Tuition Time Ch. 03

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A woman and younger man had met earlier in their lives and now meet again a few years later…now as more than teacher and student.

Ms. Mathews and young David begin their ‘homework’.


“Why don’t you come back to my place?” How many times had I heard those words from Ms. Mathews in my fantasies? It had been from that first English class, when I was still not yet fourteen. Even at that age I knew I wanted to be with a woman like her. It may seem very strange for a fourteen year old to be so infatuated with a teacher. But if you’d seen Ms. Mathews back then you’d have admitted she was the hottest teacher in school. For the next year, until I left school, I fantasized about her. For the next several years I dreamed about her.

And here I was, twenty-one, and it had been nearly eight years since I’d seen her. Who would have thought I would meet up with her again, me in college, and her having moved from there.


David followed behind me as I drove back to my house. Luckily it was only a ten minute drive, as my mind crazily went over all the possibilities. Only nothing stayed formed in my mind, there was just so much I wanted to experience with David. Slowly my shaking fingers went to the hem of my skirt. I suddenly felt almost naked sitting behind the wheel. I held my skirt tightly and I swear I heard a tiny whimper escape my lips as I felt the silky wetness growing between my thighs.

My heart began to beat rapidly when we pulled into the narrow driveway and he pulled up close behind me. I was actually finding it hard to breathe as I switched off the ignition. I sat there behind the wheel for an extra few seconds trying to gather my thoughts. My thoughts and feelings were coming at me much faster than I could process. But one thing I was quickly feeling was I would not be resigned to sleeping with my trusty vibrator this night.

Then I heard a knock on my window and jumped off the upholstered seat.

With my hand over my beating heart I looked up and saw David standing there. He had caught me having thoughts of him I just knew I shouldn’t have. It will be just the two of us, David Smalley. I want your sexy body all to myself.

He opened the door for me. Yes, David was a gentleman. I got out of the car with my legs shaking as I led the way to my front door. As I pushed the key into the lock I looked over and saw David silhouetted in the bright porch light. I saw him, but I could not focus for the thoughts I was still having, of us embraced in heated passion. I hoped he didn’t notice that my hands were shaking as I unlocked the door. On any other night like this I would have raced home to masturbate. Tonight my fantasy was standing by my side. I looked over at him right then and felt the confused, excited and guilty feelings all simultaneously sweeping over me as I was thinking about his lips, imagining him kissing me and working his way down to my breasts. I felt my nipples tingle inside my bra…

I got us drinks and we sat at opposite ends of the sofa. I folded my legs beneath me and put a soft pillow in my lap.

A long silence followed, as we sat nervously smiling at one another.

Taking a deep breath, I spoke first. “So, how do you like my home?” I asked him.

“It’s beautiful,” he replied. “How long have you been living here?”

“Going on three years. Moved here from, well, you know, where you’re from.”

“Do you like it here?

“Sure. It’s a nice neighborhood. Love the shopping and it’s only five miles from my school.”

I paused, debating whether to ask him about his personal life, and then decided we had already gone well past personal questions already. I had already held his manhood in my hand tonight. How much more personal can a gal get with a guy. Well, girl you know you can answer that one! I took a sip of my drink, “Are you seeing anyone now? You must have a girlfriend, being a jock and all.”

“Truthfully, no,” David replied, smiling. “I had a girlfriend last year, but we broke up. I’ve just been too busy with school and trying to stay in shape for wrestling tournaments this year to be real social.”

“Oh,” was all I could comment, as I looked at him over the rim of my glass.

“What about you?” David asked. “Me what?” I asked a question back to his, knowing what he meant, but purposely trying to avoid even thinking about it at this moment in time.

“Are you in a relationship?”

“No.” I answered before I realized what I was saying. My head was spinning. I had this deep down need to be with this young man. My mind was not in a normal place and I knew I had just lied and not only that but betrayed my current lover. I closed my eyes and composed myself. “Actually, that’s not true. I am in a relationship, have been for about eight months.”

“Oh, maybe I shouldn’t be here then. Don’t want to mess things up between you and another guy.”

“No, not at all,” My reply came again far too quickly. “Besides, it’s not a guy.”

“Oh,” was all David could say now as he looked over the rim of his glass.

“You actually met her tonight. It’s Mac. She and ataşehir escort I have been together since the beginning of this school year.”

“How did you two meet?” He asked.

“Her son is in my class. We met at the first school Open House back in the fall.”

“So, she’s not married I take it?”

“No, not any more. She divorced a couple of years ago.” I don’t know why but I felt I needed to tell him about Mac, so he’d understand our relationship. “They had met in college. They married when they were seniors and took a few years but had two children, a boy and a girl.”

“So I also take it there aren’t any rules about teachers and parents, you know…” David asked almost shyly.

“Not really. Mac is officially single. It’s not like she’s having an affair or anything. Two single people dating.” I almost defensively replied.

“Just didn’t want to think my favorite teacher was breaking any rules. What kind of example would that set?” David lightened the moment with his timely joke. Another reason I liked this young man back when he was my student. He could make me laugh.

“After that first meeting I couldn’t resist telling her how much I enjoyed talking with her. We ended up making a date for Friday night and, well, here eight months later…”

“So,” he interjected, “are you a lesbian then?”

I paused and looked at him. For a second I felt stunned at being asked the question. Then I realized he was very seriously curious. Curious enough and questioning enough to think his teacher did not bring him here for sex after all, if she was a real lesbian.

“I guess you would say I have been for the last few years. But since I’ve been with guys most of my life, too, well…”

“That makes you bisexual then.” David answered for me. “I’ve never been with a bi woman before, at least that I know of anyway.”

“I guess you have met that milestone.” I quipped and smiled at him.

“You’ve never been married then?”

“Nope, no kids either. That is not always a given in this day and age, thought I’d tell you that up front, too.”

“So that just leaves one big question.” He drug out his thoughts again. “By asking me here, do I take it that you may be interested in having sex with a man again?”

The room went silent. I knew that because all I could hear was the clock on the wall clicking off the seconds and my heart in my ears beating what seemed like twice that fast.

Yes, David I want o have sex with you. But on the other hand I was beginning to feel overcome with a slight guilt I was going down a road that would be better left not traveled. Although I wanted to be with David tonight, I didn’t want to actually have intercourse with him. I had never really liked that part of sex with a man, the rough stabbing of his manhood in my body or the extreme sweating of a smelly male body on top of me. I just had never liked it very much. Besides it had been over three years since I had slept with a guy. I had always given in to letting a guy do me that way as I thought it was the right thing to do if he had pleased me. But tonight I was hoping I could have the opportunity to be with David and please him, and myself, in so many other ways.

“Did I say something I shouldn’t have Ms. Mathews?” I heard David ask.

I stood up and walked around the coffee table. I took a breath and finally turned toward David as I said, “Please, don’t call me ‘Ms. Mathews’ anymore. My name is Reese. Call me Reese, please.”

My not wanting to look him in the eye at that moment caused my downward gaze. My gaze fell to his jeans. In that blue denim I eyeballed a prominent lump in his crotch. This gave me cause for hesitation yet again. On one hand I was looking forward to being with a young man that so turned me on for some reason. But on the other, I knew I May be getting into something beyond risky.

I dared to look into his face again as I nodded toward his crotch. “David, do you get that condition often?”

He stared at me in confusion. “What?”

“I mean, do you go around with an erection all the time? It seems that has been a perpetual condition for you tonight.” I asked trying not to giggle, but failed.

David looked down and blushed deeply. “Uh, oh, it’s only because I have been excited all night.”

“I certainly hope it’s me. You’d make me feel awful jealous if I knew that was caused by all those other lovely girls you exposed yourself to tonight.” I finally felt my breathing come more natural and even smiled again. “You know, David, I have a confession to make.”

“What’s that?”

“For the past few hours, I’ve been so extremely turned on watching you, too. I couldn’t help myself, thinking of you massaging your impressive manhood all over me. I’m sorry, if that sounds awful from an old woman like me.”

“Well if we are going to be honest, I did thoroughly enjoy being an exhibitionist in front of all those women. At first I was very nervous about getting totally naked. I have never done that before and I’ve never, ever cum in front of anyone, well not like that anyway.”

“So, you obviously ataşehir escort had someone in mind while you were playing with yourself. Who was it? Your last girlfriend?”

David sat there staring at me. He blushed a deeper crimson.

“So? A cheerleader? A girl in your class? Who?” I pressed him.


I just continued to stare at her.

“Or maybe a female professor of yours? Oh my, that’s it isn’t it? ” Reese continued.

“I, well, umm.” I stammered.

“Well? I know a few of the good looking, straight women professors. Is it Ann Palmer? Or Nancy Jontrell?” She pressed on relentlessly.

I swallowed hard and I know a nervous grin must have shown on my face. I couldn’t believe this was happening. Although I had fantasized about her for years now, I was not prepared for being pointedly asked about my most intimate fantasy. But I felt ready to openly talk to her. “I, well, I was and have been thinking of you.”

“Oh?” Her eyebrows rose.

“You should know of the dreams I’ve had about you. Actually I guess you could call them fantasies.” I said.

“It was so long ago since we’ve seen one another, I’m surprised you still remember me at all,” she said with a nervous laugh.

“Remember? I have all the memories neatly categorized in this brain of mine, Ms. Mathews…I mean Reese,” I replied.

“You are awful. You are just trying to make an older woman feel good,” she said.

“No, really. I can still see you in front of the class in that plaid skirt.”

“What plaid skirt? Wait, you really remember that hideous thing?”

“It’s burned into my brain, but in my imagination you take it off at the front of the class and sit on the side of your old desk, with me sitting at my student desk right up front.”

“If I remember right you never sat in the front row all year.”

“Seeing what I see now close up, it’s a shame I didn’t.”

“Okay,” I saw her swallow hard, “maybe you should tell me more about this fantasy of yours.”

“You wouldn’t still have that skirt would you?”

“I gave that away years ago.”

“It really did look good on you, you know.”


I couldn’t believe he remembered that skirt. Normally I dressed like a “Miss Mathews” should. I wore pants a lot, but I did have this particular plaid skirt. It was the shortest I owned, but for me at the time anything above the knee was short. That skirt fell to just a couple of inches above my knees. Almost none of my skirts are that long these days.

“Tell me, what did you like about that skirt?” I asked and bit my lip, wondering if that was fair for the both of us to ask such a question. I had a serious curiosity now.

“I know in reality it was a rather conservative skirt, but I still got a nice look at your legs from my vantage point in the classroom.” David shifted his body just perceptibly on his end of the couch. It was especially memorable when you used to write on the chalkboard and rose up on your toes to reach the top of the board. You had to know it slid up the back of your legs and flashed all us guys more skin.”

“No way!”

“What was better was when your blouse was no longer tucked in after you reached up a couple times. It was very hard to focus on anything else once I had that view.”

“Why you!” I shoved my leg out across the couch and poked at his leg.

“Oh, but that was still nothing compared to when you wore an untucked blouse over that skirt in late spring, when it got hotter out. That’s when it got hotter for me in that classroom. I would look up at you and could see the gaps between your skirt and your blouse, all that wonderful bare skin. It was enough to cause me to stir in my pants.”

“David! I can’t believe what I’m hearing.”


“I’m just being honest.” I said as I took another huge swallow of my drink. “Those were my fantasies of you then. Intentionally over the years I had you showing your body off for me in many different ways, in my fantasies that is.”

I looked at Reese and saw her looking down, her eyes locked on the crotch of my jeans. I should have known with how detailed my mind was remembering her back in that classroom that I would be especially aroused.

At that moment, we looked back into one another’s eyes. He lips curved into a wonderful smile.

“Uh, Reese. You know you have a great smile.” I told her very honestly.

“Thanks,” she replied, grinning, as a rosy blush spread across her face.

She knew I had caught her looking at me. She bit her lower lip, obviously a bit embarrassed. But I still saw her glance back down at me once more, her eyes widen perceptibly, before meeting my eyes squarely again.

Damn. She’s sexy! I was just starting to feel at ease, when Reese abruptly changed the course of the conversation.


“David, in all my years of teaching I’ve never had anyone tell me that I made them so excited in the classroom. In fact, it really makes me seem almost unprofessional now,” I sighed. “But maybe it’s because of my extreme excitement tonight, or maybe it’s because…” anadolu yakası escort I stopped in mid-sentence. I couldn’t say what I wanted to say next. I couldn’t. But…I most certainly found myself really attracted to David! Finally, I committed myself… “Shall we go upstairs to my bedroom, where we can be a bit more comfortable?”


She took my hand and led me upstairs. I didn’t really know what to expect now. Not that I had not thought we may go to bed together when she first invited me over, but I was still thinking of her as my teacher more than another woman. I was also following right on her footsteps as we walked up the stairs and straight to her bedroom.

“All right,” she said not much above a whisper and patted the edge of my bed, “let’s get comfy.”

I walked over and sat down on the bed next to her. The bed even smelled of her, her perfume, and her body.

She had already admitted she liked my body. But now I was concerned about whether I would be able to perform in private just for her. After all, up until tonight my masturbatory thoughts of her had always been completely private, only known to one person, me.

But now, albeit as totally horny as my body told me I was, my mind still whispered to me I’m not sure I can go through with this. Still, after everything that had gone on tonight, I could not get passed her being my teacher.

I tried to verbalize, “Are, uh, are you sure? You want me to be with you, here like this?”

“Yes. I think it would make me so happy. I know you looked so beautiful for us all at the party.” Ms. Mathews brushed her fingers down across the front of my jeans, “Please, David. Do this for me. Do this just for me now.”

I knew if there could ever be something called a ‘dream come true’, this had to be the ultimate example. My most favorite teacher of all time, who just happened to be my most erotic fantasy of all time, was wanting me to be with her in her bedroom.


“David, I want to pleasure you again. I want to watch you again and know you want to do it for just me. Please, do this for me.” I told him and then reached out to grab his erection directly through the denim of his jeans.

David’s voice turned low and gravelly. “I will do anything for you. I know I am a few years younger, but I feel such a great connection between us. I feel like I was meant to be with a woman like you.”

“Well, I thank you for complimenting an older woman like me. But truly I am more than a few years older than you. Jenna was not kidding when she said I was the ‘senior’ of the group. I’m forty-two David.”

“No way, you have to be still in your 30s!”

“You are so kind. Thank you. Tonight you are making me feel like I’m twenty-two again.” I replied, still brushing the front of his jeans with my hand. “But let’s not worry about any of that now. Just make me happy and get undressed.” I went to his fly and unzipped him.


“So, we’re really going to do this then?” I looked her in the eye and nodded. “Have you ever been with a young guy like me?”

She answered me by shoving my boxers off my hips, grabbing my hard-on with her right hand and bringing it to her lips. I felt the delicious touch of her wet tongue against the sensitive head of my quickly erect manhood. She didn’t take me into her mouth right away, instead she ran her tongue down and back up my full length and then back over the now swollen head. She kept this up until I was coated with her saliva.

Then she did take me in fully and started bobbing her head up and down as she looked up into my eyes.

I had never had anyone suck my cock like she was doing right at that moment. Jerking the base of my shaft, she started sucking even faster. Every time her head went down, my cock went into her mouth and she moaned with it, giving me such a pleasurable vibration. She was absolutely devouring me. No girl had ever been so intent on fully taking my cock like Ms. Mathews, er, I mean Reese.

“Yeah, I like that,” I thrust my head back. “That’s so awesome, Ms. Math…, I mean Reese. You don’t know what you’re doing to me.”

I was struck by the raw lust in the eyes of this woman I had dreamed of for so long. As she smeared my pre-cum over my head with her talented tongue and then wrapped her lips around me and slid down my length, the look in her eyes burned through to me even more so than her hot mouth burning into my skin.


I was sucking a man’s cock again. It had been such a long time. But tonight it was not just any man’s hard cock, it was David’s. What was I doing to this young man, my former student? I wasn’t being forced to do this, but there was something even more exciting about sucking this young man’s thick pole. I took as much of his throbbing length between my lips as I could and closed my eyes, tasting his delicious cock as it pushed snugly against the back of my throat. I had never so wanted a man’s manhood before!

His hands went to the back of my head and I could feel that familiar swelling in my mouth, knowing he was getting close. I found myself sucking even more hungrily. I wanted to taste his cum. I had only seen it and felt it between my fingers earlier tonight. Now I so wanted it in my mouth to savor and thoroughly enjoy. Somehow I new this young man’s semen would taste more delicious than anything I had ever tasted before.

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