The Struggle Ch. 01

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Author’s Note: This is the fourth story in the chain “A game within a game.”


Rob – main character

Helena – his wife

Marion – widow; very much in love with Rob

Cathy – friend (psychiatrist)

Kim – friend (local doctor)

Kate – sister of Helena

Carmen – friend; member of the circle (women society)

Bridget – friend; owner of a theater shop (- and more mature items)

Michelle – friend

Lisa – owner of a bridal shop

Olga – friend; member of the circle

Helga – friend of Olga

Jenny – Rob’s ex-wife

Sylvia – member of Helena’s security organization

Nicky and Inca – Rob’s Doberman dogs

Reader, this story is the follow-up of ‘a game within a game part 1-2-3’. Actually it’s part 4, but the title didn’t cover the contents anymore.


At the estate

When Rob arrived at the estate, he headed straight to the living room, where his beloved buddies were sleeping. “Come on girls, let’s go out and play some more,” and Nicky and Inca followed him outside. He wasn’t hiding their training anymore, he made a dummy of old clothes and wood, and repeatedly let them attack. At the beginning Inca and Nicky were careful and didn’t bite, but when Rob encouraged them, they soon attacked the clothed wooden figure. Rob noticed several faces behind the windows of the staff, and he also thought that he saw Marion secretly looking.

‘Good’ he thought, ‘even better, everyone soon would know what his dogs were capable off.’

Then he heard Helena approaching, she was taking large steps over the pebbles of the garden path. She looked very angry; her skirt flowed and revealed her lovely legs but she wasn’t here to seduce him.

“Why did you leave us like that? Wasn’t it fun? We carefully planned a surprise and you didn’t act very mature. It was a pretty innocent joke – and yes – you were the ‘victim’, but I wouldn’t really call you a victim of anything. You really offended her and I insist that you apologize to Bridget!” Helena almost shouted this, she was that furious. Her nostrils flared, her mouth had a grim line and her eyes shot fire. “She was beautiful in this state,” Rob thought.

But then he thought about the morning ‘surprise’ and he felt his anger and also a bit shame rise within his chest.

Again he had been tricked…

Rob just looked at her with the cold look Helena had seen before and that she feared. “You had your fun at my benefit, I don’t owe her anything. I’m sure you bought some rubbish from her and she made her profit, and you made her day!” The last word he spit out in anger. “Don’t think I will be entertaining her ever again.” Now he trembled with rage, he had planned to stay cool, but nevertheless his anger had risen again and he needed to get away from her, before he could say things he might regret. The last thing he wanted is to apologize to her and he thus kept the unspoken words in his mouth.

He whistled to Nicky and Inca and quickly walked away from Helena without giving her another look and went around the estate house and went towards the front of it heading towards his car. He needed to be alone, he thought about going home, his home, but Helena and Marion would never let him go alone. He stepped inside the car and his dogs followed him, and drove off to the forest outside the village.

Helena saw Rob leaving, full of anger, and she knew she had lost that battle. Bridget and she did fool him and she knew Rob well enough that in the end he would take revenge. Sometimes she wondered why she ever married him as his rudeness and anger were maddening at times. One moment he could be Prince Charming and the other moment he was blunt. Still, she loved him and she knew she couldn’t leave him. In fact, some of the other women would jump on him the moment he was a free man. She shook her head and went inside the house. There she met Marion, who looked at her with inquiring eyes.

“Don’t say a thing.” Then Helena explained, “Bridget made a fool out of him, or at least Rob feels so, and he left her without saying anything. She was very disturbed as nobody had treated her like that before. She was in her Mistress role of course, but still, Rob offended her deliberately and ignored her, and she knew it.”

“I had warned her, don’t make a mistake with him, he is short fused and maybe she should be glad that she just was ignored,” Marion said, defending Rob.

“I know, but it was pretty innocent, I was involved, too, so I am also to blame.”

“Don’t think he will forget, yes, you are also to blame, you are so stupid sometimes! I warned you, you know how he reacts,” she shook her head, irritated.

“And where is he now?” Marion asked.

“He left in his car, taking the dogs with him. He told me he has taught them to attack and is planning to bring them along in the playroom any time we play. He must be really frustrated.” Helena sighed.

“Not frustrated, scared. What did you say to him to when he mentioned bringing his dogs with him?”

“I Betturkey won’t allow that. I didn’t even discuss it. I told him I enjoy being a Mistress for him and I also told him that I also would sub sometimes.”

Marion nodded. “I think I get it, he is scared as hell with having three Mistresses. I can understand him, I also would be scared. No ‘vanilla’ women in his surroundings, everything he does is observed by us, his potential dealers of punishment. I’m afraid we haven’t heard the last of this, Helena! I’m pretty sure he will explode sooner or later. We had better inform Cathy of this.”

With a concerned look Helena watched Marion, while she made a phone call to Cathy and spoke about the things they had just discussed.

When she finished her phone call, Marion said to Helena “She will be joining us this evening.” They both looked worried, and Helena started to cry. Marion tried to comfort her, but she knew it was out of their hands now. If he decided to leave them again, she didn’t want to think of that…


Rob parked his car at his usual place. Normally no other cars were present, but today someone else had the same thought as him. Looking in the other car he saw a blanket on the backseat, obviously a dog owner like himself.

He let go Nicky and Inca and they ran towards a nearby creek, were they could drink. Rob knew that most dogs always would prefer rain water above the water from the tap. He heard them barking and wondered why they were making such a noise. Pushing through some dense low shrubbery and low trees he reached the embankment. He saw Nicky and Inca eagerly playing with another dog, also a Doberman he realized. He walked towards them and saw a woman sitting on a fallen tree, eating an apple. She smiled at him and said “Always nice to see that the race recognizes the sort. Every time when Boris meets other Dobermans he plays, while with other breeds he sits and waits.”

Rob saw the dogs were having a great time. They ran through the water, jumped on one another and were rolling on the muddy shore. He knew Helena would be pissed off when he brought the dirty dogs into the house. However, that shouldn’t matter, he thought. At first wasn’t sure whether to go to his old home after finishing with the dogs but now he was certain he would. If the dogs made things dirty there, he would clean it up; after all it was his house, his place where he really felt at home, no matter how cozy Helena’s estate could be. He looked at the woman, and introduced himself “Hi, I’m Rob, I don’t think we have met before,” and gave her his hand.

She laughed and said “How formal, normally I just say hi to somebody with a dog. My name is Michelle.”

“Please to meet you,” Rob grinned and glanced at her. He didn’t dare to take a long look at her, but at his first glance she looked a bit older than him. She had long blond hair and wore glasses. She was dressed in an old long coat, jeans and rubber boots. Obviously they were for taking long walks with her dog and didn’t care about her clothing’s appearance.

“Do you fancy a walk?” Rob asked her, “I’m getting cold just sitting here.”

“Fine with me, the dogs can play while we walk,” and they start to walk at a slow pace. When she stood Rob noticed how tall she was, even taller than himself. It looked like she had large breasts hidden under her shapeless coat. The dogs followed, they didn’t need to be called, as Dobermans always circle around their master. He had somewhat relaxed in the company of this woman. “finally a normal woman,” he thought, then he frowned, thinking of the contrast with the situation with the women in his life.

“What is the matter? You looked so dark suddenly,” Michelle asked.

“Sorry, I had a bad morning today, and I was thinking some things over,” Rob replied.

“Maybe you can tell me, talking about bad things enlightens your soul,” she smiled invitingly.

Rob looked at her. “I don’t know if you would understand what is troubling me.”

“Try me,” she dared him.

“You asked for it,” Rob said with some anger in his voice.

Michelle looked surprised and just said “Hey! Don’t be mad at me. Just tell me, I’m a good listener.”

Rob started talking, about the events that morning, about how he was tricked, his anger and eventually, about his shame.

While he had finished his tale, Michelle looked at him in disbelief and asked “So you fucked two women and you are unhappy about it?”

“It’s not the fucking, rather it’s the game they played, for some reason they like to tease me and in this case, making a fool out of me,” Rob answered.

“This case, so it happened before? And you are living with a genuine Mistress?”

“Three,” Rob said, “three Mistresses, Helena, my wife, then there is Marion, very much in love with me, a widow, and there is Cathy, a psychiatrist, a bit lonely and has been asked by Helena to join us.”

“Not possible!” Michelle mumbled, “You are joking, aren’t you? Three mistresses?”

“There is even a fourth Betturkey Giriş person, Kim, a normal family doctor, well, not really normal,” Rob sighed.

Michelle started to laugh. “Now you are making a fool out of me, I started to believe you, but with the fourth woman, you exaggerated.”

Rob didn’t smile, he just kept staring at Michelle’s face, and the laugh on her face died. “You mean it, don’t you?” She whispered that softly, in shock.

“I didn’t lie to you,” Rob answered. “You know what the worst part is? Helena is a beginning S&M Mistress, but Marion and Cathy are almost professionals and they want to build a new playroom, and guess who will be the victim?”

Silently they walked further, each with their own thoughts.

“But Rob, I don’t see a problem with those Mistresses. You just have to say one thing to them.”

Rob asked, “And what is the one thing I have to say?”

Michelle said “No.”

Rob looked with wondering eyes and said, “I don’t understand, why won’t you tell me?”

“The word you must say is ‘NO’, NO you won’t play along, and NO, if they decide not to fuck with you as some kind of punishment, then you just say NO to them too, about having sex. You just sleep in the guestroom and the hell with them.”

Amazed, Rob looked at her and said, “You are right, I don’t have to get mad and I just don’t play along anymore with their little games.”

“Indeed, don’t apologize, don’t explain, just say NO. It is the simplest solution. They can’t expect that you be there for them every day and whenever they want. You love them, you want to go along with them and I can see that, but only up to a certain point,” Michelle said resolutely.

Rob face lightened up, he didn’t have to make excuses anymore. But then he had made a promise to Marion. While she was the only one who he really trusted, she was in fact also the only one who had really hurt him. Again his face darkened while he thought about her and his promise to her.

“You are not totally satisfied with my answer,” Michelle said, “what else is bothering you?”

They had arrived at a bench, normally Rob’s turning point to go home again. Now he sat himself on the bench. “You have only heard a part of my history, do you have thirty minutes?”

Michelle said “Sure,” and sat beside him. Rob talked, and talked. He told her from the start, about Jenny, his meeting with Marion, Helena’s part, Kim and Cathy and even Kate.

All this time Michelle looked at him, very much surprised with his story and didn’t make any comments. When Rob finished telling her about his ‘adventures’, she just shook her head and said, “An unbelievable story Rob, I can’t help you with this one I am afraid. You just have to make up your mind – and if you can’t handle it anymore, when the burden becomes too heavy, just leave.”

“I can’t just leave them, impossible, I love them. But a day like today is sometimes too much. Thank you for listening to me.”

“Not a problem Rob, anytime. Shall we go back?” They decided to return and then to go home.

They said goodbye at the parking lot, and Michelle even kissed him on his cheek and whispered, “Just a goodbye kiss,” and Rob thanked her.

“Maybe sometime we can get a cup of coffee somewhere, where our dogs are welcome?”

“We’ll see about that, Rob,” and with a last wave of her hand, she closed the door of her car and drove away.

Rob went home, to his old home, and when he drove into his old neighborhood, it felt like truly coming home again. He then bought some groceries and also some food for his dogs in a local store. When he reached his house and brought the heavy bags inside he started to feel relieved. He started making his dinner consisting of meat, potatoes and vegetables and in the meantime he fed his dogs, and by doing these normal domestic things his mind came to a place of peace.


At the mansion Helena, Marion and Cathy discussed the latest developments. Cathy was angry again.”How many times do I have to tell you, don’t fool around with him! He isn’t in the mood for games and probably won’t be for a long time. Helena, I thought you were smarter then that, the moment Bridget invited him, you should have interfered. And you are also to blame Marion. You also could have stopped him going there, or at least accompanied him, no matter what Bridget might say. You should have told Rob that Bridget can be trusted usually, but that she cannot be trusted while she is playing her little games. Damn it to hell, I’m pretty sure he has had a relapse. Maybe he had built up some trust, but count on it that it is near zero again.”

Helena started to cry and said sobbingly, “But it was pretty harmless!”

“Yes, I know, normally it would be, but not with his background. If it was anyone else I would agree, but not with his history. We were just on our way back, the performance of Marion in the inn boosted his trust, but now…” Cathy shook her head in disbelief, about the stupidity of it all.

“What now Cathy?” Betturkey Güncel Giriş Marion asked.

“It’s obvious he won’t be coming here tonight. We can all go to him, or I can go alone. It’s up to you, Helena,” Cathy replied.

Helena still was sobbing and with ruined make-up she looked at Cathy and said, “Do what is needed to make him forgive us, say to him I dealt with the architect and he is coming tomorrow, so he has time think it over. If he doesn’t want us at his place I will cancel the whole thing.”

“I can live with that,” Cathy replied, “lucky for all of us I only have to work tomorrow afternoon, I somehow assumed this would be a late night, but this mess I could not predict. I will visit Bridget soon and tell her what I think of her as well.”

“Please don’t Cathy. Don’t make it worse, Rob has insulted her already, nobody had ever walked away from her while she was in her Mistress gear.”

“Good, that will teach her. I am not surprised; I expected this kind of behavior from her. OK, I’m off, I will phone you tonight. I don’t suppose that he answered any phone calls from you?”

Both Helena as Marion admitted that he didn’t answer any of their attempts to make contact.

“Wait for my call,” Cathy said, hugged Helena and Marion, and said at last, “Cheer up, I will fix it. I will show him that you are not to blame,” and she left.

While she drove to Rob’s, she wasn’t so sure about the things she had said. What if Rob wouldn’t let her in? Upon arrival at his place, some thirty minutes later, it was already dark. Rob had closed his curtains and a soft light shined through some holes. Cathy sighed, climbed the stairs to his front door and pushed the bell. She heard his dogs barking, even before she pushed the bell, they guarded him very well.

The door opened and Rob stood in front of her with a defiant look on his face.

“What do you want, Cathy?” He asked this in a not very friendly tone.

“I came here to apologize for Helena and Marion, and to talk things out with you. I haven’t done anything to upset you, so you could at least hear me out.”

Rob stepped aside reluctantly, and gave her admittance. When she entered the warm living room, Rob took her coat and hung it in the hall.

“What do you want to drink?” He asked her, courteous as ever.

“I would love an Irish coffee,” Cathy answered, pleased with this opening.

Rob immediately went to the point “So you are planning to stay the night with me?”

“If you allow me to,” Cathy said mischievously, “I didn’t bring any clothing, but I’m sure you have something for me to wear.”

Rob looked at her suspiciously and then said “I think we have the same size, that won’t be a problem. But why do you assume that you can stay here? I will have to think about that.”

“Come on dear; don’t be so harsh on one of your lovers. We all know what you went through, and Helena simply had misjudged the situation.”

“No, you are wrong about that, she knew what Bridget wanted to do, and she liked the little joke. But again, why is everybody so determined to make a fool out of me? You know I’m absolutely not in the mood for jokes, not now. Helena knew! She should have known better, and then to even mock me about it!” Rob angered at the thought. He went to the kitchen to make the Irish coffee. He had good whiskey and luckily also some whipped cream. When he came back in the room, Cathy had made herself comfortable on the couch. She stretched out her legs, emphasizing the shoes she was wearing, and Rob could also see some white lace from her slip. Her tight skirt was riding up a bit and he suspected she had done it on purpose. She of all women knew how he liked seeing a bit of lingerie. She was playing mind games with him he realized.

Cathy started speaking again. She had clearly seen the mixed emotions on his face.

“Rob, please try to forget the whole thing, Helena has given you so much, step over it, and forgive her. Be honest, be glad we still can laugh about things, and don’t take it all too seriously. I don’t take it very seriously in any case. Now, bring us the Irish coffee,” and she gave Rob her most innocent smile.

What Rob didn’t know was that she wasn’t so very sure of herself. She knew only too well that what had seemed almost harmless to Helena and Marion could have a large impact on Rob. She was a too good a psychiatrist to wave it away, on the contrary. With the distraction of her lace slip, she tried to change his mood to lighten things up.

Rob couldn’t resist her little tricks and in the end they were having their coffee and talked as if nothing had happened.

“Rob, one thing, I promised Helena to let her know, I don’t like it if she will go to bed feeling terrible.”

“OK, let them come, I’ll make extra coffee and tell them to bring clothing and so on. We probably have to go back another time – ah – I almost forgot, the architect is coming tomorrow.”

“That is for tomorrow,” and Cathy phoned Helena.

Soon Marion and Helena joined them and Rob could see that Helena had been crying. Her eyes were reddish and Marion seemed a bit depressed.

Marion came to him while he was in the kitchen, preparing their drinks and told him “Count to ten next time, you have given us a terrible day once again,” and kissed him on his cheek.

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