.” Her green eyes mocked me, “I’ve seen it all before.” She lowered her voice and added conspiratorially, “Quite frankly, considering what little you have to offer down there, women’s panties are a good choice for you.”

I couldn’t believe her impertinence! She smiled as if challenging me to respond. I merely flushed beet-red and averted my eyes. She had the upper hand now, but little did I know how far she would go with it.

My erection subsided as I answered the medical history questions, and by the time she finished and put the clipboard aside it had wilted completely. It sprang to life again though when she got up and snapped on a pair of rubber gloves.

“Now what exactly brings you in here today, Miss Skye?”

I blanched. ‘Miss?’ Was that merely a slip of the tongue or …? Once again the nurse locked eyes with me, and once again I lost.

“Well, ma’am,” I replied, staring down at the floor, “I’ve been having back and leg pains, and some abdominal cramping.”

“I see.” She made a note on her clipboard. “And how long has this been going on?”

“About four days.”

“Hmmph. You should have come in before today. Taking care of our bodies is a serious responsibility, MISS Skye. Stand up”

So it was intentional! She was taunting me! And yet I found myself unable to challenge her; my pride seemingly as limp as the powder blue panties hanging from the wall hook. I stood there mute and helpless as she poked and prodded my stomach and kidneys. When her fingers reached the top of my groin area, I felt another surge of blood in my cock.

The nurse ignored the sudden movement under the gown and continued prodding me.

“Get up on the table, Missy — I need to take your temperature.” She reached in a jar and pulled out a large thermometer.

I balked when I saw her lubricate the fat bulbous end.

“But don’t you –” My protest was cut short by her cold hard glare.

“I make the rules here, honey. Now up you go.” My gown fell open as I climbed onto table, and she gave my bare butt a friendly pat. “Just lay on your side and pull your right knee up Relax. You may even enjoy this.”

I was beyond humiliation now, and just wanted to get this over with, but she seemed in no hurry. She carefully spread my buttocks apart and probed my hole with her gloved and lubricated finger.

She was right, it felt unexpectedly good. As she withdrew her finger my sphincter reflexively sucked at it. The nurse chuckled.

“See? I told you you’d like it.”

A moment later I felt the cool glass of the thermometer against my anus. She poked it in a fraction of an inch, swirled it around for a moment, then plunged it in and held it there with her fingers right up against my twitching sphincter.

Her other hand lay on my buttock. She gave it a possessive pat, like you might pat a dog’s head. My cock was as hard as a rock and ready to explode.

“Have you had normal bowel movements recently?” she asked casually.

“Not really,” I replied … and quickly regretted it. Too late.

“Really. Hmm …” She had me describe this more in great detail, all the while twirling the thermometer in my ass. Finally she pulled it out and made a notation on her clipboard.

“I think we’d better give you an enema before we let a doctor see you.” Her tone made it obvious she didn’t need my opinion on the matter.

“But … I really don’t –”

“Now, now, Missy. Just do as I say and things will go easier for you. Now scoot up here and lie on your side.”

Before I could respond she grasped my limbs and forced me into position.

“Lift this knee up … that’s it.” I felt like a mannequin in her strong hands.

She pulled my gown all the way open and I lay there facing the wall with my entire backside exposed. I heard water in the sink and cupboard doors opening, and a moment later her hand was on my hip again. She pushed her greased finger inside me again, deeper than before.

“Ow! I gasped. “Ooooh …That hurts!”

“Shhh! Don’t be such a baby.” She buried her finger deeper and twisted it around to rub my prostate. Underneath the flimsy gown I nursed another huge erection. Finally she withdrew her finger. It made a wet pop as my hole sucked at it.

“Just relax now, babygirl” türkmen escort she soothed. “Here comes the nozzle.” Once again her insistent fingers spread my buttocks apart. She pressed the nozzle against me, paused to center it against my hole, and then shoved it briskly up into my rectum. The nozzle’s end was much fatter than her finger.

I winced at the intrusion and began to sweat. She patted my ass-cheek as the warm liquid flooded into my bowels.

“Now you just stay still, sweetie. I’m going to step out for minute.”

The door opened and then closed. I was suddenly alone with a raging hard-on. The strain was too much. I moved my hand around, hiked the gown up, and started jerking off. I was just about ready to climax when I heard the door whoosh open again. I froze in mid-stroke and reached to cover myself. Too late.

“Oh!” It was a female voice I didn’t recognize. “What are you doing?! Nurse!!”

The nurse stormed in and briskly pulled aside my gown. My cock was pulsing bright red, and a big drop of pre-come glistened on its tip. I was speechless.

The nurse and her young assistant hovered over me, both of their faces flushed with anger. More nurses and female assistants streamed into the room to see what the commotion was. One of them pointed toward the wall.


They all turned to see my frilly blue panties hanging on the hook. There was a lot of giggling and whispering as the assistant explained my “crime” to the nurse.

“Well, sissy,” the nurse’s voice boomed mockingly, “Having a little fun are we?”

The door was still open. More women whispered from the hallway. I seemed to be the star attraction.

I felt a tug on the hose as someone checked the contents of the enema bag. It must have been nearly empty by now. Stomach cramps were beginning to hit me.

“Okay, everyone out!” The nurse ordered.

As soon as the door closed she turned to me and ran the nozzle even farther up my hole.


“Shut up. That was just to get your attention, sissy.” She twisted the nozzle. “This is a CLINIC, in case you hadn’t noticed. Your disgusting conduct is an insult to my staff.”

“I’m s-sorry,” I managed to stammer.

She gripped my arm and twisted the nozzle around some more. “Feels like you need to empty this out, right?” Her voice was low and menacing. “Well you can just keep those pretty little butt cheeks clamped together and hold it. You and I need to talk.”

She slapped her hand across my ass, hard. “You don’t have much respect for me or the other people here do you?”

“N-no. I mean yes, I—”

She cut me off with a glare. The liquid sloshed around inside me, urging for release, but the nurse was in no hurry. She was obviously enjoying my discomfiture.

“You embarrassed my assistant.”

“I’m sorry,” I murmured feebly.

“I could have you arrested you know.” She paused as if weighing the option. “Lewd behavior, exhibitionism … you’ll make the morning papers.”

“Please. Don’t.”

“Are you telling me what to do?!” She practically shouted the words.

“No.” I replied, then added, “Ma’am.”

“Hmm … I hope not.” She leaned close to my ear and spoke softly, “In fact I think you are the type who likes to be told what to do, instead of the other way around. Am I right?”

“Yes ma’am,” I replied, trying to give her answers she wanted so she wouldn’t prolong the one-sided conversation. I desperately needed to go to the bathroom.

“You’re a sissy who wears girl’s panties aren’t you?”

I nodded—there was no point in denying it.

“You WILL cooperate,” she continued, her voice rising, “so we can clear this up without getting the police involved, won’t you, sissy?”

“Yes … ma’am. I’ll do anything you want.”

“Good. Let’s get you cleaned up. Then we’ll set you up with another appointment.”

‘Another appointment?’ Oh well, I was in no position to argue.

The nurse turned and rummaged through a drawer while I stared at the wall and prayed for relief. Suddenly she pried my ass cheeks apart, removed the nozzle, and shoved in some sort of plug. It was even fatter than the nozzle and I grunted in pain as she shoved it all the way in. At last my tortured sphincter closed around the narrow base. I was safely plugged – but still quite full and hurting very much.

“Get up.” The nurse clutched my arms and pulled me up off the exam table. She briskly pulled the gown off me while I stood there on shaky legs. “I guess our little sissy won’t need this gown since she seems to enjoy exposing herself.”

She swung the door swing open and motioned me out into the crowded hallway. A sudden cramp forced me to bend over so I couldn’t see who was there, but the laughter and snickering told me I had an audience. Finally I glanced up and saw no less than four women staring at me. Even the pretty young receptionist had joined them. Their expressions ranged from amused to downright hostile.

Stark naked, beet red from embarrassment, and with a large plug evi olan escort planted uncomfortably in my ass, I was led down the hallway to a large bathroom which had enough room for someone to stand beside me on each side of the toilet. Two women roughly backed me around to face the door, exposing my cock, which wagged obscenely at half-mast, dripping pre-come. This induced a few snide comments from the other women, who stood in the doorway watching.

“Squat, sissy.” They lowered me until I was crouched just over the toilet. “Now, on the count of one, you will reach down and pull the plug out of your ass. On the count of two, you will sit, and on three, you will empty yourself. Got that, sissy?”

I nodded, squatted down, and reached back to where I could feel the end of the butt-plug.

“One!” the nurse yelled.

I pulled the plug out and clenched my butt closed to keep the fluid from exploding out.

“Two!” … a chorus of laughing voices.

I sat, and somehow managed to hold the torrent of shit inside me.

“Three!” The screaming laughter from the women almost drowned the sound of my tortured bowels exploding into the bowl. I forced my swollen cock down between my thighs to hide it from view. This elicited even more laughter.

There was a large shower stall in the room, big enough for a wheelchair and an assistant. The nurse pushed me into it, and had me lay on the cold plastic floor. There was harsh whispering outside the stall.

Moments later a pretty young assistant stepped into the stall and stood over me. I noticed that she had removed both her shoes and panty-hose.

“Close your eyes, sissy,” the nurse ordered. I immediately complied.

I heard shuffling, and the woman’s feet bumped into my shoulders. Then I felt a presence near my face, followed by the unmistakable smell of a woman’s vagina. I slit my eyelids open a tiny bit just as the young assistant squatted over my face. Slick wet pussy lips unfolded from within her soft brown bush. I could even see her clit. It was pink and swollen, and I stared mesmerized, as the rich scent of her pussy invaded my nostrils.

“Keep your eyes shut, sissy,” the nurse commanded. “But open your mouth — wide!”

I opened my mouth, expecting the girl to lower her dripping pussy onto it … Suddenly a torrent of warm pee gushed out!

“Aacckk!” I spluttered and coughed.

The nurse planted her foot on my crotch as I tried to get up. “Stay still!”

So I laid there while the girl emptied her bladder on me. Her piss streamed down my face and into my ears, nose and hair. I could hear the others laughing outside the stall. At last she stood and washed her feet with the shower-hose. She stepped out I began to get up.

“Not so fast, sissy!” the nurse pushed me back down. “Anyone else?”

Two more women laughed and kicked off their shoes. I watched in both horror and anticipation as they pulled down their panty-hose. One of them was a true redhead, and the other was shaved down there. I wanted to eat them both.

I was powerless to resist, even had I wanted to. I laid still as they took turns and squatted over me. I managed to sneak looks up at each of their gaping pussies, then quickly closed my eyes as their streams of piss squirted out on my face. Some of it got in my nostrils, forcing me to open my mouth to breathe. This left me sputtering and gagging. Eventually I even vomited on myself, to the amusement of my all-girl audience.

Finally it was over. The nurse took the spray nozzle and hosed me down while I turned and this way and that. As if I hadn’t been humiliated enough, she made me bend over and spread my bottom open in full view of everyone.

Afterward she handed me a towel, but then took it away again as soon as I had dried myself off. Naked and shivering, I was led back to the exam room. This time the door was left open for the benefit of my adoring fans.

The nurse patted the exam table and motioned me toward it. “Time for your exam, sissy”

I sat on one end of the examination table and she pushed me backward until I was lying flat on the paper table cover. More helping hands hoisted my legs and brought my knees up near my chest. There was a ratcheting noise. Metal stirrups appeared from under the table.

“Here you go, Missy,” said the Nurse, placing my feet in the stirrups. Then she grabbed my hips and pulled. “Now scoot down here to the end of the table.”

My bottom was now hanging slightly over the end of the table and my legs were spread high and wide by the stirrups. I knew this was a position used for a woman’s pelvic exam, and could only imagine what these women had planned for me. Imagination is a dangerous thing; I felt my cock hardening again.

“Ooo … look!” One of the nurses exclaimed, “I think our little sissy is enjoying this!”

Another woman crouched down between my knees. I felt her warm breath wash across my flesh, and my cock to twitched convulsively. Her fingers pressed lightly against the inside of my thighs as if to spread them further.

My nurse opened a cupboard. I heard her unscrew a jar lid and moments later she spread my buttocks even further apart. Her cool greasy finger touched against my anus … I moaned softly and realized that I actually wanted it … Oh god, what was happening to me? She plunged her finger inside and my mouth fell open as if it were connected.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32