Sissy Girl Forever Pt. 03

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Sissygirl forever continued.

Sara stood there laughing at me as Mistress explained how things would be for the near future. She told Miss Andrea that if I wished she could fill them in with the red right now if I wanted. But Mistress said no. She was looking forward to my rushing off to work at times forgetting to polish them. Or eating out with friends and have the lippy wear off.

They both had a good laugh at that, and as we were leaving Sara did mention that she could do tattooed eyebrows too if she wished. Mistress said she would think about it as I just rolled my eyes. Mistress thanked Sara after leaving a nice tip and we headed off to Sephora to buy lipstick.

As Mistress looked at the selection I tried my best to stand behind her and hide my swollen lips from view. A young, and of course heavily made up, salesperson asked mistress if she needed help finding the right product. Mistress told her that she wanted a certain shade of red lipstick that would wear off easily. She pointed to me saying “It’s for my sissy girl, and the easy wearing type will make her remember to re-apply it often.

Mistress Andrea pulled me in front of her so the sales girl could see me and she let out a wild laugh drawing 3 or 4 other salesgirls over to see me. Even some customers could see me with my new tattooed fat lips. “Well I would normally recommend the “all-day-stay” line but if you want the type that wears off easily then let’s try this one,” she said as she opened the tube and approached me with it. She carefully filled in my sore lips and my embarrassing tattoo disappeared from view. “That seems to match perfectly to hide your tattoo” she commented.

I was so relieved but then the sales girl told mistress that if I was going to be wearing lippy all the time I should have the rest of my face done properly as well. She led us to a mirror and had me sit in a stool and gave Ümraniye Fetiş Escort my face a full makeover in front of everyone. At least I was dressed in women’s clothes and after dropping about 2 hundred dollars on makeup Mistress led me out the door. I don’t know what hurt more at that point, the puffy tattooed lips, the pain I felt in my chastity as I was led out of that sissifying heaven, or my ego knowing I would never be seen as male anymore. I would have to remember to come back at another time and get the all-day lipstick I thought.

On the way down the block we passed a Claire’s Boutique and mistress stopped to do some window shopping. “We must go in and get you some pretty things Brenda dear. After all, you will be needing it to complete your look at work now.” Mistress pulled me in and found some pretty bracelets that would fit my larger than the average woman’s wrists.

She looked at my face and saying I should have my ears pierced too and then she started digging through her black Coach bag finally finding what she needed. Calling the clerk over Mistress told the gal “My sissy needs her ears pierced.” The clerk, Deborah, calmly said ok and told me to have a seat in her piercing chair and she would grab her gear. When I sat down Mistress showed me what she took from her bag. It was a single standard dice. She handed it to me and told me to roll it on the counter. I did and rolled a 3. Mistress clapped and said “oh good, 3 piercings. Looks like 1 in each ear, and 1 in your tongue Brenda.

I gasped at that. I didn’t mind the ears but refused to get my tongue pierced and I told Mistress how I felt. She said ok but since I did roll a 3 and I had to get 3. She pondered a bit and whispered to Deborah a minute. Mistress pointed to a starter set and Deborah set up her equipment. Deborah took a marker and marked my earlobe on the left and then the right, Ümraniye Gecelik Escort making certain they were even. She looked to Mistress for approval then made two more marks on each ear.

I looked at Mistress and she gently explained that I rolled a 3 and was getting 3. “But Mistress that would be 6 the way she marked it”‘ I complained. “Well Brenda, it’s either that or your tongue. You rolled a 3 and 6 earrings is 3, it’s just 3 pair” she laughed. She then leaned forward and gave me a very hot kiss on the lips making me squirm in my seat as she pulled away. It never occurred to me that she did this as a way to nonchalantly wipe away my lipstick.

Deborah cleaned my ear lobes and loaded her piercing gun. As she was going to place it for the first hole she did a double take at my lips and gasped. “Does that really say Sissy Girl Forever on her lips.” “OMG that is hysterical, I love it.” To Mistress she said “We really need to talk, this is fantastic what you are doing with her. I have been feminizing my male as well and this is so awesome of you to do this for her” she proclaimed pointing at my blushing self.

She returned to the task at hand and placed 3 studs in each of my ears. She gave me cleaning solutions and a form that explained caring for them. As I looked in the mirror I saw that my ears were now adorned with 3 nicely spaced little pink diamond studs on each side. With my Sephora face and all I looked kind of pretty even for my once male face. She then explained to Mistress Andrea that she was also a professional body piercer as a side job, usually doing them at adult fairs, bdsm events and private parties and has done some nice new things on her sissy that she would be happy to discuss at another time. She gave Mistress her card and Mistress promised to call her soon. Deborah gave us a nice discount on our purchase and gave me a little kiss Ümraniye Genç Escort on the cheek and said “Be a good girl now” as we were leaving.

As we headed back to her car she handed me my lipstick “Here you may want to hold on to this and check yourself often”. She said with a smile. “Thank you my beautiful Mistress, and thank you for all you do for me.” We were finally heading back to Mistress’ home and I would have to get busy and prepare dinner. I am a pretty good cook and in no time I had dinner set out for her. She allowed me to eat with her and we enjoyed some nice wine. Mistress asked me how I felt work would go tomorrow. I told her I was a bit apprehensive as today was going to make me step up my fem look at work quite drastically. I told her that the women in the office were going to get a bit of a shock. Mistress laughed that devilish laugh of hers that made me love her so.

After dinner she retrieved a bag from the closet and handed it to me. Inside I found a new pair of stretch pants with a rear zipper and a pair of pumps with a sturdy looking 2.5″ heel that was similar to what most of the ladies in the office wore. I thanked Mistress for her generosity and modeled them for her. She loved the fit but said it was too bad the chastity wasn’t just a little flatter so the pants would fit smoother. “We will have to work on that” she teased. As it was getting on in the evening I needed to get home and do my own chores before work the next day.

Before I left Mistress said she downloaded some music she wanted me to listen to as I slept that night. She said she emailed it to me and I should load it on my mp3 player and use the earphones. I knew it was probably more sissy hypno stuff but could not refuse her and told her I would listen to it for her. She gave me a long deep kiss while fondling my chastity through my pants. “I love you Brenda girl, and I want you to think about moving in with me soon and give up that old “man cave” of yours, and don’t forget your lipstick. “Oh yes Mistress” I swooned, and headed to my car. My head was spinning on the way home. Not only would I move in, but tomorrow I would buy a diamond ring and this weekend I will ask her to marry me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32