Stable Affair

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To my readers, please feel free to leave feedback for me so that I know that you liked my stories, what you would like to see, and perhaps maybe suggest one. If you’d like to read it over and over again, favorite it and come back to enjoy it like an old friend. I look forward to hearing from you…K’Anne


I had just come in from a hard ride on my favorite horse Samson. God, he’s a beauty. He’s seventeen hands high and very muscular, he shines in the sunlight with a flicker across his black coat, his long mane and tail have barely ever been trimmed. His name is so appropriate, he is big, he is strong, and his hair long and beautiful. A gelding, he had been gelded with pride, which means he doesn’t know he is gelded since we bred him several times before removing his ability to sire offspring, but not his desire to do so.

We both came in with sweat from our long gallop across the hills we were so familiar with. I had let him have the bit in his mouth, let him take us wherever he wanted to go. And go we did! It was exhilarating. It was exciting. We knew every inch of the hills around our home and stables and had nothing to fear from riding at break neck speed. Samson knew I knew how to hang on and I knew I could trust him with my life. It was the next thing to flying that I knew and for Samson he loved me so much that he gave me the ride of my life.

As I slid off his high back I leaned against him for a moment, my arms around his massive neck to give him an affectionate hug. Deftly I removed his saddle and his blanket and tied him to his stall. Already the hands had food in his bucket, water in the trough, and a deep bed of straw on the floor of the box for his lordship, Samson. I sometimes regretted that we had gelded this mighty beast. His son’s and daughter’s were legendary and I owned several but none could really measure up to this mighty beast. If we had let him retain his dominance he would have become dangerous and we couldn’t have that so we had gelded him but not before getting vials of his sperm for future breeding. Everyone knew that he was king of the stables and they knew to bow to his wishes. Fortunately he had the personality to accept their homage with grace, style, and dignity. By gelding him when we had, he had retained that gentleness, that beauty from with. He was a beautiful horse both in appearance and in personality. I think anyone who knows me, knows that I love this horse more than anything….or almost.

As I rubbed him down and then brushed out his beautiful black coat I thought about all the wonderful things that had happened in my life because of this beast. He was the stuff of legends, he was the horse that built this stable to what it was today, he brought many people into my life that would have never been there otherwise. His needs and the ones of his heirs and companions were paramount in this operation. They needed round the clock care, they needed pampering, they had excellent human assistance. It was what brought Reese into my world. There would have been no other way for her to come into my world because of the social differences.

You see, in my world, the classes do not mix. Although I have always had money to do what I want, to indulge, it also shelters me. As a result, I am expected to marry money, to socialize with my peers who have money, and to marry a man that has money. I on the other hand like to think I am a rebel. Not openly of course, but enough to bend our little social narrow-minded world on it’s ear. Not only do I not care about the money that flows effortlessly into my hands, but I don’t care about who has it, who controls it, or what it will buy. I like people of all walks of life. I also like women. I prefer their company intimately to that of men. This had been hard to accept for a long time in my life, not only personally, but to make my father understand. He had high hopes for his ‘princess’ and while he has come to accept that I am a lesbian, I think deep down he might be a little disappointed. He never shows it of course, but up until a few years ago, he thought I would be a lonely old lesbian.

I met a woman then and had a wonderful relationship with her. I even married her and conceived a child. By the time our firstborn was due though, we had fallen out of love with each other. She had fallen in love with the sperm donor of our child and I had fallen out of love with love. Hurt, our relationship was severed, even before our daughter was born. She moved away and I moved on. My father was delighted at the grandchild he thought never to have. I however was left to raise my child alone and while she has a doting grandfather, she doesn’t have a true co-parent, one I would want to have in my life forever.

This brings me to my current problem though. I think I may be in love again, not just with Samson, but with his caretaker, Reese. She is a lovely woman, tall, blonde, with a wonderful caring personality. She is also, very straight, very heterosexual. She hasn’t a clue to izmit escort my feelings, at least I don’t think she does. I first noticed her one day months ago. She was assigned this section of the stables to care and feed the horses as well as exercise and groom them. I first saw her fine ass on top of one of Samson’s offspring, a mare that shown so much promise I wished I could breed her back to her father for the offspring that would ensue. Instead I would have to find a stallion who only barely measures up to his impeccable lineage and style. She was riding this mare around the obstacle course and I couldn’t help but notice the tight riding britches pulled across that cute little muscular derriere. Normally, I would have only noticed the mare but something about this blonde beauty caught my attention. Perhaps it was the efficient way she handled the fractious mare or perhaps it was the muscles rippling as she took the mare through her paces. Something caught and held my attention.

Both the mare and Reese were breathing hard as they came in record time from one of the trainers watches. We train them in multiple classes to have an all around horse. It doesn’t matter what we put them to or ask of them, they will try it willingly with our training, if we do it right.

“Excellent Reese, that’s her best time ever” Lawrence called as he clicked the watch.

Her smile did funny things to my insides as she pulled the mare to a halt in front of the little group of us and slid down. Not only the riding pants, but the knee high boots, and the form fitting nylon blouse did her body proud. When she removed her riding helmet her shoulder length blonde hair swung out and I was entranced.

“Reese, I’d like you to meet your employer” Lawrence did the introductions and I came forward with my hand out. “This is Ms. Moyer” with the emphasis on the ‘er’ which made it sound like an ‘a.’

At the first hand shake I could tell a lot about this woman. She was straight forward, looked me right in the eye, and she was strong. She was also not interested in my attraction to her. “How do you do Ms. Moyer, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you” she said in a cool cultured voice.

“How long have you been working here?” I asked in return, genuinely interested since I didn’t do the hiring and firing in the stables. I was curious about this one.

“I came on board when you were at the Nationals” she informed me with her delightful smile that did something again to my insides.

“Ah yes, that was a disaster” I smiled myself remembering.

“Well, we are going to do much better next time” she answered as she patted the mare “aren’t we girl?”

I wished at that moment she were talking to just me and I was the recipient of her pat.

So began a working relationship. She took care of some of my most prized babies and trained not only them but me as well to be her slave. The horses adored her and I for one took my cue from animals. If an animal doesn’t trust a human for any reason, I didn’t either. Since they loved her and trusted her, I did too, at least that’s what I told myself as I became infatuated with her. Anyone who didn’t love animals I steered clear of in this life and it had been a good rule to follow.

I learned that she had grown up on a farm with horses, cows, and sheep but it was her love of horses that had led her to become a trainer. She was a good one too. From what I could see she intuitively knew what they were thinking.

“No Ms., not like THAT” she said exasperated as I repeated a motion we had been working on for days.

“Then why don’t you come up here and SHOW me!” I snapped, just as exasperated in her as she was in me.

Much to my surprise she sprung up behind me on the horse I was working with and wrapped her arms around me. I desperately wanted to lean into her, to feel her body against mine. To smell her unique essence. Instead, I tried to remain professional and let her arms around me, her thighs against the back of mine, her pelvis against my buttocks distract me for only a moment. But what a moment in time. Without much effort she showed me how my movement was causing the horse we were training to misstep and it would have cost me points. Other horses I had worked with must have instinctively done the step before but this one was following my lead and I had been off. Reese corrected it without ever being aware of how totally aware I was of her body against mine.

“THERE” she jumped off and smiled and I would have faltered had I been the one on my feet. “You shouldn’t have any problem from now on” she informed me and I nodded dumbly.

Because of the close working relationship with trainer and rider we became good friends. Although I was her employer, her knowledge and expertise were paramount to our relationship. I learned a lot from her and about her. I shared a lot with her but couldn’t bring myself to share that I was falling in love with her.

As we went to shows and the ribbons madeinizmit.com mounted up I couldn’t help but praise her expertise to anyone who would listen. I couldn’t help but brag about her knowledge. It wasn’t a surprise that several rival stables attempted to steal her away from us. I like to think it was loyalty that kept her on at ours. Secretly I like to think it was me that kept her from leaving despite several generous offers.

“You’re here late” she said softly in the shadow of the night as I stood in the center aisle of the stables and gazed around.

I smiled but was sure she couldn’t see it in the dimmed lights that didn’t attract bugs but allowed us to check on our beautiful charges throughout the night without disturbing their sleep. They too needed their beauty sleep to keep fit and healthy. “I like to just come here and breathe the atmosphere.”

“I know what you mean, there’s nothing like it.” I could tell she was closer by the location of her voice beside me.

“I can’t believe how wonderful the smells and sounds can be, even in the darkness.” Only a true horse lover can understand what I am saying.

“What, the manure and hay doesn’t get to you?” she teased as she came to stand beside me in the darkness.

I snickered. If you love horses the smells are perfume to your nostrils and senses.

“I can’t believe how lucky I am” she sighed.

“Lucky?” I asked wondering at her statement.

“I am fortunate enough to be doing something I love with my life, working with these beautiful animals, I just can’t believe how I get to do this, forever.”

I smiled and it showed in my voice as I answered, I understood “you’re not just lucky, you’re skilled. The animals know you, they trust you, they answer to you because of all that.” I wanted to say that I did too, I know you, I trust you, I love you, but I couldn’t.

“I think when you do something you love, it comes through in so many ways. I have always loved watching the horses as they gallop across the paddock, the field, the hills. Their muscles rippling, their eyes flashing, the sun catching their coats, their manes and tails streaming out behind them. I can’t work with them enough to let them know that I want to bring out the best in them. When I groom them, train them, work with them, I want the best for them.”

I stood there in awe as I listened to this woman. She was one of the few, she was one of the special ones, one of those who ‘got’ it. Who appreciated everything about these magnificent beasts. If I hadn’t admired her for months already, that little speech would have made me fall in love with her.

She mistook my silence “I’m sorry, I tend to go on about horses…”

I stopped her by interrupting “no, not at all, don’t be. It’s nice to hear your enthusiasm. I know for you it isn’t just a job, it’s a dedication that few have. I admire it about you.”

“You admire me?” she asked with a genuine sound of bewilderment.

I nodded but wasn’t sure she saw it in the dim light as I added softly “very much.”

I turned to look her straight in the eye in the soft light. She looked very desirable and I desperately wanted to take her in my arms and kiss her. What I saw in her face though surprised me. I am not expert where matters of the heart are concerned but I know desire when I see it. For once I saw attraction, genuine and open attraction on this woman’s face. She took a step towards me before carefully hiding the look on her face much to my disappointment. I wasn’t going to let it go though, something I had been hoping for but knew could never be had just happened. I was gambling a lot as she turned away and I grabbed her arm. She turned back in surprise as I leaned in and kissed her softly on her lips. Much to my surprise she not only returned it but opened her lips to run her tongue along mine. I gasped and met her tongue to tongue as we deepened the kiss. Her arms came around me and clasped me to her hard body. I can’t describe the feel of her body against mine, I had wanted her for so long and this incredible feeling couldn’t possibly be real.

Some noise, perhaps one of the horses could hear us, sense that we were both in heat, something had us pull apart after who knows how long we had been exploring each other’s mouths, holding each other close. I looked at her in the faint light, hoping to see no regret and saw instead her arousal, I hoped she saw my delight.

“How long?” I asked as I took a step back to get some perspective.

“What?” she asked confused as I watched her chest rise and fall from our exertions.

“How long have you felt this way about me?”

She shook her head as she looked me straight in the eye “from day one, I think. I couldn’t understand at first that it was attraction like this” she indicated the kiss “I thought it was just because we were becoming friends. We have so much in common.”

I watched her closely looking for some sign that she might be prevaricating, not telling me the whole truth but she had become my best friend, and except for the little matter that I wanted desperately to make love to her, I had confided almost everything with this person over our months together. I knew her. She was telling me the truth. She had hid it well though.

“I thought there was something wrong with me at first, I’ve NEVER felt this way about a woman before. I had heard the talk about you and your wife of course but I tried not to listen to gossip. As we became closer though I couldn’t help but be attracted to you. I saw you one day with your daughter and saw how gentle you were her and then I saw how you handled horses the same gentle way, I couldn’t help but think that this was a woman I wanted to know, this was a gentle woman in every sense of the word.”

As I stood there and listened incredulously I couldn’t help but wonder why it had taken her so long to make her attraction known. I took too long though and she began to doubt what she was feeling.

She hung her head a little as she said “I’m sorry if you don’t feel the same, I’ll gather my things and be gone in the morning.”

“What?” I was startled out of my reverie. “Why would you leave?”

“Because you know now, I’m sure you have people throwing themselves at you all the time. In your position… I’m just an employee…”

“Are you kidding me?” I asked incredulous at what I was hearing. I wanted to pinch myself to see if what was happening was a dream. “I don’t want you to leave.”

She looked back at me startled “you don’t?”

I shook my head and smiled “I’ve been attracted to you since day one too.” I waited to see her reaction to this news.

The joy on her face was something to behold. I wished I could frame the look I could see in the dim light. It was something I would always remember.

She shook her head “then I’m not crazy?”

I took her into my arms again and whispered so the horses couldn’t hear “no, you are not crazy, or maybe we both are, but I want to be with you.”

She pulled back slightly, holding me just as tightly in her arms, to look into my face, inches from her own. “I’ve never been with a woman, I don’t know how…”

I shushed her with a kiss “it will come naturally” I breathed in between kissing her to our hearts content.

We didn’t consummate our relationship that night, despite both of us wanting to desperately. We could have so easily have gone up to one of the apartments above the stables, her’s was above this one, or we could have walked up to the big house where I lived. I wanted her first time to be special though and we spent hours talking and getting to know this side us. Making out like schoolchildren. Falling into love with each other on a different level. Learning so much about the other.

It was frustrating when we realized the missed opportunity. My duties and her’s kept us apart for days, and before we realized it, weeks had passed and we still hadn’t been intimate together. We both wanted to desperately and despite stolen kisses, caresses, and out right heavy petting had been unable to let it come naturally. There had been no time as we trained horses for the upcoming show circuit. I wasn’t the only rider and she wasn’t the only trainer. Our horses needed us in tip top condition to keep them like that as well. They needed our undivided attention and it was frustrating us both no end.

“I need to see you” she whispered to me as she helped me saddle up Samson.

“You do see me” I hissed back. Having her this near and knowing she wanted me as much as I wanted her was causing me no small amount of desire.

Samson was acting up, I am certain he could sense that he had two females in heat around him and being the stud he had been, he couldn’t help but prance and fuss. Tacking him up took a lot of time and the accidental brushes between Reese and I were becoming heated.

“I can’t stand this anymore” she whined. Normally, this would have annoyed me no end but I could understand. We were both aroused, we both wanted to be with the other and time and again had been interrupted. One thing or another had wrecked our plans to be together, I had begun to think it was a conspiracy.

“Patience my love,” I tried to console her. I wanted to take her in my arms, to soothe her, to kiss her until she was mindless. This wasn’t helping anything. There were too many people around, we weren’t ready to acknowledge the relationship. We weren’t at the point where I wouldn’t care who knew it. It was still so new. It was still in the kissing and heavy petting stage. We hadn’t done anything yet and THAT was what was frustrating the hell out of both of us.

“Easy for you to say” she panted as she worked on Samson’s bit. He didn’t want to take it but she whispered to him and he took it because it was HER asking. He knew a good thing when he saw it and I did too.

I glanced around and saw no one near the box stall and I caressed her tight jean clad derriere. I could tell by the indrawn breath that it immediately affected her as she turned from finishing up Samson to look at me in mock outrage at my audacity. I smiled and breathed “soon.”

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