The Seduction of Rob Ch. 07


(Author’s note: what follows is a work of fiction. Any similarity between any persons living or dead is purely coincidental and pure luck. All characters depicted in sexual situations in this work of fiction are at least 18 years of age.)


After they finished in the shower Rob and Sherry spent the rest of the evening simply relaxing, lying naked in bed together and watching TV, Sherry with her head resting on Rob’s chest and he with his arm around her. Rob had to admit – and he hated to admit it, to be honest – that this young girl had shown him more affection, paid more attention to him, and had more sex with him in the past two months than his wife had in the past ten years of their marriage. He also realized that she had become very special to him, and that she had touched him in a way that no one else in his life ever had. And for that, he was very grateful.

He was actually surprised when the rest of the evening passed without he and Sherry going at it again, but he had a feeling that the assfucking he’d given her had worn her out. This was confirmed when she fell asleep with her head resting on his chest, and she didn’t wake up when he slipped out from under her and put her head on a pillow. He shut off the TV, turned out the lights, and lay down in the bed next to her, and in a matter of minutes he was sleeping as well.

They both slept through the night, and Rob was the first to wake up the next morning. It was Sunday morning, and it was the day they had to leave and go home. Rob hadn’t spoken to his kids since leaving Friday afternoon, and he was curious to hear how the visit with their mom had gone. With this thought in his mind he slipped out of bed, being careful not to wake Sherry who was still sleeping, slipped on his shorts, got a diet soda out of the small refrigerator and went out onto the balcony to sit and relax in the early morning sun.

He’d been out there for about ten minutes when he felt a pair of hands on his shoulders on either side of his neck, and then the hands slid down around his chest as Sherry leaned over and kissed him on the ear, hugging him to her.

“Morning, lover,” she said in his ear. He reached up and took her by the hand, holding her hand as she walked around and sat in the chair next to his. She was wearing nothing but his beach shirt, and that was unbuttoned and flapping slightly in the gentle morning breeze. The sight of her huge, naked breasts beneath the shirt excited him, as usual.

“You’re up early,” she said, smiling at him with sleepy eyes. “I woke up wanting to cuddle with you, maybe wake you up like I did yesterday, and you were gone.”

“I’m sorry, babe, I didn’t mean to abandon you,” Rob said, lifting her hand to his lips and kissing the back of it. “You were sleeping so good I didn’t want to disturb you, so I came out here to enjoy the sunrise and let you sleep.”

“It is beautiful, isn’t it?” Sherry said, turning to look out over the ocean at the rising sun.

“Sure is,” Rob replied. “I’ve often thought of transferring to the PD down here and living here full-time, but my wife – I’m sorry, my EX-wife – never took to the idea, so I dropped it. She hates the beach, and I could almost never get here to come down here. But now that she’s about to be my ex-wife, I’m thinking maybe I should transfer down here after all.”

“That would be great, and I think you should!” Sherry said, smiling at him, fully awake now. “You’ve been so busy for so long taking care of everyone else, now it’s time that you did something for yourself, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, I do think,” Rob agreed, nodding his head. “I most certainly do…as a matter of fact, I think I’ll call the chief down here and start things moving when I get back to work tomorrow!”

“Excellent!” she said, leaning over and hugging his neck. “I’m so happy for you, lover!”

“Thanks, Sherry, I appreciate that,” he said, looking her in the eyes. She kissed him, briefly, their lips touching for just a moment. She looked deep into his eyes as she spoke again.

“But right now,” she said, a devilish look in her eyes as she slowly ran her finger down his bare chest, “why don’t you let me take care of you? I know just the way to get this day started off right,” she said, her hand settling on his crotch and giving his cock a squeeze.

“I bet you do,” he said, smiling at her. “Just what do you have in mind?”

“Oh, I don’t know,” she said, sitting up and slipping her hands under her breasts and holding them up for him to see, the shirt falling open and revealing them to him. Her nipples were already hard and standing up and she slowly massaged and squeezed her breasts as she spoke, pulling on her nipples. “I thought maybe I’d take some of that wonderfully slippery stuff we used last night, cover your cock in it again, and wrap my big, soft tits around it and give you a good, old-fashioned titfuck!”

“Going for seven, are we?” he asked, smiling at her and ogling her huge tits.

“You know it, lover!” she said, giving him a Betturkey tongue-in-the-teeth smile. “Are you up to it?”

“Oh, absolutely,” he replied, reaching out to caress one of her huge mounds. He pinched one of her nipples and she squealed with delight.

“Then let’s go!” she said, dropping her breasts and taking him by the hand, then leading him into the room. She sat him on the end of the bed and stood in front of him, slowly sliding the shirt from her body and dropping it to the floor. She ran her hands slowly up her body to her tits, cupping the huge mounds in her hands and holding them up for him to see. The nipples were hard and erect, and as he watched she rolled them between her fingers and pulled on them, stretching them out and making them even harder. He heard her sigh with pleasure at what she was doing to herself, and she kept her eyes locked on his the whole time.

She spread her feet apart and slid a hand down her flat stomach to her mound, cupping it and rubbing it as she squeezed and massaged one big breast. She slid her fingers over her smooth outer lips, slipping one between them to touch her wetness. She gasped slightly as she slid her finger over the hard nub of her clit, and she could feel her juices flowing. The room was suddenly filled with the scent of her musk, and Rob could feel his cock starting to grow as he watched.

“Remember that day in the living room when I said I could cum like this?” she asked, and Rob nodded. “Well, today’s the day, lover…I’m going to cum for you right here and now, just like this!”

Rob watched as she continued to rub her clit, sliding her fingers up and down her wet slit and teasing herself towards an orgasm. She continued squeezing and massaging one breast, pulling and pinching on the nipple as she slid a finger inside her pussy. She moaned as she did so, and Rob could see her areolas crinkle up as her excitement built. Then Sherry slid another finger inside her pussy and began sliding them in and out of her tunnel, moving her hips in time with her fingers as she brought herself closer and closer to orgasm. She closed her eyes and threw her head back as she finger-fucked herself harder, moaning constantly and getting louder with each moment. With each passng moment Rob could feel his cock growing and getting harder, and within minutes it was rock-hard and standing up straight, throbbing with the blood coursing through it.

“Mmmmm..aaaahhhhh!” she moaned, and Rob could tell she was getting close. She began breathing quickly, panting for breath, squeezing her eyes closed as her fingers moved frantically in and out of her pussy. She squeezed her big breast hard, seconds away from cumming.

“I’m gonna cum, baby, I’m gonna cum!” she cried, and then she did. She cried out as her orgasm broke, and he could see her body shaking with the force of her cumming. She squeezed her breast harder than ever as the waves of pleasure washed over her, rubbing her clit quickly as she came. She came hard but quick, the orgasm not lasting as long as it would had Rob been the one giving it to her, but it was still an orgasm just the same. She lowered her head and opened her eyes, gasping for breath, looking at Rob with hooded eyes as she recovered from her orgasm. She looked down at his erect cock and smiled.

“I see you liked that!” she said, slipping her hand away from her pussy and running it up to her breasts, cupping both of them in her hands as she looked at Rob’s cock.

“I did, very much,” Rob replied, watching her manipulate her mammoth breasts in front of him. Knowing that she was doing it just to excite him, doing it for him, made it all that much more erotic and exciting for him. “I love watching you cum, and watching you do it to yourself was really something!”

“Well, I hope you like what’s coming next just as much, lover,” she said, dropping her breasts and taking two steps towards him to stand inches away from his knees, then dropping to her knees in between his legs. “I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, and I’m glad to finally have a chance to do it!” She reached under the bed and produced the bottle of lubricant, grinning at Rob as she did so. She had obviously planned this out ahead of time, and that excited Rob even more.

Then she turned her attention to his cock, sliding her fingers around it and tugging on it firmly but gently. A large drop of precum immediately appeared at the tip, and she licked it off with the flat of her tongue, sending a shiver up and down Rob’s spine. Then she flipped open the cap of the lubricant and held it over his cock, squeezing the bottle and letting the stream of clear, slick liquid drop down onto and cover the head of his cock. Then she slid her hand up and over the head of his cock and began spreading the lubricant down his shaft, squeezing out a little more of the lubricant before closing the cap and putting the bottle down. She gripped his cock with both hands, spreading the lube all up and down his shaft, her hands sliding effortlessly up and down his Betturkey Giriş shaft. Rob let out a small moan as she stroked him.

“Easy, big boy, easy,” she teased, speaking in a low voice, “I don’t want you cumming on me yet!” she said, still running her hands up and down his cock. Rob just sat there, enjoying what she was doing, being excited more by the way her huge breasts were being pushed together by her elbows and the way they were bobbing and swaying with her movements.

Sherry reached under the bed again and came up with a dry washcloth, using it to wipe the lubricant from her hands. Then she moved in as close to him as she could get, cupping her huge globes in both hands and holding them up. She spread them apart a little to take his cock between them, then closed them tightly around his shaft, trapping it between her huge tits. His cock completely disappeared with not even the head being visible as she pressed her tits together, and she smiled as she looked up at him.

“Gotcha!” she teased, squeezing her tits together harder around his cock. “And now for the fun part!” she said as she began sliding her tits up and down his hard, slippery cock. Rob watched as she moved her big tits up and down his shaft, slowly and evenly, pressing them together around his cock as she tit-fucked him.

“Mmm, I love the way that looks, and I love the way it feels!” she said, looking down at her tits encasing his cock. She pressed down harder on the downstroke, and the head of his cock popped out of her cleavage, shiny with lubricant. She giggled at this and then began sliding her tits up and down his shaft harder and faster, determined to make him cum all over her. Every now and then the head of his cock would appear, but not often. She kept it encased in her breasts, pressing them firmly around his length. The sensations were wonderful, and Rob felt his balls beginning to shift as he approached orgasm.

“Won’t be long now, baby,” he said, gasping slightly as she continued tit-fucking him, sliding her tits up and down, up and down, harder and faster, urging him to cum all over her without saying a word. She looked up at him and smiled an evil half-smile, knowing what she was doing to him, and that set him off.

With a loud groan his cock erupted, and he thrust his hips upward in response. The head of his cock popped out of her tits just as the first stream of cum blasted out of his cock, and it struck Sherry right under the chin and splattered all over her. She laughed and kept moving her tits up and down on his cock as it pumped and spurted between them, alternately filling her cleavage with cum and shooting it up onto her neck and chest. The remnants of the first blast dripped down from her chin and landed right on the head of his cock and mixed with the lubricant already there as his cock spurted again and again. Four, five, six times his cock pumped, and six times he shot long, thick ropes of cum either in between her tits or onto her chest and neck. She slowed her movements as his orgasm slowed, keeping her tits wrapped around his cock until the last dribble of cum spurt from the tip and ran down the head to end up in her cleavage. Rob was left gasping for breath from the intensity of his orgasm.

“Oh, wow!” he gasped, running his hand through his hair as he recovered from his orgasm, “That was really intense!”

“Did you like that, lover?” Sherry asked, still holding her tits around his now-softening cock. His cum was all over her chin, neck, and chest, and she was making no moves to clean it up. “Did you like it when I made you cum with my big tits?”

“Oh, yeah, I did,” he replied, smiling at her, “very much! Couldn’t you tell? You’re wearing the proof!” he said, pointing at the cum all over her. Sherry looked down and laughed.

“So I am!” she said, releasing her breasts and letting them fall away from his cock. Then she ran her fingers across her chest and neck, scooping up his cum, then put her fingers in her mouth and sucked the cum from them. She looked him in the eyes the whole time, smiling as she swallowed his cum.

“You are really something,” he said, mesmerized. She smiled in return, then leaned over and kissed him on the lips briefly. He tasted his cum there as she did.

“Seven,” she whispered in his ear, then turned and headed for the bathroom to clean up.

“Yeah, seven…seven!” Rob said out loud to himself. He never would have thought it possible! Then again, he’d never tried it with Sherry before, had he?

After they had both showered and gotten dressed, they left the hotel and walked across the street to a breakfast shop and had breakfast. Checkout time wasn’t until eleven thirty, so they had some time to kill before they had to leave. They didn’t have enough time to hit the beach again, but they did have enough to wander the main drag and window shop for a bit before heading back to the hotel to gather their stuff and leave. All in all it was a very enjoyable, very pleasant morning and Rob found him thinking to Betturkey Güncel Giriş himself that this would have been a fantastic morning even if Sherry hadn’t tit-fucked him. He really enjoyed her company, and the more time he spent with her the more he enjoyed it.

The sex wasn’t bad, either!

Around ten o’clock or so they headed back to the motel, and once there they gathered up their clothes, packed them away in their bag and backpack, and double-checked the room to make sure they didn’t leave anything behind. Sherry recovered the bottle of lube from under the foot of the bed, smiling as she picked it up.

“Wouldn’t want to leave this behind!” she said, walking over to her backpack and dropping it inside. “We’re gonna need this again, as soon as I’m not sore anymore!”

“How is it, babe?” Rob asked. “Is it bad?”

“Not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be,” Sherry replied, closing her backpack. “Sore, yes, but not too bad. I should be okay in a day or so, and then I want you to make me sore again!” She looked over her shoulder at him, grinning. Rob walked over and sat on the bed, reaching out and grabbing her by the waist and pulling her onto his lap.

“You’re terrible!” he said, playfully.

“I thought I was pretty good!” she replied, smiling back at him.

“Yes, you are,” he said, “actually, you’re fantastic!” He kissed her then, slowly and gently, their tongues touching lightly. Incredibly, unbelievably, he felt his cock begging to stir and lengthen as he kissed her. She felt it too, and spoke when the kiss ended.

“Let’s try for eight,” she said quietly.

“Yes, let’s,” Rob agreed, and they kissed again, deeper, more intense, their tongues dancing. She slipped a hand down to his crotch and massaged his growing erection as he slid his hand up under her shirt to one of her breasts, squeezing the huge mound in his hand. The sheer size and weight of her mammoth breasts never ceased to amaze and excite him, and this morning – even with seven orgasms in less than two days behind him – was no different. And he could tell that he excited her, too, by the intense way she was rubbing and massaging his cock outside his shorts and by the increasing intensity of her kiss. In a matter of moments his cock was rock-hard and throbbing, and Sherry was ready to take him inside her now wet pussy.

Without a word she got up off his lap and slipped her shorts off, then reached down and unfastened Rob’s shorts. She tugged them down over his hips and down his legs, and he lifted his butt up to help. Dropping his shorts to the floor next to hers she climbed onto his lap, facing him, a knee on either side of his hips as he sat on the edge of the bed. Looking deep into his eyes but not saying a word, she slid forward until her mound was rubbing against his hard shaft that was standing straight up in his lap. She pressed her mound against it and rubbed up and down as she kissed him, holding his head in her hands. She slid her tongue into his mouth and found his as she pressed her pussy against his cock, and he slipped his hands up under her shirt to grasp and squeeze her huge tits. Her breathing began to quicken, and without breaking the kiss she lifted herself up and then settled back down on his lap again, this time sitting down on his cock as she did so. She engulfed him completely in one movement, and they both moaned as his hard cock slid deep inside her tight, wet pussy. She pressed her hips down hard onto his cock, impaling herself on it as deeply as she could, and he squeezed her breasts in his hands in reply. Then she ground her hips around in a circle a few times, squeezing his cock with her pussy as she moved, kissing him again and sucking his tongue into her mouth.

She started to move then, sliding her pussy up and down on his cock in a steady, even, unhurried rhythm, enjoying the sensations of having so much hard cock – HIS hard cock – in her pussy. Rob slid his hands down to her ass and cupped the globes in his hands as she moved on him, gently and lovingly fucking him with her tight, wet, clutching pussy. She wrapped her arms around his neck and nuzzled against him, kissing his ear and sucking on the lobe before sliding her tongue inside his ear. He shuddered at this and bucked his hips upward, and she squeezed him with her pussy in return. She increased the tempo of her hips just slightly as she continued to ride him, squeezing his shaft over and over again, urging him to fill her with his cum. He could hear her breathing change and feel her pussy getting even wetter, so he knew she was about to cum – as was he.

Sherry moved to his other ear, again sucking on the lobe and thrusting her tongue deep inside this time while really clamping down on his cock with her pussy, and that set Rob off. He groaned as his cock exploded inside Sherry’s pussy, pumping and throbbing as stream after stream of cum spewed from his cock into her waiting pussy. She came immediately after he did, as soon as she felt the first throb of his cock, clutching him close with her arms around his neck and crying out slightly as her own orgasm raced through her body. Rob put his arms around her waist and held her tight as his cock pumped inside her pussy, and she continued moving her hips as they both came to get as much out of him as she could.

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