The Contract Maker Ch. 02

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I looked at the two Vietnamese women opposite me. It made no difference to me which of them obtained the Labor Party support for councillor and Mayor of Brimbank: a municipality of Melbourne with a large Vietnamese population.

As the local numbers man of the party I made party deals ignoring the people involved, and a Vietnamese mayor for the council elected with our support translated into large blocks of Vietnamese voters at the State and Federal level. We had done it previously with other ethnic groups and now it was the Vietnamese’s turn. Chew them up and spit them out. That was my motto.

When we sucked that well dry, then maybe the recently arrived Sudanese would have organized themselves sufficiently to be of use to our political machine. Two women. Two different upbringings. Both had arrived as teenage boat refugees and taken different paths to wealth. Designer clothes, shoes and handbags and cosmetic surgery was being flaunted in front of me.

Tu Lan had devoted herself to study and was now a 46 year old surgeon whose wealth came from Vietnamese women’s need for cosmetic surgery and the fact that her procedures were not itemized as cosmetic surgery which had no Government refund, but listed as other operating procedures that allowed her clients to claim back up to 90% of the cost. She needed the council support to rubber-stamp the construction of her small boutique private hospital.

Huyen was 40, had left school at 14 after giving up studying to help her mother sew 18 hours a day to meet the quotas of the Vietnamese born, English speaking, middleman who dealt with the department stores and shops. At 18 Huyen became the mistress of a 40-year-old Vietnamese middleman who had learnt his English translating for the USA army and 6 months later she dumped him and started as a middleman herself. Now 90% of the Vietnamese home sewing was channelled through her and she was ruthless.

She squeezed the lowest prices from her sewers, with payments like 30cents a tracksuit top; they provided their thread, she paid late, she put on unreasonable time limits, but she was the only game in town that allowed shops and manufactures to put Australian made labels on clothes that competed with Chinese made prices. But she needed less council work condition checking on home sewers. I looked again over the tops of my specs.

Huyen looked about 30, with her high cheekbones, dark captivating eyes and long black silk like hair just permed enough to give it body and bounce. Her 5ft 3, 32 22 31 body was covered by an Adeline André skin-tight, knee-length black silk crêpe skirt and blazer with a cream camisole. Adeline had began her career in the House of Christian Dior and dressed Parisian actresses and society ladies in her fluid creations, and Huyen preferred her clothes to those of the other 9 Haute Couture houses of Paris.

Even though this outfit was prêt-à-porter and not custom it had still cost Hong Kong dollars 33,5000 ($4300 USA). She went there on her 6 monthly shopping visits as she found they had a larger range in petite sizes than Australia. Her 4-inch heels and sunglasses were Gucci while her large shoulder bag was the Louis Vuitton Vivienne at USA$1500.

Her perfume was Jean-Paul Gaultier Classique (produced by a division of Japan’s Shiseido). Prices I could only dream of paying. Tu Lan, the cosmetic surgeon was slightly taller at 5ft 5, with a bigger-bodied figure of 34B 26 33, pixie faced with short feathered hair and similarly dressed in imported clothes, but her choice was the Italian Sorelle Fontana with Gucci accessories, and although her skirt was mid-calf the side split actually showed more of her long legs than Huyen displayed, and she had more of an elegant refined look than Huyen whom I thought had more of an expensive slut look.

For a second I wavered and thought to offer the place to the one who was willing to take my overweight aging body to bed, but I remained loyal to the party creed of not allowing my interference to cause dissent among the ethnic groups. “You must decide between yourselves, then my Party will back you and ensure you win,” I stated.

“Time for the Government to hear about your Medicare scam,” Huyen stated, “Unless you withdraw.” “The only thing I would do for you is to give you the boob job you badly need. Maybe the Government will hear about your flaunting of Union rules with your home sewers,” answered Tu Lan. “There’s only one way we can decide.

You know I’m known as the contract maker because I settle disputes with my sewers woman to woman with the contract maker. You want to try and be mayor or you want to walk away?” Tu Lan’s reply was to lean up and kiss the 40-year-old Vietnamese woman, pressing her lips against Huyen’s, their moist lips brushing against each other’s. Tu Lan’s tongue slowly slid between Huyen’s lips again and again.

She accepted the kiss, returning it, her tongue sliding between Tu Lan’s lips. Tu Lan took Huyen’s right hand in her own and drew it behind her, eskişehir escort pressing the younger woman against her tight, mid-calf length skirt, letting her fingers slide over the sheer material of the skirt and feel the firm, warm flesh of Tu Lan’s arse through the material. “You feel that. 46 years old and better and tighter than yours?” Tu Lan whispered to Huyen, breaking their kiss, and then sliding Huyen’s around her hips and pressed it between the side slit, drawing it up her legs, letting feeling the moist heat between her legs, seeping through the sheer material of her tiny, black thong. “Can you feel how much a woman I am? Let’s see how you compare.”

With that, Tu Lan slid her free hand down between them and reached under Huyen’s skirt and up to cup Huyen’s crotch, squeezing her mound lightly and feeling the heat emanating from the other woman’s sex. “Let’s start,” said Huyen, and then kissed her again as she squeezed and massaged the older woman’s cunt with one hand while Tu Lan used hers on Huyen.

The two continued kissing, tongues sliding in and out between each other’s lips as they fondled each other’s cunts through the now sopping material of their lingerie under their skirts. Tu Lan released her hold on Huyen’s neck and slid her hand down to slide it gently over her arse-cheeks, cupping and squeezing the toned, firm globes.

Tu Lan moaned happily into Huyen’s mouth as she felt her thong pulling up between her cunt-lips, joined by Huyen’s finger as the younger woman pressed two fingers forward and entered her digits as far into Tu Lan’s pussy as the thin, sopping material would enable it. Tu Lan murmured her pleasure, grabbing Huyen’s probing tongue with her lips and sucking her lips back and forth over the other woman’s tongue.

This incredibly erotic action sent a jolt of sexual pleasure through Huyen’s cunt and she began to grind her pussy down in small, humping circles over Tu Lan’s hand as she slid her hand under Tu Lan’s tight thong and pressed two fingers to the knuckles inside the surgeon. Tu Lan moaned sharply, her mouth closing firmly around Huyen’s tongue before she went back to the regular sucking motion on her tongue that she had used earlier.

Huyen pumped her fingers in and out of the burning, wet heat of Tu Lan’s cunt as she ground her crotch onto her rival’s hand, feeling Tu Lan jerk and twitch in pleasure. A confident grin crossed Huyen’s face as she continued to enjoy the tongue-job Tu Lan was giving her, and she placed her thumb against the top of Tu Lan’s clit and pressed it down firmly onto the sawing fingers plunging again and again into the short black haired 46-year-old Vietnamese woman’s cunt.

She rubbed and rolled the stiff clit between her thumb and pumping fingers, causing Tu Lan’s breathing to become ragged and harsh around Huyen’s tongue which was deep in her mouth. She began to pant and moan as the pleasure inside her cunt built higher and higher. The thought of outfucking the Contract Maker had only served to work her up more, and now Huyen was going to work on her clit.

Tu Lan had to stretch her neck higher and higher as her legs spread wider and wider apart, as Huyen forced her fingers deeper inside of her sucking, gripping pussy. “Uhhhhhmmmmmmm yeeeahhhh,” moaned Tu Lan, Huyen’s tongue coming free from her mouth as she dropped lower, her fingers gripping tighter than before to Huyen’s pussy and curved ass, more from a need for balance now than to get Huyen to cum.

Her body was hunched down, almost squatting down as she threw her head back and shuddered out an orgasm. Got you now, bitch, Huyen thought, but at that moment she moaned as she felt the older woman’s hand slide between her legs and her inner thighs, then her thumb between the soft, tight cleft of her cunt and finally a stiff finger force its way into her now slick channel.

Gently, with experienced digits, Tu Lan parted Huyen’s pussy and pulled it wide, exposing the gleaming pink flesh of her inner vagina, her erect clitoris and the dark round opening of her fuck-hole. Suddenly it was her body reacting and Tu Lan expertly brought her to her first climax. Tu Lan continued to slam her fingers in and out of Huyen’s pussy and rub and grind her clitoris.

She loved the power of making a woman cum, especially a younger self-opinionated bitch, and knew that she’d shifted the dynamics of this contest. Huyen was no longer in charge, she was. Becoming mayor was nothing compared to the moans and squeals of pleasure, the shaking and quivering coming from Huyen as Tu Lan’s fingers pumped in and out of her cunt beneath the sodden material of thong.

“Oh… oh… fuck… I… oh IIIIIIIIIIII’mmmmmmmmmm cuuuuuuuuuuummimnnnng agaaaaaaaaaaaain!” moaned Huyen as she slumped to the ground. She lifted her head, and loked up at Tu Lan standing over her, her legs spread, discarding her skirt and about to remove her thong which was still pulled up slightly between her cunt-lips.

Her breasts rose and fell gaziantep escort as she stared down, red lips parted, a hungry, almost feral look, with eyes alight with desire at Huyen’s climaxing body. Tu Lan just grinned at her. She pulled Huyen to her feet and kissed her again before seating her on one of the sofas running along the wall. She got down to her knees and leaned forward, her mouth beside Huyen’s ear. “You wanted to compete. Now we go to the finish.”

The 46-year-old surgeon began to slide her hands up and down Huyen’s thighs, running them from knee to thigh, then higher and higher, working her way down between Tu Lan’s legs. Grabbing her inner thighs, Huyen lifted them high and pulled them wide, making the tight material of Tu Lan’s thong stretch wide, forming almost a second skin over her sodden, dripping crotch, her cunt-mound prominent before leaning forward, her hands still gripping onto Huyen’s’ thighs as she lowered her face until it rested just above the younger woman’s firm breasts.

“Give them to me,” she whispered to Huyen, who to show she was not intimidated quickly acquiesced by grabbing her tight blouse and pulled it open, revealing her firm breasts, with her erect nipples pointing right at Tu Lan’s mouth. The older woman smiled, then lowered her head and let her tongue flick over Huyen’s right nipple, then closed her lips over it and began to suck on it gently.

She sucked the nipple and surrounding flesh into her mouth and lapped at it with her tongue as her lips sucked it in and out. Huyen’s hands released Tu Lan’s thighs and came up to knead her tits together, tugging and nibbling at the stiff, dark brown nipple in her mouth, lapping at it with the tip of her tongue as she massaged and fondled the other woman’s breasts.

She moved from nipple to nipple, pinching and nibbling at them lightly with her teeth, suckling at the tit-flesh with her mouth as Tu Lan took her lips from Huyen’s tits and let out low moans of pleasure, eyes rolling behind half-closed eyelids, lips parted, sweet air panting out between her moist, red lips. She released her hold on Huyen’s nipples and lay back.

Huyen’s firm smaller breasts were now pressing against Huyen’s flat belly, rubbing up and down against her hard stomach as she sucked greedily on Tu Lan’s responsive, hard nipples. Tu Lan knew she had to respond or she would go under. She finally pulled Huyen’s mouth away from her nipples and went on the attack. She knelt and began to kiss down the underside of Huyen’s firm breasts, down her flat stomach, her tongue circling her belly button as her hands first removed Huyen’s tiny black thong, then gripped Tu Lan’s hips and parted them, exposing her shaven pussy.

Her hands began to stroke up and down Huyen’s inner thighs preparing her cunt for eating. At the same time, Huyen’s lips kissed past the surgeon’s small rectangle of black pubic hair and finally pressed her lips against vaginal lips, causing Tu Lan to once more drop her head back and let out a long, low moan of pleasure. They locked into a 69.

They ate each other for a few minutes until Tu Lan went limp, her hands released Huyen’s body and her legs collapsed as she fell to her hands and knees, head down, black hair hanging in sweaty, twisted locks as she breathed heavily, her body heaving up and down as she tried to catch her breath as a massive orgasm surged through her. Huyen’s grin widened even as her eyes narrowed, and she straddled the prone older woman to finish her off.

“Too old bitch,” she gloated when without warning Tu Lan reached up and seized Huyen’s left nipple and slammed her hand against Tu Lan’s exposed cunt and rubbed her erect clitoris furiously, sawing fingers furiously into the already highly aroused snatch. Every time Huyen tried to move Tu Lan squeezed the nipple she held in one hand to control Huyen and continued to work her clit with the fingers of her other hand.

I watched as she stroked it, bent it, rubbed it against Huyen’s pelvis, finger fucked her as she rolled it between thumb and forefinger. Huyen’s hips bucked upwards in orgasmic shock and she let out a wordless groan of pleasure as she arched her back, thrusting her tits outwards as her lips parted and teeth clenched in her orgasm.

Tu Lan’s face was triumphant as using her pincer-like grip on Huyen’s nipple she guided the orgasming Huyen to the floor and plunged her cum covered fingers deeply into Huyen’s gushing snatch. Her thumb furiously ground against her clitoris as she brought the younger woman off again and again and again, reducing her to a bundle of nerves, each one on fire with erotic stimulation.

Huyen tried to retaliate but a squeeze of the nipple stopped any attempt and forced her to accept the relentless finger fucking from the older Tu Lan. Finally, her body went limp, fucked out by Tu Lan’s ministrations. Her highly aroused, still twitching body was sprawled flat on the floor, arms and legs akimbo, her tits rising and falling rapidly giresun escort as she tried to catch her breath.

Moving quickly Tu Lan knelt, her body upright, her arse resting on her heels. She reached under Huyen’s thighs and hoisted them up resting them on her shoulders. Reaching behind herself she grabbed Huyen’s dangling ankles and pulled them around her body so they met just below her breasts. She quickly secured them by guiding the ankles through her and Huyen’s discarded thong using them as restraints.

Huyen was now held in the classic Filipina control position. Her head and back were on the floor; her wide open cunt was presented to Tu Lan’s mouth and she was unable to move with her legs draped over Tu Lan’s shoulders, down Tu Lan’s shoulder blades, under Tu Lan’s armpits and then clamped together under Tu Lan’s tits by the thongs. “Watch this,” Tu Lan said to me.

She started on her captive opponent. Leaning forward, Tu Lan slid her tongue gently up, then down the open flesh of Huyen’s tight cunt. This caused her to moan and arch her back at the delicious sensations that ran up through her spine. Tu Lan pressed her tongue forward into Huyen’s cunt, cleverly wriggling the pink flesh of her tongue to run it up against both the top and bottom of Huyen’s spasming, twitching pussy.

Grabbing Huyen’s thighs firmly, Tu Lan pulled her face close to the other woman’s pussy and twisted and scooped her tongue in and out of her hot fuck-hole. Her tongue pumped up and down inside of Huyen’s cunt as the helpless Vietnamese moaned and whimpered and humped up against her opponent’s face. Huyen screamed uncontrollably as she felt Tu Lan’s tongue slide up and down across her clit, fingers parting her cunt-lips and holding them open as her lips closed around the slick little love button and began to suckle on it.

Tu Lan was relentless and her tongue continued to probe, rake and torment the throbbing engorged love bud. Huyen’s chest was heaving up and down, her small tits rising and falling rapidly as she built towards another orgasm. She panted for breath, her hands beating the floor as she arched her back and squeezed her eyes shut, biting her lower lip.

A wave of orgasmic passion washed over her, drowning Huyen in all-encompassing sexual ecstasy. Stronger than anything so far. She sobbed with pleasure, her arse humping Tu Lan’s face, cunt grinding into Tu Lan’s mouth as her wet snatch blasted a thick stream of hot cunt-cream into the woman’s mouth.

Tu Lan squealed triumphantly as she lapped up the hot pussy juices, thrusting fingers deep into her pussy with one hand while she replaced her tongue with the other hand and her fingers slammed in and out of Huyen’s humping cunt. Huyen cried out, again and again, her body shuddering and trembling as wave after wave of sexual pleasure rocked throughout her body until she finally let out a long, low groan of exhausted pleasure and her body slumped to the floor.

Tu Lan continued to lap at Huyen’s oozing cunt-juices, taking the hot cream into her mouth, swallowing it down, rubbing her face into Huyen’s cunt and drenching cum all over her face. Her breasts and belly were coated with the cum and her saliva that poured from Huyen’s pussy. She dropped her tongue back down to Tu Lan’s pussy and lewdly dragged it thickly between Tu Lan’s cunt-lips, tasting the delicious cunt-cream still oozing from her hot pussy relishing the uncontrolled response from her rival’s body.

She was completely turned on by her dominance and I could see the length and hardness of her nipples. Then she ripped the thongs from Huyen’s ankles and allowed her freed legs to tumble to the floor where she lay wailing and sobbing on the floor. Tu Lan was ruthless and she grabbed her by the hair with one hand and straddled Huyen’s face.

The 46-year old’s other hand spread her cunt and her belly tensed as she strained. A few drops appeared at her urethra, then a fine stuttering spray, and then as her bladder emptied a hose-like stream of thick yellow piss that she emptied into the younger woman’s face. It didn’t matter that she had 9 years of medical training. It didn’t matter that she was one of the richest Vietnamese in Australia.

She was a Vietnamese woman proving her superiority over another. “I’ve won but I’m keeping this contest going because I’m going to humiliate and degrade you so that when this gets out you won’t show your face in the Vietnamese community because of shame.”

She dragged Huyen on to her hands and knees and wrapped her left arm around Huyen’s upper chest, clamping the woman’s arms to her sides at the elbows. Desperately Huyen twisted about wildly as the surgeon settled down and leaned into her younger prey. “My you’re still trying,” said Tu Lan sarcastically as she reached around the front of Huyen with her free hand and slid her fingers between her legs.

Huyen let out a defiant squeal as Tu Lan pushed her fingers past the wet cuntlips and slipped them deep between her cum covered, wet lips. Huyen’s hips bucked and pushed as Tu Lan started rubbing her slowly and forcefully up and down, first slowly and then in a wild frenzy. Her first three fingers slid inside her and she began oscillating them in and out of her, pumping them in a ruthlessly rhythmic fashion.

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