The Third Gender

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It was a typical Friday night for me; I was dressed to kill at a club trying to pick up guys. I was warning a cute pink sundress, without a bra, the smallest black thong I could find and a pair of super cute black and pink six-inch heels. I turned heads, I knew it, and that was my plan.

My attire was working; I had guys buying me drinks and trying for flirt with me left and right. The problem was I needed a certain type of guy. I was not your typical woman; in fact, I wasn’t a woman at all. Some might call me a trap, some a tranny, and some another name for dude that dresses like a woman. The truth is I was none of those; I was truly of a third gender. I had breasts, real homegrown breasts, not some supplemental hormone pill breasts, and at a D cup, I must say they are amazing. In addition to my very female breasts, I also had a very male cock, nothing overly large fully hard I am about 7 inches in length and 5 inches in circumference. So back to my problem at hand, in my experience there are two types of guys.

Type 1: upon seeing my cock they freak out, call me a bunch of names and run out.

Type 2: upon seeing my cock they completely gay out, and suck my cock like it’s their last meal, drinking down my load and then swearing they aren’t gay it’s just I am so beautiful.

On the rare occasion I pick up a woman it always the same outcome, they tell they usually aren’t into woman but I’m different and I fuck their brains out filling their vaginas with my special seed.

For me it’s a win, win, win. I love scaring a manly man away, I love turning a man into a cock-sucking faggot, and I love filling a vagina with my special seed that always quickens. However, tonight I am really trying for a type 2, I needed a blowjob, I needed to convert a man into a sissy slut tonight.

I chose my prey, a mild mannered guy who spent most of the evening off to the side watching me and buying me drinks. I walked up to him without saying a word I gave him a peck on the cheek and said, “Thanks for the drinks sweetie.” Grabbing his cock through his pants and giving it a squeeze, I continued, “wanna get out of here and fuck?”

He tried to reply with “I-I um…”

Without another word I took his hand and started walking, pulling him, toward the door.

“Do you have a car here sweetie, or should we get a cab?” I asked.

All he could muster was “cab”.

I giggled, hailed a cab and thought he was going to do nicely. I told the cab driver my address and off he sped. It was a short dive but I wasted no time, sliding my hand over his lap and squeezing his cock again I asked, “What do you plan to do with this cock tonight?”

He stuttered a reply, “I-I-I’m going to f-f-fuck you.”

“Sure you are baby.” I whispered in his ear, biting his ear lobe. I thought he might cum in his pants before we made it back to my place. Thankfully, we made it before he finished. As we waited for the elevator, he was finally starting to get a bit courageous. Groping at my tits and kissing me as if he might actually make a move.

Finally, in my apartment, I pushed him away and in one quick smooth motion I lifted my sun dress up over my head and tossed it off to the side. Reveling my perky D cups he had been grouping just moments before. I watched as his eyes scanned my body head toe. His eyes made several passes each time Betturkey pausing at the bulge in my thong and each time pausing a little longer. I broke his pause “Come here sweetie” he practically leapt to me, “Let’s get you out of these clothes.” I said pulling his shirt up and over his head, tossing it to the side where my dress was. After a bit more kissing, I reached down and undid his pants, slowly squatting down pushing his pants down. As my face passed his already rock hard cock I gave it a slow lick from balls to tip, a quick kiss on the tip before I finished removing his pants tossing them on the growing pile of clothing. Standing back up, grabbing his cock I said, “Wanna take this to my bedroom?” He couldn’t even answer, he just gave a nod. Using his cock as leash I lead him to my bedroom.

Once in my bedroom I fell back onto my bed, arms out, fully exposing my body to him. I just laid there waiting to see what he would do, it took him several seconds but he finally approached he carefully lowered himself on top of me. As his face met mine for a kiss I turned and whispered in his ear “I have a surprise for you baby, take off my panties.” He kissed me then pulled back pulling at my thong with both hands. He barely had it to my thighs when he froze, I didn’t even have to look to know exactly what he saw.

A full minute passed with him just staring at my flaccid cock. Yup, defiantly a type 2. I knew exactly what was going too happened next, so I just waited. It was at least another 30 seconds before he moved again; finally, he resumed pulling my thong down and over my feet. I’m not sure he even had time to discard it before he was clawing his was back to my cock. Instead of grouping at my tits, he was grouping at my cock playing with it like a kid playing with a new toy at Christmas.

I reached up taking the back of his head and gently pushed it down toward my cock; he made eye contact for a moment, smiled then shifted focus to my now hard cock. I laid my head back on my pillow, closed my eyes, continuing the advance of his head toward my cock. His mouth must have been open, when his mouth met my cock all I felt was a warm wetness. I pushed I will further and then let go, I wanted to see what he was going to do.

As predicted, he began slurping and sucking on my cock like new borne at its mother teat. All of sudden his stopped, he let my cock free of his mouth and let out a moan and mumbled “oh shit, I’m cumming”. His body shivered as his untouched cock started spewing cum. Giggling, I whispered him, “It’s ok sweetie I had no intentions of giving your little cock any attention, tonight is all about you worshiping my cock.” He didn’t even respond. Using just his tongue, he wrangled in my cock and sucked it back into his mouth, picking up where he left off. It took him a few tries but he finally managed to stuff my entire cock down his throat. This boy was a real type 2, a man pretending to be a man until he is presented with at cock to suck. Then all bets are off, full on cocksucker.

Although I have male genitalia, I have the sexual complexity of woman. It felt so wonderful to have my cock in his warm wet mouth, but I could just let me suck me for hours. However, his mouth alone would never finish me off, and I needed him to swallow my load if I wanted to convert him. It was time Betturkey Giriş to take this adventure in my own hands.

I pushed at his shoulders, pushing him off me forcing his mouth off my cock. As my cock left his mouth he winced like a baby having its pacifier taken away. I quickly reassured him, “It’s ok baby, I just want to change positions. Roll over and slid up a bit, I want to be on top.” He instantly flipped over and moved up the bed resting his head on my pillows, looking up at me smiling. I sat next to him for a moment running my fingers over his flat stomach, teasing him. To my surprise he aggressively reached around my side trying to pull me on top of him, I quickly complied throwing a leg over him and sitting on his belly. With my still hard cock pointed directly at his face I seductively asked, “What do you want baby?” we made eye contact for just a moment before he answered, looking directly at my cock “I want that back in my mouth, I love the taste of your cock.” He reached up with both hands and pulled at my lower back pulling me into his mouth.

With me on top, he had little range of motion to pleasure me so I had to do most of the work. I slowly started fucking his face. I watch as he closed his eyes and fell into the trance of pleasure. I incrementally increased the speed and vigor with witch I was fucking his mouth. Before I knew it, I was slamming my cock into mouth as if I was a man fucking a pussy. I slowed my pace a bit; I didn’t want to hurt the poor boy.

As I slowed his eyes shot open with a look of concern on his face, again I reassured him, “It’s ok baby, I don’t want to hurt you pretty little face.” He again pulled at my lower back as if to encourage me and tell me it was ok. “Don’t worry sweetie, I am going to fuck your sweet little mouth until I fill your cute little belly with my special seed.” He loosed his grip on my back; I felt his right hand leave my back. Curious I looked back over my shoulder and saw he was hard again and his free hand was stroking his cock. I slapped hard at his right wrist and said, “Hands off your cock slut, my cock is your main focus tonight.” He groaned with displeasure and let go of his raging hard on. I giggled at his displeasure; this little slut would do anything to keep my cock in his mouth.

I turned again to see his cute hard on standing at perfect attention. With a devilish grin, I raised my right hand, “A good sissy never touches her cock,” I said before in one swift motion I smacked the tip of his cock as hard as I could, he did his best to cry out in pain as his cock hit his left thigh, then returning to perfect attention. Again, I raised my hand and, whack, I smacked his cock, again, he did his best to cry out but with his mouth full of my cock, it was just muffled gibberish. I wondered how many time I could do this before he would stop me. I was at two, might a well got for three. “You are the kinkiest little fuck toy I’ve had in a long time.” As I finished saying that, whack, I smacked that fuck toys hard cock again. This time I got results, as his cock sprang back to attention it erupted, spraying cum as it swung back and forth.

I almost came too, this little fuck toy was too much fun. I could do this all night, but I feared that he has already blown two loads I might lose his interest if I don’t get this Betturkey Güncel Giriş show on the road.

“Shove your fingers in my ass.” I commanded. Almost immediately, his index finger was poking around my butt, not even close to my asshole, I wondered if this boy has ever has sex. I grabbed his hand, “Two fingers, middle and index.” He complied, “Good, now scoop some of your cum off your leg for lube.” He rolled his two finger in a puddle on his leg, and held them up for me. Again, I took his hand while raising up off his chest, which had the side effect of forcing my cock down his throat. He wasn’t ready for that and gagged, amused with his discomfort I let me full weight down on his face. He continued to gag as I led his cum lubed fingers to my asshole. I carefully positioned his fingers right at my hole and slowly lowered myself back down to his chest, forcing his fingers into my ass and giving his mouth some much-needed relief. As I sat back I ground my ass down onto his hand.

The feeling of his fingers in my ass and him sucking my cock like a lollipop was really starting to get my motor running. I slowly started rocking forward and back. Switching from forcing my cock down his throat and pulling his fingers out of my ass, to his fingers deep in my ass and giving him a change to get a breath. I continued rocking for a few rotations before I called out “Add a finger.” As I rocked back there was third finger penetrating my ass. After a few more rotations, I yelled, “Four!”, and, again as I rocked back four finger violated my asshole. I was almost there, ready to fill this little sluts stomach with my transformational seed. With a few final rotations, I commanded “Shove you hand in my ass!” I rotated back I stopped just short of his hand entering my ass.

Forward again asking “Are you ready slut, are you ready for my load?” there was no way he could answer so, instead, as I was rocking back he forced his hand forward, hard. That forced his entire hand into my ass, which caused me to start cumming. The hand penetrating my asshole also pushed me forward, forcing my cock down his throat as I was cumming, in that moment I reached around and wrapped my hand around his cock and balls and pulled trying to keep myself down trying to force his hand deeper into my ass. It was the perfect storm of pleasure, as I was coming down from my organism I pulled hard again at his cock and it let loosed again. Covering my hand in his cum. I couldn’t believe this little slut came three times and I never really touched him, he will make a lot boys happy.

My cock softened quickly in his mouth, but I wanted to make sure he swallowed my entire load so I quickly slid down laying on top of him, then slowly drifting off to the left side keeping my right arm and leg over him. As I settled next to him he turned his head and smiled. I smiled back and asked “How did you enjoy you first cock? Did you swallow my entire load?”

He replied, “I never thought of myself as gay, but you are just so beautiful. Yes, I swallowed every drop; can we do that again before I leave?”

With a giggled I pulled him close and said “Let’s wait to see how you feel in the morning sweetie.”

Knowing full well what the morning would bring, I smirked as I drifted off. He was going to wake up a member of the third gender. He was going to have a full chest, minimal body hair, legs, thighs, waist, and the ass of a woman. Expect for his cock, every part of his body will be feminine.

The third gender is slowly taking over, any man that ingests our cum in converted overnight and any woman we fuck is instantly impregnated with a third gender baby.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32