Training Slave C Ch. 02


“Come with me.” She said, and they headed for the elevator.

SC inserted her room key into the elevator control panel and the doors opened to let her and Will in. As the door closed behind the two, Will pulled her to him and planted his lips firmly on hers as his hands slid down to grasp and massage her ass while he feverishly tried to get her skirt up to her waist again.

“I want my hands on your ass.” Will hissed through the kiss while the elevator headed for the 20th floor.

“Yes, yes, grab my ass.” SC replied as she felt Will’s hands latch onto the plump globes of her ass and the index finger of his left hand sink into her pinkish-brown anus.

“UH.” SC grunted when Will thrust his finger into her tingling asshole.

“Um, um. Not so hard.” She whispered into his mouth as her arms twined around his neck. “My God your cock feels huge! How big is it?”

“14 inches,” He said with a smile as he pulled back enough to see the reaction on SC’s face.

“Oh my!” She responded as she reached down with one hand and squeezed his monster through his pants.

“Easy baby, I have not been laid in 4 months and I am going to have a hair trigger the first time we fuck.

“Oh, poor baby.” She whispered into his ear as the elevator door open onto their foyer.

She grabbed Will by his belt and pulled him out of the elevator and pushed him into a corner as she unfastened his pants and pulled his throbbing 14 inch cock out of them.

“OOOHHHHH.” He groaned as Slave C dropped to her knees and engulfed it with her warm, wet, mouth.

“AAAAHHHH ” He groaned louder as she wrapped her tongue around its swollen purple head and settled into a smooth, steady rhythm as her tongue danced and played along the length and girth of the shaft as she strained to get it all into her mouth and throat.

“Umph.” SC grunted with each dive down Will’s massive cock. She could taste his pre-cum on her tongue as it oozed, ever-faster out of the end of his cock.

“God I wish I could cum too. My pussy is so wet, my panties are soaked and pussy juice is running down my thighs.” She was thinking as she slurped and bobbed on the monster in her mouth. “I don’t know if I could handle this in my pussy. I know it would never fit in my ass. Fuck, he’s going to cum any second. Fuck, his finger feels good up my ass. I want to be covered in cum.”

“AAAARGGGGHHHH.” Will nearly yelled as he yanked his finger out of her bouncing ass, grabbed her by the sides of her head and tried to bury his surging, spurting cock down her throat.

“UUUUUUMMMMPPPHHH!” Was the only sound that came from her as he shoved his cock six inches down her throat and fired spurt after spurt of white, sticky hot cum into her stomach.

She was close to blacking out from lack of air when his cock finally stopped spurting and began to deflate. Will had collapsed in the corner and had dragged Slave C down with him with his cock deep in her throat.

“Mmmmm.” She purred as she regained full consciousness and slowly pulled her mouth off his, now flaccid cock. As she sucked and licked it clean she realized that, even soft, it was six inches long and two in diameter.

“You better go get cleaned up.” SC giggled to Will as she looked at him sitting on the floor with his crotch covered in saliva and cum, though most of the later had ended up in her mouth and stomach.

She was kneeling beside him with her skirt around her waist and her breasts exposed, because Will had tugged her blouse completely open as she was sucking his cock and swallowing his cum. Her Electric blue thong was soaked with her vaginal fluid and some of Will’s cum was strung across the side of her face.

“No way, you still have to fuck me.” Will said.

“Sorry, I have to go meet my friend.” She said as she rose, unsteadily, to her feet and headed towards the door to her suite. “You, sir are on your own.”

“Shit, this sucks.” He said as SC disappeared and the door closed behind her. “Guess I better get up before Mike comes up with his big-titted friend. Or, SC’s “friend” shows up.”

He had just gotten the door to his suite open when the elevator indicated that it was on the way up.

“Just in time.” Will thought as he pushed the door closed and walked into his bedroom to change.

“Yeah, Will is probably banging his friend or sound asleep.” Mike was telling his red-headed ‘friend’.

“Oh, that’s too bad. He was cute. Oh well, maybe he’ll come home.” The obviously drunk woman said to Mike.

“What, you want to do us both? Let me get him on the phone.” Mike said with an enormous smile as the elevator door opened and he led the “red-headed tit-monster”, as Will had called her, towards their room.

Slave Cathy entered Master’s suite to find a woman, about her age, waiting for her with a very large camera array.

“Hi, I am Martha and I have been retained by your Master to photograph you before he comes up.” The woman said to her as she extended a hand to SC.

Taken slightly aback, SC said:

“Hello, I am SC.”

Even as she spoke SC Betturkey realized that she was blushing, not only at how she looked with her skirt up around her waist and her breasts well out of her bra, but also with a sting of Will’s cum running from the corner of her mouth down her cheek.

“Who did you say retained you?” SC asked as she shook the woman’s outstretched hand.

“Your Master.” Martha said to her with a smile.

“I have worked for him on several occasions and he has always been very pleased with me. Shall we get started?” She continued as she released SC’s hand and picked up a Canon digital camera, aimed at SC and snapped three quick shots.

“Shouldn’t I get cleaned up a bit?” SC said as she tried to roll her skirt back into place.

“Not just yet, Master wanted some of you immediately after you serviced your ‘friend’ from the bar.” Martha said with a smirk.

“He has given us 1 hour and then he will be up to join you. By the way, just so you know, Master likes to spank his slaves.”

“H-how do you know this?” SC asked the photographer.

“Because, he has spanked me before.” Replied Martha as she absent mindedly rubbed her ass.

“You are his slave?” SC asked as the jealousy started to rise in her.

“Not at present, we agreed that I should stop, because my husband was getting very jealous.” He photographer said as she led SC towards the waiting cameras.

Martha deftly positioned the drunk and confused SC where she wanted her, focused the camera and started taking pictures.

“Turn this way just a little and tilt your head down. Perfect!” She said as SC followed her directions to the letter.

“Now, let’s see your breasts. Face the camera head on and spread your feet about so. No, no, keep your skirt rolled up just like it is. Master loves that type of shot. Now, open your blouse so your breasts are completely visible. Excellent.”

Martha was a master of her trade and the time flew by as she took shot after shot of Slave Cathy.

“Here, sit in this chair and lay back. Put your knees together, but spread your feet. Oh, I don’t like that one; we need to rearrange your boobs.”

She continued as she stepped up and tucked SC’s breasts back into the lace bra she still wore.

“Your hands are cold.” SC said as she pushed her elbows into her sides, forcing her tits in and up on her chest.

“Cold hands, warm heart.” Martha laughed.

“Do we have some champagne around here?” SC asked as she realized she was losing her buzz.

“Yes, I’ll get it for you. Would you mind if I had some also?” Martha said.

“Oh heck no. I was going to ask if you would like some too. I wouldn’t want to be a champagne piggy.” SC giggled.

Martha picked up the phone and ordered;

“Room Service, this is Suite 2001. Yes, that’s correct. Would you send up the champagne and fruit that was arranged for earlier?”

Within five minutes, there was a knock at the door.

“Come in.” Martha said loudly as she wiped some dust off her camera lens.

“Right over here.” She said to the Bell Hop, who appeared to be about twenty-five.

SC had fallen asleep in the big, overstuffed chair and had no idea that the young man was getting much more than an eye full of her plump, scantily clad body.

“She is very pretty, but a little plump for my taste.” The young man said to Martha without ever taking his eyes off of SC.

Looking at Martha finally, he said with a smile;

“But, Mr. A. likes his ladies a little plump.”

Martha looked at the young man with a sly smile and said;

“Yes, we full-figured ladies have our admirers too. Now scoot before he comes in and catches you eye-fucking his latest interest.”

The young man opened the $500.00 bottle of champagne, poured two flutes and took the silver lid off of a huge bowl of strawberries and a second filled with whipped cream, and then headed towards the door. When he reached the door, he turned to look at SC one more time.

“She is very attractive like that.” He sighed and then was gone.

“SC, the champagne is here.” Martha said as she lightly shook the sleeping woman awake.

“Oh, I didn’t hear Room Service. Guess I had drifted off.” SC said as she took the proffered glass of sparkling alcohol.

“That’s okay. He enjoyed the view.” Martha replied. “We have just enough time to enjoy some strawberries before we get you showered and ready for Master. Let’s take the cart into the bathroom.”

“I don’t really need any help showering.” SC said, slightly embarrassed that Martha might think she was too drunk to bathe by herself.

“No, that’s not it. I just have specific instructions on how your makeup is to be and what you are to wear. Also, your hair could use a little touch up.” Martha said reassuringly.

“Martha, you have a slight accent, and I can’t quite place it. Are you originally from Mexico or Central America?” SC inquired as the two pushed the champagne cart towards the bathroom.

“Yes.” Martha replied. “I was born in Mexico Betturkey Giriş City and met Master there several years ago when he was helping on excavating an Aztec Temple. His Spanish was terrible, but he tried so hard that we all came to love him. He knows more about the Aztec and Maya than most Mexicans do. I was the photographer for the dig and we started dating. Eventually, I became his confident and, well…his slave. I have to say, I would not change a single thing. Now, I am his confident, business adviser and personal photographer. I still get to travel, he pays me far more than he should, and I get to meet people like you.”

All the while she was talking, she had gotten the shower going, and set the water at a precise temperature, gotten SC undressed and undressed herself.

“Sit here.” She said as she took SC by the hand and sat her on a clear, acrylic stool under the shower.

“Oh, this feels so good.” SC said as the water washed over her head, down her shoulders to her chest and back and on to the floor.

“Do you like lemon?” Martha asked.

“Yes.” SC replied as Martha began washing the new slave’s hair with a lemon fragranced shampoo.

“Do you like this?” Martha asked as she skillfully massaged SC scalp, neck and shoulders.

“Yes, it feels wonderful.” Was SC’s reply.

As she bathed Master’s new slave-in-training, Martha let her own breasts drag across the blonds back. She always enjoyed the feeling of skin on skin in the water and it made no difference to her whether the other person was male or female. At 5’6″ and 135 pounds, Martha was, herself a plumper. Her breasts were actually larger than SC’s “D” Cups. Martha’s were “DD” with inch long nipples that got hard as rock when she was aroused and washing SC’s hair was arousing her quickly.

“Do you mind that my nipples are touching you?” She asked SC.

“No, my skin is very sensitive and now I know why men like it when I drag my nipples across their skin. Especially, in the water.” SC said.

Between the added champagne, the hot water running all over her body and Martha’s expert hands messaging her head, neck and shoulders, SC

was in an almost dream-like state.

Moving around in front of SC, Martha said;

“Let’s try it from this side.”

SC still had her eyes closed and was unaware that Martha’s large nipples were now level with her mouth until the plump Latina said:

“Do you like my earrings?”

When SC opened her eyes to look, she blushed and then looked up at Martha’s ears, which had a pair of one caret emeralds in them. The earrings matched the two caret stone that hung from a gold chain around her neck, and SC couldn’t help but be impressed.

“My God, they’re gorgeous. Did Master give them to you?”She asked.

“Yes, the stones and chain were all recovered from a Spanish treasure ship that was found off of Florida and Master was good friends with the man who found it. He bought these for me and had them mounted not long after we met. I wear them every day and would be lost without.” Martha said casually as she moved in close enough to SC that her nipples were almost brushing the other woman’s lips.

“Have you ever sucked someone else’s breasts, SC?”

“No, no I haven’t.” The blond replied.

“Would you like to suck mine?” Martha asked softly. “Like most men, Master likes to watch woman on woman sex and I am hoping you might try it with me. Give me your ‘cherry’ as it were.”

“I have decided that I will try anything Master wants me to this weekend, to see if I can submit to him the way I know he wants me to. So yes, I would like to suck your nipples, Martha.” SC said as she stared at the other woman’s face.

“OOOOHHHHHH.” Martha moaned when Slave C leaned forward the inch between them an took her left nipple in her mouth.

“AAYYEEE.” Martha moaned again as SC softly sucked Martha’s dark brown, inch long, three-quarter inch diameter bud into her mouth and quickly inhaled then exhaled around it.

Pulling her plump red lips away from Martha’s breast for a second and looking up at her face, SC asked her;

“Is that okay, Martha?”

“Yes, that is very nice. Do that to the other one too, please.” She responded.

Martha had stopped washing SC’s hair and had her hands resting on the blonds’ shoulders to steady herself as Slave C took the right nipple in her mouth and repeated the inhale-exhale thing. Her hands wandered up to Martha’s hips and she was holding them as she sucked on the woman’s nipples. Martha was looking down, watching the blond through half-closed eyes and let her hand fall to SC’s breast.

“Oh my,” SC said as her new lover gently pinched and pulled her nipples, rolling them between her thumb and index finger as she did.

“OOOOOOHHHHHHH!” Martha loudly moaned when SC took both her DD breast in her hands, pushed them together and inhaled both of her nipples at once.

“More, more.” She whimpered as the blond tongued her supersensitive buds as she sucked them deep into her mouth.

“Martha, what’s Betturkey Güncel Giriş it like to kiss another woman?” SC asked when she took a break from sucking Martha’s dark brown nipples.

“It’s just like this.” The Latina replied as she sank to her knees, took Slave C’s head in her hands and gently pulled the plump blonds’ lips to her own.

“Mmmm.” SC moaned softly as the other woman’s tongue parted her lips and found the tip of the budding submissives’ tongue.

As their tongues danced and darted into and out of the other’s mouth, SC realized that she had become completely aroused. Her hands explored Martha’s curves, from her armpits to the flare of her hips, and back up again. Both women whimpered and moaned as the other found secret spots that very few men had ever explored.

“Rub my ass, Slave.” Martha commanded of SC. For Martha, it was attest to see how willing Slave Cathy was willing to be and she responded immediately by reaching around the slightly plump Martha and rubbing both of her round, but firm ass cheeks.

“Ohh YES!” Martha sighed when SC, remembering how good it had felt when Will stuck his finger in her ass, slid her finger as far up Martha’s ass as she could manage, then settled into a soft, pumping with her hand.

“OOoohhhh.” She moaned as her head fell forward onto SC’s shoulder and she whimpered her pleasure.

SC could hear Martha’s ragged breathing and feel her heart accelerating as she moved her hand faster. Suddenly, Martha raised her upper body as she arched her back and ground her ass into SC’s probing finger as she reached orgasm.

“Oh God I love having my ass played with like that.” Martha said when she had regained control.

“The water is getting cold. Let’s go into your room for a little bit. We need to see how much time we have before Master comes in.”

Both women stood up and toweled one another off, then went into SC’s room.

“Your turn, Slave.” Martha said to SC as she pushed the blond down on her bed. “Master said you could not be penetrated, but he never said you cannot be licked.”

As she said the later, she crawled up between SC slightly spread legs and pushed them apart, exposing the blonds’ swollen, flaming red labia to her view. Before SC could even think to protest, Martha had her face between the plump blonds’ legs and her tongue was searching for her swollen clit.

“AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH.” The blond groaned when Martha’s expert tongue found her target and began to lightly lick it.

“Pull your legs up, Slave.” Martha commanded.

“Yes, Mistress.” SC replied, using the feminine form for Master as she pulled her knees up to her tits and locked her fingers behind her legs.

Completely exposed to the other woman, she blushed bright red and shut her eyes when she realized there was a camera directly above her bed and she knew that he was watching her submit to a woman.

“Oo,oo,oo.” SC whimpered as Martha first licked her clit and then sucked it as she thrust two fingers into SC’s flooded vagina, rhythmically fingering her in time to her tongue on her clit.

She softly spread SC’s labia and lapped at the insides of the swollen lips, planting kisses over SC’s entire pussy, while sliding her left index finger into the pinkish-brown pucker of her asshole.

“Ah, ah, ahg, ahg.OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” The blond wailed as her orgasm washed over her like a mighty wave while the camera lens above her bed took in every sight and sound.

“That,” Said Martha with a smile. “Was a good one.”

Martha glanced at the clock on the night stand and, realizing how late it had become, said;

“We need to get you dressed for your meeting with Master.”

“Yes, mistress.” SC sighed as she came down off her orgasmic high.

“Master has left your outfit in the top drawer in the closet.” Martha said as she helped SC to her feet. “But, let’s get your makeup and hair done.”

Martha was secretly disappointed that she had not been able to use her new strap-on dildo on SC, but knew that the weekend was young and there might yet be a time to fuck the plump blond.

“Master loves rich, red lipstick.” Martha said as she applied the finishing touches to Slave Cathy’s makeup. “Your hair looks perfect. It may be a little messed up by morning, but Master will love it when he sees it. Can I ask you a question?”

“Yes, Mistress.” SC responded submissively.

“Did you enjoy sucking my tits?”

“Yes, Mistress, I enjoyed it very much. I also enjoyed you licking my pussy.” SC replied.

“Good, there may be time for us to play again, later. Now, let’s get you in your outfit.” Martha said as she led the way to the closet.

“You are to wear this.” She continued as she handed SC a black satin thong panty and bra set.

“That looks lovely.” Martha sighed as she stepped back to look at Slave C standing in the thong.

The bra was shear lace with satin trim that cupped under SC’s “C” cup breasts, lifting them and putting her nipples on display. The black contrasted with her near alabaster skin tones and really set her nipples off.

“Now these go on your nipples like this.” Martha said as she attached a tassel made of black crystals to the blond woman’s right breast. SC took the second one and attached it to her left nipple and then waited for more instruction from Martha.

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