Sorry, She is Tied Up…

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Sherry was very nervous about her big date with Ron. The two had only met yesterday, but he looked so good she couldn’t say no when he asked her out. She put on her tightest black skirt and tightest sweater. Her ass looked incredible, and the tight sweater accented her 36D’s wonderfully. She put on black fishnet stockings and a a garter belt. Beneath this outfit she wore a black lace teddy. She felt kind of slutty going on a first date like this, but she knew it made her look damn good. Ron arrived promptly at 7pm and rang the door bell. They were set to go to the movies and eat dinner.

When Ron saw Sherry his cock instantly sprang to attention. God, she looked so fine he thought. Her body looked voluptous in the tight clothing she was wearing. Fuck the movie and dinner Ron thought to himself as he eyed her up and down. “Are you ready to go?” Sherry asked. “Sure,” Ron replied. The two went to the show and then to dinner. Ron’s cock remained hard the entire evening. As they reached her house she invited him in. They sat on the couch and talked. Ron made his move, he pulled her to him and began kissing her.

He thrust his hand up her skirt and groped at her pussy. She didn’t stop him. He began raising her skirt upward exposing her crotchless teddy. Her shaved pussy was fully exposed. Ron began eating her immediately and sucked on her throbbing clit. She suggested they go to the bed room and they proceeded there immediately. Ron was a policeman and as she began undressing, he pushed her to the bed. Before she knew what was happening he had her hands cuffed to the bedposts. Sherry didn’t like Pendik Escort this one bit and began screaming for him to undo her. He shoved a pair of her panties into her mouth to keep her quiet. She began kicking her legs wildly thrashing about. Ron found a pair of her pantyhose and tied her legs spread eagled to the bed posts at the foot of the bed. Sherry lay there naked with only her black fishnets and garters on. Her legs were spread widely apart, exposing her wet pink juicy pussy.

Ron left the room and returned a few moments later he had something behind his back but she couldn’t tell exactly what it was. He hid it on the floor at the foot of the bed before she could see it. He then blindfolded her with a rolled up handkerchief. Sherry was unable to speak now, and could not see what was going on. And worse yet she couldn’t move. She felt very uncomfortable. Ron began licking her wet pussy, and she began to relax some. It felt really good. Ron then reached at the foot of the bed and grabbed his nightstick. He pushed the end of the black club against her tight wet pussy, forcing it inside. Sherry made muffled moans as the huge unknown object began going deeper and deeper inside of her.

Ron inserted about 9 inches of it into her juicy pussy, and left the room. He must’ve been gone 20 minutes or so. When he returned he found that most of the nightstick was still embedded inside of her. He began fucking her pretty little pussy with the night stick, and she began to cum. Her pussy was extremely wet now. He with drew the nightstick from her and took the panties from Anadolu Yakası Escort her mouth. He made her lick her own juices off the big club. He removed his pants and began rubbing the head of his 11 inch cock against her mouth. She reached with her tongue and flicked the swollen head with a rapid stroke.

Ron pulled his cock away from her mouth. He began pinching her big nipples roughly. It hurt, but kind of hurt good. He then placed a clothespin on each nipple. They were working just like nipple clamps and the pain was intense, but it also brought her great pleasure. He removed her blindfold. He began stroking his huge monstrous cock just inches from her face, teasing her. She tried to reach the head with her tongue, but alas, no luck. Ron continued jacking off, and she could see the pre cum oozing from the huge head. He moaned and she felt the hot liquid as it splashed across her face. The second spurt landed inside of her mouth. She hungrily sucked the sweet cum. He continued cumming, sending jets of white all over her body. God, this was so intense she thought, as he masturbated and shot his cum for her.

His cock remained totally erect even after the last drop of cum was long gone. He continued stroking himself and then he removed the hand cuffs and nylon restraints. He rolled her to her stomach and hand cuffed her once again to the bed post, face down. and he also tied her feet to the bed posts at the foot of the bed. She lay face down tied up spread eagled again. She felt his weight upon her and he began rubbing his giant cock head up and down her wet İstanbul Escort slit. Good, he is going to fuck me now , she was thinking. He began rubbing her pussy juices all over her ass hole and made it really really wet. She cringed when he inserted his finger inside of her virgin ass., It really hurt. He shoved the panties inside her mouth again. She wondered why he did this, and suddenly she knew.

Without warning he thrust the huge head of his monster cock into her virgin ass hole. She had never experienced such pain before. She was no longer aware of the clothespins on her nipples or anything. Her ass hole felt on fire. Ron savagely thrust his cock into her ass, going deeper and deeper inside of her. The pain soon subsided and he rubbed her hot pussy for her while fucking her ass. He had all 11 inches inside of her ass and was fucking her really hard. She began cumming harder than she had ever cum before. It was incredible. She was having intense orgasms from getting buttfucked. Ron moaned and she felt his hot wet cum explode inside of her ass. He flooded her ass with his cum and he removed the big penis from her and squirted cum on her hot juicy pussy and swollen clit. He watched as her spread ass hole began to close and pools of cum oozed from the red hole.

Suddenly the phone rang, Ron answered it and she heard him say, no she can’t come to the phone, She Is Tied Up At The Moment. He hung up the phone, uncuffed and untied her. He pushed her to the bed and began making soft passionate love to her. They fucked most of the night. Sherry found it hard to believe that this was the same man passionately screwing her and kissing her who was such an animal earlier that night. Deep inside she knew she loved her first bondage experience and was wondering what else he would do to her on their next date. She was wore out from all the sex and dozed off in Ron’s strong arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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