Trish’s Place… Ch. 05


“Going my way, good looking?” Trish teasingly said as Jil climbed into the passenger seat after throwing her back pack onto the rear seat of Trish’s car.

“I’ll go any way you want me to go, ma’am,” Jil replied back in a mock-submissive voice.

“Good to see ya, kiddo,” Trish said with honesty.

“Yeah, you too…I couldn’t wait for you to call,” Jil replied, reaching over at the same time to rub her hand on Trish’s arm as it rested on the shift lever.

As soon as Trish turned out of the Notre Dame campus and drove a couple of blocks, Jil leaned over and kissed Trish on her cheek, her lips lingering a bit longer than normal, brushing against Trish’s skin.

“Somebody’s horny,” Trish remarked with a sideways glance at Jil.

“Somebody’s horny for you,” Jil replied.

“Well, let’s see if we can do something about that situation, sweetie,” Trish replied as she turned into the hotel, just off the interstate.

“Oh, God, oh my God,” Jil moaned for the umpteenth time.

Jil had virtually attacked Trish when they got into their room, damn near tearing Trish’s clothes from her body. Trish fell back onto the bed, pulling Jil with her, fighting to take off Jil’s clothes as they kissed with their tongues taking turns in each other’s mouths.

When Trish removed Jil’s panties and threw them across the room, she took a second to take in the beauty of Jil’s ninteteen year-old, toned, body; she marveled at Jil’s smallish, but firm, breasts.

Possessed by what, she didn’t know, she quickly moved to put Jil onto her back, throwing Jil’s legs over her shoulders as she lowered her head and mouth to Jil’s pussy.

It seemed like that she had been ‘dining at Jil’s Y-Cafe’ for hours, but she wanted more, much more of this young thing. After Jil’s last climax, she felt herself being pulled up by Jil and being placed onto her back, next to Jil’s own body.

“I need to give my pussy a rest, Okay?,” Jil said to Trish by way of explanation.

“Okay,” was all that Trish said as she ran her fingers through Jil’s short hair, along her arms, cupping and fondling her breasts.

“Missed me?” Jil asked as she placed kisses on Trish’s face, neck, bending down to suck on Trish’s tits, pausing to bite on Trish’s large, erect nipples.

“Yeah, I guess I did,” Trish replied, her eyes closed, her breathing increasingly harder as she got excited by Jil’s suckling of her breasts.

Jil kissed her way down Trish’s body, quickly arriving at her destination which, of course, was Trish’s pussy.

Taking her time, Jil toyed and played with Trish’s pussy, using her mouth and tongue, all of which drove Trish fucking insane with the need to climax. Sensing her need, Jil surrounded Trish’s clit with her mouth, letting her tongue fly across the ‘little man’, sucking it as it got hard, until Trish grabbed Jil’s head, pulling it hard against her pussy which she was grinding into Jil’s mouth, moaning loudly as she did so.

Trish had about three more just like that before she, too, pulled Jil from between her legs, explaining, as Jil had, that her pussy needed a break for a little bit.

Laying in each other’s arms, Trish finally broke the silence, asking, “Want to go out for dinner or order in?”

“Order in, eat, toke, then fuck each other to sleep,” Jil replied.

“Works for me, sugar,” Trish agreed.

As they ate the Chinese food they had ordered, they exchanged small talk about their respective trips.

As she picked up their cartons and stuff to toss into the trash basket, Jil asked, off-handedly, “Are you in a hurry to get back to Colorado, baby?”

Trish liked hearing Jil calling her ‘baby’.

“Not a whole lot, don’t really have a set-time that I have to be back home. Why?” Trish asked back.

“Well, I was reading one of the ‘Indie-Rags’ that are around most campuses and I saw an ad for a club, near Chicago, that catered “to both the young and older Gay and Lesbian community.” Jil explained.

“And?” Trish prompted.

“And, I thought that maybe you and I could spend the night and check it out,” Jil said.

“You trolling for broads older than me?” Trish teasingly asked, a faux-sad voice evident.

“No, no, I just thought that maybe the two of us could, you know, find a playmate or something, younger, older, it doesn’t matter to me” Jil said further.

“Aha!” Trish said in a faked, shocked voice, “You want me to join you in group sex, don’t you?”

Grinning, Jil said, “Well, yeah, I’d like to have a little fun before I get back to classes. Do you not want to?” Jil asked, a little unsure, now.

“Sounds like fun, sugar, sounds like fun. Now, come here to momma, bring that sweet snatch to momma’s mouth,” Trish said as she slid down the bed so that Jil could kneel over her head.

As Jil lowered her pussy to Trish’s waiting mouth, Trish reached above her with both of her hands, pinching and tweaking Jil’s nipples as she leisurely ate her nineteen year old’s pussy.

Rejuvanating, indeed, Trish thought as Jil coffeedonutfest.com screamed out yet, another orgasm…


They found a nice hotel about two miles from the Club that Jil wanted to go to. Calling the club, they found that it starts to ‘jump’ around ten or so, the day-time bartender said.

“Well, that’ll give us time to eat, take showers, and rest up a bit before we go hunting,” Trish said as she unpacked.

“We could save time and shower together,” Jil remarked with a smile as she unpacked, as well.

“Works for me, sugar,” Trish said with a sly grin on her face.

Jil was screaming her pleasure but the shower muted the sounds; with water streaming down her head, over her face, Trish was on her knees, her face buried in Jil’s sweet, sweet pussy. Trish’s hands were dug into Jil’s ass, pulling her tighter to her eating mouth.

After her climax had subsided, Jil pulled Trish up onto her feet, pushing her against the shower wall, holding Trish’s hands in hers, above Trish’s head, and kissed her hard, savagely, lustfully. Bending even lower, she took Trish’s tits into her mouth, biting them hard, quickly followed by a soft, loving kiss, then biting again.

Trish liked the pain…didn’t know why but damnit!, she liked the pain. Jil sensed her pleasure and bit harder, on her tits, on the side of her neck, Trish turning her head to allow it. And then, when Jil cupped Trish’s pussy, cramming three fingers quickly into her love canal, Trish came a forceful orgasm, one that shook her to her core…

“It’s going to take a ton of concealer to hide the fucking hickey you gave me, Bitch,” Trish remarked as she tried to cover up Jil’s love-bites on her neck and shoulders.

“Ah, you loved it, you know you did,” Jil commented as she stood staring at her clothes, deciding what to wear for their evening out.

Stopping her attempt to apply the makeup, Trish looked into the mirror at Jil’s reflection, and replied, “Yeah, I guess I did, sweetie.”

“More where that came from,” Jil commented before wrapping her arms around Trish from behind, supporting Trish as she leaned back into Jil’s body.

“Save it for later, after we’ve found a playmate,” Trish said, turning afterwards to give Jil a soft, loving, kiss.

“Older or younger, tonight?” Trish asked as she turned to finish her makeup.

“I’m partial to older,if you haven’t figured that out already,” Jil laughingly replied as she returned to her task of picking an outfit for that evening’s activities.

“Yeah, why is that?,” Trish asked.

“Oh, I don’t know,” Jil said, somewhat reflectively, “probably because my first was our next door neighbor right after I got into high school,” pausing as if she were back ‘in the moment’ in her memories, then adding, “and, she and I continued our secret rendevous until I left for college.”

“Must’ve been good,” Trish commented, feeling a little jealous though she wasn’t sure why.

“Oh, it was…is,” Jil remarked, “though, she’s moved on to other young, neighborhood girls.”

“Ahh,” was all Trish said, as if in understanding.

“But,” Jil continued, “let’s just play it by ear tonight and see what fortune brings our way,” she finished with a cheerful tone.

Trish stayed silent for a while, thinking about what lay ahead, as she finished up her makeup chore, then asking Jil, “Have you had threesomes before?”

“A couple of times, with my neighbor-lady and her niece,” Jil replied, continuing to finish by saying, “And, you know what? I really enjoyed those.”

“Yeah, they can be fun if the vibes are right,” Trish commented truthfully.

With that said, Trish and her nineteen year-old coed went about the task of getting dressed, each complimenting the other on the choice of outfit to wear that evening.


The club was large and had a fairly good-sized crowd but, in spite of that, Trish and Jil found a table near the dance floor where they could ‘people watch’ to their hearts’ content. Ordering drinks from the extremely shapely waitress, they both stared at her ass as she walked off to fetch their drinks.

“Damn,” Jil commented as she stared at the waitress’ ass, “she must do a ton of stair-steps to get that ass.”

“Whatever she does, it certainly is working for her,” Trish agreed.

Clicking their glasses together in a toast to their watiress’ ass, they sipped their drinks, both of their eyes scanning the crowd. It was a fairly nice mix of gay men and women, some older, some younger but all, seemingly, in a good mood, enjoying the music and ambiance.

Trish had noticed as they were searching for a table, an older woman, at the bar, eyeing them both up and down when they had entered. Seated now, Trish noticed that the woman kept stealing glances their way, smiling to herself, at times.

She turned to mention it to Jil but saw that Jil was staring back at the same woman, still seated at the bar, but clearly, returning Jil’s stare.

“I was about to ask if you noticed her,” Trish remarked, “but, I see you have.”

“She’s pretty,” Jil commented, her hand stealing over the table top to lay on top of Trish’s hand.

“She is,” Trish agreed as she and Jil held hands, carressing each other’s hand as they did so.

“Mind if I ask her to dance?” Jil asked Trish.

“Baby, I’m not your keeper; you can do anything you want,” Trish replied.

Turning to face Trish, Jil answered, “This is just fun stuff, Trish, that’s all…regardless of what may or may not happen tonight, I want you to know that it doesn’t change what I feel about you. That’s kind of special for me.”

“Good to know,” Trish replied, feeling a jolt of happiness that she wasn’t expecting.

“We haven’t talked about after we get back to Colorado, but I want you to know that I’d like to continue seeing you, if you want to, that is,” Jil went on to say.

Staring into Jil’s beautiful face, Trish said, “Yeah, I’d like that.”

Leaning towards each other, in that moment, they kissed a slow, loving kiss, then, getting up afterwards, Jil said, “Wish me luck.”

“You won’t need it, sweetie; that woman likes you,” Trish said with a grin.

Jil walked over to the woman at the bar, sat down next to her, obviously in conversation, Trish could see. Ordering a couple of more drinks for them, she continued to watch as Jil and the woman continued talking but when a slow song came over the sound system, Jil took the woman by the hand and led her to the dance floor.

Trish continued to watch them as they moved slowly to the music, both, now, with their arms around each other, their bodies close together. There was some conversation between them as they danced but, of course, Trish couldn’t hear what was being said. And, after the song was over, Jil walked with the woman, hand in hand, retrieving the woman’s clutch purse from the bar, then walking towards their table.

“Trish, I’d like you to meet Joan,” Jil said by way of introduction, “I’ve asked her to join us at our table, if that’s okay with you.”

“Any friend of yours, is a friend of mine,” Trish said with a big smile aimed at Joan.

Joan, Trish quickly judged, appeared to be older that her; Trish thought, in her late forties or early fifties, but well-maintained, that’s for sure.

They toasted each other and spent a little time on brief bios. Joan was married, bored with her marriage and had been coming to the club for a year or so, whenever her husband was away on business, which was a lot, according to Joan.

“Look,” Joan explained, “It’s a good marriage but there are voids, sexually, that I handle by myself, without he knowing.”

“I understand that,” Trish remarked, “been there, done that, when I was married.”

“So, you know what I’m talking about,” Joan replied with a smile.

“Oh, yeah, I surely do,” Trish remarked.

Joan was clearly intrigued when Jil told the story of how she and Trish met up; the hitch-hiking thing and all. She was even more interested when Jil also admitted that she and Trish hit it off immediately and that she, Jil, had planned on seducing Trish that first night, on the road.

Trish liked hearing Jil talk of their hook-up to Joan, feeling a warmth growing between her legs as she looked from Jil, then to Joan.

“Well, that was a lucky thing, the two of you meeting up like that,” Joan commented, looking at Trish with a bit of envy.

“Yes, yes it was,” Trish agreed, then taking Joan’s hand in hers, she stood, tilting her head towards the dance floor and another slow song, saying, “My turn.”

“Yes, I believe it is,” Joan replied as she stood to follow Trish onto the floor.

Once on the floor, they slipped into each other’s arms, meshing their bodies tight to one another. Joan was Trish’s height and fit nicely into Trish’s body, especially Joan’s larger boobs. They rubbed against Trish’s tits as they danced, their arms embracing each other tighter as they moved to the song.

“This feels really nice,” Joan purred, following the comment with a soft kiss to Trish’s ear.

“Yeah, it does,” Trish agreed, tilting her head to run her tongue around Joan’s ear which brought a soft, contented sigh from Joan’s lips.

They traded kisses and licks to each other’s ear and neck as they danced, both seemingly getting turned on by what they were doing. And when the song was over, they stayed on the floor just a little bit longer than the other couples, just staring, silently, into each other’s eyes. Still holding hands, they silently walked back to the table to join Jil.

“Looks like you two had a good time out there,” Jil smilingly commented when they had taken their seats, once more.

“Quite so,” Joan agreed, Trish nodding her head in concert with Joan’s comment.

Jil had ordered a shot of tequila for the three of them while they danced. Picking up the shot glasses, they each threw the firery liquid down their throats, tears streaming from their eyes afterwards.

“So, ladies, is there a plan for the rest of the evening?” Joan asked with her eyes still stinging from the tequila.

“Yeah,” Jil said as she wiped her own eyes with the back of her hand, “we’re going to take you back to our hotel and fuck you.”

Joan didn’t express any shock by the brazeness of Jil’s answer, she just nodded her head, slowly, as if contemplating what she had just heard.

“Or…” Joan finally said, “You two could follow me to my place where I’ve got a nice supply of playtoys and liquor for our enjoyment.”

“Or, that, what you just said,” Jil quickly answered, looking to Trish for agreement as she said it.

“Works for me, but, what about your husband?” Trish asked.

“He’s in Germany, on business, so I don’t expect that he’ll pop in and catch us,” Joan answered.

“Do you have any objection to a little pot?” Trish asked.

“Only if you don’t offer me any,” Joan answered with a smile, her eyes holding Trish’s just a wee-bit long.

“Well…Okay, then,” Jil said, standing as she did, “Looks as if we have a plan, ladies.”

“Just to be clear,” Joan said, as she stood, along with Trish, “Just how old are you, sweetie?”

“Nineteen…is that a problem?” Jil answered.

“Oh, no sweetie, that is just fine with me,” Joan smilingly replied, “I’ve found out that I like young pussies.”

Out in the parking lot, Joan suddenly asked, “Would one of you like to ride with me? It’s about a twenty minute drive.”

Trish turned to Jil, saying, “Jil, you ride with Joan; I’ll follow.”

“You sure?” Jil asked.

“I’m sure,” Trish replied.

As they pulled out into traffic, Trish following Joan, Trish thought to herself that Joan wanted a little play-time, a little feely-time with Jil. That was okay with Trish, she reasoned, it’ll get both of them horned up and she’d receive the benefit of that.

Damn, buy you’re a cynical, coniving bitch, Trish thought further to herself.

But, in the end, she was all of that.

Trish was right, she was to find out later from Jil, but it was Jil that made the move. After Joan pulled out of the parking lot, Jil turned her body in the passenger seat of the small luxury two-seater, lifting her skirt to her waist, exposing her pantiless young snatch, with it’s landing strip of blond hair, to Joan. Taking her eyes off the road for a moment, Joan ogled Jil’s pussy, smiled, and turning back to look at the road, Joan slipped her right hand from the wheel, and straight to Jil’s moist cunt. Once there, Joan slowly, casually, finger-fucked Jil to a sloppy, wet orgasm. Pulling into her driveway, Joan removed her fingers from Jil’s pussy, licking them lustfully, afterwards.

Once inside of Joan’s house, she fixed them each another shot of tequila as Trish fished for, then found, the fat-boy joint from her purse. Clicking their glasses together, the three of them tossed the shots down their throats. Finding her breath after a bit, Trish lit the joint, inhaled deeply, passing it to Joan afterwards.

They stayed in the kitchen area, at the island, taking turns on the joint, none of them saying a word as they let the magic work over them, the three of them feeling the sexual energy that had now invaded the room, their space.

When Joan ate the offered roach, she silently walked towards the other end of the house, Trish and Jil, knowingly, following, also in silence. Once in the master bedroom, Joan lit a few candles, still in silence, before turning towards her visitors, facing them as she began taking off her dress.

They didn’t need an invitation, did Trish and Jil, both of them following Joan’s lead by removing thier own clothes.

“Get comfortable on the bed, girls, I’ll be right back,” Joan said as she walked towards her huge, walk-in closet.

“You, in the middle,” Trish said to Jil as they climb onto the California-King bed. Laying on the bed, Trish leaned in and started kissing Jil, lustfully, tongue instantly in Jil’s opened mouth.

Feeling the extra weight on the bed when Joan joined them, they broke their kiss, turning to see that Joan had brought some long scarves and, menacing in it’s size, a leather strap-on with a large, thick faux-cock, black in color.

Without fanfare, Joan started tying one of the scarves around Jil’s wrist, after handing two of the scarves to Trish, to follow suit. Looking down to Jil, seeing that she was okay with it, she tied Jil’s other hand, fastening it to the bedpost as Joan had done, before doing the same thing to Jil’s ankle as Joan did the same to Jil’s other foot.

Finished, Jil was tied with her hands secured above her head to the headboard’s posts, her feet secured likewise, to the footboard’s posts, making her totally vulnerable.

Standing at the foot of the bed, their arms around each other’s waist, Trish and Joan looked down upon Jil, Jil’s eyes clearly showing an excitement. Joan turned Trish’s head towards her own, leaned in, and kissed Trish lustfully, her hand down between Trish’s legs, rubbing slowly over Trish’s cunt.

“You fuck her first,” Joan said as she handed the strap-on to Trish, “I want her to eat me while you do.”

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