Sissy Blackmale Ch. 04


Exhausted and still restrained in my pink leather training chair, and doused with a fine layer of sweat, I try to recover from the mind-melting experience. Panting heavily, tremors and aftershocks shake through my body, the six-inch dildo still lodged inside me, still claiming me.

The soft whirring sound starts again as the dildo gently recedes out of me with a wet plop. I whisper an involuntary “Ohhh…” as it leaves me empty again, confusion about what I just experienced setting in, images flashing through my mind and internally echoing the commands I had heard. Do I really want this? Was it just the heat of the moment… Do I really want to be Bambi?

I hear the sound of the black metal door opening behind me, still muffled by the headphones, and in comes Darnell, with Chloe crawling behind him like a faithful hound, a leash attached to her own collar that reads ‘BIMBO’ in jewelled lettering. She now has a red ballgag slotted into her mouth and the same dreamy cum-drunk expression on her face. Darnell lifts the headphones from my head and my hearing returns. I still haven’t quite caught my breath.

“Well, well… Quite the show you put on there.” Darnell says, amused.

“What… What time is it…”

Darnell takes a small bottle of water from his pocket and opens it, slowly tipping it into my mouth. I gulp it down thirstily, dehydrated from my training session.

“There’s a good sissy.”

My clitty twitches at the words. I drain the last of the water, spilling a little down my chin as I cannot use my hands.

“The time is 2330. Do you know what that means?”

I shake my head. I don’t know anything anymore.

“It means in thirty minutes you will have a new owner. Which means you need to wash up and touch up your makeup.” He nods to the soaked, sticky mess on my thighs. “Quite the mess you made, too.” His expression turns curious and he squats down to eye level, examining me like a farmer would his prize-winning pig. “How do you feel?”

It takes me a second to register what he has said. After a few more seconds I still don’t know the answer.

“C… Confused?” I squeak. My voice is higher and girlier than I remember it.

“What is your name?”

I root around in my brain. There’s some other word in there, I sense its presence vaguely in my mind like a stranger in the background, but the main one that comes to mind, flowery and pink and bright, is:


Darnell grins, pats me gently on the head.

“Very good, Bambi. Very good. You really took to your training. That’s a good sissy.”

My clitty strains and I stifle a moan at the words.

“It will soon be time for phase three, and I must tell you – there are only three phases to this operation.” Darnell produces a second pink leather leash from his pocket, about a metre long.

“Is there… Training in phase three?” I say, surprising myself at how hopeful I sound.

“If you’re a good sissy there will be hotter and heavier training every day for the rest of your life.” Darnell smiles patronizingly and looks at me like a man reassuring a child of a concept only an adult could grasp. My sissy pussy tingles at the prospect of more training.

Darnell attaches my leash, then loosens my restraints. I stand and he turns me and bends me over the chair. I bite my lip, half afraid and half hoping he is going to fuck me right here and now. My body betrays my desire as I arch my back, and he laughs.

“Eager little sissy. Sadly, it won’t be me that will be the first in that tight ass.” The sting of a hard, painful spank against my right asscheek from Darnell’s huge hand draws a sharp gasp from me as it echoes off the walls.

“We’re just going to plug you, keep you nice and open down there.” Cold lube and soft plastic push open my slightly sore sissy pussy again as a small black buttplug is inserted, I gasp again as it pushes in deep past the flared base and my asspussy closes around it.

“Make sure you keep it in. Alright, on your knees.”

Whilst on my knees he fixes the same ballgag to my mouth that Chloe has. Then with a leash in each hand he leads us out of the training room and I crawl from dark concrete to bright carpet, wiggling my ass a little as I try to maintain grip on my plug.

My eyes sting for a second at the adjustment to normal lights. I am confused by my surroundings, a very Ümraniye Öğrenci Escort long and thin beige corridor with at least thirty numbered metal doors on each side. At either end of the corridor are carpeted stairs and the only colour I see is beige – the black metal door is only painted on the outside, the training rooms within must all be bare apart from the screens. Darnell takes a key from his pocket numbered 14 and locks my door with it, reminding me of the kind of service you would get by simply renting a locker somewhere. I can hear the muffled moaning and crying out from what I assume to be other sissies behind the closed doors and feel a pang of envy at their submissive pleasure. Now that they are all closed the doors form a solid wall of beige.

“One more thing you need to understand,” Darnell says, “despite the fact you are complying, the next phase requires absolute obedience, so just in case you start to yearn for your past life…”

He produces a complicated-looking remote with dials and several buttons, turns a dial, then presses a button.

Instantly I am gripped by a disabling electric shock from my collar, causing me to faceplant from all fours on the carpet, twitching. As quickly as it came, it ends, and leaves me panting, terrified at his power over me.

“Now, that was around a 3 on the dial, and as they say in Spinal Tap ‘this goes to eleven’. However, with compliance…” He presses another button and my buttplug pulses pleasurably three times, making me wiggle and shake my ass in the air, to giggles from Chloe.

“So now you understand the system. Any questions?”

I shake my head furiously.

“Good sissy.” The words make my clitty tingle and I get another three pulses from the plug, making me leak deliciously.

“Now follow.”

Without much choice, pulled by the lead, we crawl behind Darnell to the end of the corridor. As we reach the stairs a man walks past us, a well-dressed pudgy white man standing at around 5′ 7″. He’s one of the only men I have seen in my life to still wear a monocle, and he examines us studiously.

“Evening, Darnell.”

“Good evening, Peter. How is business?” Darnell smiles, showing clear respect to the older man.

“Booming as always, my friend. I say, these two look like fine specimens.” He crouches a little to examine us, and I find his posh English accent pleasing to the ear.

“The girl is a tight fuck, but this little sissy has become a favourite project of mine.” Darnell grins his trademark shark-toothed grin as my cheeks blush. Peter smiles, which makes me realise how small his mouth is relative to his pudgy cheeks. He toys with my collar.

“Cumslut, eh? I bet you are. How much are they going for?”

“Bidding’s still open for another half hour. Take them separately or together, as you like.”

“Hmm…” Peter strokes his brown moustache. “Perhaps. If you’ll excuse me, I have one of my own to collect, a petite little thing. The Japs go to market particularly well these days.” The two men finish their pleasantries and walk away with a respectful nod. I crawl up the stairs carefully. At the top we reach two mahogany double doors guarded by a swipe-card security system.

“Conduct yourself accordingly here. Embarrass me and you will be punished.” He warns.

Darnell swipes a keycard on a lanyard around his neck and opens the doors up into a lavishly furnished, ornate hotel lobby; a busy hive of activity. There are hundreds of people here in the sprawling lobby, and my cheeks redden shamefully as I am effectively exposed publicly as a sissy. I try to keep my head down so my wig trails over my face while I sneak glimpses of my high class surroundings.

The floor is cold and hard on my hands and knees as we walk through, the whole lobby floor a sea of beautiful blue marble. Large exotic plants and ferns tastefully decorate the interior, and erotic paintings hang from the walls. There are at least eight sets of double mahogany doors on each wall, and out of the large, gold-plated windows at the front of the building I can see large golden gates menacing with spikes rising around the entrance, beyond that, nothing but the darkness of night and trees and woodland enveloping the road in. Within the confines of the floodlit gates are nothing but luxury cars and limos: Bugattis, Rolls-Royce, Porsche, high-end Ümraniye Çıtır Escort Mercedes… The works.

The slave-master dynamic that we share in our group of three definitely extends to the other parties in the bustling lobby. Some Masters are sitting in the sprawling seating areas, but all sissies and sluts remain leashed and on the floor. Busty bimbos with fake bolt-on tits, curled blonde hair, and in revealing pink or black lingerie are the norm, always attached to wealthy-looking Masters. Some are receiving blowjobs, some directly fucking and breaking in sissies on the floor of the hotel lobby; one poor sissy in the corner was being gangbanged by four black guys at once, and looked to have the cum of at least three others plastered on her. Her tired yelps and moans echo through the grand hotel lobby. Other than that, the general noise level is quite respectful, the conversation sitting at a low hum whilst jazz piano is played by a house pianist in the corner.

We reach a long red carpet that stretches from the large reception area to the two huge opaque glass doors at the entrance, and take our place in a queue. One black Master at the front, large but not quite Darnell size, is arguing the toss about some charges for sissy service to his room he apparently didn’t order. Immediately before us are two well-dressed female Mistresses in grey business wear and sunglasses, accompanied by two sluts on leashes and a third, rare, standing sissy pulling two suitcases behind her, presumably granted standing privilege in order to carry the luggage. One of the two, a short black haired no-nonsense type with a cute beauty spot above her upper lip turns around and pulls down her sunglasses, revealing dark inviting hazel eyes as she breaks her icy demeanour with an excited smile.

“Darnell! We haven’t seen you for ages!”

Darnell seems a little taken aback, and laughs.

“Well if it isn’t the two most ruthless Mistresses in all of Hotel Babylon. How are we?” The three exchange warm hugs. The taller of the two dark-haired women has a pointed nose and sharp features. She sneers down at me so I avert my eyes to the ground.

“Pathetic.” She mocks me.

“Now now, Cindy, if you want to bully Bambi here you’ll need to bid like everyone else. Looks like you have your hands full, anyway.” Darnell nods at the gagged and leashed sluts on the floor. The bubbly small woman giggles.

“When we’re done with them, they’re not gonna be able to spell the word ‘fuck’!” The sluts on the floor widen their eyes and exchange worried looks.

“Abby… still melting minds, I see.” Darnell chuckles. The three laugh and talk for a while, making naughty references to a specific weekend they had at the hotel when they shot some sissies up with LSD and ecstasy and had a gangbang that resulted in Darnell shooting creampies in both Cindy and Abby multiple times in the same night, whilst they watched the confused and horny sissies attempt to earn enough release from chastity to fuck each other with their limp clitties.

Eventually the man’s complaint is resolved and Cindy and Abby collect their room keys from the desk and agree to meet Darnell after the auction where Chloe and I will be sold. I feel a little apprehensive anxiety at the thought of being sold to someone as depraved as the two women, and in truth I can feel some of the heavy conditioning wearing off. Without showing it, I feel some panic and scan for a way out, but all I see is those two grand doors, so far away.

Darnell swaps his training key for a regular room key. The gorgeous bimbo blonde on reception has busty tits that spill out of her skimpy version of a concierge uniform and heavily plastered makeup. She smiles at him and upgrades him to a penthouse suite, compliments of the house.

“Never had a complaint about the service here.” Darnell says with a wink. I am momentarily daunted at the thought of crawling up one of the two massive marble staircases leading to the upper levels, but then Darnell walks us to the far end of the lobby, and I realise that he is mercifully taking us to the elevators.

The interior of the elevator is soft pink cushioned walls and floor, a welcome break for my sore knees. I am also grateful to be out of the public eye. Darnell checks his phone and smirks.

“Not long left now, ladies.”

We exit the elevator Ümraniye Elit Escort back onto beige carpeted hallway and Darnell swipes into his room; the penthouse suite appears to take half of this entire floor of the hotel, the other half being another suite. The open-plan living room and bar area is sprawling, the soft beige carpeted floor contrasting with the dark leather corner sofa and armchairs directed towards a forty-inch OLED TV. In a depression in the middle of the room is a large hot tub. The entirety of the far wall is floor-to-ceiling glass, giving a gorgeous view of the moon and stars shining down onto country fields. I wonder where the hell we are, and feel a stab of anxiety, wondering if anyone is looking for us.

On the right wall, either side of a large aquarium filled with tropical fish, are four black doors leading presumably to bedrooms and a bathroom. Darnell gestures to the nearest one.

“Bambi, go in there and clean up good. There is an enema kit and everything else you need, take a real nice bath. I’m gonna keep an eye on the final bids while your girl greases my pole one last time.” Darnell orders.

Ashamed, I slink off towards the door whilst Darnell sits on the sprawling sofa, his legs parted, Chloe kneeling between them, pulling his hefty cock from his cargo shorts.

“Oh and you can remove the plug, but not the collar.” He calls. “Use the little cotton-bud things in there to clean it.” Darnell is clearly right at home here.

The sounds of Chloe sucking and slurping on his huge black cock becomes muffled as I shut the door behind me and stand painfully on my stilettos. I take them off and massage my feet for a second.

The bathroom is as lavish and splendid as everything else in the establishment. There is a large deep ornate bathtub taking up one corner, and a walk-in shower in the other. To my right is the toilet, looking like an ivory throne, and to my left a large mirrored cabinet next to the sink. I catch a gaze at myself again, makeup streaked by the sweat that dripped down my face while I rode the pink vibrator, fake nipples poking through the lycra material, shaved clitty dangling soft locked and useless from the crotchless area. My lips are fully puffed up around my ballgag, and shameful thoughts about my appearance begin to return. I hear the loud gagging and slurping sounds of face-fucking from the main room and quickly start running the hot tap for a bath to drown out the sound.

I peel off the bodysuit and remove my ballgag and plug, feeling empty once again. I check through the cabinet, which is a verifiable arsenal of perfumes, aftershaves, condoms, lubes, gags, bindings, enemas, and other strange apparatus.

The bath fills and I slip into it, grateful for the hot relaxing water to soothe my tender body. This seems to be my first quiet moment in the last twenty-four hours, which has passed in a blur. Now that the water is no longer running I hear the slapping of Darnell’s massive balls against Chloe’s ass and her horny moans and realise he must have got carried away and pulled her up onto him so she could ride him with her tight teenage pussy. My cheeks go red with shame as I think of my jacked black Master railing my girl once again, with me helpless to do anything but clean up the cummy mess afterwards. How could I have allowed this to happen?

The fucking sounds reach a crescendo as Chloe cums multiple times on his black cock, and just like the first time the tensing and squeezing of her orgasming hot wet pussy must be milking the cum from his cock as he holds her there balls-deep on the sofa. The noises die down, fading into tired panting, until the quiet is punctuated by an ecstatic shout from Darnell.

“Yes! Sold!” I hear him march towards the bathroom and freeze in fear. He flings the door open, his own giant naked frame intimidating my bathing sissy body. He enters with a giant grin and shows me his phone, an app flashing with green dollar signs.

“I just made more money from you in three hours than you could make in a year. Your sissy pussy and your girl are sold!”

I tremble with fear.

“W-who bought us, Master?”

“I ain’t your Master no mo’, though I couldn’t resist taking your sweetheart’s tight pussy for another test drive. Nope, you’re sold – and I can’t wait for you to meet your new owner. I’m gonna make myself a drink!” He goes out and shuts the door, whooping and hollering as he does. I hear footsteps to the minibar followed by the sound of Darnell laughing to himself and pouring a drink.

Accompanied only by the bubbles and the steam rising from my bath, I realise that my journey into becoming Bambi has barely even begun.

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