The Unexpected Ch. 01


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I really didn’t expect to have a May to December romance. It’s funny how a woman can convince herself that certain parts of her life are over at a specific age. I was so comfortable in my own skin that I didn’t expect anyone else to be interested in me or anything I might have to offer. I guess that is how I felt until I met Kenney.. There he was and my life has not been the same since I met him.

It started when I decided to learn how to swim at the ripe old age of forty-four. I visited the local YMCA and signed up for private swimming lessons. Why private lessons? Well, I thought that if I embarrassed myself it would be better for my ego if it were just me and my instructor instead of a group of people sharing in my shame.

Believe it or not it started out innocently enough. Kenney was my instructor. I met with him one day a week at 7:00 AM. From the beginning he was gentle, patient, and very encouraging. I found these qualities so endearing especially in a younger man. I had not been touched by a man in over ten years. It’s funny how you don’t miss something until you experience it again. That is how it was with Kenney and the swimming lessons. With his light caresses and gentle strokes I soon found it harder to concentrate on the lessons when all I wanted to do was give in to the erotic thoughts in my mind.

But the physical attraction wasn’t the only thing. My attraction to him grew as we shared choices we’ve made, discussed social issues, talked about our lives, and things we liked and disliked. I never thought of myself as a Cougar. You know, one of those women who chase younger men, but I wanted to get to know him better and on a more physical level.

My God, Kenney was twenty-seven. I was forty-four. I was old enough to be his mother. When I was twenty-three, he was just entering Kindergarten. I should have been ashamed of myself for thinking about a man that could have been my son, but I was starting to rationalize in my mind that age was just a number not a state of mind.

Plus, Kenney was built right. What do I mean by this statement? Well, I like a man with a swimmer’s body, firm but not bulky or overly muscular. He was supple and wiry with quick reflexes, and he proved that to me time and time again when I would panic in the pool and he would hold me and tell me that he had me. In those moments, I knew he did, too, in more ways than one. I felt safe and secure, attractive and feminine, delicate and sensual when I was with him. These were feelings that I had not experienced for a long time, and it was a pleasant surprise for me to experience them again after so many years. So my desire for him grew. I tried to shrug it off, and it was then that he increased the number of times we were to meet to twice a week.

We started meeting two days a week, and I honestly tried to focus on the lessons and not seduce him. I told myself that he was placing his hands around my waist to hold me up; but, secretly I wanted him to pull me close. Every time that I grasped his shoulders it was not to pull him close for a warm embrace but to gain my balance and center myself in the water.

I really wanted to know what his hands would feel like caressing my erect nipples and stroking my body. I wondered what his lips would feel like on my skin and what he would do if I ran my hands through his hair, clasping his head and pulling him toward me for a passionate kiss. I wanted to slide my hands down his chest, stroking his stomach and brushing against his aroused manhood. While all these erotic thoughts were flooding my mind, he was innocently teaching me the breast stroke, the dog paddle, and other swimming techniques.

I wondered if he mom porn could see the lust burning in my eyes for him. So, I decided to test his awareness of my attraction to him. I started out subtlety. When he helped me into the water, I pressed closer giving him full body contact. I slowly slid my hands from his shoulders and down his arms at the beginning of my lessons. I thought I notice that his hands lingered around my waist a little longer than usual, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up. Every time I panicked, I grabbed his forearms from behind and pressed my buttocks into his groin in a sly caress. And believe me I made sure that I panicked at least twice during my sessions.

When he helped me out of the pool, I worked my way over to him and slid my hands slowly up his arms while he put his hands around my waist to lift me out of the pool. The two favorite parts of my lesson were getting in and out of the pool. At those times, I got a chance to be close to a man again and the feeling was incredibly erotic and arousing.

There was just something about men that turned me on. Men are made to be worshiped by women. I think God created man first because she knew women needed something to cherish. A man’s body is so totally different from a woman’s all muscle, sinew, firm, hard and it feels like velvet on steel. Then there are the colors from the whitest whites to the blackest blacks. On behalf of all the women in the world who love men, thank you God. Anyway I’m digressing.

As time progressed, I had to stop panicking and get serious about learning to swim. I knew if I didn’t he would catch on to my attraction to him, and I would be embarrassed beyond belief. Between feeling him up in the pool every chance I got, I forced myself to concentrate and devote myself to learning how to swim. Privately, I wanted to devote my lessons to seducing him and teaching him what it’s like to be loved by a mature woman from head to toe and beyond.

It wasn’t long before I could no longer pretend to panic and grab him in mock fear. Instead I had to show him that I could recover on my own. Then it happened, something that left me momentarily speechless. We just finished the second to the last session.

“Would you like to go out with me for a drink?” Kenney asked.

“You’re asking me out for a drink?” I asked.

“Yes.” Kenney’s smile could melt an iceberg.

“I would love to. What brought this on?” I laughed.

“Well, our lessons are wrapping up, and I probably won’t see you much at the Y. I really enjoyed teaching you how to swim, and thought it was a nice way to celebrate.” Kenney replied.

We made plans to meet at the local Applebee’s restaurant at 7:00 PM. I was on cloud nine all day at work. I was smiling for no reason. My coworkers teased me about having a hot date as the reason for my unsuppressed excitement. I was so excited because now I had my chance, at least, to attempt to get Kenney in my bed or get in his bed if not for a lifetime at least for a couple of nights.

I went home and prepared for my evening of seduction. I took a long bath and picked out the perfect outfit, casual but sexy. I wanted everyone in the restaurant to know that I was a woman on the prowl, and Kenney was my prey.

We got there at the same time, and Kenney looked delicious. I am usually not turned on by men in jeans and muscle shirts but on him the outfit worked well. We greeted each other at the door and chatted while we waited for the hostess to seat us. I hoped my nervousness didn’t show because all I could think about was how I was going to get him alone and have my way with him.

After we were seated and ordered our meal, we continue to chat.

“How was your day?” I asked.

“I got off work at 1:00. I had the rest of the day to myself so I went home and took a nap,” he replied laughing.

“I wished I was the sheets that you slept on just so that I could be close to you,” I thought mobil porno but I said, “Now that sounds like a relaxing way to spend the afternoon.”

“What about you? How was your day?”

“I was teased all day by my coworkers and friends because they thought I was up to something. I just laughed it off and ignored them.” I replied.

As the night progressed, we talked about a lot of things and time seemed to pass until the waitress came up to tell us that they needed to close. I could not believe that we sat there so long talking.

Kenney paid the bill.

“Wow, where did the night go?” he asked.

“I can’t believe we’ve been here that long, Kenney.” I replied.

“I really enjoyed talking to you. Actually I hate to see the evening end. Would you like to come to my place for a nightcap and more conversation?” he asked.

My insides did a flip. I wanted to do more than talk!

I said, .”Yes, that sounds wonderful.”

I followed him to his house. Kenney helped me out of my vehicle and walked me to the door.

I was so excited and a wetness was starting to form between my legs.

“Stay calm and in control,” I said to myself.

Kenney didn’t seem to notice my excitement as he invited me into his home. It was decorated in the typical manly fashion with just the essentials and mostly leather furniture.

“Please have a seat. What would you like to drink?” he asked.

I said, “Rum and coke would be fine if you have it.”

He replied, “One rum and coke coming right up!” There was that smile again.

I sat on the love seat. I did this on purpose because it would allow me to get closer to him as we talked.

Kenney walked back into the living room and turned on the television while handing me my drink.

“I thought you wanted to talk some more,” I jokingly said.

“It’s just for noise,” he laughed.

I laughed and told him that my television was on now because I liked to have some noise when I was in the apartment.

There was an awkward moment of silence as we listened to the television and sipped our drinks. I was working up the nerve to make the first move.

Then it happened. Kenney reached over and stroked my ear with the tip of his finger. I was shocked, but I didn’t pull away. Actually, I leaned forward and cupped my hand over his and pulled him closer. I slide my other hand up his arm and around his neck, pulling him toward me as our lips met in a passionate kiss. Our tongues were rubbing and stroking each other as our hands mimicked the oral battle. The only sound in the room was the television and our deep breathing as we stroked and caressed each other through our clothes.

Soon we grew frustrated with the heavy petting. I can’t remember if I pulled his shirt over his head or he did it himself, but that was all the encouragement I needed to start kissing a path down his neck and over his chest to his jeans.

He smelled so good! There is just something about the musky sweaty scent of a man that drives me wild. I was licking and sucking his nipples, nibbling on his stomach muscles, and enjoying the salty taste of his skin. That’s when I found out to my ultimate delight that he was wearing button fly jeans. I loved button fly jeans because it allowed me to show off my talent for unbuttoning jeans with my teeth and tongue.

Kenney’s hands weren’t idle either. He was stroking my back. I think he was looking for my bra, but it was just his luck that I wasn’t wearing one, just a tight nylon shell under my shirt. He slid his hands down and around enclosing a breast in each hand and stroking my aroused nipples.

My nipples grew long and hard. I could see how amazed he was from the way he was caressing stroking them with his fingers and he tries to pull me up to kiss me, but I resisted because I wanted to taste his cock in my mouth.

I grabbed his wrists and pressed them down by his side as my tongue worked xnxx porno first one and then another button loose from his jeans until I could feel the bulge of his erect flesh against my lips. I released his hands because I wanted his help as I pulled down his jeans so that I could get access to the object of my desire.

Then I slide back into position between Kenney’s legs and grabbed his wrists again, pressing them down on the cushion to use as leverage as I positioned myself to pleasure the young man of my dreams. I breathed in deeply and blew out slowly, bathing his cock in warm air. I felt him pushing up against me.

“Oh yes!”

I smiled to myself because blowjobs are my specialty, and I love cocks of all shapes and sizes, lengths, and rises. With my breath bathing his manhood, I looked him straight in the eye as my teeth grabbed the elastic of his jockey shorts and pulled down slowly revealing the source of my desire for the past couple of months, his rock hard cock. I could feel his hands flex, but he didn’t break my hold on his wrists even though he could easily do it. This was another reason for my white hot attraction to him. He was so comfortable in his masculinity that he could allow a woman to take the dominate role from time to time.

Now, it was my time to pleasure him and he was in for the thrill of a lifetime. My fingers closed around his manhood and stroked him from tip to base in a slow circular motion. I lowered my head slowly, breathing out, my breath warm on his hard cock as my wet tongue licked at the small hole where drops of body’s juices slowly dripped out before sliding my mouth over the head of his cock, my thumb and index finger feeding his manhood deeper into my mouth. My lips formed a perfect O around his cock. My tongue rubbed against the base of his dick as I pushed it up against the roof of my mouth. I feed more and more of his cock into my warm wet orifice. I slid his cock in and out in a slow fucking motion as I continue my never-ending loving oral homage to his cock.

His cock felt like it was made to fit my mouth as his dick slid down my throat with little effort or discomfort. The feel of the blood filled veins on his man flesh as it stoked in and out of my throat increased the wetness between my legs and my clit got harder. I wanted to reach between my legs and stroke it while I was sucking him but I refrained because I wanted to focus on pleasuring him. For me there was an erotic sense of power watching a man experience his orgasmic release that as a woman got me so hot that I could cum just from watching him.

Kenney’s eyes shot wide open and his breath caught in his throat when he felt my pinky finger slide stealthy into his asshole.


At first I could tell by the expression on his face that he felt that this was wrong, no other woman had done this to him before I later found out. I stroked his prostate gland in the same rhythm as my mouth on his dick. He could stand just so much as he felt his orgasm building, starting at his balls and working its way up through his cock. He came hard and shot load upon load of cum into my throat.

“Aaaaaaaagggghhhhhhhh!” he moaned as his cock continued to pump his cum down my mouth.

I swallowed every precious drop because cum was a terrible thing to waste. I sensed his body slowly returning from his orgasmic release. That moment was the most arousing for me because it was when we’ve lost total control and our minds drifted to a higher plane. We were aware of our lover but we were totally in tune with our body too. I loved to see a man at the high of his release, knowing that I caused him to reach that release, sends me over the edge too.

Then, I gradually released his semi-hard cock from the confines of my mouth placing one last loving kiss on the tip. I slid back up his body and reached over to grab my drink and took a sip. Then I kissed him on the lips and said, “Thank you. I’ve wanted to do that to you since my fourth swimming lesson.”

I attempted to get up but he grabbed me around the waist, turned me over, and positioned my back against the back of the love seat, and growled in my ear.

“Where do you think you’re going? I have plans for you, woman.”

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