Sold to Ami Gattson


I had been the cuck foot slave to Susan Russo since she discovered my weakness and strong fetish for her bare feet and sexy shoes. She easily exploited my cravings and went to the extent to train me bi to her boyfriends. It was not unusual for me to find myself on my knees as she enjoyed sex with men and had me worship her feet and often times the men’s feet as well. She enjoyed displaying me this way and would at times play with her clit while I was being force fed the cock of one of her lovers.

All she had to do to make me weak with desire was point to her feet and give me orders. I pathetically complied with her commands despite being verbally taunted by Susan and her lovers. They delighted in seeing me get hard and produce pre cum from the mere act of having her foot pushed in my face or being ordered to sniff and kiss inside her shoes while she and her lovers sucked and fucked.

So I had settled into my role knowing that I would be restricted to foot cuck duties. Any cum I produced as a result of gaining permission to release my pent up urges I had to eat.

When I was told one day to report to lunch with Susan and a friend named Ami I was apprehensive. I was rarely allowed the honor of a public outing with Susan that did not include a lover to humble and taunt me. But I had to do what I was told and so I reported as directed.

I had not met Ami and was introduced at the table. Susan proceeded to share with Ami my duties as her foot cuck. Ami was taking it in with a smile on her face and as we sat at the table I felt her leg lifted onto my lap. I became very uncomfortable and I’m sure it showed on my face.

” Is your foot in his lap we discussed?” Susan asked Ami.

“Yes it is.” Ami said in a taunting tone.

The long tablecloth covered the situation to other patrons. I sat quietly as they chatted about me as if I were not there. I was hard as a rock from the foot in my lap that rested on my hard cock. I could feel the pre cum and hoped that it would not spot my trousers.

“I know he’d love to get your shoe off. And get a chance to feel your bare foot.” Susan shared with Ami. “But he won’t dare do anything without permission because he knows the punishment if he does.”

“Isn’t that Ataşehir Escort right my slave?” Susan asked me.

“Yes Ma’am.” I replied in a tone of complete submission.

On another occasion I had made the mistake of glancing at another ladies feet as Susan commented on them. She made it clear that I had no permission to do so. I was later subjected to ten cane strokes on each of my soles for this indiscretion. Any act of real or perceived disobedience resulted in foot discipline. Because I craved foot servitude I had to accept having my feet punished. I had learned the hard way that Susan could be quite sadistic with my punishments.

Susan explained my servitude to Ami in explicit detail. As the conversation went on Ami manipulated her foot over my hard cock and had me strongly stimulated and I could do nothing but endure it.

“Are you hard from having that foot in your lap slave? Susan inquired.

“Yes Ma’am.” I weakly answered.

Susan and Ami both chuckled at my situation. As they ate lunch and chatted I was forced to pick at the salad Susan allowed me to have. But I could feel the pre cum mount and was almost certain that the trousers I was wearing would show the wet spot the stimulation produced.

“Slip off my shoe and hand it to me under the table then stroke my soles lightly.” Ami suddenly commanded me.

I looked to Susan for guidance and she nodded her approval. I had not dared to even consider exploring Ami’s footwear and had no idea what she had on. I fumbled my hands around her foot and felt what appeared to be a slip on sandal. I slipped it from her foot and reached toward her under the table to give it to her. I was shocked when she reached it up and brought it to the table to show Susan.

“I wore these shoes today so your slave could get them off my feet easily.” Ami told Susan. “Do you like them?”

“They are quite sexy.” Susan said. “I know he’d love to taste them. Maybe after lunch you can have him lick them in your car.”

I was lightly stroking the smooth sole of Ami under the table and as I heard Susan’s words I could feel my cock twitch from the excitement. Was I being given to Ami for use?

“He’s got trained hands.” Ami commented Bostancı Escort to Susan. “I like his touch on my soles. His mouth will be just as talented I’m sure from your training.”

“I think you’ll enjoy him. He knows his place as a foot cuck. He’ll be obedient to you and give your feet lots of pleasure. He hasn’t seen them yet but your feet are beautiful and they will easily control him.” Susan shared. She said this as it were the most natural thing in the world.

As their lunch had been eaten my fingers never lost contact with Ami’s sole. She gave me a look of approval and had a glaze in her eyes that indicated she was enjoying my attention.

“He is also trained in full body servitude if you want him to perform.” Susan said. “He especially gets excited licking moist armpits. I know you like to exercise so I though I’d share that.”

They both shared a wicked laugh at my expense. Ami was wearing a dress and lifted her arm to expose her armpit in my direction.

“You’d like to service that to for me wouldn’t you.” Ami taunted with a smile.

“Yes Ma’am.” I answered and I could hear the nervousness in my voice.

I was using both hands to stroke her soles and I was incredibly excited. This woman who I had just met was in control of me and it seemed I would be serving her. There was something so sexy about her voice and the sole I could not see was very smooth. The combination had me entranced.

“So lets make this official.” Susan said. “You buy lunch and agree to send me your slavegirl and the footcuck is yours.”

“It’s a deal.” Ami agreed. “The slavegirl will report to you tomorrow.”

“Keep him for 30 days to try him out. If he serves you well we can work out a longer term deal. If he displeases you in any way let me know immediately. I’ll prescribe a punishment based on my knowledge of his weaknesses that will correct things.” Susan said.

“Put my shoe back on cuck.” Ami commanded as she handed me the sandal. I reached under the table and slipped on the shoe.

“I’ll take him to my car and have him do some things in a park nearby.” Ami said to Susan. “Then tonight his servitude begins in earnest. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.”

“I Kadıköy Escort think we’ll both be pleased with this deal. My big cocked lover Rick wants an ass to stretch and your slavegirl is in for some wicked fucking while I sit on her face.” Susan laughed.

“And I get to own your foot cuck and make him pleasure another slavegirl and a male slave I just took over. So his bisexual training will get used well.” Ami smiled.

I was ordered up from the table which revealed both my bulge and a large wet spot on my trousers.

“I think he really likes you and your feet.” Susan said. “He hasn’t even viewed them yet and look what you did to him.”

“He really was just what you described.” Ami said

And with that I was ordered outside to Ami’s car. She drove me to a near empty park. She lifted her foot as she turned toward me and revealed one of the most beautiful feet I have even seen. Light blue polished toes and a matching slip on sandal. She ordered me to take off the sandal and lick the inside of the shoe. I obeyed. She pushed her bare foot in my face and rubbed her polished toes over my lips.

“Lick my toes cuck.” Ami commanded.

I couldn’t wait to service her toes. I licked slowly and submissively and she relaxed and closed her eyes.

“Between the toes cuck.” Ami ordered.

I slithered my tongue between her sensational toes and gave a slight moan from the stimulation.

“Enough of that for now. There will be plenty of private time for that later with your new slave mates. Now I want to feel that tongue tickle my armpit.” Ami directed.

I leaned toward her as she lifted her arm. . I flicked my tongue into her slightly moist armpit. My moan grew a bit louder. Ami gave a slight moan as well. I buried my tongue into the armpit and worshipped it as i had been trained to do. It was such an act of submission that the sensation of it always made me extra hard.

I did this for a couple minutes and was ordered to stop. I was handed a slip of paper with her address and told when to report tonight for my first training session.

“Obey me completely and earn the chance to release that pent up cum.” Ami said as she reached over and felt my hardness. ” Disappoint me and suffer in ways that will make you wish you had never viewed my feet.”

“Yes Ma’am.” i replied in a servile manner.

Ami drove me back to my car. She had a wicked smile on her face as she dismissed me. I had no idea how deeply I would submit to this woman I had just met.

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