Sow Wedding


This story is set in a world described in my story ‘Milk Sow’. In this world women leave school to either become professional women or milk sows. Sometimes this boundary becomes blurred.


David stood in his dark suit. His shoes were very black and highly polished, his hair combed neatly, his shirt white with a pale blue tie peeking out between the lapels of his dark suit. He was nervous, it was a big day. He knew that Angie was going to be hot, so many feverish nights had passed unable to sleep, thinking of the changes that were being wrought in her in preparation for this day: for him. He was having a hard time trying to hide the fact his cock was bone hard in his pants. So many fantasies had reverberated in his head about this day, about their life together after this day, and now he was about to see her and the effect of the surgery done upon her at the farm. She would be brought back to him, having had her modifications done, ready to become his sow. He still could not believe her when she had said, so quietly, in such a matter of fact way that this was what she wanted. It was beyond his fantasies — having his own sow — and someone as beautiful and sexy as Angie. He knew he was beyond lucky. What had he ever done to deserve such servitude from her?

Angie approached in a long white tulle veil held in place by a pure white band of silk flowers that ran through her auburn hair. She wore a satin body stocking of pure white with cream flowers interwoven to either side. The body reached up around her neck and covered her udders, now fully developed, and hanging heavily before her chest. The material swept round her huge globes and down over her belly, clinging to her, pinching her and holding her all around before sweeping down between her naked thighs. Down there, between her tanned thighs, so supple and smooth with their nakedness contrasting against the satin body; down there where her sowcunt, as she had been taught to think of it, was very visible pressed into the material, she could feel herself moist as she saw David standing in his suit, looking so masterful and handsome. He could have any girl, how lucky she had caught his eye. She hoped above all that he would approve of how they had turned out.

Her time at the farm had not been long, and yet to her it seemed like a lifetime. She had changed so much. It had not taken her long to start lactating once she had been put on the sow feed. This meant she had to get used to having a regular milking cycle, and she became so excited as she felt her body start to ache with the weight of milk building inside her udders. Getting used to thinking of her breasts as udders was a lot harder, but she had managed it by whispering it to herself over and over until she could no longer think of using any other word to describe her big milk factories. The fact they were growing day on day also helped; looking less and less like her old puny breasts.

She loved the sow feed. Everything that she had read about it being so addictively yummy was true. She couldn’t exactly describe the taste of it, for it had the velvety softness of chocolate, but was not really very sweet. It was, however, amazing to eat and she sooo looked forward to feeding times at the farm. They told her that after the ceremony, when she was home with David, he would continue to feed her the sow feed, and that would keep her milk production up. In fact they had explained to her that she would need the feed, that she already did. If she didn’t get her sow feed regularly she would get headaches and be unable to settle. David would have no choice but to keep up her feed times, and that the more she ate it, the less she would be able to taste other foods. Before long she would be weaned off the food she was used to eating and just live on the sow feed; that it had all the nutrients she needed, but would also drive changes in her body chemistry making her udders swell and her milk yield grow.

Angie felt so excited when they explained this to her. The other thing she really loved at the farm was her milking times. The release of tension that had built up inside her and watching all her milk pour from her udders — to think she had produced it all! It still truly amazed her and made her feel tingly especially in her groin. The surgery on her udders to make the milk pour from a single collecting orifice in each of her teats had been painful, but they had healed really quickly. She wondered what David would think, as this would be the first time he had seen her since she packed her overnight bag and headed off with the men from the sow farm for her final preparations before the big day.

Angie had stayed at the farm for about a fortnight. They said it would take that long to get her udders prepared and her milk production under way. David had been so excited and fucked her like a mad thing when she told him she wanted to become his private sow. She had always fantasized, even from a little girl, about becoming the sow of the man she loved rather than his wife. She loved the idea of him taking over complete control of her life, of his regulating her cycles, of being kept as his pet and above all, his hands upon her udders, kneading and pressuring Maltepe Escort them, drawing out from her the milk she produced for him. She imagined having her own milk stall in their home where he’d take her and fix her up to a pump that would extract the milk from her udders. Oh God that made her so hot, she came when the men from the farm arrived to take her away. They didn’t seem surprised at her wanting to be a sow. They had said, as they drove to the farm, that many women have this fantasy. The brave ones make lot into a reality and never regret it.

Angie walked slowly toward David, and he turned and let out a gasp at the sight of her. He saw her swaying udders free under the white she felt consumed with love for him, giving herself so utterly to him. How complete was her offering of herself to him, and that heightened all her feelings on this day of days. Down between her udders was a strip of white netted cotton in a body that reached down and flared out around her hips and swept down between her thighs. The material pressed very tight against her sow cunt where two round poppers held it firmly in place. She could feel the tightness of the material with each step, her lips sliding first one way then the other with each step. She had admired her look in the mirror before setting out, noticing the way one of her lips hung lower than the other forming two rounded soft cushions that were destined to be pounded regularly by her handler. The words made her tingle as she stepped forward next to David and looked up into his eyes.

David smiled at her and reached out and cupped one of her udders. She could see he was pleased with the result. She felt some moisture form at its tip in instinctive response to the feel of his fingers. Matt stood before the two of them like a presiding minister. Angie wore long white stockings and white high heel boots.

“Angie and David we are here today to bring to conclusion the transformation of Angie, hitherto a female human and from this day forward to become the property of David Hardwick.”

He turned to Angie. “Do you Angie accept David to be your owner, to serve him with your body as his sow? To offer him your milk for collection and to accede to him in all things, accepting unconditionally his right to keep you in any manner he sees fit?”

Angie did not hesitate. “I do.” Matt smiled and David’s hand slipped around her ass cheek and gave her a squeeze of appreciation. “Then repeat after me:

I Angie Collar renounce here before these witnesses my human status and I do willingly embrace my future as a milk sow. I do this under no duress or coercion, devoting myself entirely to the serving of my owner.”

“I Angie Collar renounce here before these witnesses my human status and I do willingly embrace my future as a milk sow. I do this under no duress or coercion, devoting myself entirely to the serving of my owner.”

Matt continued: “From this day forward I will no longer be Angie Collar, contenting myself merely to being the property of David Hardwick. I declare before these witnesses that forthwith all who meet me, without exemption and without limit, are to treat me as such. I concede now, ahead of time, regardless of circumstance, that any protestation or plea from me henceforth is to be utterly disregarded, and that in all matters I will concede in all things to the wishes and desires of my owner.”

Angie repeated the words, the fluttering in her stomach growing with each phrase as her servitude was driven home unrelentingly. There would be no room for doubt, no leeway, no quarter given. It had been a long journey, yet there was no doubt in Angie’s mind this is what she wanted. She thought though that this ceremony made you think. It wouldn’t be possible to ever say once you had been through such a ceremony that you did not know precisely what was expected of you. There would be no way back.

“You are doing really well Angie,” Matt was saying soothingly to her. “I am impressed you do not hesitate in your responses, which shows that you have no doubts about the commitments you are making here today. We cannot proceed unless you are certain. Are you ready now to make your final declaration, knowing that once made, and in accordance with your own wishes, you will no longer be consulted and thereby make irrevocable your vows. Are you ready?”

Angie did not hesitate a moment. She nodded her consent and shot a quick look at David. Would he be ready for this, she wondered.

Matt took a deep breath before starting. “So now repeat again your final declaration. I Angie Collar, having been given every opportunity to reconsider, but having remained resolute in my intention to become the sow of David Hardwick, from this moment on relinquish all authority over my self to him. I wait here now in obedience to him whether he wishes to become my owner or no.”

Angie responded, her eyes fixed upon Matt, making sure she could say the words clearly and get them right; her last independent act. “I Angie Collar, having been given every opportunity to reconsider, but having remained resolute in my intention to become the sow of David Hardwick,” her voice rose in strength Kartal Escort as her resolve filled her, “from this moment on relinquish all authority over my self to him.” Her heart thudded in her chest. She was so happy at this moment. David and Matt stood a while looking at her as she stood wrapped in the afterglow of her submission. She looked at them confused for a moment, what were they waiting for? She had been so intent on her submission that she had not realised she had one more piece to say.

“I…I’m sorry. What was the last bit?” Angie felt foolish. All she had to do was repeat Matt’s words. How could she have missed a bit?

“I Angie wait here in obedience to David whether he wishes to become my owner or no.” Matt prompted.

Angie felt a lump form in her throat as she contemplated David not wanting to own her. Did she have to say this? Once these words left her lips she would have no choices left, she would have to accept David’s decision, even if it humiliated her by his refusing to take ownership of her. It was a huge leap of faith, and suddenly she felt face to face with the totality of her submission. As she hesitated, David leant over and whispered, “I love you.” He smiled reassuringly at her, and Angie understood why it was so important she make this step. She had to trust in her master, she was about to give him everything and she was being tested on how certain she was in their love for each other. She no longer doubted herself. The merest hint that David may doubt her resolve fired her on.

“I Angie wait here in obedience to David whether he wishes to become my owner or no.” she added, sealing her fate.

“Good girl.” Matt pulled out a silver rubber ball gag with two silver chains draped to either side. He positioned a small stool covered in red velvet before Angie.

“Kneel here.” This was a command from Matt. He was no longer guiding her through the ceremony, but was now directing her. As she sank to her knees before him, she instinctively kept her thighs apart as she had been trained. As a sow she had learned to make herself available to her owner, and that meant whenever she was kneeling before him she should always allow access for his hand to slide between her thighs, his fingers to rest within the folds of her sowcunt. Matt stood before her and slipped his fingers inside her mouth. Her lips were slack as he pulled at her lower lip drawing it down and sliding the ball gag into place. His fingers manipulated her mouth, pushing at the gag, settling it in behind her teeth, and making sure it was properly placed. Angie’s eyes stared up at him, her arms limp by her sides, all the time he played with her mouth. Once he was satisfied it was comfortable, he stepped behind her and drew the silver chains tight, pulling them round her head and stretching her mouth wider.

“This is to signify to all those here present, and in particular to you Angie, that by your own choice, you have deprived yourself of a voice. We can now proceed with the rest of the ceremony for which you are now only to be a witness. David come and stand round here in front of the offering so that she may look up at you and hear your words.”

“David you have listened as Angie has declared her wish to become your sow. She has acceded all authority to you. From this moment you own her, but before she can be legally bound to you, you must make your own vows regarding the upkeep of your property. Should you decide at any time during the declaration of your vows, that this puts too great a burden upon you, then you are free to decline Angie’s submission. Is that clear?”

“Yes, that is clear.” David spoke with a clear voice, although the tension in it could not be entirely masked.

“Is it your desire to make Angie sign the sow register and become your property?”

David cleared his throat. “It is.”

“Then since this is your desire, we shall proceed in the full understanding that at any time you can refuse the offer and end the ceremony. Are you ready to proceed?”

“I am ready to proceed.”

“David James Hardwick, do you swear before those here present to care for your sow, to keep her clean, fed and groomed at all times?”

“I swear to care for my sow, and keep her clean, fed and groomed always.”

“Do you undertake to keep her in the manner of a sow, to provide her with the sow feed she needs regularly, and take responsibility for her regular milking cycle in the full knowledge that from now on she will become increasingly habituated and dependent upon you for her feed and being milked. That this undertaking is open ended and takes precedence over all other considerations. Do you accept this legal responsibility for the daily upkeep of your property?”

“I do so swear.”

“Then repeat after me. I David Hardwick do accept the legal guardianship of this sow. I understand this means I will be obliged to provide her daily sow feed and arrange for her to be milked. It is my responsibility to establish and maintain a regular milking cycle for my sow.”

“I David Hardwick do accept the legal guardianship of this sow. I understand this means I will be obliged to provide her daily sow feed Kurtköy Escort and arrange for her to be milked. It is my responsibility to establish and maintain a regular milking cycle for my sow.”

“Do you promise before these witnesses to provide regular training and discipline of your sow; to do so in accordance with legal restrictions upon permitted levels of discipline and ensuring that even in the hands of others no lasting harm comes to your sow?”

The words ‘lasting harm’ hung tangibly in the air. Angie made a muffled noise. David turned surprised. Matt watched him like a hawk. After a few moments hesitation, David said,

“I don’t intend to hurt her.”

“David. It is part of your responsibility to your sow to be a source of authority. She will expect it of you. She has been conditioned to as part of her training. Angie is going to look to you for guidance, who else can guide her in the acceptable ways for a sow to behave?”

David’s eyes softened as he took on board what Matt was saying. “Oh well…. I don’t know. I mean, I guess I suppose. I hadn’t really thought about it…”

“Do this for Angie,” Matt continued. “She has been accustomed to being treated as a human. She will not find it easy adopting the ways of a sow. She will need your correction, your discipline, as guidance to help her through this transition. She needs you to be firm, consistent and unswerving. Your discipline is her means of learning her new role in life.”

David was nodding. “Yes I see. I just hadn’t thought it through. Poor Angie. Then of course, I promise to discipline her and provide her the guidance she will need in adopting the ways of a sow.”

“This is not something to be taken on lightly, David. It is essential that you can carry out your responsibilities to your sow in a detached and not a complicit way. It is not enough to meat out your discipline in some kind of ritualistic game you both consent to. You are being asked to provide discipline when it is not ok with your sow, and indeed especially then for that is when your sow will need you to guide her.”

“Yes I understand. My discipline must be consistent and designed to train my sow into the lifestyle and behaviour expected of a sow.”

“Nicely put,” said Matt smiling. Angie felt a tingling in her bud and she rocked ever so slightly forward making her thighs spread a fraction wider.

“Do you also undertake to allow regular and unplanned access by the inspectors to check upon your sow to ensure it is being properly cared for?”

“Yes I will allow regular and unplanned access by the inspectors.”

“Well done David. These are solemn undertakings you are agreeing to, and you have listened, acknowledged and accepted them. These witnesses and I have heard you accept all the undertakings that are required of the owner of a sow. You have shown yourself willing to comply with the law. You realise that should you fail to adhere to any of the conditions you have agreed to here before these witnesses, then your sow will be taken from you and cared for in a sow farm. You will have forfeited your right, not only to keep your sow here today, but the right to keep any sow at any time.”

“I understand the penalties of the law should I fail to adhere to the promises I have made today before these witnesses.”

“Then I am happy to allow the ceremony to proceed. You may talk directly to your sow.”

David turned to Angie who still knelt looking up at him. She could feel the dampness that had spread across her inner thighs as she listened to her owner accept her as his property.

“Follow me.” It was a command. The last time he would ever speak to her, or anyone would speak to her, as an equal had passed, vanished. Angie felt her inner prostration at the power in David’s voice. She rose and followed him a few respectful paces behind as he walked over to the table where Matt stood with the paperwork. Matt placed a form all completed before her and David held out a pen.

“Sign this.” There was to be no explanation, what this form meant, what she was to sign away, nothing of that mattered. All she needed to know was her owner, her master, wanted her to sign it. She was not expected to consider whether she agreed or not, or to even wonder what was in the document, she was there to do their will. It mattered only that David told her to.

Lying on the table before her was the sow register, and she was being told to sign it. Signing this form would remove from her all rights as a human. Upon applying her signature she would legally become a sow: a commodity to be bought and sold at market. After this she would start to forget how to write her signature, as from this moment on she would never again be asked for it. Her signature would be meaningless. What on earth use would the signature of a sow be? Angie’s excitement had been mounting all through the vows, and now confronted by this form she felt an overwhelming desire to answer the urgent call emanating from the heat between her thighs. Her hand slipped down and she pinched at the hard button through the thin fabric pressed tight against it. She felt the buzzing become more intense as waves of pleasure cascaded out across her belly. She moaned and gasped as her fingers worked more urgently. She could not stop herself, like she had an unstoppable need to ingratiate herself before these men, to underline her inability to act as their equal. David and Matt both smiled at her.

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