The Inquisitive Ocelio Ch. 02


Rukr sipped at his wine, enjoying a bit of quiet and solitude in the dark bar. The Tenth Hell was a nice enough establishment, Zhrek’ahalle took care and pride in the place. Sadly, being a Horned Devil wasn’t much for attracting high-class clientele, so the place was typically populated by dockworkers and other transients. Rukr could appreciate that. Being a Gnoll closed a lot of doors for him too, doors he was used to prying open without breaking his well-manicured nails. Metaphorically speaking, that was. He frowned at the thought and then shook his head and took another drink. He was too pretty and too fabulous to work on metaphors.

As he drank and started to idly read his book, he noticed that Zhrek’ahalle was watching him. He’d met the Devil a few years back. The big guy had tried to hire Ocelio to investigate a kidnapping, thinking that the femboy was actually a detective and not a sex object. Rukr had corrected the mistake, and been very amused to see the gigantic brutish creature blush in embarrassment. Rukr explained what people actually paid Ocelio for and the Devil had all-but walked away with his fingers in his ears. Talons in his ears. Whatever. He’d never come to Rukr for business again, though they’d spoken a few times since, when Rukr was doing his background checks on clients. The big Devil was well-connected in the city, and was amenable enough to Rukr’s inquiries.

Finally, Rukr looked up, made eye contact with Zhrek’ahalle, and impatiently beckoned him closer. The looks were getting tiring and he suspected that the proprietor of the establishment wasn’t going to come see him until he gave the ok sign. The Devil finished his conversation with a customer at the bar, and then lumbered over towards Rukr, leaving a female Red Devil to tend to the other customers.

“You need something, big guy?” Rukr asked, closing his book and looking up at the imposing figure. Zhrek’ahalle was eight feet if infernal muscle, a huge, hulking humanoid of fire and ash. He had two spiralling goat-like horns growing out of his forehead, and his eyes were aglow with flames. Horned Devils normally had two huge wings, but one of Zhrek’ahalle’s was shorn clear of his body, and the other looked broken and dead. Rukr had never asked the story, and Zhrek’ahalle had never volunteered it.

“Ah… I had a thought, Rukr, but it is… probably a bad idea,” Zhrek’ahalle rumbled nervously, looking over his shoulder at one of the back doors. His solitary dead wing twitched a little, and Rukr wondered if it was a nervous tick or purely involuntary. It was amusing to see such a foreboding creature be intimidated by him.

“Oh come on, out with it. There’s no judgement from me, you know that. Tell me what perverted thing you want to—”

“No! It…” Zhrek’ahalle snorted, two small plumes of flame emerging from his nostrils and leaving a slight scent of burning behind as they dissipated. “It’s not for me.”

“Alright, so tell me what your ‘friend’ wants to do,” Rukr leaned back in his chair with a patient smile. It was extremely annoying that some people felt the need to perform this little song and dance, but it was part of his job.

“Her name is A’karuuna. I knew her back in my… military days. She recently escaped that life. She got out, but…”

“Oh, this is a real other person?” Rukr asked. Zhrek’ahalle scowled and snorted at him, and Rukr raised his hands in defeat. “Alright, sorry, go on.”

“She’s having trouble adjusting. Valka Chimaeras can’t masturbate and—”

“Wait, aren’t Chimaeras like the size of a house? And why can’t she masturbate?” Rukr interrupted, his curiosity piqued.

“No, you’re thinking of a Hali Chimaera. And… I don’t know, it’s what she’s told me.” Zhrek’ahalle mumbled, blushing and looking away. Rukr raised an amused eyebrow at the Horned Devil’s modesty but didn’t tease him further. “She’s in heat, and Mortals find Valka Chimaera a bit intimidating. She’s frustrated. She keeps talking about going back to the Hells but It’s not safe and she… it’s a terrible life, Rukr.”

“I don’t doubt that. And, let me guess, she’s the only… whatever Chimaera in the city, and you want Ocelio to give her a hand? What’s the problem?” Rukr asked. “I don’t care if she’s a Devil and I don’t think Ocelio has a distrustful bone in his body.”

“Perhaps… you should meet her first?” Zhrek’ahalle asked.

“Sure, that’s standard procedure for us anyway.” Rukr finished his glass of wine and set it aside, standing up and gesturing for the big Devil to lead the way. Zhrek’ahalle led him into the back of the bar and down a ramp into something that looked like more of a dormitory than a basement. Aside from the fact that all the doors were bigger, it looked perfectly innocent and not at all like some hellish nightmare where Devils dwelt. Zhrek’ahalle knocked on one of the doors, and waited, apprehension evident in his hulking frame.

“She must be asleep. Wait a moment.” He murmured, and then pushed the door open.

Rukr made a dramatic moment of sighing, rolling his eyes and tapping his foot impatiently. If Zhrek’ahalle porno noticed, he didn’t give any sign of it, and he disappeared into the dark room. Rukr heard his deep booming voice coming from within, talking with someone with a soft, delicate feminine voice. Before long, Rukr was bid to enter, and he did with an impatient grumble.

A’karuuna stood inside next to Zhrek’ahalle. She was glaring at the Horned Devil with a look of impatience and incredulity on her face. Rukr could tell there was the remnants of an argument that had been fought many times hanging in the air.

Her body was shaped like a Centaur’s, but beyond that, the similarities ended. The front half of her lower body was covered in overlapping black chitinous plates, and the two “feet” on her front limbs looked like scorpion pincers except they were two feet long and flattened on the ends. Her back end gave way from plates to scales that shimmered in the dim lamplight like oil reflecting off the surface of water. Her hindlegs were shaped like lizard feet, with four toes tipped by long talons. When Rukr glanced at them, he saw little bits of cork tipping each talon, for the good of the floors, no doubt.

A dark-skinned humanoid torso emerged from the plates of her front half. Her left arm was humanoid enough, but her right limb was… not. She had three appendages about as thick as a good-sized cock (though not as big as Rukr’s.) The long, featureless tentacle-looking appendages coiled loosely around one another, forming a limb almost three times the length of her arm. She had it doubled back on itself now, but it was probably long enough to reach the floor. She had a petite face with a sour expression on it and wild, matted hair.

“You can help?” She asked, looking at Rukr. Her voice was soft and quiet but Rukr spotted wicked looking fangs in her mouth as she spoke. Her teardrop-shaped breasts were on full display, pitch-black nipples contrasting against her dark skin. It wasn’t clear if she simply wasn’t modest or if she wasn’t yet up to the task of finding clothing to fit her.

“Maybe. Ocelio is a huge slut but he’s not exactly well-endowed. If you need someone to give you a good dicking then—”

“Do I look like a mare?” A’karuuna asked, sounding a little offended.

“Sweetie, you dont look like anything I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m just asking.” Rukr gave her a disarming smile and raised his hands in front of him.

A’karuuna hrmphed softly, the noise sounding almost like a squeak as it came from her. “I’m not a mare and i’m not a wild beast, either. Just need someone to fuck. The mares here are all afraid of me.”

Rukr suddenly felt a tiny pang of guilt and some empathy for the moping Devil. Plus, the thought of Ocelio getting absolutely destroyed by this bestial femme had a strange appeal to it. “The ‘mare’ that I’d send you wouldn’t have scales or plates. You can promise me you won’t hurt him too badly?”

“Valka are not gentle. Valka fuck.” A’karuuna replied, narrowing her eyes a little. “But I am not a wild beast. I won’t hurt your mare.”

“I would not ask if I thought A’karuuna couldn’t control herself,” Zhrek’ahalle spoke up for her.

“Alright, I think everything is fine here, then.” Rukr nodded, a tiny smile creeping its way onto his face. “I just have one condition.”

“Whatever you need, Rukr,” Zhrek’ahalle spoke before A’karuuna could.

“I get to watch.”


Red Dot flickered on a nearby wall, and Ocelio gasped. The wobbling point of red light jumped around a bit, and then zoomed across the wall with impossible speed, vanishing around a corner. “Stop, Villain!” Ocelio shouted, giving chase. He pursued Red Dot through the streets of Lek, around twists and turns, until at last, it vanished, after flickering on the oversized metal door of a building. Ocelio darted after it. Bursting through the doors and looking around for signs of his nemesis.

“Hey kitty, came running in here looking for MY DICK didn’t you?” A slurring, gruff voice came from Ocelio’s left. Before he could look over at it, an arm grabbed him, pulling him up and into someone’s lap. Ocelio had pursued Red Dot into a bar of some kind, and he was sitting in the lap of one of a trio of Orcs.

“Don’t go grabbin’ random ‘shasas, Yukaz! You’ll get us kicked out again!” one of his companions shouted, scowling at him.

“What? He’s hot, and I know a cock-hungry bitch when I see one.” Ocelio’s captor shot back.

“Gosh! You all seem nice but I have a criminal to chase and time is of the essence!” Ocelio said.

“But… What about my dick?” Yukaz asked, sounding heartbroken.

“I’ll give you a blowjob next time, okay Mr.Orc?” Ocelio offered, smiling at the nice Orc.

“…Fine,” he pouted, and let Ocelio go. The detective hopped down off his lap and looked around the bar. This was The Tenth Hell, a drinking establishment that Ocelio was familiar with but rarely visited. Rukr came here sometimes, he knew, but Ocelio didn’t drink himself. A big creature, a Horned Devil was slowly walking up to Ocelio, and he realized anime porno that it must be the proprietor of the establishment.

“Were those three bothering you?” The Devil asked cautiously, eyeing the Orcs who were suddenly very intent on their drinks.

“Oh, no! Of course not, one of them just thought I was pretty,” Ocelio assured the Devil, smiling and waving at his new Orcish friends. “I’m the Inquisitive Ocelio, at your service. I’m pursuing a criminal mastermind, have you seen a Red Dot come by this way?” He did the twirl and the wink, as he always did while introducing himself.

“Mmm, my friend in the back might know something about this Dot, little cat. You might have to help her with a problem of hers first, though…” The big Devil replied, gesturing to one of the back doors.

“Well, of course! I can’t expect people to just give me the clues I need, don’t be silly! Of course I’ll help your friend!” Ocelio giggled, and then walked up to the Devil and gave him a hug, his arms not even coming close to wrapping around the huge creature’s waist.

“She’s through the back there. Second door on the right,” The Devil instructed, patting Ocelio on the head delicately with a taloned hand. `

Ocelio left right away, making his way into the basement of the nice drinking establishment and finding the correct door on his fourth try. When he opened the door and went inside, he gasped in shock at what he saw.

“Wow! You’re pretty!” He exclaimed at the Scorpion-Lizard-Human-Tentacle Lady.

“You don’t need to flatter me, mare,” The Lady huffed indignantly. She pawed the floor a little with one of her big scorpion claws and then took a few steps toward Ocelio.

“Flatter? Wow, you mean, pretending to think that you’re pretty? That would be really rude, I’d never do that, miss.” Ocelio gasped in shock. Wow, this pretty Lady must have low self-esteem or something. That was so sad! Ocelio decided then and there to help her out. It was the least he could do for such a nice lady.

“You’re serious…?” she asked, walking up closer to Ocelio. She unwound her tentacles that made up her arm and extended them towards Ocelio. Two of them wrapped around his torso, pinning his arms to his side and the third around went loosely around his neck and shoulders, resting there but not squeezing or choking him. “Well, little mare…” she whispered, leaning down with her upper torso to get closer to his face. “A’karuuna.”

“A… what?” Ocelio asked as her grip on him tightened a little. Her humanoid hand grabbed him firmly by the chin and lifted his face towards her as she leaned in.

“My name. So that you may scream it.” She leaned in and kissed him. Ocelio only caught a brief glimpse of the rows of sharp fangs in her mouth before her lips pressed to his. Her tongue was much longer than a normal humanoid tongue and it forced its way into his mouth aggressively. A’karuuna moaned softly, her high-pitched squeaks clear and distinct.

Ocelio felt the tentacles around his torso tighten, and then a moment later, something big grabbed him around his tummy. He glanced down and saw one of A’karuuna’s pincers grasping him firmly, but not crushing the life out of him like it looked they could. Her tongue pushed deeper into his mouth, pushing his own aside and claiming him, briefly tickling the entrance of his throat. With Ocelio held firmly in place by one of her pincers, the tentacles released their grasp on Ocelio’s chest and wriggled their way downwards, under the waistband of his pants. Two of them started to pry his pants and panties off, while another curled slowly around his erect cocklet. Ocelio giggled and squirmed against her pincer. His penis was extremely ticklish and the tentacle’s stroking and squeezing made him shiver and squeal.

“Not a sex organ at all, is it?” A’karuuna purred, her tentacle squeezing Ocelio’s cock until it was almost painful. “No, this is.” Her other two tentacles circled around Ocelio’s now-bare ass. The tip of one of them wriggled and pushed into his boypussy. It had been lubricated, though Ocelio wasn’t sure when. It was as thick as most cocks, which meant that it worked its way into his ass with relative ease. A’karuuna kissed him again, and Ocelio moaned into the kiss as more and more of her tentacle crammed itself into his ass.

The appendage went deeper and deeper, snaking its way around his insides. He thrashed against the Scorpion-Lizard-Human-Tentacle Lady’s pincer but it didn’t move at all. Ocelio moaned into the kiss, trying to let her know that the sensation was about to make him cum, but too much of the Devil’s tongue was invading his mouth to get any words out coherently. He shuddered, his cock spurting into the squeeze of one of her tentacles and his body shuddering against the rough unyielding pincer.

A’karuuna broke the kiss with an excited exhalation, and touched Ocelio’s face with her humanoid hand. “They send me an eager mare indeed. How much can this hole of yours take?” she whispered.

“Umm… Gosh, a lot, I guess.” Ocelio mumbled around A’karuuna’s arap porno ring finger.

“We’ll see.” She released the grasp the pincer had on him and re-wrapped him with her tentacles. She lifted Ocelio’s slender, feminine frame with almost no effort and carried him through the air with one of her tentacles still winding its way through his large intestine. He landed on a narrow bench-like thing, and then a moment later, her weight came down on her pincers on either side and just in front of him. A second tentacle joined her first even as the first started to pull itself out of Ocelio’s receptive body. The third poked its tip into Ocelio’s boypussy and the three hooked themselves in his rectum and started to pull, stretching his hole. He groaned in delight at the intense feeling of being stretched, violated, and manipulated.

“Can’t wait… Do not break before I breed you, mare…” A’karuuna groaned.

“Gosh, how are you gonna… oh.” Ocelio looked over his shoulder and saw a very large equine penis jutting out of a gap in her scales. While the rest of her body was darkly coloured, her cock was a deep red. The medial ring protruded obscenely and the first half of it was lined with bulging veins. A steady stream of precum oozed from the flared head and the whole thing looked primed to burst. She shuffled her back legs, lowering and angling her cock until the flared tip pressed against Ocelio’s cheeks.

“Gosh, Miss, you look really pent up, are you S— aaaah!” her tentacles receded from their position prying Ocelio’s ass wide open and A’karuuna dropped some of her weight forward, the flared head of her cock forcefully jamming itself into Ocelio’s formerly-tight boypussy. She cried out, a shrill, whining noise as she bucked her hips with immense strength, the head of her cock pushing and forcing its way into his ass.

“Damn. I should have known you’d take it the first try,” a familiar voice snickered from not too far away. Ocelio looked over and saw Rukr standing there, his dress hiked up and his panties pulled to the side. He was stroking his cock, fingers squeezing and playing with the tip. Ocelio opened his mouth to ask him what he was doing here when A’karuuna howled again, her chitinous pincers clacking against the floor as she readjusted herself and thrust into Ocelio’s body even harder.

Instead of asking Rukr his question, Ocelio squealed girlishly and came again, the huge horse cock absolutely crushing his prostate and forcing his cum out of him. He made a big wet spot on the bench and the force and weight of A’karuuna crushed him into it.

“L-Lord Mephistophiles… A-aggh!” A’karuuna squeaked herself and somehow, her cock swelled and grew inside Ocelio’s ass even more. Her cum was incredibly hot and it felt like it scorched Ocelio’s brutally stretched insides as it filled him. A’karuuna came, but she didn’t slow down, instead she actually fucked Ocelio harder, her powerful hips driving her huge horse cock deeper and deeper into him until he felt the medial ring pushing at the entrance to his hole.

“M-Miss, don’t you think you… ahhh!” Ocelio’s attempt to get A’karuuna to slow down was useless, the Devil continued to pummel his ass. She pushed, and humped and dragged him backwards onto it. Slowly, his boypussy yielded and the ring slipped in, making him gasp and groan as the cock rearranged his insides. She started fucking him in deep, crushing strokes and Ocelio screamed as he came again, not sure if his body had any cum left to give.

“Yes, mare… Going to… breed…” A’karuuna panted. She thrust deep with a squeal, the flared head of her cock stabbing deep inside him. More of her incredibly hot cum flooded Ocelio and he both felt spurt after spurt ooze out of his destroyed ass and bloat his intestines until he felt pregnant with it. There was a series of clacking noises as A’karuuna wobbled and struggled to keep her balance. She gasped for breath as her hips slowly came to a halt, her rut ebbing away.

A shadow passed over Ocelio’s face and he heard a familiar feminine groan. He turned his head toward the sound and was immediately hit in the face with a rope of Rukr’s cum. The girly Gnoll boy leaned forward, resting one hand on A’karuuna’s flank as he came on Ocelio’s face, painting the fucked-silly catboy with his sperm. He panted softly, still holding his canine cock directly at Ocelio’s face and murmuring softly to himself.

“W-What’cha doin, Rukkie?” Ocelio babbled, giggling softly in his sex-drunk euphoria.

“Just marking my territory,” Rukr replied cryptically. A moment later, a stream of the dogboy’s piss hit Ocelio in the face.

“H-heyyy! C’mon Rukkie, not in front of my new fri—Grrbl” Rukr responded to his protest by aiming the stream into Ocelio’s mouth. The catboy coughed, ended up swallowing some, and pouted at his assistant as he finished urinating on his head.

“Mortals have strange rituals,” A’karuuna commented, slowly easing herself backwards and extricating her cock from Ocelio’s ruined ass. The huge horse dick came free with a pop and a gush of her still-hot cum. The sensation of emptiness inside him was disconcerting as his body started to return to some semblance of its normal arrangement of internal organs. A’karuuna reared up onto her hindlegs and stepped away from the fucking bench with a satisfied sigh.

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