Steam Room Surprise


Steve and I had been working long hours all week. We started early and worked late. This was an important contract for our company. Our boss, half jokingly, said don’t come back to the office until everything is installed and working perfectly. It was early Friday afternoon and we were just now installing the last of the software.

Steve looked up from the monitor, ‘I wonder how serious Sid was when he said not to come back to the office unless this was all running perfectly.’

‘I don’t know, but we have at least a half day of work in just checking the equipment set up and installation one more time and. . .’

‘And we should run all the software and make sure there aren’t any bugs.’

‘Yeah, we should run it over night at least.’

‘Clint, why don’t you call Sid and tell him that we have about two more days of work before this is wrapped up.’

I was on the phone with Sid, ‘Steve, Sid suggests we stay until the job is finished.’

‘Damn! I was afraid he’s say that. Well, I don’t have anyone or anything on for the weekend. How about you?’

‘Me neither. Glad I don’t have a wife and family. Want me to tell Sid that’s what we’ll do?’

‘Yeah, I guess so.’ Steve smiled ruefully, ‘I could use the overtime, I guess.’

Before I hung up the phone, I told Sid that Steve and I would work through the weekend and that we should finish about noon on Sunday. I walked back over to where Steve was seated at the monitor.

‘Sid strongly suggested we stay over through Monday just to make sure everything is working o.k.’

Steve looked up at me, ‘This is just like working for the telephone or power company. Lots of mandatory overtime.’ He shrugged and rolled his shoulders.

‘Why don’t you take a break?

He stood and I slipped into the chair in front of the monitor.

‘I guess I should call the hotel and tell them we’ll need our room through Monday night.’

‘Good idea, Steve. Although, I haven’t seen much of my room, I’d hate to be without it.’

‘Yeah, about all I’ve done is shower, change clothes and sleep. And I haven’t done much sleeping either.’

We worked through the afternoon. Steve stretched in the chair, ‘Let’s knock of at the regular time for once. I’d like to eat a leisurely meal and have a couple of drinks for a change.’

‘Sounds like a plan. I’d like to hit the fitness center. I haven’t worked out since we got here Sunday afternoon. And the center was packed then.’

‘I should work out too, Clint. I’d probably sleep better.’

‘Why don’t we work out a couple of hours after we have dinner?’

‘O.K. I’m just about finished here. Once this software is running in the test mode, we can leave.’

‘I’ll get with the contracting officer and tell them we’re working through the weekend and that we’ll need access.’

Jillian, the CO was surprised, and pleased, that we were going to work through weekend. She made arrangements with the security desk so the weekend guards would let us in the building and she got us a couple of special visitor’s passes.

‘We’re all set, Steve.’ I gave him his pass.

He typed a couple of commands then pressed the enter key. ‘There it goes. Hopefully, when we come back in the morning, it will have run without any problems.’ ümraniye escort He leaned back in the chair and stretched. ‘Man, my shoulders are stiff.’

I started to massage his neck and shoulders. He didn’t object. When I finished, Steve stood up and flexed his shoulders, ‘You do good work. That felt good.’

When we got back to the hotel, we cleaned up and ate dinner. I ordered a bottle of wine with dinner. After dinner, we went to the hotel bar. It was very quiet. This was a business hotel so there were few weekend guests. We had one drink, decided it was too quiet and decided to change clothes and work out.

The fitness center, like the rest of the hotel, was pretty quiet. There were six or eight guys working out and we could hear the showers in the locker room. Steve and I took our time and worked our way through all of the stations on the various machines.

Steve wiped his face and the handles on the equipment, ‘I should sleep well tonight.’

‘I think I’ll hit the steam room for a little bit.’

‘Care if I join you?’

‘Come on ahead.’

We showered and wrapped towels around our waists. The steam was pretty thick when we entered. Steve and I sat on the lowest level bench. There seemed to be a fair number of guys in the steam room.

Steve nudged me and whispered, ‘Is that guy doing what I think he’s doing?’

I looked towards where Steve was nodding. A guy across from us was bent over the lap of the guy seated next to him. Through gaps in the steam we could see his mouth work up and down his companion’s cock. ‘Looks like someone is getting the full treatment.’

Steve grinned, ‘That’ll relax you, for sure.’ He nodded again.

A guy next to us was watching the blowjob. He was stroking his cock.

Steve stood up.

‘You’re not leaving.’

‘Nah, I going farther into the cave and higher up.’

I followed Steve. We climbed up and sat on the middle tier. We looked around. Three guys down a ways from us were fondling each other. I nudged Steve. He looked where I was nodding. Across from us, on the top tier, two guys were stretched out in a sixty-nine.

Steve laughed softly, ‘That’s a hot sixty-nine. This hotel sure gets a different crowd on weekends.’ He stood up. His towel came loose and unwound from around his waist. Steve seemed to be enjoying what he was seeing. His half erect cock was level with my face.

He jumped when I kissed the crown of his cock. But he didn’t move away. He was looking down watching me as I slipped my tongue under his plump cock crown and lifted in to my lips. I closed my lips around his cockhead and sucked.

Steve whispered, ‘Oh! Don’t. . . stop.’ as his cock slipped deep into my mouth His pubic hair tickled my nose a little. He spread his thighs as my fingertips found his hairy sac. It had been years since I had sucked cock, but, like riding a bicycle, once you learn, you never forget how.

As I worked my way up and down and around Steve’s hard-on with my lips and tongue, the techniques and pleasure giving tricks came flooding back. I was sort of jacking Steve’s cock with my mouth and jacking my own hard-on when a hand covered mine. A guy pushed his face in close and licked Steve’s cock shaft as I backed his hard-on out of my pendik escort mouth.

The new guy whispered ‘Please.’ I held Steve’s cock upright and looked up at him. He grinned and nodded. Holding his cock down, I pointed it at the new guy. Steve moaned softly as his cock disappeared into the mouth of his new friend.

Through the billowing steam I could see several other guys getting or giving blowjobs. A few guys walked into the steam room, looked around and left. Others stood and watched. And some joined in. Steve’s new friend still had his hand on my cock.

Two other guys sat down in front of us. One of them took over the hand job on my cock. The other guy stood up next to Steve. He waved his hard cock in my face. I figured ‘Why Not’ and opened my mouth. My new friend filled my mouth with his hard, heavily veined shaft.

He put his hand on the back of my head to steady it. He pulled his cock almost all the way out of my mouth, then slowly pushed it back in. He didn’t thrust hard or deep. I enjoyed the feel of his cock sliding through my lips. I kept my tongue working as he fucked my face with slow strokes.

The guy doing the hand job on me started licking my hard-on. I spread my thighs to give him better access. If my own mouth hadn’t been filled with cock, I would have had a big smile as another new friend swallowed my cock.

This whole scene brought back memories of Sunday evenings in ‘the secret party room’ at my college frat house.

Another face crowded in on my right. My new friend pulled out of my mouth. In a way, I hated for him to leave, but he had already found another mouth to fuck.

The guy sucking Steve’s cock had just the crown in his mouth. His lips were sealed around the shaft. I could see that he was swallowing Steve’s hot load. When he was finished, he kissed Steve’s hard shaft and then he moved away.

Steve sat down beside me, ‘Damn! Let’s get out of here before I do something nuts like sucking a dick.’

I touched the head of my other new friend who was still gobbling my cock. He looked up and smiled as he took me out of his mouth. He licked the underbelly of my shaft a couple of times before he disappeared into the billowing steam.

‘This place is crazy, Clint. Did you know it was like this?’

‘No, I didn’t have a clue. Let’s hit the showers.’

We found a couple of towels, wrapped them around our waists and left the steam room. After cooling down in the showers we dressed in our workout clothes and headed back up to our rooms.

‘Would you like a night cap, Clint?’

‘That’d be good.’

‘I’ve got some chilled brews.’

As soon as we were in Steve’s room, he opened the mini refrigerator and got two bottles out of it. He levered the caps off and handed one to me.

‘Thanks. This hits the spot.’ I pulled the desk chair out and sat down.

‘Especially after the steam and the heat.’ Steve grinned, ‘That steam room was something else.’

‘You want to go again?’

‘Yeah, but not tonight.’

‘I didn’t mean the steam room.’ I looked at him, ‘I meant would you like another blowjob.’

‘Er, I, uh, I. . .’

‘I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get to finish you myself.’

‘Uh, finish me? Uh, oh yeah, finish me.’

‘Come bostancı escort here.’ Steve stepped closer. I put my bottle on the desk and pulled his shorts and underwear down to his knees. His cock was nestled in his damp, curly pubic hair. I looked up at him, ‘This won’t hurt at all.’

‘I know,’ Steve grinned. He pulled his t-shirt over his head. I sucked all of his soft dick into my mouth. It had been a long time since I had sucked another man into an erection. Once Steve’s cock was fully erect, I spent a few minutes just licking it and kissing it.

‘You’ve got a handsome cock. I want to you to feed it to me.’

‘Feed it to you?’

‘Get the rest of your clothes off. I’ll show you.’

After I stripped, I piled all the pillows I could find against the head board of the bed. ‘I’ll lie down there. You stand and straddle me and feed your cock into my mouth.’

‘I’ll try,’ Steve grinned.

‘You’ll like it. You control how much meat I get to eat. And you can move pretty freely.’

‘As long as I don’t lose my balance.’

I got on the bed and got into a comfortable semi-reclining position. Steve climbed and stood on the bed.

‘Use the wall to brace yourself.’

We both adjusted our positions until Steve’s cock was level with my head. ‘Feed me all that you have.’ I tipped my head back a little and opened my mouth.

Steve guided his cock as he pushed it deep into my mouth. I closed my lips around his smooth shaft and settled back to enjoy what I hoped would be a long face fuck.

Steve made slight adjusts to his position, then he settled down to a steady rhythm as he stroked his cock in and out of my mouth. I worked my tongue to give maximum pleasure to his cockhead. And I worked my lips around his shaft. I gripped and sometimes stroked my own hard cock.

Steve was slowing down a little and my neck and jaw were beginning to ache a little, but I felt his cock get slightly more rigid. He jerked it out of my mouth, gripped it and pumped it. A stream of warm, thick cum splattered on my neck and upper chest.

‘Damn! That was something else! Your mouth was so tight that it felt like you were trying to pull my dick off.’

‘Maybe I was.’ I grinned, ‘It’s been a long time since I’ve had a pearl necklace.’

‘A pearl necklace?’

‘Yeah,’ I indicated the cum which was running down my neck and chest. ‘Come closer.’

He moved closer and I gripped his semi stiff cock. I squeezed and worked it until there was a drop of cum at the tip. ‘Tasty.’ I licked the drop off Steve’s cockhead. He groaned softly as I sucked him into my mouth again. When I was satisfied that his cock was clean and empty, I released him.

Steve got off the bed and picked up his beer, ‘Where’d you learn to suck cock like that?’

‘It’s a long story. I’ll tell it some time.’

I went into the bathroom and used some toilet tissue to wipe off my neck and chest. We finished our beers as I got dressed. Steve didn’t seemed concerned to remain nude.

‘Well, we better call it a night. Tomorrow’s going to be a long day. Thanks for the beer.’

‘You’re welcome. Steve grinned, ‘And thanks for the blowjob. It was great. I enjoyed it.’

‘You’re welcome too. ‘Glad you liked it. I did too.’

Back in my room, I undressed again. I didn’t brush my teeth or wash. I wanted to savor the taste of cock and the smell of cum.

I fell asleep wondering if I could get Steve into a sixty-nine before we checked out of the hotel on Tuesday morning.

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