The cabin was our private get-away. Overlooking a sparkling lake at the end of a private lane through the trees, it had a sun-drenched private deck and hot tub away from prying eyes. With three tiny bedrooms and a big stone fireplace, it was the scene of many a weekend spent in a sex-filled daze.

We had been looking forward to a weekend away with Tim and Bob for quite some time. We had trysted with them several times, but the thought of a whole weekend “exploring” with them filled us with lust.

They arrived late Friday night, and we all hit the bed shortly after that, tired from a long work week. In spite of that, my lover and I lay together and masturbated each other to the sounds of our guests fucking in the next room. Cum on hands became cum on tongues, and we fell asleep with the taste or our seed lingering on our lips.

The next day we all slept late, and when the sun burned away the low clouds, we made our way outside to enjoy the sunshine in our naked manly glory.

Several times we applied oils to each others bodies, letting our hands caress smooth skin and toned muscle, enjoying the sight of manflesh rising in the warm sun.

I found myself drawn to Bob a couple of times, imagining his hot, hard cock erupting in my mouth, or stretching my willing asshole as I massaged oil into his legs and abs and arms.

Sometime in the middle of the afternoon, as I stood in the sun while he rubbed me down, his hand reached up between my cheeks and a slick finger gently probed my sphincter. I closed my eyes, shifted my legs apart, and moaned slightly as his finger slid into me. At the same time, his other hand slipped around my stiff cock and his mouth engulfed my cockhead. Our lovers looked on appreciatively, their own cocks stiffening rapidly with sexual anticipation.

I stood there and basked in the pleasure of his fingers and tongue for several minutes, before the need to touch and lick him washed over me. I bent down and drew his mouth to mine before commanding him to lay back, that I wanted to see and touch his cock and his ass.

Smiling up at me, he lay back and spread his legs, his rock hard manhood flat on his belly. His asshole was perfect, and I knelt and licked it, then slid and oiled finger into him and felt the warmth of him. A thick drop of pre-cum was about to dribble on to görükle escort his belly and I licked it and then kissed him with it fresh on my tongue.

I turned and straddled him reversed, and he leaned his head back and took my cock in his mouth as I bent down and took his in mine. At the same time, our fingers found each others love opening and plunged in. In no time at all, we were mouth fucking each other while finger fucking each other at the same time.

It took little time for our lovers to join in as Bob and I settled in to a nice, hot 69 in the sun. My lover knelt before me and poured lube on his cock. I caressed the slick shaft and guided it to Bob’s waiting love hole. At the same time, I felt Tim’s thick member at my own fuckhole, and held my hips still so that I could better feel him enter me. As I watched Bob’s asshole swallow my partner’s skilled fuckmuscle, I swooned at the pleasure and pain of Tim burying his own love tool inside me. I had to take a deep breath and concentrate on not cumming for several seconds, as the combination of cock filling my love hole, the sight of my lover impaling another man, and Bob’s eager and hungry mouth working cock almost put me over the edge. And, of course, a throbbing hard cock filling my mouth!

We fucked almost silently, the only sounds being quiet moans of pleasure, the gentle breeze on the leaves, and the sounds of families having fun on the lake. I loved the sight of my lover;s cock gliding in and out of Bob’s puckered hole in rhythm with Tim’s big rod pistoning in and out of my own fuckhole. The pleasure of Bob’s mouth on my cock, the taste of his cock skin in my own mouth, it was all so erotically intense.

Bob felt my orgasm rising, and grabbed my ass cheeks with both hands and pulled me deeper in his mouth when I erupted. I muffled my cries of pleasure by drawing his cock deeper in my mouth as I pumped spurt after spurt of hot jizz deep into Bob’s mouth and right down his throat. I was genuinely fucking his mouth when I climaxed, and he took me eagerly and hungrily.

My body was still trembling in the throes of climax when my lover pulled his cock from Bob’s anal sheath and he let a thick, gossamer jet of mancream explode on to Bob’s cock before he plunged back in and finished cumming inside Bob’s hole. I plunged my mouth bursa escort bayan down Bob’s cum-smeared cock, loving the taste of my lover’s nectar, and was rewarded with a magnificent eruption of hot jism to add to that of my lover. I sucked greedily as spurt after spurt of creamy manjuice filled my wanton mouth, and when Bob’s orgasm was complete, my lover was eager to push his lips to mine and share a cumfilled kiss.

As out mouths locked together and cum spilled down my cheeks, Tim gave a muffled roar and thrust hard against me. I felt the pulsations of his muscle and the warm silkiness of his cum filling my asshole, and our sex felt complete.

We fell apart, almost spent by the intensity of our fuck, and lay panting in the afterglow.

I wanted more, so I got up and went in to the house and returned to the deck with a dildo. To my satisfaction, I saw that their cocks stiffened eagerly when I shoved it into my asshole and began to fuck myself with it. They gathered around me and I played. I pulled the dildo from my hole and erotically licked the cum that was smeared on it, then deep throated it before plunging it back in my asshole. In due time, I was rewarded with their orgasms, as each of them masturbated into my waiting mouth, before I finally climaxed for the second time.

We rested, dined, and hot tubbed. Before we hit the tub, we each drew a card from a deck. High card won the fantasy of their choosing. Bob drew a queen.

He left the hot tub ahead of the rest of us. As we enjoyed the water, and each other, Bob prepared the house. When we came inside, he had lit a crackling blaze, and set a dozen candles around the room. The only light was the fire and the candles. A big, soft rug was in front of the fire. Bob’s body glistened with oil as he waited for us in the fireglow.

He took turns kneeling before each of us, anointing our own bodies with oil, caressing our anal openings with his fingers, and our cocks with his lips and tongue.

His hands and tongue were expert, and he urged our climaxes as the pleasure built in our bodies. In turn, each of us came in his warm mouth, and our seed spilled down his cheeks and dribbled to his chest. He was an intensely erotic sight, his body glistening with sweat, oil, and cum in the sparkling candle and fire light.

After bursa escort we had each came, he rolled on to his belly and raided his hips in the air, exposing his perfect asshole. He reached around and poured a thick dollop of lube directly on to his pucker hole, and then slid two fingers inside of himself to show his eagerness.

My lover was already hard. Straddling him, he squatted down and injected his cock into the hungry hole that had been offered us. Tim and I moved closer, so that we could see the fuck better. Leaning against each other, we caressed each other’s members and occasionally kissed as we watched the hot manfuck close before us. Bob asked us to take turns, so we did.

For an hour, the three of us pleasured ourselves in Bob’s hot, tight, fuck hole. He stayed in the same position; ass upraised, his hands pulling his cheeks apart as we worshiped at the altar that was his body. We rutted at his hole, standing next to each other, sharing three-way tongue-twisting kisses as we enjoyed the pleasure that had been offered us.

Finally the pleasure gates could be held back no longer and Tim was the first to growl and groan and drive his spunk deep into his lovers hole. I quickly exchanged places with him and erupted immediately upon feeling Bob’s warm love hole embrace my shaft. The two of us cried out with pleasure as I came, Bob rejoicing in the feeling of our nectars mixing within him.

I dropped to my knees and slid two fingers into my lovers asshole as I guided his cock into Bob. The pulsations of his sphincter told me he was climaxing, too. I licked his cock when he pulled out, then plunged my tongue into Bob’s love hole eager for a taste of the cream we had given him.

As I shoved my tongue into his luscious hole, I milked his cock, and when he came, it was magnificent. His cream spilled over my hand and his ass muscles tensed and pushed a gusher of cream out of his hole and down his balls, which I lapped up hungrily, before my own lover and Tim pressed their mouths to mine to share the taste of our leavings.

We staggered to our beds after another soak in the tub, and dreamed of assholes and cocks and cum.

I woke early, and found my way to Bob and Tim’s room. As my lover listened from our bed, I sucked each of them to climax and then returned to my own bed and slid my lover’s cock into my asshole and we fucked, our mouths locked and our tongues intertwined, enjoying the hot spunk that our guests had given me.

We fucked in the sun again that afternoon, but it was merely an aftermath to the sexual adventure we had shared the day before.

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