Tara and the Presidents Ch. 04


Reagan lay in bed, holding her phone up in front of her face, panting hard as she fingered herself. God, she was so turned on and it was only getting worse, and she knew why. She knew it was because she had exposed herself to whatever Tara had been exposed to.

And she knew that was true because anytime she thought about licking that cum from Tara’s glasses, of the way that thick, white gush of semen had squirted from Tara’s big, thick cock, Regan’s panties became instantly soaked and she would have to go sneak off to a bathroom or her car or, shit, even an alley and frig herself until she got off.

It was why she had taken the recording from the lab and, instead of destroying it, had put it on her phone and masturbated to it over and over again, cumming every time just as Tara’s cock erupted from her crotch and squirted on the floor.

Even now, Madison and Taylor were waiting for her in the living room of her and Madison’s apartment, but Reagan couldn’t bring herself to wait until she was alone, instead trying to get off as quickly and quietly as possible.

Ten minutes later, she emerged to see both Madison and Taylor sitting on the couches, looking at their own phones, Madison snapping her gum loudly and Taylor looking extremely annoyed.

“God, what were you doing in there? Taking a dump?” Taylor demanded as Madison snickered sycophantically.

Reagan felt her face flushing. “No, I—” she began.

“Never mind, it doesn’t matter,” Taylor interrupted in her typical dismissive way. “I have to go in like three seconds but we have to do something about Tara. She hasn’t been to class or the lab in like a week and people are starting to notice.

“Someone needs to check on her. You need to check on her, since you two are such BFFs.”

“God, Taylor, just because I didn’t totally crap on her all the time doesn’t mean we’re best—”

“Just find out what kind of shape she’s in and what she intends to do. I seriously hope she’s not freaking dead in her apartment. Here’s a key. I took it when we dumped her on her bed. Now go over there and find out what’s going on.

“Let’s go, Madison, we’re going to be late.”

Reagan said nothing as the two blondes left the apartment, clutching the key in her hand.

Ugh. I should just go now and get this over with, Reagan thought. Instead, she went back to her bedroom. She’d go in ten minutes.


Reagan knocked on the door again. Still no answer. Taking a few glances around, Reagan inserted the key into the lock and then opened the door, heart pounding in anticipation of what she might find on the other side.

“Hello?” she said, nervously, as she stepped into Tara’s apartment. “Tara?”

No one was there. Or so it seemed. What if Tara was lying there dead in her bed? The apartment would stink by now, if she was dead, right, Reagan wondered morbidly.

Whatever the answer was, it was irrelevant — when Reagan peeked in all of the rooms, she found the apartment was completely empty.

But while there was no stench of decomposition, Reagan began to subtly realize there was a certain scent in the air. It was vaguely familiar, and as she felt her nipples tighten and a growing wetness between her legs, there was no doubt left as to what it could be — the place reeked of semen.

In the main room, Reagan looked around, her breath quickening slightly. The musk was overwhelming. And it was turning her on.

As if she wasn’t turned on all the time already…

Reagan stood there, turning slowly in a full circle aimlessly, wondering what to do next. Taylor would be pissed if she came back with nothing to say other than Tara’s apartment was empty except for a smell that was making her panties damp. She smiled wryly at thought of reporting back exactly that, when her eyes settled a camcorder sitting on the desk.

That was one of Tara’s lab observation cameras wasn’t it? Maybe that would provide some clues.

Reagan picked it up and turned it on, fiddling with it for a few moments. It seemed to be playing, but the screen was dark. Then she noticed there was a cable trailing from it, attached to the television, and she turned that on too. Instantly Tara’s voice filled the room.

“—day plus 6, session 6…”

Reagan’s eyes widened as she saw what was playing on the screen. Tara was half sitting, half laying in her desk chair, a leg casually slung over one of the arm rests. She was wearing her lab coat… and nothing else. One of her arms was hanging over the back rest. The other was between her legs, stroking her huge member rapidly.

“It gets me so hot watching porn now, ” Tara said on the recording, not looking at the camera, instead transfixed at what must have been her laptop, out of bayrampaşa escort view, just to the right. Erotic moans and groans from the disembodied source could be heard.

“I used to think it was so degrading to women,” she continued, jacking herself all the while, “but I totally get it now…

“It feels good to get your pussy stuffed with a big, hard dick…” To accentuate the point, her other arm came off the back rest and she stuck two fingers into her own wet snatch while still stroking her cock at the same time. Her moans joined the porn video’s.

“Holy shit,” Reagan breathed, transfixed. She sank slowly to the couch, not taking her eyes off the screen for a second. This was so sick, so insane, and still she could feel herself soaking between her legs.

“Look at this hot slut, ” Tara said on the recording, panting loudly, presumably talking about the porn star on her computer, although Reagan could only see one slut on the recording. “Damn… she can really fuck…

“What I wouldn’t give to stick my cock in her tight little cunt and squirt my cum inside…

“Fuck that dirty whore’s brains out…

Tara’s eyes narrowed maliciously, both of her hands busy between her legs.

“Just bang the shit out of that fucking… slut…

She was slamming her fist up and down the length of herself, the other hand plunging in and out of her own sopping pussy.


“Unnngh, yea…


“Unngh fuck!”

Tara thrashed up and down in the chair as she ejaculated, thick streams of semen covering her flat stomach and huge tits.

She keened loudly, pleasuring herself with mindless abandon for nearly a full minute, coating herself thoroughly before the orgasm finally subsided.

“Shit… ” Tara groaned, still stroking herself. “I fucking came all over myself…

“God, what a nasty, dirty whore I am…”

She didn’t seem to really mind it, a depraved grin on her face, as she continued masturbating, the sticky cum running down between her huge, gleaming tits.

Reagan couldn’t stand it a moment longer. She immediately unbuttoned her jeans and stuck her hand down her panties.


Tara was unbelievably horny. It had been such a mistake to leave her apartment and try and go to the lab. The only thing that fit was a dress that used to be too big, and now was apparently too small since Tara now filled it out in places she’d never had before. The fabric clung to her every curve and even the hemline was far too short for her new height, well north of her mid-thigh.

She didn’t have a bra that fit anymore, and she’d had to go without. She was conspicuously aware of the outline of her nipples protruding from the thin fabric covering her ample bust.

Even that hardly bothered her — she knew she was smoking hot and enjoyed feeling all of the eyes on her. The only problem was walking down the sidewalk in front of her was a girl wearing a dress seemingly just as tight and skimpy as her own with the body to match. Tara stared at her ass, mesmerized by the bouncing perfection and inside her rose a feeling that she would love to bend the slut over, push that skanky dress up around her trim waist and fuck her brains out.

She felt her pussy getting wet at this debased thought and then she felt a stirring in her loins, and a rising panic gripped her.

No, not here, you’re outside!

Not in public.



But it was too late, heedless to stop. Her massive cock emerged, filling her panties. She could feel the cool air against the sticky wetness of the head protruding from her waistband and looked down in horror to see a massive bulge in the front of her dress.

You gotta get out of here, she told herself. Abandoning her attempt, she turned around and distractedly covering herself with her bag, Tara made it back to her building with no one seeming to be the wiser. She felt her heartbeat finally slowing as she reached her own door, but there was still the massive burning need to take care of. She let herself in, dropping her purse on the ground.

“Fuck, I’m so fucking horny,” she announced aloud as she lifted her dress up with one hand, the other instantly grabbing her cock, pulling it free of her panties and stroking it.

It was only then that she saw Reagan on her couch, barely ten feet away, her own hand between her legs, as the television played the recordings of Tara jacking herself off repeatedly.

The two stared at each frozen, Tara still holding her cock, Regan with a hand down her pants, three fingers buried inside of herself.

Then slowly, dreamlike, Reagan rose, walked over and came down to her knees in front of Tara. She looked up, eyes escort bayan istanbul full of hunger.

“Please,” she said simply. “I need it.”

It was a statement, not a question.

Tara’s heart resumed pounding. What was happening? What was Reagan doing here in her living room? What was she doing on her knees in front of her, looking up at her with those green eyes, and wet lips, so invitingly parted?

Tara stood there motionless, indecisive, experiencing another brief moment of clarity as her mind emerged from the fog of nothing but the lurid, debauched thoughts and brainless pleasure of the past few days. It was one thing to fantasize, but to have another real, live person actually touch her… touch it… putting her nasty cock in someone’s mouth… this was a whole other level.

Tara was suddenly acutely aware of just how much she’d changed in less than a week’s time, gone from dedicated research intern, unconcerned with anything but professional success, now standing transformed, in her skin tight dress, her massive tool exposed, Reagan on her knees in front of her, and she wavered, experiencing a new found strength to resist against her powerful base impulses.


Tara didn’t even know what she meant to say. She knew this was wrong, but it was just impossible to think straight with her cock throbbing like this, aching with need. She should just back up and put a stop to this. She could do this. She wouldn’t go this far.

She couldn’t.

Could she..?

Reagan’s head drew closer, lips parting, her pink tongue protruding slightly, eyes luminous. Tara could feel her hot breath on her cock. It twitched in anticipation.

“No… Reagan… no, wait…

“Wait a second…”

But Reagan didn’t, she wouldn’t. She drew closer and closer, her eyes sliding shut just as her lips touched the tip of Tara’s head.

“No…” Tara breathed with a trembling exhale, rooted to the floor, looking down wide-eyed as Reagan’s lips spead, her thick shaft slowly, inexorably sliding between them into her wet mouth.

“Ahhh…!” Tara cried out , gripping Reagan by her dark hair, whether to pull her closer or push her away, she didn’t know, as Reagan slowly withdrew, sucking hard all the while.

“Stop… Don’t…”

Tara’s head flung back, protesting through her clenched jaw, as Reagan’s head dipped back down, taking her inside of her mouth once more.

“Stop… stop sucking…

“Stop sucking… my cock…”

Even as she protested, Tara could feel the moment of clarity fading from her mind. This was everything she had fantasized about and all other thoughts were driven out. The sensation of Reagan’s warm, wet mouth sucking on her swollen head, her tongue running up and down her shaft, felt better than Tara could have possibly imagined. She felt like she was going to explode.

“Oh shit…”

Reagan bobbed her head up and down, moaning around the huge cock in her mouth, drooling all over it, blowing Tara sloppily, unabashedly, with no reserve or modesty.

Using her grip on the handfuls of Reagan’s dark hair, Tara began forcing her head and up and down despite herself, even as she protested. “Oh, fuck,” she groaned through gritted teeth. “Don’t suck it…

“Oh, don’t… suck it…

“Suck my…

“Suck my cock, you slut…”

It couldn’t have been more than three minutes when she felt the climax rising, but even as she fucked Reagan’s mouth with wild abandon, Tara felt a new sense of panic and alarm rising. This was crossing some fundamental line, this really was going too far…

“Wait..!” Tara choked out. “Stop… you’re going to make me cum…”

Reagan only responded by letting out a few muffled, excited moans, not breaking her pace for a moment.

“Oh, stop it, stop it, stop…

“I’m going to cum…


“You’re gonna… make me cum…

“Squirt all this cum… right in your mouth…”

She was frantically slamming her cock deep into Reagan’s throat, body tensed, straining, clutching Reagan’s head as she looked straight into her green eyes, gleaming with need and excitement, and then Tara was unloading, head flung back, eyes rolling into the back of her head, groaning loudly as she squirted more and more with each thrust, down Reagan’s throat, filling her belly.


Tara cried out, humping Reagan’s face with a series of erratic thrusts as Reagan drained her cock, still sucking hard even as her orgasm subsided to its final weak spurts. Tara’s hips gave a final involuntary, twitching thrust, before she withdrew from Reagan’s mouth, a long strand of semen and drool trailing from her swollen cockhead.

Reagan collapsed to the taksim vip escort floor on her back, squirming in pleasure as she finally got what she had been craving so badly, wiping the cum dribbling down her chin and sucking her finger sloppily. Her other hand had gone back down in her pants, inside her panties.

Tara watched silently for a few moments, breathing hard as the last spurts of semen dribbled out of the tip of her still erect cock, sliding down the shaft, looking at Reagan getting off, writhing on the floor, moaning loudly before she got down on her own knees and clambered on top of her.

“What’re.. What’re you doing Tara,” Reagan asked glassily, eyes glazed.

“Still so fucking horny…” Tara moaned, not sure if she were replying or just talking aloud, pulling Reagan’s jeans down around her ankles. Positioning herself between Reagan’s legs, Tara pushed her panties to the side exposing Reagan’s drooling pussy.

Now it was Reagan who held reservations about taking things further. “Wait, Tara…

“Wait, no…”

Tara was heedless, feeling wild, desperate. She had never felt so much need in her life, and she had to fulfill it. She pressed her cock up against Reagan’s sopping cunt, pressing forward as Reagan’s lips parted, sliding deep inside.

“Oh, fuck yesssssss,” she hissed. It was like fucking Reagan’s mouth — better than anything she could have imagined, so hot and wet and tight.

Then she pulled back out and immediately needed more, sliding back in, rubbing her cock back and forth, squeezed by Reagan’s tight cunt.

She gave a series of awkward, inexperienced thrusts, but Reagan didn’t seem to mind despite her earlier refusals; she moaned loudly each time Tara thrust back inside of her, Tara’s eyes squeezed shut, mouth hanging open, also moaning like a slut.

Reagan, laying there passively initially, began getting more and more excited, and soon she was raising her hips off the floor, grinding her clit up against Tara’s cock, gyrating.

Tara sat back on her knees, grabbing Regan by her waist, using her body hard. Tara’s blonde hair hung in her face, perspiration dripping down, as she roughly fucked Reagan mindlessly, slamming her up and down on her cock. Reagan wrapped her legs around Tara’s torso as she flopped loosely on her back, writhing in ecstasy.

Then Tara felt her cock swelling rock hard, ready to ejaculate again, and the knowledge of what was going to happen next, knowing that she was between Reagan’s spread legs, about to jizz inside of her, seemed so wrong and perverted, which only made her even more uncontrollably aroused, her cock rigid and aching, then with a loud groan she unloaded, slamming herself in as hard as possible with each spurt, obeying some instinctive, base burning need to squirt her seed as deep inside Reagan’s pussy as possible.

The cum hitting Reagan’s system again made her orgasm loudly too, her pussy gushing all over Tara’s cock, and Reagan thrashed against her, squealing like a whore as her eyes rolled to the back of her head.

For a few moments, they stayed like this, Tara buried to the hilt, both of their eyes squeezed shut, panting for breath.

“Holy shit,” Tara groaned as she pulled out slowly, the thick, hard length of her cock thoroughly coated in a sticky mess of their combined cum. She looked at Reagan, semi conscious, lying with her legs unabashedly spread, copious amounts of semen leaking out of her glistening pussy.

“Oh shit…”

Tara left her lying there on the floor, stumbling away, swaying. “What… What did we do…” she mumbled. She collapsed on her bed and fell fast asleep.


When Tara awoke, it was dark and she was awash in pleasure. In the dim light, she could see Reagan between her legs, her hands on her thighs parting them as she noisily ate out Tara’s pussy, making wet, animal sounds of lust with her busy mouth. Tara let out a loud moan as Reagan sucked on her clit, lapping hard on it until it became swollen then grew longer and harder and the now intimately familiar sensation rose up inside as Tara became incredibly horny — she knew what was coming next.

It was only a moment later that her clit seemed to swell and then expand beyond its limit and explode, and then suddenly her cock emerged again with a wet suckling sound, hard and wet and ready, filling Reagan’s mouth. Tara cried out, back arching, hips thrusting upwards, ramming herself down Reagan’s throat, who moaned in appreciation before wrapping her fingers around the shaft, stroking it while sucking it eagerly.

Still partly asleep, Tara basked in the ecstasy, moaning loudly, hips twitching, her cock rigid, her cunt dripping, as Reagan continued sucking her off.

Then Reagan climbed on top, slowly lowering herself onto Tara’s cock, moaning loudly as she took it in. Tara groaned, putting her hands on Reagan’s hips as she began to grind up and down. The rest of the night was spent alternating between drifting in and out of sleep and animalistic rutting sessions.

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