Tamsan, Miki and the Chicken Farmer


I’d like to thank my new best friend for help with this story.


“Another beer, Blake?” Phil, the BonSant Feed Company Rep’, didn’t wait for Blake to answer. He waived at the sexy waitress and she delivered two more beers. They were sitting so close to the stage, they were almost a part of the show.

“Gentlemen, we have a special treat for you tonight. So please, rise to attention and give it up for the Village People.” The MC’s last words of encouragement were drowned out as ‘YMCA’ blasted through the stereo. Out came the 5 Village People.

The ‘Indian’ looked like a real Native American, a deep tan colour and plaited glossy hair, perky tits strapped into a chamois bikini. Her fringed tribal boots had 5 inch heels. Blue feathers dangled from her ears. Three more blue feathers protruded from a leather headband. She paraded, stage front.

“Young man, there’s no need to feel down.

I said, young man, pick yourself off the ground.

I said, young man, ’cause you’re in a new town.”

The chamois bra landed on Blake’s table. Blake screamed with plenty of zeal, “Pocahontas, I’m gunna marry you!”

“Body, wanna feel my body,

body, baby, such a thrill, my body

Body, wanna touch my body.”

The Indian squaw was hot but the next girl on the stage was a goddess. So shiny black, with Police Issued shorts clambering up her arse. Pointy white boots and aviator sunglasses. The ultraviolet strobe made her shorts glow and her black skin disappeared in the purple, white light. Her costume gyrated and her hands slapped playfully at her butt. Handcuffs danced on the rhinestone Sam Browne belt. Stars like Sherriff’s badges, sparkled on her jet black breasts.

Blake screamed, “Arrest me baby, I’ve been a bad boy!” The sales rep, laughed. The laugh wasn’t genuine, it just acknowledged Blake’s enthusiasm.

Blake woke feeling like shit. It had been a big day. Meetings. More Meetings. Dinner, the casino and the Strip Club. Blake had lost about ten grand on the tables. His lucky number was 13, it didn’t come up once.

Who cares, the feed company had agreed to back him. They’d put up the money for the second, and perhaps a third farm, if he continued to use BonSant products exclusively. Blake didn’t feel bad about the ‘lock in’ contract, he’d need the feed anyway, 50, 000 more chickens would need a lot of feed. Blake trusted the BonSant team, on paper the deal looked great. All being well, he and Angie could manage another interest free loan, that is, if the price of chicken meat didn’t fall any lower. Anyway, he’d have to trust the Marketing guy, Phil had sent the hookers to his suite.

Blake climbed into his Jet Ranger III, flying this baby down to Vegas had been fun. The chopper was his pride and joy. It was worth the best part of $800,000, all financed through BonSant. Vegas had been a blast, strippers, hookers, roulette, and blackjack. Now it was time to get back to the farm, he and Angie had work to do – screwing the neighbours.


Tamsan slammed the hood of the gray Prius, “Goddamn rental…” she mumbled before kicking the desert dirt, sending up clouds of red dust.

She looked down the empty highway, then sighed and shook her head, knowing full well not many traveled on this ‘shortcut.’ She climbed back into the car, pushed the hazards on, and reclined back in her seat. Nothing to do but wait.

She glanced to the backseat and eyed her duffle bag, packed to the rim, with a broken zipper. Funny, the one thing she took into her relationship with Eric was the only thing she managed to grab on her way out. Hell, after ten years and all I have to show for it is the same broken bag.

She watched the white sun climb higher into the afternoon sky. Two black hawks caught her eye as she leaned in closer to her windshield. She watched them, envying their freedom, with their wings spread wide, gliding effortlessly overhead, in a circle, before diving down. She tried her phone again. Still nothing, no bars, no signals, no cell towers for miles. She slapped the steering wheel in frustration, Aunt Sue would be worried.

A red V’dub Beetle, pulled over onto the shoulder and stopped behind the dead Prius. A young Asian girl climbed out of the car. “Excuse me, are you okay?”

Tamsan rolled down her window, “Hi, yes, yes, I am fine,” she said with a slight smile. “However, it seems the Prius is not so well.” Tamsan opened the door and stepped out. “My phone does not have a signal…” she said sheepishly, as she glanced down. “I am really grateful that you stopped. I hate to ask, but could you drive me up a ways? I think there is a town…” Tamsan, kicked at the dirt and bit her lip before looking up to gage Miki’s expression.

“Sure, I can take you, hop in,” Miki said, smiling. “Grab your bags,” she added over her shoulder as she walked toward her car.”

“Thank you,” Tamsan said as she grabbed her bag, “I honestly cannot thank you enough.” She locked the vehicle and followed Miki to her red Volkswagen.

“Wow, I cannot tell you how grateful I am!” Tamsan gushed as Miki started the engine. “I thought I’d be stuck antalya escort out here forever.”

“It’s nothing really. You looked so forlorn, stranded in a Prius. By the way, I’m Miki.” She tossed a sideways smile to Tamsan as she pulled onto the road, heading west.

“Really nice to meet you, Miki, I’m Tamsan, but my friends call me Tam.”

“So, where are you heading to, Tam?” Miki asked.

“To the San Joaquin Valley. My aunt has a small farm, I thought I would stay with her for a while…” Tamsan trailed off and looked out the window, deciding not to add that she had nowhere else to go.

“But you don’t have to drive me all the way to San Joaquin, just to the nearest town. I wouldn’t want to ask you to drive me so far.”

“It’s no trouble,” Miki said. “Besides, I am on my way back to UC Berkeley.”

“No way!” Tamsan shrieked. “Berkeley. That’s just too weird. I was at Berkeley, what’s your major?”

Miki looked at her as though Tam, was from another planet. “I’m not a student, I’m an Associate Professor, Political Science.”

“This is getting weirder by the second. I have lots of friends still at Berkeley, in Political Science.” Tamsan rattled off a few names. Miki and Tam gossiped about University life, Miki told Tam a few stories about some of Tam’s old lecturers, not much had changed at Berkeley.

“Miki, I still can’t get a signal on my phone, can we make a stop? I probably should tell the rental company that the Prius is dead? Would you like coffee, a drink or something to eat?” Tam liked this spunky associate professor, she was fun, chatty and she drove a stick shift like a pro.

“OK. I know a place, it doesn’t look the best, but it’s good.” Miki turned up the Bug’s archaic radio. Katrina and the Waves. Tam couldn’t help herself, she had to join in.

” Mm, yeah

I used to think maybe you loved me, now, baby, I’m sure

And I just can’t wait till the day when you knock on my door

Now every time I go for the mailbox, gotta hold myself down

‘Cause I just can’t wait till you write me you’re coming around

Now I’m walking on sunshine, whoa…”

Miki, looked at Tam. “You really are an awful singer.”

Tam laughed, she wasn’t offended at all. It was true she was an awful singer.

As the evening sun burned orange and began to dip into the Pacific, Miki pulled into a greasy-spoon diner on the outskirts of Los Angeles.

“I hope this is okay, this place has amazing omelets and steak fries,” Miki said, cheerfully, grabbing her oversized purse.

“Hang on Miki, I have a signal.”

Miki caught the end of Tamsan’s conversation, “…well that’s just dandy, you can’t get me another car until tomorrow. Great, what am I supposed to do? Bed down in the back of a Prius? What! You will pay for one night’s accommodation and dinner? Thank you, that is generous.”

A happy Tamsan looked at the run-down building with the burned out letters. Instead of blinking “Mel’s Eatery” in neon pink, it flashed and stuttered, “Me ‘ Eatery.” Tamsan could not help but feel this was some type of omen. Tonight she promised to enjoy herself, a free bed and a dinner with an Associate Professor. Tonight she will eat meat, something she had given up long ago, one of the sacrifices she’d made to have Eric’s love.

Miki was already standing on the sidewalk under the buzzing sign, smiling as she held the door, ushering Tamsan inside.

Tam said, “Good news. The rental company will pay for a hotel, and I get a new car in the morning.”

The tall blond and the tiny Asian, stood together, side by side in front of the hostess podium. The smoky smell of bacon enveloped them as they waited to be seated. Miki spoke excitedly about the menu and how long this shambles of a restaurant had been in business. Finally, the hostess escorted them to a booth in a forgotten corner.

“I am starving,” Miki said, taking a menu and sliding across from Tamsan. “I already know I am going to have the blueberry pancakes. I know you wouldn’t think so, but this place uses only fresh produce from local farms and orchards. They only use cage-free chickens too.”

Tamsan looked up from her menu, she glanced around the small place, noting the tattered, discolored walls and chipped paint, the dirty windows and the torn plastic that covered the red booth seats.

“I am sorry Miki, did I hear you right? This place buys fresh produce? Supports local farms?”

“Yes, that’s right. I have been coming here for years. The owners, Mel and Gina, are real sweet, always doing what they can for the community.”

The hostess appeared with two large ice waters and straws. “Your waitress will be by soon,” she said with a smile before turning away to return to her podium.

“Miki, I need to find a motel or a hotel, do you know anywhere that’s good? It can be a bit special, as the rental company are paying.”

“I know just the place. It’s in West Hollywood, The London. It’s small, safe and clean. Perfect for a girl on her own.”

A girl on her own. Yes, Tamsan was now a girl on her own. No boyfriend, no partner, no lover, artvin escort nothing. A daunting future for a girl in her 30’s. No romantic dinners, no quiet nights in front of the fire, no snuggling up…

“Earth to Tam, Earth to Tam. Hello there, anybody home?” Miki snapped her fingers in Tamsan’s face.

“Sorry Miki, I was a million miles away.” Miki unwrapped her straw, she looked at Tam as she took a large drink.

“Are you girls ready?” the throaty voice of a smoker interrupted.

“Yes, I’ll have the blueberry pancakes with a coffee, and Tamsan, what would you like?” Miki smiled tenderly as her dark eyes sparkled.

“I’ll have the burger,” Tamsan said triumphantly as she handed her menu back to the waitress. “Thanks,” she added as the older woman walked away.

“So Tam, what’s a girl like you doing in a place like this? Where’s your husband, your life partner, your best friend, your cat? You look as though you have a story to tell?”

“I don’t have a cat, I had a man. My life was pretty well planned out, but then…”

Tam drifted off, lost in her troubles. She thought about life with Eric again. Bugger that, Bugger him! It’s time that the old Tamsan pulled her head from the sand, she was no longer Eric’s possession; he was history. ”

“Do you want to talk about it? You want to have some girl only time?”

“Girl Only Time!” Tam’s face lit up as she shrieked with delight. “Eric and I were far too sophisticated for any Girl Only Time. We were mature and proactive and respectful.” Tamsan proclaimed as she straightened her back trying to be pompous and dignified.

“Who is Eric?” Miki asked.

“Eric was my lover, my mentor and my personal guide. He helped me find myself. ” Tam proclaimed.

“So where is this wonderful guru?”

“I have no idea. He’s a cheating, lying, prick and we won’t see him again.” Tam stopped, not allowing herself to be dragged back into an Eric funk. She wasn’t going back to him, time to move on…Tamsan, Mistress of the Universe – To infinity and beyond. Tam looked at Miki, with a sly, almost mischievous, grin suggested, “Miki, let’s get a proper drink. Let’s get girly trashed. Let’s have some fun.”

“Not a great idea Tam, you have a free bed, me I have to drive.”

“Not tonight you don’t, you’re not driving anywhere. You are staying with me!” A confident and Impulsive Tamsan dictated. Miki was a lot more fun than Eric or any of his friends, besides Tam didn’t really want to spend her first night on her own, alone.

Miki, without a second to hesitate, called the waitress over. “Can I cancel the pancakes and have the burger as well? And, we want two big Long Island Iced Teas, my new best buddy is paying and I think you can keep them coming until one of us falls over.” Miki squeezed Tam’s hand and gave her a sly wink. Tonight would be fun.

“Kanpai!” Miki shouted and the girls enthusiastically banged their drinks together.

Tamsan could not help but stare at Miki. Her jet black hair, pulled into a loose ponytail, her brown almond-shaped eyes, her flawless skin and those rosy pink lips. Miki was a good listener, she didn’t ask dumb questions, or talk about herself, or judge Tam in any way.

Tam told Miki all about her life with Eric. She told her about the literature and poetry Eric read to her. She told her how they were going to change the world together. About their endless discussions on the evils of big business. In hindsight, their life was fairly dull. They didn’t do much at all, anyway that was in her past, and Eric was history.

“So Tam, he must have been hung like a circus pony, cos’ he sounds like a real jerk.”

“Miki you are wicked. I haven’t…” Tam was interrupted. Two more long island iced teas arrived along with their meals.” This time both girls shouted “Kanpai!” before each took a big slug.

Tam watched with amusement as Miki stuffed the burger into her mouth and sucked at the alcoholic iced tea. This place may look terrible but the food and drinks were excellent. The burgers were bursting – bacon, onion, fresh tomato, peppers and cheese that tasted like, cheese. Miki had barbeque sauce and mayonnaise everywhere. Tam laughed at how silly and gorgeous Miki looked. Cute and Japanese, with an American burger smeared across her face.

“What?” Miki asked as she shoveled in a handful of fries.

“For someone so cute, you eat like horse, you’ve got sauce on your cheek.” Tamsan reached across the table and gingerly dabbed at Miki’s mess.

Miki snapped at one of Tam’s fingers. “Careful, or I’ll eat you too.”

Tamsan could not help but gaze at Miki. As she continued to eat, she fought the urge to reach out and touch her again. She couldn’t remember feeling a connection like this before, a calling, an electric buzz. Something about Miki beckoned to her, like a roaring fire on a cold day. Tam wanted to be close to Miki, she wondered how it would feel to have Miki’s lips on her own, to have Miki’s delicate hands in her hair, exploring her body… Tamsan, Mistress of the Universe, isn’t a dreamer, she’s a doer…

“Miki, can ask you something personal? beylikdüzü escort Have you ever been with a woman before?”

“Buy me another drink and I might answer that,” Miki cheekily replied.


Wobbly and giggling, a bit drunk and very excited, the two girls found the London West Hollywood and checked in. It was now very late and the sophisticated foyer was deserted. With straight faces and serious expressions, they negotiated scrutiny of the concierge and headed towards the bank of lifts.

“I think that it’s really neat that you went into teaching, I thought about that…about returning to Berkeley …” Tam stared ahead focusing on their reflections in the gold doors of the hotel lift. She watched as Miki scooted very close.

“Do you like the Political Science Programme?” Tam questioned as she pressed the button for her floor.

“Tamsan, stop talking nonsense and kiss me.” Miki reached out and embraced an anxious Tamsan. Miki kissed her, it was a gentle kiss, a tentative and sweet kiss. Miki ran her fingers through Tam’s hair, stroking the back of her head and twirling the blonde ponytail through her fingers.

Tamsan wanted this kiss to last forever, she tasted iced tea and alcohol and oranges and heaven. She hugged and squeezed with elation, they were together. She couldn’t believe that she had found this willing friend.

As the lift ascended, so did their need. They grabbed at each other in an urgent, possessive embrace. Their kissing was no longer tender, it was lip crushing, bursting with urgency and desire.

The two girls fumbled with the magnetic key. Neither wanting to let go, fearful that the other might disappear in a puff of smoke. Tam focused on the door and jabbed at the lock, the door swung open and banged against the wall.

They stumbled into the room with Miki reaching under Tam’s shirt. “Tam, we…” Miki tried to talk. She was silenced with an eager tongue exploring her mouth and hands clawing at her clothes. Tam, like a fledgling learning to fly, was all arms and legs flapping madly. Tam grabbed at Miki’s top and wrenched it over her head, exposing Miki’s breasts. Tam dived for Miki’s nipples, sucking and pawing at the same time, she didn’t know where to begin.

Miki unbuttoned Tam’s jeans and struggled to work them from her hips. Tam, eager to shed her clothes, helped as best she could. In a tangle of denim and haste, Tamsan tripped and crashed to the floor. No harm done. Tam laughed as Miki peeled her free.

Eventually the two girls wrestled to the bed, both fighting for ascendency, neither willing to submit. Decorator cushions and complimentary chocolates were discarded as they furiously explored their new partner. A blur of hands and thighs, breasts and mouths, probed and squeezed and kissed whatever they touched.

Tam, the stronger of the two, conquered Miki, forcing her onto her back. Tam kissed Miki’s neck, and her ears, she sucked at a delicate earlobe. She tasted the back of a stud, sharp and foreign. She went for Miki’s nipples again. They were the size of small coins, hard and brown. She licked at one nipple then nibbled on the other.

Tamsan rolled Miki over and onto her chest. She kissed Miki between her shoulder blades then trailed down and kissed the small of her back. She slid her tongue the length of her spine, from her bum to the base of her neck. Tamsan squashed her breasts into Miki’s back, savoring the heat their two bodies generated. She went down for another long lick, leaving a trail of saliva. Miki sighed and wormed, Tam bit down on her flesh. A love bite to the neck, Miki was branded.

Tamsan had no plan, just fervor and lust, she deftly pulled Miki’s briefs up her bum, exposing two cute white cheeks. Miki gasped, Tam gnawed and nipped, Miki was hers. Tam squeezed and swatted at Miki’s butt, adding a splattering of red to an arse decorated with bites. Miki groaned and flinched, she lifted her heel, pressing into Tam’s groin. Tam pushed back, grinding her pelvis, riding Miki’s foot. Tam buried her face in Miki’s bum, her nose pushing into the damp gusset. Miki raised her hips and Tam removed the pesky briefs. She bent forward and dove into Miki’s pussy. She tasted, tequila and sweat, heat and woman.

She rushed with her tongue, poking as far as she could go. She found the base of Miki’s clit, she scraped and flicked, her efforts rewarded. Miki pushed back and Tam prospected with gusto. Tam had no finesse and little craft, she just powered into Miki’s clit and Miki shoved back. Miki yelped. Miki squirmed. Miki buried her face in a pillow and slapped at the bed, her orgasm banged and echoed through her body, like a hammer hitting rock.

Tamsan, ‘Mistress of the Universe’ watched, as Miki her trusty sidekick, shuddered and crumbled with joy.

Recovering in a tangle of legs and sheets, Tam gave Miki a tender squeeze. Miki was everything Eric wasn’t. Miki was soft and tender and passionate and responsive. Tam couldn’t remember sex like that with Eric, he was always in control, always on top. She knew when he wanted to make love, because he would ask if she was awake, before he climbed on – his missionary only delivery efficient, but lacking. It didn’t take long for her to understand that his passion both began and ended in a protest line. Whatever the social issue, he was on the losing side…even in their relationship, even in bed he was a loser.

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