Step Twins Ch. 01

Big Tits

The characters in this story are over 18. The story is told from both Steve’s (*) and Lucy’s (**) own point of view intertwined.

For my American readers: English boys wear shorts (short trousers) over pants (underpants). I don’t want things lost in translation especially as I quite like removing a boy’s shorts and then pants. Enjoy the story! Love Jane xox.


Her name way Lucy and I liked her from the beginning.


His name was Steve and I liked him from the first time I met him.


My dad had just divorced my mum and Lucy was the daughter of his new girlfriend, Rebecca. I think they met at the tennis club. To my teenage mind, even for an older woman, I thought Rebecca was quite attractive and could see why dad liked her. She was a brunette, much younger than him, with dark brown eyes and a curvy figure. Long legs too!


My dad had been in the army and was killed in Afghanistan two years earlier, he and mum had been childhood sweethearts, she was only 14 when I was born and they had married as soon as possible at 16, so she was still really quite young. She thought having a child so young ruined her life in many ways and I think that is why she is always very protective of me and boys. She didn’t want me to be a teenage mom too and make the same mistake. Mum had met Steve’s dad, Bobbie, playing tennis and they soon became really good friends. He was a bit older than her, but I didn’t mind, I never really know my own father as he was nearly always away, and I thought Bobbie would make a nice father figure.


To begin with Rebecca would come over to the house by herself for the evening and always go home to Lucy at night. I used to spend my evenings in my room with my computer, so let them get on with things. The floorboards outside dad’s bedroom were a bit of a giveaway!


To begin with mum would go out and visit Bobbie, but always came home and she never let me stay the night alone (nor have friends stay – boring!). Even though I was growing up fast, she preferred to know I was safe. I used to wonder if she and Bobbie made love, or just kissed and cuddled a bit. I started to think about sex a lot in those days and wondered what it might be like to have a boy inside me. I started playing with myself and fantasying about some of the boys at Sixth Form College.


Eventually, one night, Rebecca came over with Lucy and my world was turned upside down. Lucy was lovely. She was slim and beautiful and I thought her very sophisticated. All I wanted to do was to get to know her better, but being full of adolescent hormones, conflicts and doubts, I was too shy to ask her out or anything and mumbled my words. I was hugely embarrassed because every time I looked at her I could feel myself stiffening and she kept looking at my groin – which made matters worse! Maybe I could encourage dad and Rebecca to get to know each other better and then I could see more of Lucy.


I had met Bobbie a few times, but never visited his house, then one night mum let me go with her. He had a son my age, Steve. He was nice enough, but I thought he wanted to swallow me with his eyes. He kept looking at me and then turning away if our eyes met. He was sort of cute with a puppy dog look and I smiled at him to be friendly. I guess he liked me – unless that was a gun in his pocket! I was wearing a padded bra, so he probably didn’t realise I was so flat chested! I didn’t really need a bra at all at the time. Anyway, Steve had a nice smile and very kissable lips, mmmm!


A little time after we spent that evening together, Dad said that he and Rebecca were thinking about getting married and asked me if I would like to go on holiday with them both and Lucy, so we could get to know each other better.

“Wow!” I thought, “Maybe I could see Lucy in a bikini!”


Mum asked me if I would like to go for a holiday with Bobbie and Steve. She said she had been thinking about marrying again and asked me if I was OK with that. She said no decision had been made, but the holiday would help to make up her mind.


Dad and Rebecca had agreed that a camping holiday would be best and that we would go the South of France. He would share a tent with me and Rebecca and Lucy would share one. So at the start of the summer holiday off we went in the car loaded to the gunnels with tents and bikes. I did think it would be more fun if we could swap the tent sharing around, but a teenage boy can only dream, the parent is in charge!


Mum and Bobbie had agreed on a camping holiday in France – painful! I wanted a nice comfy hotel and swimming pool please! Also I would have to share the tent with mum, not fun. Still at least Steve would be there for to help liven up things. When it came to it actually I enjoyed the trip through France, although it was too hot. So hot şişli escort that I changed into a linen blouse and took off my bra. I do not like sweaty breasts and if Steve didn’t like me as nature intended then so be it. I shared the back of the car with him and we started to discover a bit more about each other. We both liked classical music and Steve played the oboe whilst I was learning the flute. We also discovered we liked cycling over to the local downs and looking at the ancient remains of the Iron Age and Stone Age people of long ago. He was going to study archaeology when he went to Uni, I was going to do environmental studies. The biggest surprise was that we shared the same birthday.

“Hey!” I called to mum and Bobbie, “Did you know we are twins?”

They laughed because they hadn’t realised.


Lucy and I shared the back of the car. Amazing, we had so much to talk about, music, history, cycling, and wild flowers – seemed we had so much in common and, guess what, we even shared the same birthday. It was after that we started to be called “The twins” by our parents. However, the biggest problem was I couldn’t be near her and not get a hard-on – if you are a boy, you probably know what it’s like, so hard for so long it starts to hurt!


Once or twice as we sat there Steve brushed my hand with his fingertips. It gave me a sort of tingly feeling and the next time he did it I grabbed his hand and held it. But it was too hot in the car and I had to let go after a minute – besides I didn’t want mum to see. Still I gave him a really cute smile and fluttered my sexy long eyelashes at him – trying to make up with my sexy charm for the fact I was nearly tit-less. I leant forward a bit and I think he could see down my blouse. How do you make your tits grow? A girl can really suffer!


I found I couldn’t resist touching her and twice I brushed her hand with my fingers. Then she grabbed my hand and held it gently for a minute. Then she looked at me, did something weird with her eyes and my insides turned to jelly. Then she started moving her hand toward my shorts and I felt myself getting really hot. Suddenly Rebecca interrupted us. If Lucy had moved her hand any closer I might have cum in my pants!


Then I feeling really naughty and a bit adventurous I made my fingers advance spiderlike across the seat till they got to Steve’s shorts. I was just thinking about whether to test the bulge and see if it was really a gun, when mum turned around to tell us we were about to stop for the night. I pulled back quick – I don’t think she suspected anything!


I studied her sylph-like body. Lucy was so slim and fragile, she had dimples in her cheeks when she smiled. Her skin was really pale and almost translucent. She wore no bra and her breasts were small, but the nipples were really prominent and stood out against the white fabric of her blouse, their darker colouring showing through the material. I started fantasizing about how we might make out when we got to the camp site – avoiding the watchful Rebecca somehow.


Am I a temptress? Well, not really I was just teasing poor Steve on that first day. He was not too tall and not too short, quite slim with a neat muscles and had a lovely face with blue eyes, a few freckles and dark connecting eyebrows. Luckily, no acne – that curse of teenagers down the ages – but I was lucky too with good pale clear skin. I got my flyaway blonde hair from my dad’s side I think, because mum is much darker coloured. Anyway we got to supper that night and because the evening was cool, we got out some rugs to cover us.

I sat close to Steve on a bench and in the dimming summer evening . . . well, I was tempted again to find out about that gun.

Using the rugs for cover, I managed to get my arm unseen from inside my rug to inside his and my hand went exploring. He had been chatting away to Rebecca and Steve quite happily, but suddenly it seemed the conversation became disjointed and his voice went up an octave. My hand was tracing its way down the barrel and then gently up again. It seemed to be jerking under my touch. Fortunately mum and Bobbie did not seem to notice that the teen brigade had become a little quiet as they were too engrossed with each other to care. I explored my way back up the barrel again pressing more firmly this time (no not a gun 😉 and found the top button of his shorts and undid it. I found the zip, gave it an experimental tug and moved it down an inch or two. I felt something soft and silky to the touch, something that seemed to want to escape and which throbbed hotly under my fingertips.

I suddenly started to feel heat between my legs and my heart started to race. Steve, suddenly got up, pulling the rug firmly around him.

“What about a walk before bed?” he asked is a squeaky voice.

“Great idea!” istanbul escort I said, “We could leave these two lovers smooching.”

Mum and Bobbie laughed and told us not to be long.


She had beautiful blonde flyaway hair and a soft down covered he arms, which were goose bumped by the cold. If her ears had been pointed I’d have called her an elf! I got out the rugs for all of us as the evening was cool and we sat together on a bench next to a picnic table. Dad and Rebecca sat on the other side as we ate our supper. They had a bottle of the local French wine and were in good spirits. Lucy and I just drank sparkling water.

She was close enough for me to smell her perfume and that was more intoxicating than any alcohol. My erection was back, hiding itself under the rug that covered me. I thought I would soon explode being so close to someone I found so alluring.

Earlier in the day she had been wearing that loose blouse and no bra and the breeze had pressed the material against her hardened nipples. Then with the top buttons being undone, when she had leant forward I glimpsed a flash of her small pert breasts. Now she was sitting very close to me and I was too aware of her presence. Trying to ignore the pulsing of my heart, I chatted calmly to dad and Rebecca about plans for tomorrow.

Lucy sat quietly with a dreamy smile upon her lips. Then I felt an exploring hand work its way from under her rug to under mine. I felt fingers softly probe my hard cock and rub down its length and then up again. Then she undid the button on my shorts and I felt my zip loosened and the pressure of my erection released as it found some freedom in the gap she had opened.

My conversation was faltering – what would Rebecca think if she knew where Lucy’s hand was. I became hotter and my voice squeaked. I felt Lucy’s fingers stroke the head of my cock and I knew I had to move or cum where I sat. A walk – yes a walk! I stood up, the rug hiding my embarrassment and Lucy quickly retrieved her hand. I asked Lucy of she would like a walk before bed.

“Great Idea.” she said.

So wrapped in our rugs, we left our two parents together giggling and cuddling and went off into the twilight.


Whoops! Had I gone too far? Would he want to make love with me? I mean actually fuck me? I was just having fun, but I might have pushed the poor boy to distraction and I was not ready for full-on sex. I was still a virgin and the closeness of Steve’s male scent in the darkening evening was making me worried that he might want more than I was prepared to give. We walked together in silence for a bit in amongst the trees that surrounded the camp site. We did not hold hands and then I realised that Steve was as shy of me as I was afraid of him going too far.

Suddenly he stopped and took hold of my arm. “I think I’m falling in love with you.” he said and my insides fluttered.

“I think you’re pretty nice too.” I replied.

He pulled me towards him and gently, experimentally, kissed my lips. I cupped his head in my hands and kissed him back, our lips parting. I gently teased his teeth apart with my tongue and we kissed long and deeply.


Thank goodness for the rug! I was able to do up my shorts up before anyone noticed and the beast gradually deflated as I led Lucy into the woods by the camp site. Lucy followed me in silence. My god, that was erotic. Just thinking about her caressing fingers was too exciting and after we were a good distance from the tents I stopped and turned and held her gently on the arm.

“Lucy, I think I’m falling in love with you.” I said.

She looked at me and smiled and said: “I think you’re pretty nice too, Steve.”

I could not resist, I lowered my head towards her and gently kissed her lips. She put her hands around my head to pull me closer and started kissing me deeply, her tongue pushing through my lips and then my teeth as she sucked the breath out of me. I clasped her closely to me, pressing my groin into her.


I became aware of his body pressed against mine. The hardness of his chest against my breasts was making my nipples tingle. He move forward against me and I could feel his magnum 45 press against my mound.

“I’m a virgin.” I whispered.

“Me too!” he responded and wrapped his arms around me, pulling me still closer to him.

He put his rug on the ground and gently pulled me down to it and came and lay down beside me. His hands played with my midriff, gently drawing larger and larger circles till his fingers touched my breasts. I gasped and he kissed me again. The circling hand was pulling my shirt up and exposing my stomach to the cool of the air, but I didn’t feel the cold, I was heating from the inside as he started to play with my nipples, gently rubbing them and making them go hard. He carefully undid my blouse beşiktaş escort and then he took one of my nipples in his mouth and I moaned.


I could not believe this was happening to me. I thought I would have been lucky to see Lucy in a bikini, but here she was beside me letting me explore her soft silky skin. I put my hand under her blouse and she let me kiss her again. She’d told me she was a virgin and I didn’t want to violate her so I was very nervous as I undid her buttons, exposing her beautiful small tits. Then I could not resist it any longer, I started to suck and play with her pointy nipples, tasting the salt of her skin in my mouth, smelling the perfume of her young body.


His hand went south and between my legs, his knuckle pressing against my clit through the cotton of my shorts and I gasped and then I grasped his hand between my thighs, so he couldn’t undo my shorts.

He started to move the hand slowly up and down my slit whilst sucking and licking one nipple and teasing the other with the fingers of his other hand. I could feel myself getting hot between the legs and a dampness in my knickers. My hand reached out to the bulge on his shorts and following the rhythm of Steve’s hand between my legs, started to rub its length. I began to feel that my virginity might not be that important after all and the heat and excitement swirled through me.


Was this my lucky night? Hardly daring, I let my hand move down over the mound of her shorts as she moved uncaring beneath me. I let my knuckle press against her clit and she trapped it there with the strong muscles of her thighs, so I started to rub my hand up and down, imagining her slit opening up beneath. I wanted to cum, but I knew I mustn’t fuck her, so I moved myself to lie on top of her and rubbed her clit with my hard cock through our shorts.


Then he was on top of me, his throbbing cock still encased in his shorts rubbing up and down between my legs, his tongue playing with my nipples, then sucking, then kissing me. I was imaging Steve inside me, but somehow he managed to resist undoing my shorts.

Then he gasped “I’m going to cum.”


It was too much, I could not hold on any longer, but I didn’t want to come in my shorts as dad would surely spot it, so I got up and kneeling I undid them and pulled myself free of my pants. Lucy sat up and unbelievably opened her mouth and took in the head of my cock. I thrust once and I came in a blinding orgasm, the spunk spurting into her virgin mouth. I pulled back and still more spurted forth, this time over her naked tits.

I was embarrassed and apologised, but she smiled and told me she always wanted to know what sperm tasted like. Then she started to rub the cum on her chest into her tits, moaning a little as she did.

She told me she was worried that her tits were too small and wondered if the sperm would act like some sort of fertiliser and help them grow!

I told her I liked them as they were and helped her rub the cum into her nipples as I kissed her deeply. I knew she hadn’t had an orgasm and she looked like she needed one. She lay back and started to moan and my hand moved back to her shorts.


He knelt beside me, released his engorged cock from his shorts and surprising myself I took it in my mouth. I’d never done anything like that before – never been that close to a cock before, but it seemed the natural thing to do.

It was big and hot and filled my mouth and suddenly there were fountains of salty sperm spurting down my throat as Steve’s cock pushed in and then he bucked wildly. I swallowed, but could not take it all and as he pulled back more spurted onto my naked breasts. He pulled away from me and I tasted the curious salty fishy gel on my tongue.

“A bit like getting to like caviare”, I thought, “I could get to like the taste of cum in time!”

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I could not stop myself.”

“Fine”, I said and laughed, “I always wondered what cum tasted like and it was better than making a mess in your shorts!”

I felt the goo on my chest and started to rub it into my size ‘A’ tits.

“I wonder if it will help make them grow?” I asked.

“I don’t know that I want them to.” Steve sweetly replied and then bent and kissed me deeply, rubbing his sperm like a moisturiser into my breasts and turning me on even more.

“Your turn!” He said, as I started to moan and he moved his hand back between my legs.

However, my turn had to wait as mum was calling, wondering where we were! Drat.

I hastily did up my top and shouted: “Coming!” as we started back for the tents.

Then I realised I probably smelt of sex and mum would notice, so I headed for the shower block to wash my breasts clean before meeting up with the adults.

When I got there a few minutes later, Steve was telling them how we had sat on our rugs under the beautiful stars and talked about music.

Mum gave me one of her looks, but I just smiled innocently and said: “Yes, we were working out if we could play a duet!”

I think we got away with it!

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