Transsexual Sisters Ch. 03


Part 3: Their First Men

Dawn and Cassie searched for Michelle and Nicole. They did not appear to be anywhere in the club. Pixie saw them looking and told them: “Your ladies left a long time ago with their new friends Marty and Brandy.” Pixie said. They left me a note for you.

“Hi lovers,

“Don’t wait up for us. We are starting a new adventure tonight. It will be our first time taking cocks that are not our own.

“Thank you for choosing the perfect night spot”


M & N

Bandy hailed a SUV cab and the four poured in, Brandy and Nicole in back, Marty and Michelle in the middle seat.

“If you peek drive slow,” Bandy told the driver. It turned out to be a long slow drive to Brandy and Marty’s house.

Nicole and Brandy started kissing passionately. Brandy’s hands were all over the lovely transsexual. He removed her top and sucked her tits one after the other back and forth. His cock became rock hard. Nicole pulled up his skirt. Placed her hand on his 11″ cock. “You’re a big boy aren’t you.” Nicole whispered. “I’m going to suck and fuck you good my dear.”

Michelle and Marty lay on the middle seat passionately kissing and roaming their hands over each other. “You have a nice cock my dear.” Marty said. “Nine inches and it works.” Michelle replied. “let’s take a look at you.”

Marty lifted his skirt showing a half erect circumcised very thick cock. Michelle stroked it to a very hard 9 inches. As long as Michelle but much thicker.

The driver peeked often and stroked his cock to orgasm within site of his destination. Michelle jumped in the front seat. “I’ll clean you up and feed you my cock for the fare.”


Michelle licked up his cum. Kissed him for a taste of his own cum and rested against door spreading her legs. The driver took down her cock to the hilt and bobbed up and down relishing his first girl cock. Michelle had developed perfect control of her orgasm. Usually she postponed her cum. This time she had better plans and shot a rope of cum in the driver’s mouth.

“That was great Michelle kindly told the driver. Maybe we can take a ride some time.” She kissed him farewell tasting her cum in the process.”

In their time at USC Michelle and Nicole rarely paid cash for cab rides. Most of the drivers gladly accepted a blow job from a beautiful lady instead. Neither knew then that exchanging sex for services would define their future.

Right now they were anxious to experience their first cock.

Brandy and Marty showed their dates around the comfortably designed home. There are four bed rooms each with walk in closet and full bathrooms. They had a beautiful pool, of which a large part was inside the house. The living room was large and contained a large sectional sofa with two recliners. It was made of lovely cream colored leather. On the opposite wall there were two matching love seats facing each other with a heavy glass top resting on beautiful olive tree wood. The boys had seen it on a vacation to beylikbagim.com Greece and had it shipped to LA.

“This is very impressive, Nicole noted.

“The seats look very comfortable.” Michelle added.

“Maybe we should get comfortable too,” Brandy suggested.

No one said a word as they undressed to their panties and bras. They moved to the love seat, Brandy and Nicole on one, Michelle and Marty on the other.

“I love your braids,” Nicole told Brandy taking them in her hands and raking them with her fingers, “This must take a long time.”

“We have a excellent gay owned salon we go to. They do anything we want or need to look pretty.” Bandy replied.

“It works. You are absolutely beautiful,” Nicole said leaning in and kissing him firmly. Brandy responded with a passion, opened his mouth slowly and softly touching the tip of Nicole’s tongue. They gently pushed against each other. The jumble of sensory nerves tingled with excitement. Brandy pulled back allowing Nicole to insert her tongue fully. Bandy closed around it and sucked it like a small cock.

Michelle nestled into the strong arms of Marty and kissed him deeply, her tongue in his mouth then his tongue in hers. She pulled his thong aside and took his hardening cock gently squeezing and rubbing it up and down. Marty’s impulse was to cum now but the lust he had for this beautiful women was more than he expected. He wanted her to enjoy it as much as he. “Am I falling in love?” he wondered.

Michelle was wondering the same thing. “I know I prefer women but these gay guys are very sweet, a lot like Dawn and Cassie in their manners, their gentleness and kindness.” she paused in her thoughts then continued, “If I were ever to fall in love with man it would be some one like Brandy or Marty.”

Time would change her mind entirely.

Nicole and Brandy were having similar thoughts. “How can a simple date turn into something magic?” Nicole wondered. Brandy’s mouth on her right breast brought Nicole back to concentrating on making hot love now and wondering about real love later. Brandy’s mouth was gently kissing all around Nicole’s gorgeous 38″ breasts. His tongue felt hot and soft on her nipples. She removed Brandy’s bra and his false tits, His hairless chest was nicely muscled not overlay large, just perfect for his lanky body. His chest tapered perfectly to his narrow waist and plump ass.

She kissed over his chest and moved to licking back and forth along his flat belly. She removed his skirt and saw his uncircumcised cock straining to free from his panties.

Nicole lowered his panties and his huge 11″ cock was aimed straight at her mouth. She took it softly and both hands, licked the head and his shaft up and down. She licked his balls and the tender spot between his scrotum and asshole.

Brandy freed Nicole’s 7″ cock and maneuvered into a side by side 69. He easily took her cock into his throat and held still for several moments. He could feel Nicole’s cock twitch from time to time.

Nicole was able to take 9″ of Brandy’s huge cock. It went deeper than any of his other lovers except Marty. Her mouth, tongue and lips felt entirely new and wonderful.

Nicole started to bob up and down on Brandy’s monster. It was by far the most enjoyable cock of her life. Michelle’s 9″ was incredible, yes. But this was different. “This cock is attached to a man I could easily fall. In love with.” she surprised herself thinking.

She shook off the thoughts for now and went at Brandy’s cock with a passion. Brandy could feel his orgasm approaching and could not stop it if he wanted to.

“Here I go, Nicole, “I’m cummmmminggg!” Rope after rope filled Nicole’s mouth, down her throat. She was too full and removed his cock taking more on her face and breasts. Brandy told her he wanted to clean her and licked up all the cum and shared it in deep kissing.

“Now you just set back honey while Brandy works his magic on your cock.”

Brandy placed his gentle hands on Nicole’s legs and spread them just far enough that she could feel his head bobbin up and down on her cock. His braids felt so soft. She had never had anything between her thighs that gave quite the sensation. Nicole squeezed her thighs tighter. The nerves ends of her thighs tingled all the way to her crotch and balls.

She closed her eyes and came without the usual warning and blasted the biggest load of her young live. Cum poured from he cock in a continuous stream. Brandy had to remove her cock and it continued to flow. It completely covered his face and dripped all over her belly. When Nicole finally opened her eyes the first thing she saw was Brandy’s cum covered face. She kissed him and shared the cum in his mouth. She licked all the cum off has face a little at a time and swallowed it all. Brandy cleaned all the cum of her belly and drank it down.

They collapsed on the love seat exhausted, holding each in a loving embrace.

Michelle meantime was on her knees, kissing and licking up and down Marty’s shaved thighs and calves. She liked his feet and sucked all his toes. She spread his legs open and held his cock by the head, kissed his balls taking one at a time into her mouth. She licked the tender perineum and up his cock.

She took in just the head licking at his pee hole savoring his pre cum. She then moved steadily down taking his entire 9 inch cock deep in her throat. She held it there and started a munching motion.. Marty had never felt anything quite like Michelle’s mouth.. It was igniting a new kind of passion that drew him very close to orgasm. Michelle’s mouth noticed a slight hardening of Marty’s cock and slowly moved up to just below his purple head. Marty relaxed now ready for a prolonged blow job. Michelle rested her arms on his thighs and bobbed up and down slowly at first then increasing the pace until her head became a blur. Marty had never been sucked so deep and fast in his life, His cock was on fire which spread to his balls.

“I’m need to cum Michelle.” he warned. She held just his head in her mouth. Several long spurts erupted into Michelle’s mouth and down her throat. She let the excess pour out of her mouth covering her chin and her 36 inch breasts. She loved the taste of Marty’s cum and scooped as much as she could off her tits into her mouth. Marty pulled Michelle beside him and they continued to eat her cum until it was gone.

Marty gently moved his head to Michelle’s cock He marveled at its perfectly smooth skin and the purple veins pumping a continuous supply of sustaining oxygen rich blood, He cupped her balls in his hand knowing they were full of the cream he would soon taste. He kissed her balls, took each one into his mouth and bathed them with his tongue.

Michelle threw her head back in ecstasy and pulled at her nipples with one hand and raked gently on Marty’s braids.

“You are driving me crazy you cock loving stud! Suck me now!! Take me deep in your well fucked throat!! Drink all my cum—every drop your cock sucker!!

Her dirty talk ignited a crazed sexual need deep in his soul. He needed to be abused verbally to give her cock his best. He moved his lips and tongued her cock up and down several times.

“Ohhhh that’s it. Get a good taste of my entire cock you dick whore!!! Lick my head real good and I’ll give you a pre cum treat. Ohhhh111 Like that. Sooooo!!!! Gooood!!!”

Marty’s slipped her cock in fully and lavished it lovingly. Michelle sighed with contentment and sat back to enjoy a long blow job, exercising her remarkable control. He took her deep in his throat and moved side to side and up and down slightly. Her cock twitched. He did not mind a bit when Michelle held his head firmly in place. He had learned to hold this position with his lovers 11 inch cock over their 10 years together.

Michelle removed her hands and playfully tapped his forehead. “You are incredible, Nicole cannot hold me deep that long. I could learn to love it.”

Marty was never told before that his technique was loved and was truly touched. “I could learn to love you too, Michelle. Now just relax my dear.”

Michelle laid perfectly still as Marty once again started bobbing on her cock. She turned off her control mechanism to let nature take it course. Marty’s lips, tongue and throat felt wonderful, She felt a familiar tingle in her balls and did not fight it. Her cock grew slightly harder and longer. Marty noticed it immediately and concentrated on Michelle’s cock with just his mouth and tongue. He sucked hard on the head. Michelle pressed harder against his mouth as her orgasm rocked her world. Marty swallowed like never before and took rope after rope into his stomach. Just a remnant remained which he shared with Michelle.

Like their partners they drifted asleep in each the loving embrace of their new lovers.

The love they felt for each other did not blossom into a permanent relationship. They were too devoted to their long time partners and agreed to remain good fiends forever. When their travels were anywhere near LA ,they always dropped in one Matt and Brad whenever they were anywhere near LA.

To be continued…

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