Visiting My Sister , Her Roommate..


It was May and his younger sister was at university. Having not much else to do, he called her up to let her know he had a weekend free, and to find out whether she would be able to accommodate him if he went over. University is often a fun place to be, but it does really centre around studying so he had to make sure she didn’t have any exams coming up, after all she was his younger sis and he wanted the best for her. It turned out that she’d just finished her mid-terms, and she and her friends were definitely up for some post-exam partying over the next two weeks. He decided to go for it.

He arrived a little tired and travel-weary at 6pm, took a cab from the train station and got to the university halls of residence at 7. After asking some students he was sent in the right direction and found the address he was looking for, although it was pretty fucking difficult to concentrate on getting to where he wanted to go to as opposed to gawping at the tight hot bodies wandering around outside. These were perfect chicks – small waists, tight hard butts and flawless tanned skin glowing in the light of the evening sunset; it seemed as though summer was well and truly in swing now, with that sweet aroma in the air and tone of light that only lasts for a precious few months in the year

Once inside the building he discovered he was in something akin to an apartment block, with a room-map in the large entrance room, showing room numbers and fire escapes. On the walls there were event lists and room-mate sharing offers, with photos of past parties and debauched drinking sessions. He made his way down the corridor, up the lift and to room 215 as told to do.

All along the way he heard girls laughing and joking – this was a Friday evening and the students were starting their drinking and partying, and was that a faint smell of pot in the air? Probably. He hesitated momentarily before knocking, as he hadn’t seen his sister for over a year, and she’d said that her roommate also had a guest staying over for a few nights. He rapped a couple of times on the cheaply varnished wooden door and heard soft footsteps approaching. He inhaled slightly as the warm scented air from within reached his nose before the door fully opened and he saw his young sister standing there with a half-empty wine glass in her hand. “Harry!” she screamed, moving her glass to the side in a well-practiced fluid motion as she wrapped her other arm around him tightly, “My god.. you made it.. I thought maybe you’d found something else to do over the weekend – I’m so happy to see you!”

“I’m glad to be here too, I’ve not been on a university campus for awhile, it’s so.. refreshing,” he said with a big grin.

She grabbed his fingers with her free hand and pulled him into the room, nudging the door closed with her toe as she did so. “Here, meet my roommate Jan, we call her Janet the Gannet because she drinks so much” as she half-tripped into the room. “I wonder what they call you then” was the thought that went through my mind as I smiled in her direction. Janet was clutching what appeared Kadıköy Sınırsız Escort to be the rest of the bottle of wine whilst hurriedly looking through a completely disorganised pile of shoes, apparently looking for a particular pair. She turned her head to look in my direction and as she did so her striking beauty became apparent. Dark red hair, almost brunette, coupled with the most breathtakingly stunning eyes and lips; it looked like she wasn’t wearing any makeup yet, and it turned out that she wasn’t.

“Hi Harry! Nice to meet you!” she said, still fumbling through the shoes with one hand. “I’m sorry we’re running late, but I need to get to the student meeting downstairs to find out what’s going on over the next few days.” She grabbed a black pair of shoes and put them on, still managing to hold the wine bottle upright without spilling a drop.

Shoes on, she grabbed her phone and headed towards the door whilst looking at my sister; “Sara, you coming?”

Sara nodded whilst taking another large swig from her glass, before plonking it on the table next to her bed.

“We’ll just be half an hour or so, depending on whether everyone’s here yet, but chill out and have some drinks from the kitchen and we’ll be back in a bit”

A quick peck on the cheek and she was gone, with Jan blowing a kiss towards Harry as she rushed out the door. “Oh, and my sister’s in the shower, she should be out soon” she said just before she banged the door closed. So that’s what the running-water noise was! He scanned the room calmly before dumping his rucksack in a pile on the floor. He thought the shower must be located to the far left of the room, as there was another wooden door that was lighter in colour in the direction of the sound of water splashing.

He sat on the edge of the bed, glad to take the weight off his legs after a few hours’ traveling, when he noticed all the clothes laying messily on the floor. There were shorts, socks, sneakers, tops, bras, and.. panties.. he could see 3 pairs at least, maybe more, as his heart started to pulse rapidly. He glanced up at the door and listened intently, although the sound of his heart pounding in his ears seemed to be louder than the sound of the shower. The state of his mental and physical awareness had almost exploded into a state where every nerve in his body was tingling. The sound of water running was still coming from behind the door, all good. He got up and tip-toed as fast as he could to the door, opened it and looked into the hallway; there was nobody around as far as he could see, and there was easily a 20-second walk from the lift to his sister’s room in case anyone came back early.

He closed the door silently and dashed back to where he was before, still listening out for the noise of the shower stopping. Still running. He knelt down in front of a pair of pink panties that looked fairly new, He could just see the tip of a bow attached to the front that was a darker shade of pink. Instead of picking them up and risking changing the position of the panties, he brought Kadıköy Suriyeli Escort his head down close to the carpet and inhaled as the tip of his nose touched the fabric. Nothing. He moved his nose to different areas of the fabric but couldn’t smell anything but washing detergent, even when he hooked a couple of fingers underneath and lifted the material up towards him.

His heart was racing and his cock was as hard as a rock in his jeans, he desperately wanted some kind of release, or some kind of pussy-action, but these panties either hadn’t been worn or belonged to one of those girls who don’t seem to leave any fragrance whatsoever. He let go of the pink pair and his eyes danced towards what looked like a black lacy thong on the other side of the room, right next to a large wicker basket that could only be one thing. As he got up to go there he heard a click, and the sound of water running stopped instantly. Jan’s sister must be finished in the shower, he thought, and quickly stepped backwards towards the bed and sat down, fumbling through his jacket pocket to find his cellphone. He took it out of his pocket as the door opened and the smell of coconut shampoo and some other delicious soapy smell he couldn’t determine hit his nose. “Oh!” said a petite dark blonde girl as she walked out, wrapped in a towel and obviously totally surprised at his presence.

“Sorry!” he mumbled, “I’m Sarah’s brother, I didn’t realise you were in there” he lied, trying to look as honest as possible.

“Ah, I heard you were coming but I thought it would be later. I’m Lucy. Would you mind giving me a couple of minutes to get dressed? I won’t be long”

“Sure, sorry, I.. er.. I’ll just wait outside, let me know when you’re done” He said as he made towards the outside door.

“No, it’s ok – chill in the bathroom, I’ll be done in a sec – there’s no point hanging around outside, plus we’ve got a waterproof-LCD in there, check it out!” she said with a proud grin.

“Sure, cool.. in fact, I might as well have a shower now if we’re going out soon” Harry said, as he picked up his fairly heavy rucksack.

“Alright, but watch out for the hot water – don’t turn it past 7 or it’ll burn your ass off” she said with a laugh, flashing a seriously sexy smile.” Damn, he thought, this girl is stunningly beautiful. Young, slim, gorgeous, NICE ass underneath that towel.. and that same dark hair and incredible eyes as her sister had, only younger and fitter. Fucking gorgeous.

He walked past her into the large bathroom and wondered how these students got such luxuries. His parents were rich, but this was something even the Hilton empire would be proud of. Maybe they weren’t telling him something, but either way, all thoughts stopped as he again unceremoniously dumped his rucksack onto the floor, but this time in the bathroom. There was a pile of clothes that looked like they belonged to a 20 year old to the left of the shower on the beautiful looking white shag-pile rug. He looked around to make sure she was definitely out of the room and closed Kadıköy İranlı Escort the door, heart rate back up to 150 or so. There was a small brass lock on the door, which he engaged as he pushed it to, then turned to look at what was in the room; the clothes in the corner to the left, the shower to the right, a toilet, a bidet, a sink, a huge mirror and a plant. Nice.

He quickly opened his rucksack, took out his black leather toiletry bag and rinsed his electric toothbrush under the tap in the basin. He left the tap running, all the while looking at the pile of clothes, knowing that Lucy had taken them all off only minutes ago. He set both taps to full, started his toothbrush and placed it in his toiletry bag so it wouldn’t vibrate against the sink, took off his shoes and quietly moved towards the clothes. On top he could see a yellow tank-top kind of thing, with a pair of faded jeans underneath that would have been skintight. The ass was topside and he knelt again and positioned his nose against the crotch. He sniffed deeply, mindful of the downer he’d suffered recently, and bam! The smell of young teen pussy hit his nose like a cannonball, rushing through his brain, down his spine like a crackle of electricity and deep into his cock, sending every single available red blood cell in a flood to his penis.

He sniffed at the crotch, a small triangular shaped piece of soft material that had absolutely no stain on whatsoever, but the smell emanating off it was hot fresh teen pussy, and he had no power of resistance. He picked up the thong, crushed it in his hand and inhaled the whole lot, not wanting to miss a single billionth of the scent now available to him. He was vaguely aware of the water running and his toothbrush buzzing in the distance, but he didn’t care about any of that.. his mind was purely and completely focused on the material he had in his hands, material that had been pressed against the sweaty pussy of the stunning young girl on the other side of the door for a whole day. It smelled like pure sex, as if she had been wet during the day thinking of her secret sexual fantasies. All of that, her thoughts.. her femininity, her body, things about herself that she would never even know.. all of that he held in his hand right there. He knew, he could smell her, and she had no idea he was as close to her pussy as she would ever be herself. The aroma of her cunt on this little tiny piece of cloth was unimaginable, teenage sweat & vagina rolled into one. Clean but.. filthy.

It took him approximately 20 seconds to cum into a wad of toilet roll, before flushing, genuinely brushing and jumping into the shower. Once he came out he rearranged the clothes as best as he could remember, wishing he’d taken a photo beforehand with his camera-phone. The feel of that soft panty fabric along his cock was just such an incredible feeling that he had to dig back in to the pile of clothes and do it again. Her panties were still slightly moist, and he knew that his cock had now been bathed in her young cunt juice, which had the most exquisite smell.

He copied his new-found friend and wore the spare towel from the bathroom in the same fashon as Lucy, wrapped around himself from nipple to thigh. He was conscious of his semi-flaccid penis showing against the towel, but decided he didn’t really care at that point.

… To be continued at your request.

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