The Slave Couple Ch. 01


Dave Forsyth didn’t know what the hell he was getting himself into. The fool practically walked into his own nightmare. He did this by being careless to the wrong person. A mistake that was to cost him very dearly. This is the story about a husband, his loving wife and dominant black man with a taste for for sexual depravity and how all three lives are irrevocably changed forever.

Dave was 50 years old and was finally coming to terms with the fact that he was not one of life’s great achievers. In fact in the 34 years since leaving school he had gone from dead end job to dead end job until he finally made his way all the way up to the dizzy heights of call centre operative. An uninspiring job for an uninspiring man.

Dave was a fraction under 6ft but slightly overweight and paunchy. He had always tried to project the grunge look, an image he adopted in the early 90’s and had dogmatically stuck with despite the changing fashions to the point where other people didn’t think he looked quite as cool as he seemed to think he did. To others he was just an unkempt and unshaven slob. He wasn’t a slob, far from it. He tried very hard maintaining this image, he just got it badly wrong.

One thing he did manage to get right though was his marriage.

Successful he may not have been but he was certainly lucky when he found his wife Janet.

Janet was two years younger than himself. And they were now entering their 21st year of married bliss.

She was a natural beauty to the point where she didn’t really need to wear make up. Her nose was unconventionally long but her deep brown eyes and straight shoulder length brown hair which she would occasionally curl at the ends more than made up for it. Besides Dave liked her nose, he said it was what gave her face it’s character. She stood barefoot at 5.7 and despite being in her late forties her breasts and arse were still very pert and her figure had been well maintained despite having raised three children.

However, An idyllic fairytale lifestyle it wasn’t. They had married young, bought their old council house and lived a normal existence. They both had jobs, struggled with bills, suffered setbacks. Just an average suburban couple.

They had raised their children and all had flown the nest relatively early, a fact they agreed was down to their good parenting. Whilst others had their kids at home, hanging around their necks like a millstone well into their twenties, Dave and Janet had bought their children to the required level of maturity for independence in all three cases by their late teens.

They had struggled with empty nest syndrome at first, but had soon settled into their new routine Independent of the needs of the kids.

This new found freedom helped them to fall in love all over again. They went out more and relished each other’s company.

It also gave them time to reestablish their sex life. In the intervening years sex had not diminished like most couples find. They had an active sex life throughout, Anadolu Yakası Grup Escort but they would both agree that it had become a bit vanilla and stagnant.

They were now free and able to experiment a bit more and try new things. Nothing too adventurous but role play and many new exciting positions were added to the fun.

Every Saturday and Sunday Janet worked at the local community centre serving meals and playing board games with the local senior citizens. It wasn’t well paid work but Janet with her kind and caring disposition found it emotionally rewarding at least.

This however gave Dave a lot more free time to himself than he had had in years, so during those days, totally unbeknownst to Janet, Dave would look on sex sites on the internet trying to find new ideas, positions and scenarios that could add some extra spice to things. He had been doing it for many weeks and would always pretend to Janet during sex and role play that he had spontaneously thought of these ideas.

It was on one of these lonely Saturdays that he read one particular story that was the seemingly insignificant catalyst for everything that was to follow and which resulted in his bizarre life change.

This was the sex game of master and slave. The characters of dominatrix wife and submissive husband.

He had never entertained such a notion before in his life. He was brought up in an atmosphere of male dominance. An Englishman being the captain of his own ship, master of his own castle and the dutiful wife aware of her position and knowing affectionately when a decision had been made by her husband and knowing not to cross the lines her husband firmly draws in the sand.

This role reversal was a real eye opener for him, and he found the story overwhelmingly erotic to the point where he came in his shorts without any physical stimulation at all.

From that moment on Dave was hooked and his regular internet activities changed. Instead of searching for new ideas he became fixated on just one. His need to be dominated.

He would have liked nothing more than to be Janet’s sex slave, forced to dress as a French maid and ordered to do all the chores.. His penis caged 24/7 with his powerful and sadistic wife the key holder. Ordered to perform selfish sexual acts on her body with no relief for himself except what his mistress would give him rare leave to have. The occasional spanking or even physical pain administered by his dominatrix wife for failures in duty and insubordination in manners.

He was now determined to live the life the characters were living in these stories. But this was an unfulfilled dream and a dream that was growing in passion the longer it was being denied him. His constant internet surfing was doing nothing to keep these growing urges at bay, but rather fired them up till they became an all encompassing burning desire.

He was awakening to the realisation that he must be some sort of pervert, a freak Anadolu Yakası Manken Escort with a latent desire for fetish sex play.

How could he ever tell Janet about this dark side to his persona. He was determined not to. She wouldn’t understand he thought. This must be just a phase he was going through, and once out of his system he’d see things a lot clearer.

He resolved to keep this to himself, enjoy it in his quiet moments on the internet but leave it at that.

However once he realised that these thoughts were more than just a passing fancy or the occasional horny whim, he decided to push Janet’s boundaries and slowly almost by stealth started adding more adventurous scenarios to their sex life.

He’d let her be more dominant in the bedroom and start hinting to her his submissive side.

At first it was only in the bedroom and only during sex that these alternative alter egos surfaced with each other. And it was all light hearted and a bit of fun, not quite what Dave was pushing for.

However Dave started doing more submissive things around the house with the continued view of establishing the new desired pecking order.

After a few months it was starting to work. Janet found it amusing to see her husband dressed as a maid hoovering and dusting and he even bought a cock cage for himself and encouraged her to lock him in it and take the key to work with her. Not only that but to wear the key around her neck so the old folks could see it, but obviously not know what it was. She was a bit shocked at first and doubted he was serious, but realising nobody was getting hurt and it was just a bit of fun, she played along. She would make him wear it every other weekend when he was alone in the house so he couldn’t masterbate.

But still it was not living up to expectations. Janet was a sweet natured person and didn’t have an assertive or dominant bone in her body.

Dave realised the progress he was making wasn’t progress at all, Janet was merely playing along, enjoying the fact that they were role playing together. she was simply going out of her way to satisfy her husbands desire to play that particular character.

In fact Dave was hit by a realisation. If he had instigated this and lead her into it and she was willingly doing it simply to please him.. Wasn’t he in someway still being the Dom? Calling the shots;? Still in charge?

He was pleased with his cage and his outfits but his wife wasn’t really dominating him or degrading him.

Although he continued this tamer variation of submissiveness with his wife he returned to the websites to indulge and immerse himself in the level of submissiveness he really wanted.

As a result slowly but surely like all mild perversions do over time, his urge morphed into something more extreme and severe. He came to realise that the domination he craved needn’t come from his wife, it needn’t even come from a woman necessarily, anyone male or female Anadolu Yakası Masöz Escort can give an order and would be just as capable to administer punishments.

He also faced up to the fact that Janet was just not a dominatrix and in all reality probably never would be.

He was now craving a sexual urge for a dominant man or woman to come into his home, over his own threshold and dominate him sexually.

He knew it was a risky game he would be playing, especially running the risk of Janet catching him, a fear which steadied his arm from acting upon these impulses for a long time. But once again this fetish morphed and developed to the point where Janet was now present and she too becomes submissive to their now joint master or mistress. A sex slave couple completely owned.

He had never harboured and inkling before of seeing his loving faithful wife with another person, but the more he thought of it, the more it turned him on. However his first concern was to be dominated himself so he focused on looking for a Dom online.. Maybe a webcam session to start, perhaps progressing to something physical at a later date.

After a few weeks of searching forums and chat rooms he came across an advertisement for a dominant man looking for submissive couples. He described himself as a ‘bull’ and was slightly younger than Dave and lived in the same town.

Although his advert specifically asked for couples Dave still deliberated on whether to reply. He hadn’t even spoken of this extreme desire with Janet yet and questioned whether he would ever have the balls to do so, but a dominant on his doorstep was too good an opportunity to miss so swallowing hard and taking the bull by the horns he clicked on the link bringing up a new email with the dominants email address and wrote:-

Hi I’m Simon

I’m 50, married and sub I liked your advert. Its long been my fantasy for somebody to control my wife and dominate me in the process.

I am local to you and can travel anytime but accommodate during weekend days only.

Hope to hear from you soon


Simon was Dave’s middle name. He thought it best to adopt an alias for the time being to see how things turned out. The guy might turn out to be a crank or a time waster so Dave didn’t want to give too much away at this stage.

He knew the part about the wife was not strictly accurate but the guy did ask for couples so he included it in his email purely as a hook to get a response. He could never see Janet realistically getting involved but this guy may not mind meeting a husband alone at first.. As for Janet he thought he’d cross that bridge when he came to it.

Almost hesitantly he clicked send and exhaled sharply. He had taken his first step, he was now making contact with a real dominant male little realising what a monumental and life changing step he had actually taken.

He slumped into his computer chair and waited impatiently for his reply.

Meanwhile not two miles away, an email pinged into Vince Simpson’s inbox.

Vince moved his huge black hand over his mouse and clicked the email icon to read it.

However the first thing Vince noticed that despite the use of the name Simon in the email, the email was sent from someone called Dave. Dave Forsyth.

Dave’s real name had been unknowingly revealed!

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