The Secret Gardener

Cum Covered

In a few months time I was going to be 18 years old, a fit guy with nothing much to do. I had two months to kill between leaving school and going to university. Many of my friends were spending their time backpacking around the World, but I didn’t fancy doing that. I decided to try and get some work experience and build up some funds so I wouldn’t spend my university years as a typical poor student. I didn’t really want the sort of job where I was expected to get up early every morning, and spend five whole days a week in a boring office or local supermarket.

It was my mum’s idea. She suggested that I offer my services to neighbours doing basic gardening and handy man work. So I placed an advert in the local shop and sorted through the tools in the garage to make sure I had the right equipment for doing the job.

After a few days I’d received only one enquiry and I made arrangements to visit my new client, a Mrs McNeil. It was a hot sunny day, and after a shower I laid out on the bed the clothes I was going to wear. I love getting dressed in front of my full length bedroom mirror. I dried myself with the towel, and then gazed at my image in the mirror. Not too bad I thought as I lazily fondled my cock. It was getting semi-hard, and like any teenager I felt the urge to lie on my bed, and slowly wank myself whilst watching in the mirror. I resisted, as I was already running late for my appointment. I slipped into a pair of shorts and a cut off T-shirt and went off to see Mrs McNeil.

Mrs McNeil welcomed me with a cup of tea and some biscuits, and insisted I sit with her for a chat at the kitchen table before I started doing the gardening. She told me that she would be fifty this year, and was a widower. Her husband had died ten years earlier. She asked me to call her Joan. I said please call me Tom. I could see that when she was younger she’d been a very beautiful woman. She was still quite good looking now. Her skin tone and figure could have passed for a woman twenty years younger. I finished my tea and suggested I should get on with mowing the lawn for her. She agreed but asked me to do the edges first. I went and got the edging tool and started to neaten the lawn. I was just beside her front room window and could hear her on the phone.

“Well he’s here, and God he’s sexy. Well built, blue eyes, blonde hair and a body to die for.”

I assumed she was talking about me and was rather embarrassed. I knew I shouldn’t be listening in. But she could not see me and I was intrigued to hear what else she would say.

“If I was ten years younger he would be all mine. He’s wearing very tight shorts which leave little to the imagination. I can see the outline of his cock, he looks big and thick to me.”

Well I was shocked, I moved quickly away from the window and ran to her shed for sanctuary. I considered just quietly leaving, with out saying goodbye. But then I could hear her calling my name. With trepidation I went to her kitchen to see what she wanted. She’d made another cup of tea, and motioned for me to sit on a high stool. She sat in a low arm chair facing me. My crotch at her eye level. She asked me various questions, usual stuff about university, and if I had a girlfriend. When I said I hadn’t she went a bit over the top and asked if I was gay. I assured her I wasn’t, and as for girlfriend situation, I’d had a few, but was currently waiting for the right one to come along. During this grilling her eyes never left my crotch.

It was a strange feeling, I was trying so hard not to get aroused, but could feel myself stiffening. I made my excuses and rushed out to do the lawn. As I was leaving she paid me, and asked if I could do her every week. Her exact words! I agreed.

“Just make sure you wear those shorts again, and would you bring me a picture of yourself as well Tom?”

“OK,” I said, “I will see you next week same time. Bye for now.”

When I arrived the following week the tea and biscuits were waiting on the table, and the stool and arm chair were set up in the same position.

“Ah good to see you are wearing those shorts again.” she said. “And did you remember that photograph I asked you for?”

“Yep I did Joan.” I said, as I pulled the photo from my pocket. It was a nice one of me standing outside my school on the last day. Resplendent in school uniform. Joan took the photo and adjusted her glasses.

“Oh, I see,” she said, “It’s not quite what I was hoping for Tom.”

I was confused, “What were you expecting?” I asked.

“Do you have a digital camera?” she asked.

“Well no, I don’t, and I still don’t understand.” I said.

“Well, I’m an old lady, well old compared to you that is. And now I think about it, I’ve never been much of a lady either during my life. It’s just that I hoped you might have a photo that may be…what shall we say? Er….. well revealing, yes, that’s the word.”

“Oh!” I said.

“Look, Tom, you have this.” she said and she reached into a cupboard and passed a small box to me. It was a brand new state of the art türkçe alt yazılı porno digital camera!

“On the condition you take a few photo’s for me every now and again to keep an old lady happy. Do you agree?”

I mumbled a sort of yes, I would try.

“There’s another thing, can you come here every day for a couple of hours? You can just do a little bit of gardening every day, and spend the rest of the time chatting to me. I will still pay you for all the hours you are here. The only people I see are other women my age group, and it would be great to have some new young blood to talk to. What do you think Tom?” She asked.

Well, I didn’t have anything else to do, and in a way I felt a duty to keep this elderly lady happy. She was just as bored as I was, so I agreed. I mowed the lawn, got paid and went home clutching the camera in my hands. After a shower I stood in front of the mirror, and holding the camera tried various poses out. I was getting excited just viewing myself in this way, and could see my reflected cock growing in size. I took about ten pictures of my semi-erect cock. I then deleted them all, these pictures were not for any one else to see. So I took some others, more artistic, suggestive but no view of my private parts.

As I got used to using the camera I decided to try out the video function. I set the camera up on my bedside table so it was pointing straight at my cock whilst I was lying on my bed. With my left hand I stroked my balls, and my right hand encircled my shaft squeezing hard to force precum to the tip. I pulled my foreskin right back and using my fingers spread the precum all over the top of my cock to provide lubrication. With the camera on, it was like being watched, which aroused me further. Using both palms I moved up and down my shaft rapidly and felt that amazing build up of tension as I longed for that release. And I came, and boy did I come. The cum hit me in the face, and as I lay there shuddering I could feel my prick like a pump, spurting again and again, every few seconds, until I was empty.

The next day I took the camera to Joan. I already deleted the video after watching it. The camera had run out of memory before the end, so the best bit was not captured. And there was no way I was going to let anyone see that!

I sat on the stool and handed the camera to Joan. She looked at the pictures and sighed.

“Mmmm, they are nice pictures.” She said, “But I can’t see all of what I was hoping for.”

“Oh, sorry,” I said, “I didn’t want to offend you. I didn’t know what you wanted to see exactly?” I replied.

“Stand up Tom, and remove your shirt and come over to me.”

In a sort of trance I did as she asked. Her hands gently stroked my arms and then my chest, her fingers traced around my nipples and ran down towards the top of my shorts. She gently eased them down until they were on the floor. My cock was stiff in my pants, bulging out towards her face. She stroked the outline, then suddenly grabbed my buttocks and shoved me forward into her face. She nibbled on my erection through my pants. With a gasp I pulled away, but as I did her hands tore at my pants which fell to the floor. I stood there fully exposed, with my cock in her hand, only inches away from her mouth. She looked up at me and smiled.

“You OK with this Tom?” She asked.

“I think so.” I mumbled.

“My oh my! Look at this lovely cock! So full, so big, so ready and so many wonderful adventures to look forward to.” She said, as she gently pulled my foreskin back and forth.

“Spread your legs a little.” She said, and not quite believing what was happening I did as I was asked.

She gently massaged my balls with one hand and with her other moved her hand up and down my shaft, But instead of going straight up and down as I always did, and as my previous girlfriends had, she did a circular twisting movement which was far more sensual. I moaned in pleasure and then grabbed her hands to stop myself coming.

Her bright green eyes sparkled with delight as she gazed up at me.

“You’re young and fit, how many times can you come in a day?”

“I don’t know really.” I replied.

“Oh come on Tom! All young lads like to find that out. Shut up in their bedrooms, looking at pornographic magazines, and wanking themselves stupid.”

“I suppose three is the most I’ve ever done.”

“We will see.” She said. And with a savage twist of her right hand on my cock she simultaneously pinched a place under my balls with her left, and I was amazed to see my cum gushing over her face and then she pulled my cock into her mouth to gobble up the last drops. She led me back to my stool, and I sat there in a daze. She washed out a face cloth and kneeled at my feet as she wiped clean my cock and balls. I could see my cum still on her face, on her lips, and every now and again her tongue flicked out to taste it.

“Now we go to bed please.” She said. It wasn’t a question, it was a statement and she guided me to doeda porno her bedroom.

I was beginning to get worried, could I manage to perform for Joan? What would happen when I saw her naked? Would it put me off? So far I had used my vivid imagination and hadn’t really thought about her age. I stood there naked as she closed the curtains. The dimness in the room would help I thought, but then she pushed a switch which brightened the room like Blackpool illuminations. I covered my eyes.

“Wow! That’s so bright.” I said.

“It’s for the camera.” She said and pointed to her dresser. I looked and could see a Hi- Tech camera pointing straight towards the bed.

“You’re going to video us?” I asked incredulously.

“Oh yes,” she said, “An old lady must have memories to look back at. You don’t mind do you? No one else will ever see it, it’s just for my private use only.”

“Er…well OK then.” I replied.

I was having great doubts about my ability to do anything now, and was looking at the camera with fear.

“Look at me.” Said Joan. And I turned back towards her.

She was standing by the headboard of her very lacy bed, and pulled the covers right off so there was only an under sheet and pillows left on it. She was wearing a very simple summer dress, which she pulled up over her head. Underneath she was naked, and I gasped.

Her medium size breasts were full and round, not sagging at all. The nipples were erect and inviting. My eyes traversed down to her stomach, not flat but OK. Her rounded hips looked like a twenty year old girl in her prime. With a start I noticed she had no pubic hair, she was shaved smooth. Her legs were not her best feature, but I’d seen worse on younger women. She obviously went to a tanning centre, as her whole body was golden brown. She reached behind her head and unclipped her hair which cascaded down to just below her breasts. It was mostly brown, but with a few grey streaks running through. But it had body, and shine. She removed her glasses, and the transformation was complete, from granny to foxy younger lady.

“You approve?” She asked as she did a little twirl.

“You’re gorgeous, you are just beautiful, just beautiful.” I replied.

“Come here and join me.” she said as she lay on the bed. She reached over for a remote control and switched the camera on.

I knelt on the bed and tentatively placed my hands on her warm breasts.

“First I need you to clean my face. Its so sticky with your cum.”

I jumped up to get the face cloth.

“Where are you going Tom?” She asked. “You must clean me with your tongue.”

I sat astride her and licked her face. The taste of my cum was something I knew well. I’d often licked my fingers clean after tossing myself off. Joan was writhing underneath me as I performed my task, and I could feel my cock stiffening as it rubbed against her body.

“You like the taste of your cum?” she asked.

“Yes I do, I find it quite erotic.” I replied.

“Well do you know what a cream pie is?”

“Er…no I don’t, what do I have to do?”

“It’s good Tom, very erotic, move down a bit.”

I moved so I was kneeling between her legs, which she spread out as far as she could. I was gazing at her pussy lips which were red and slightly moist. She placed a finger between them and rubbed slowly until her clit was exposed. My cock was twitching in anticipation. She reached for it and placed the tip on her clit.

“Don’t put it in me Tom, not yet. Just use your hand to rub your cock up and down between my lips whilst pleasuring yourself as well. Bring yourself off, but as you cum hold your cock onto my lips so your cum covers them completely.”

I held my firm cock and started moving it between her lips. She thrust her hips up to meet it. She moaned in pleasure as I stroked it up and down, slowly at first and then quicker. I inserted the glans about an inch, and then dragged it upwards hard against her pubic bone and up to her extended clit. It didn’t take long before I could feel the build up in my balls, and I placed one hand under her buttocks to bring her towards me, and held her in place whilst using my right hand to direct my cock so my cum covered her cunt lips. I was very impressed with how much there was considering I’d cum only twenty minutes earlier. It glistened in the bright lights and slowly dripped between her swollen lips.

“That’s a cream pie Tom.” She said. “And you made it, so it’s for you to eat.”

I shuffled down the bed and placed my mouth an inch from her pussy. I could smell that distinctive musty odour of sex. A mixture between sweat, her juices and my cum. I put my tongue on her clit, and then moved down to lick the cum from her slit. As I sucked and licked I inserted two fingers in to her and started to finger fuck her.

“Don’t stop Tom!” She gasped. “Bring me off, make me come.”

Her hips bucked up to meet my mouth and my fingers and she started shouting.

“Yes! Yes! Please don’t stop! Fuck! I’m coming! qiqitv.info I’m coming!”

And with one last thrust of her hips she screamed and her cunt juices flooded my face and the bed. She pushed my head away and curled up in a ball. Panting, and moaning softly.

“Are you OK?” I asked.

“Oh yes Tom, oh yes. It’s been a long time, I will be OK in a minute or two. Can you get me a glass of water please?”

I stood up, went to the hand basin and gave her the water. She sat up against the headboard, and sipped at the water. I sat cross legged beside her. She moved her hand to hold my now flaccid cock.

“Kiss my breasts Tom.”

I leaned towards her and started to suck at her nipple.

“Not so rough. Nice and gentle, they are very sensitive Tom.”

As I licked and kissed first one nipple then the other, she moved her hand and started rubbing on her clit, whilst still holding on to my cock. There was no stiffening for me, my cock had had its day. I continued to suckle on her breasts and very shortly she brought herself off, and once again curled up, this time with her head resting in my lap. After a minute she took my cock in her mouth, pulled my foreskin right back, and started to lick around my glans. I sat there, watching my cock going in and out of her mouth, but still no reaction. I was feeling rather embarrassed and ashamed.

She sat up, her eyes sparkling.

“Lie back on the bed, I won’t be a minute.” She said. And she went out of the bedroom. I lay there, wondering what I should do. I decided the best thing to do would be to get dressed, and make my excuses and leave. I sat up, retrieved my pants and was just slipping them on when Joan returned. She was carrying a jug.

“What are you doing Tom?” She asked.

“Well, Joan, I think it’s best I leave now.”

“Oh no you don’t Tom, we’ve got to beat your record of three times in a day.”

“But, well.. er…. I don’t think I can again, you’ve worn me out Joan.” I replied.

“Well let’s see shall we? Remove your pants and lie back on the bed.”

“OK, you can try, but I’m not sure it will work again.” I removed my pants and lay back on the bed.

She nestled between my legs and put her hand in the jug.

I felt a strange feeling in my cock, it was like a sharp burning sensation, but in fact it was ice she was using. She rubbed the cube over my balls and cock, and then over my stomach and then my nipples. She then inserted another ice cube into her cunt and then stood up on the bed with her legs astride me. The heat from her pussy quickly melted the ice and mixed with her cunt juices to drip all over my head, my body, and my cock. I could feel myself getting hard again, and she grabbed my balls with her frozen hand. My cock reacted and jumped in her hand. Facing me and with her legs apart she plunged down on to my cock. The sensation was so sensual, as I could feel her cunt was soaking, and cold. But as she started pumping up and down it quickly warmed up.

I was so turned on and pushed up with my hips to meet her urgent thrusts.

“Tell me when you’re going to come Tom?” She said.

“Fuck! Now!” I cried out, and with that I came deep inside her. She didn’t stop moving. I could feel her cunt muscles gripping my still stiff cock. She was moving faster.

“Come again Tom, come again.” She said.

I concentrated hard and moved fast with her. Her tight pussy was keeping me erect.

“Now Tom! Now Tom! Come with me!”

And with one big thrust I came again, nearly knocking her off me. She hung on to me by my hips, and her fingernails dug deep into my skin, and with a wail she collapsed forward on to me and her orgasm went on and on as she shuddered with each spasm.

We lay there, holding each other tight, our bodies wet with perspiration. And eventually in that position we both fell asleep. After an hour I awoke. She was still on top of me, and by her gentle breathing I could tell she was asleep. I was still inside her, and once again I was hard. I eased her over on to her back, and carefully started moving in and out of her. She slowly awoke, and smiled.

“Slowly Tom, real slow for me.”

Now I didn’t feel like I was fucking, I felt I was making love to this gorgeous woman. In a dream like way, we slowly made love, lazily, sensually, until we came together once again.

As I went to go, she held me tight.

“Please come again tomorrow, there’s still so much gardening needs doing.” She said. I promised I would.

I spent the next few weeks at Joan’s, learning the joys of an older experienced woman. She taught me a lot. Techniques which would stand me in good stead for the satisfaction of my future lovers. I couldn’t take the money off her, it seemed wrong, I should have been paying her, she was the teacher.

I had beaten my record of three times in a day, and went on to increase it, seven times was my best with Joan. Sometimes we would lie together on her bed, and replay the videos, she had quite a collection by now. This always got us erotically charged, and we’d make love for hours and hours.

I wondered what her friends and neighbours would think, as her garden evolved from a perfect neat garden, to an overgrown jungle. Every time I walked through the town, elderly ladies who I didn’t know would stop me in the street.

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