Steve and the Widow Laura


The following story is written expressly for Anne and other 60 something silver haired beauties who fantasize about spreading their legs for a twenty something stud.


Laura Jane Hudson sat in the far back seat of the family limousine on their way back from the funeral of her husband of 41 years. She twisted her fingers in her shoulder length, silver grey hair she had worn the same way sense high school. It was black back then. Now, it only had streaks of black. Gazing out of the window she thought about the good and bad times. They had faced the bad times together and throughly enjoyed the good times, together.

Laura had driven her self to the mortuary, but didn’t feel like driving herself home. She wished that she had said something at the grave side ceremony when they let her come back in the limo by herself, because her car was back at the mortuary. So, when she noticed Steven Thorton, a young man her late husband Bill liked quite a bit, standing a few yards away from where she exited the limo, Laura approached him, “Hello Steve, how are you?” extending her right hand.

Steve took her hand in both of his, “I’m alright Missus Hudson. So very sorry for your loss. I just got back from college yesterday. The news hit me like a ton of bricks. But anyway, how are you doing?”

Laura looked up into the clear blue eyes of Steve thinking, “What a hunk you’ve grown up to be. You must be over six feet tall. So much like my husband when we were just married.” Then she answered him, “I don’t know just yet, Steve. I really don’t know. It was so quick and unexpected. Bill bent over to pick up a box, grabbed his chest, tried to straighten up, then fell over dead. Doctors said that his aorta artery broke off from his heart. He was dead before he hit the floor.”

“I’m sorry Missus Hudson, so very sorry.”

“Thank you Steve. Are you waiting for someone?”

“My mom was suppose to pick me up. If I had a cellphone, I’d call and find out where she is. Or, if she forgot me. I’m fairly sure it’s the later.”

Laura said, “I have a cellphone. But ahm, would you care to drive me home? My car is right over here, but I’d rather not drive right now. We are having a little wake at the house, family and friends. I could get you home after that. You can use my cellphone to call your mother and tell her not to worry about it.” She then dug the phone out of her purse and handed it to him.

“Sure Missus Hudson. And, yeah, I’ll give my mom a call. She most likely forgot, anyway.”

After the wake, Steve remained to help Laura rearrange the furniture. When everything was back in order, Laura asked, “Did you get enough to eat?”

“Oh yeah.” replied Steve.

“Well then, why don’t we have a glass of wine and relax a bit? A California Cabernet sound good? It’s a heavy red that should go with a roast beef dinner, or something like that. But, I like it in the evenings.”

Steve smiled and replied, “I’m certainly no wine connoisseur, but it sounds good to me.”

“Good.” she said, “Have a seat out on the patio. I’ll get the wine.”

He sat watching the sunset turn to dusk when she handed him a glass of very dark purple wine. Before she sat down, she asked, “Does it make much difference when you get back home.”

“Missus Hudson, I’m sleeping on the couch and I don’t get to sleep until everybody else does. I had planned to find a room to rent, then show up for work for Bill Hudson on Monday. Attending his funeral was not in my plans.”

She sat down in the chair next to him. “I see. Well, it put a real big crimp in my plans, too. That’s for sure. But Steve, I’ve got six bedrooms in this place and I only use one. I can rent you a room for the summer. Then you can use Bill’s office to look for a job. I’ve even got a extra car out there you can use. And, I could use the company.”

Steve took a sip of wine, “Not a bad deal, not bad at all. How much is the rent?”

“Well, I’ll tellya what. There’s a lot of stuff around here that Bill just didn’t get to because he didn’t have the energy anymore. So, for the first month at least, if you could spend a few hours a day doing some of that stuff, we could call it even. I think it was what Bill had in mind for you anyway. So, what do you think?”

“I think I’ll take the deal. I’d be a real jerk to turn down something like that.”

“So, you’ve got three years of college behind you now?”

“Yes ma’am, I do. Next year is my senior year.”

“I think I remember Bill saying something about you doing four years in the Army Corp of Engineers? How old are you, now?”

“Yes ma’am, I did serve in the Corp, had a good time doing it. I just turned twenty-five.”

“Ah Steve? You can call me Laura. And, yes I think it will work out good for both of us. Why don’t you take the little car out there in the driveway and go get your things. I’ll get your room ready.”

As Steve drove to his mother’s place he thought about Laura.”She sure has a nice little figure and sure doesn’t suadiye escort look any sixty years old. But, then again, what’s a sixty year old suppose to look like, now days, anyway.” Pulling into his mother’s driveway he came to the conclusion out loud, “I don’t have the slightest idea. I’m just a guy who is soon to be a senior engineering student. What do I know about older women, or any woman for that matter.”

On his way back he could not get her out of his mind. He remembered that he thought she was an attractive woman when he went to work for Hudson Construction after his junior year in high school. That he was surprised to hear that she was in her early 50’s back then. She seemed to be a pleasant person that would not be difficult to live around. His mind wondered back to the deal she had offered him. It was good, very good. It would solve a lot of his immediate problems. Now, if he could score some little summer job, he would be in great financial shape during his senior year. There had to be something for him in the greater South Bay area, or maybe Silicon Valley.

Pulling back into Laura’s driveway, he noticed a car that was not there earlier. When he entered the home, he found Laura in the living room speaking to a older man he had met before through Bill Hudson. Steve could not put a name to the face. But, he knew that he had met the man before.

“Steve!” said Laura, “We’ve been waiting for you. Put your stuff by the stairs. Then come back in here. I have someone I want you to meet.”

Upon Steve’s return, Laura introduced him to Gus Dietz. “He’s long time friend of the Hudson family and owner of Dietz Engineering. They’re a company that has done quite a bit of work for Hudson Construction. Bill and Gus were roommates in college. Same one your attending. Gus came over here from Germany to get his engineering degree and Bill talked him into staying.”

Gus, with the build of a heavy set Saxon German, stood up and extended a meaty hand to Steve. After the hand shake they both sat down and Gus started the conversation in his heavy German accent, “Bill t’ought a lot of you. He told me once dat most engineers had it all up here.” He pointed a finger from each hand toward his head. “Dat one in a t’ousand had it here.” He pointed one thumb toward his heart. “Bill told me dat you were one of doze an’ only needed college to get some of it up here.” He again pointed two fingers toward his head., then continued, “Zo, Laura tells me dat you need a summer job.”

Steve responded immediately, “Yes sir, I certainly do.”

Gus leaned over toward Steve, “I can pay you one t’ousand per mont’. You compt Monday to Friday, eight o’clock to noon. Dat fair?”

“That’s more than fair, sir. I’ll take it.” Steve said, trying not to seem too excited.

“Gut.” said Gus, handing him a business card, “I see you Monday morning eight o’clock, scharp.” He then stood up.

Steve shot up out of his chair and thrust out his right hand. Clasping Gus’s hand in a hand shake, “Sir, I’ll shoot for seven forty five just to be sure.”

After Gus had left, Laura led Steve to his room. He tossed his bags on the bed, then turned to Laura, “I don’t know what to say, Laura. Thank you doesn’t seem to be enough. But anyway, thank you. I started the day with two major problems and by the end of the day you have solved them both, thank you.” He gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Laura smiled and her eyes glistened with tears, “I think Bill would have wanted it this way. He thought you were worth it and I think so, too. Ah, Steve? I am going to need your help in another area, right now.”

“Sure Laura, anywhere I can help.”

Laura looked him “I ah, well, the funeral and wake really didn’t get it across to me that Bill’s gone. I mean, I’ve yet to shed a tear. It seems like he is off on one of his business trips to some far off place. That he’ll come home tomorrow or the day after. I need you to help me through the grieving process. I would guess that I am in denial right now.”

Steve was stunned that she would ask his help in this particular area, at this time, “Laura, I would like to help you. But, I don’t have any knowledge or experience in that part of life.”

“We can get all we need of that on the internet, tomorrow afternoon. What I need now is a man to hold my hand and help me through the process. Make sure I don’t get hung up like I am now.”

“I can do that for you, Laura.”

She ran her fingers over his cheek, chin and neck, “Good, now you need to get some sleep. I’d like to get as much of the outside stuff done as we can before Monday, while the weather holds out in the low seventy’s. It’s suppose to get into the high eighty’s next week.. That’s hot for us coastal people. So, good night, Steve.”

“OK, g’night, Laura.”

About three weeks after the funeral, on a Friday, Laura and Steve met, as usual, in the patio over a glass of wine. Steve was still standing when Laura brought out the bottle and two glasses. yakacık escort “Laura? That was a fantastic sirloin steak. Well done, still juicy. Not many out there that can do that.”

Having achieved closure in her husband’s death, Laura was in good spirits. She smiled and handed him a glass of wine. “I glad you liked it. I know it’s your favorite.”

They stood in the middle of the patio looking at each other. He commented, “Beautiful evening.”

“Yes it is.”

“The stars are just coming out and twinkling.”

“Yes, they are.” she concurred, taking a sip of her wine.

“But the sky’s still dark blue.”

“Yes, it is.” she said as she took the glass back out of his hand. Then sat both glasses down on a table. She loosened the cord around her robe and let the robe slip off her shoulders, exposing her breasts. She lifted his shirt, then wrapped her arms around him, squeezing her breasts up against his abdomen-chest area., then looked up at him, “E cup since my last child and Bill’s favorite toys. Now, they can be yours if you want them.” He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her in tighter. Her breasts felt like two pillows with little buttons, pushed up against his chest.

Steve drew her up on her tip toes and kissed her on the lips. To some of the guys he had known, her floppy tits were totally undesirable. To Steve, they were nicer than the twenty something he had rolled in the sack with in the army. He was no expert in the female anatomy, but the body cleaving to him at that instant was good as it gets and he was raising to the occasion. When their lips parted, he kissed her again. It wasn’t just the body that was turning him on. It was very much the woman encased in that body that he had lived and worked with for almost a month. It was the woman that did so much to help him stay on track to become a engineer. It was the woman that cared so much about him and that he cared about so very much.

She whispered in his ear. “Sit down on the settee and we’ll get that thing up inside me.”

After dropping his shorts, he sat down. She dropped her panties, then crawled up in his lap. Knees on each side of him, she brought her hot, wet pussy over his erected cock, then slid all the way down on it. “Hummm, that’s good.” she said, giving him a little kiss. She moved up and down on him for quite a while. Then threw her head back and squealed, “Yeah baby, that’s sooo good.” He followed her in full orgasm. She kissed him, “Thank you.” Another kiss, “And don’t worry about pregnancy. I haven’t had a period in many, many years. But, Bill and I were still gettin’ it on up until the night before he died.” Feeling him recede, she purred, “Take me up to your room and we’ll do it again. Up there we can get a little more action in to it, OK?”

After removing his shirt, he scooped her up in his arms. She looked at him and smiled, “Our wine will still be here when the screwin’s done. We can come back.”

As he carried the one hundred and ten pound, five foot six inch woman up the stairs, she whispered in his ear, “Don’t be afraid to ram that thing up in there, and do it in a couple of different ways. Time ta have some fun, screwin’ around.”

He sat her on the bed and she dropped to her knees, “Time to suck your cock back up inta action. I had to do it a couple of times on Bill to go off myself.”

It wasn’t long before he threw his head back, thinking, “Geez, this is one cocksucking woman. Damn, she knows what she is doin’. I’ve never had it this good.”

Steve was a little above average in length for his height of six foot, two inches. Not a real sexually active guy, he had been with a few girls and women in his twenty five years. None had told him that he was too short and a couple of the women could not get it all up inside of them. With Laura, it seemed to fit very snug, like a hand in a glove. He assumed that he was about the same size as her late husband. Then there was the action she gave him with her vaginal muscles. That was something totally new to him.

Bringing him up and ready for action, she stood up and said, “Let’s git it on!”

They hit the bed together and he moved on top of her. She pulled her legs up as close to her chest as she could and he rammed it home. She squealed in delight, “Oh yeeah, baby. That’s the way ta screw this hot mama! Pound it in there, baby. Pound it in there.” She wrapped her legs around him and firmly gripped the bedspread with both hands, meeting his down stroke with an up stroke of her hips. Then at the top of her lungs, “Yeeah, there it is, baby. Oh wow, ram it in there. Yeeeah baby. Oh, Oh, I’m cumming. Yeeah, Oh sooo good. Yess, that’s the way I like it, uh-huh.” Steve was very happy that there were no close neighbors.

As her orgasm subsided, he rolled them over, placing her on top. He smiled, then said, “Time ta ride that thing, like a cowgirl should. Ride this cowboy, Laura, ride.”

Laura laughed and began to bounce up and down on him, “Oh şerifali escort yeah, baby. This cowgirl’s gonna ride you, cowboy. Yahoo, Ohhh, Oh Oh, and what a ride it is. Giddey-up cowboy.”

Laura began moving up and down on him as fast as she could and went into a screaming orgasm. Her breasts were bouncing all over her chest. So, he took a firm grip on them and yelled, “Yeah, cowgirl, ride that thing. Ride it!” Then he exploded inside her.

She rolled off onto her stomach. He rolled over on to his side and propped his head up on one elbow. He ran his fingers up her thigh, over her nice little fanny, then up her back. Looking up at him, she said, still trying to catch her breath,”That was one helluva ride. You’re good.”

Still breathing hard himself, he responded, “You’re better.”

She laughed and rolled over on her back, up against him, “Well, I know one thing for sure. Your youth works very well with my experience.”

“Yeah Laura, I’ll buy that.” he said, taking one of her breasts in his free hand. Squeezing it gently, he whispered, “My toys, my favorite toys.”

Laura brought out a couple of terry cloth robes, “Let’s go have some more wine.” Entering the patio, she said, “Fill our glasses and I’ll go turn on the spa.” When she returned to the patio, she found him setting on the settee. She cuddled up next to him and he handed her a glass of wine. She purred, “It’ll take about fifteen ta twenty minutes ta get warmed up. then we’ll skinny dip in the spa.”

“Humm, sounds good ta me.”

They finished the bottle of wine in the spa, talking about anything and everything. Then she leaned over closer to him and whispered, “Let’s go up to your room, crawl under the covers and do it nice and slow and easy. Then we’ll wake up tomorrow and have one of those wild rides. I’ll cook us up some breakfast and we’ll have the day started off well.”

She turned of the spa, he took the wine bottle and glasses into the kitchen. When they were walking toward the stairs, she said, “I’ll race you to the bed, first one there gets to choose ta be on the top or bottom.”

Just as Steve and Laura finished breakfast the house phone rang. She answered it in the kitchen. Steve poured himself another cup of coffee and strolled out onto the patio. After the phone conversation, Laura poured herself a cup of coffee and joined him. She sat down in his lap and said, “That was my favorite grand daughter, Julie. She is a teacher back in York, Pennsylvania. Born back there. Anyway, she’s flying out here for an interview at the Santa Clara City Schools on Monday. Her flight comes in at ten something tomorrow. She wants to stay here and visit some, probably stay through next week. She couldn’t come to the funeral because there was a few days left in her school year and they wouldn’t let her leave early.” She paused to take a sip of coffee. Then continued, “When you meet her, you see that she is a lot like me. If someone pulled something like that on me, I’d be looking for some place else to work, too.”

Steve picked up his cup off the patio table, “Well, you sure have the room here. No reason for her to stay anywhere else.”

Laura gave him a little kiss, “Thank you Steve. I told her that I had taken on a boarder. A guy that is soon to be a senior engineering student at Cal Poly, where Bill went to school. She said the she just completed her masters in the area of teaching children with learning disabilities.”

“Oh wow, smart girl. How old is she?

“Yes she is a smart girl. she just turned twenty four.” Laura said as she set her cup on the table next to his, “Ah Steve?” she asked wrapping one arm around his shoulders and bringing her lips inches from his, “Can a sixty year old woman love a twenty five year old man?”

Steve leaned a little closer to her, lips only a couple of inches apart, “I don’t know Laura. But, I know this, we really enjoy sex together. But, it goes well beyond that. And, I can tell you this, as long as it is comfortable for you, we will do it. When the time comes that you can’t do it, I’ll still be there for you. Is that love? Then, I love you Laura.”

She smiled at him, eyes glistening with tears, “I love you too, Steve.”

Steve and Laura stood by the designated baggage claim area at the San Jose International Airport, waiting for Laura’s grand daughter, Julia Hudson. “There she is.” exclaimed Laura, walking toward a pleasantly attractive young woman dressed exactly as Steve thought a school teacher would dress. As they approached Julia, Steve marveled at how she resembled Laura in the pictures he had seen of her when she married Bill and shortly thereafter.

It was eleven forty five when they exited the airport parking lot. Laura, sitting in the back seat, said, “It’s almost lunch time, I know this neat little sandwich shop right on the water up in Redwood city. Steve? Get on 101 North. It’s just fifteen or twenty minutes up the road.”

That night, after Steve and Laura had a good sexual romp, she cuddled up to him, “What do you think about my favorite grand daughter?”

Steve ran his fingers over her little fanny, “I think she is smart, and cute. She sure is a lot like her grand mother. She looks like you at that age and has a lot of your mannerisms.”

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