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I met Anna and John through a contact ad. Anna had advertised looking for a well endowed young man to “double her pleasure” as she had put it, with her husband present. She looked extremely horny in the photo which accompanied the advert, laying back on her bed rubbing her pussy dressed only in pink suspenders, white stockings and red stilettos. Regarding myself as being just the man for the job I wrote back hoping I would fulfill her requirements.

When I got their reply I was well pleased to find I did and could I get in touch with them ASAP on the phone no they provided. Doing so the same day we arranged for me to go down to their place the following weekend where they would accommodate me, in more ways than one she promised. I couldn’t wait.

While chatting on the phone it turned out Anna was 42 and still very highly sexed, her husband John was 48 and whilst still active could not fulfill Anna’s needs which was why they advertised.

They lived about 100 miles away and I made the journey down after knocking off work a bit earlier the next Friday. I got to their place about six o’ clock and after the initial introductions and being shown to my room we went straight to the pub for a couple of drinks to get to know each other a bit better.

Anna seemed very pleased with her choice as she rubbed my leg seductively under the table in the pub. I too was more than pleased, she was a sexy attractive woman whose advances made her even more desirable. Her husband seemed a decent bloke too, and although I was still a little apprehensive as this was my first time in such a situation he calmed my nerves by actively encouraging both myself and his wife to seduce each other.

After another couple of drinks and with our inhibitions loosened John urged myself and Anna to go back to their place to get to know each other better. He would stay a while longer at the pub while we did so and would join us later. On hearing this Anna needed no further encouragement and taking me by the hand, led me form the pub where we got taxi outside back to her place. On the way she whispered in my ear all the things she planned to do to me when we got back to hers and it was all I could do not to embarrass myself getting out of the taxi already sporting a massive hard on.

Once inside I took Anna’s coat and hung it up and she then led me upstairs to her bedroom.

“C’mon” she said, “It’s time for you to really get to know me.”

“I can’t wait” I replied.

Once inside she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled my head towards hers. We kissed eagerly and her tongue darted into my mouth and was met with my own. Wrapping my own arms around her back they rubbed up and down and I fondled her behind. Breaking off and turning her around I unzipped her dress and slipped it down over her shoulders revealing her red bra underneath. It fell further ankara2010.com still to also reveal red suspenders, red briefs and black stockings finishing with her high heeled black strappy patent leather sandals. She turned round to face me again and I let out a long low whistle in appreciation. Her full rounded figure strained against her underwear and she looked positively wicked.

“Fantastic” was all I could muster.

“Thank you” she said, “Now let’s see what you’ve got to offer.”

Unbuttoning my shirt for me she pulled it over my shoulders and tugged it from my pants. Then undoing my belt and slowly unzipping my fly she bent down and pulled down my trousers. My erection bulged obviously against the white cotton of my boxer shorts and she glanced at me approvingly before starting to rub it through the material.

“Mm, I can see you’re going to more than double my pleasure” she commented.

“I intend to” I replied.

She stood up and continued to rub me through the material of my shorts as we kissed again and sat down on the bed. We lay back and I began to rub my hands over her stomach letting them rise to her breasts and begin to fondle her through the satin material of her bra. She reached inside my shorts and gripped me properly and slowly began to toss me off inside them. Groaning appreciatively I let her continue as I slid a hand inside one of the cups of her bra. and began to rub her nipple between my fingers. Then moving down slowly, my hand crept to her panties and began to rub her pussy through the thin silky cloth. She gasped lightly as I began and soon I could feel her dampness begin to creep through the material. I slid a hand inside and began to rub at her increasing dampness and she gasped out as I pushed first one finger, then two into her.

“Yes that feels good” she whispered as she began to push herself onto my invading digits.

Meanwhile she had pulled down my shorts to free my straining erection and was now wanking me with nice strong strokes.

Suddenly she broke free and completely removed my shorts and then bent down in front of me to remove her panties, her dark inviting pussy winking at me as she did so. She climbed back onto the bed and spun round, getting herself into the 69 position.

“Lick me” she urged.

Taking my dick in her hands she slid her silken lips over its tip and began to suck me off with long slow motions, occasionally breaking off to lick the tip.

She moaned loudly as I slid my tongue deep inside her and began to lick her out, causing vibrating sensations to race through my dick, god it felt so good. We continued to lick and suck at each other for a while until she was ready to be screwed. Taking me from her mouth she looked round at me as I licked at her juices,

“Fuck me now Craig” she requested eagerly.

She spun round and lay next to me on the bed and opened her legs wide. Getting between them I placed my throbbing dick at her entrance and pushed into her slowly. Moaning as I entered she immediately began to push back at me so I was buried to the hilt inside her.

“Fuck me” she urged again.

I began to push into her with short movements to start with until my dick became encased with her juices. Once she had loosened up a bit I began to pound into her with long hard strokes. She pulled her legs up high and I buried myself as far as possible inside her each time I thrust, making her cry out loudly with each stroke. Grunting, I warned her I was about to come to which she responded by wrapping her legs around the small of my back and urging me into her harder by digging her fingernails into my buttocks and pulling me in further. We both cried out in mutual climax as I shot my load inside her and slumped down onto her, both breathing coarsely.

We both fell asleep almost immediately and when I awoke I was startled to see John standing in the bedroom smiling down at us. Anna was already awake and lay there grinning like a Cheshire cat.

“So what’s the verdict then Anna” he enquired.

“Wonderful” she replied smiling at me.

“And Craig what do you think of my wife” he then enquired of me.

“She’s fabulous” I said nervously.

“Yes I think so too” he replied.

“Aren’t you going to join us then?” Anna asked him.

“Certainly” came the reply.

Anna’s face lit up at the prospect of being had by two men at the same time and, whilst still a little cautious, the effect of the drinks and Anna’s earlier performance made me begin to look forward to it too.

John quickly stripped and lay on Anna’s other side and began to fondle her breasts. Anna in turn lay between us and taking each of us in hand with either arm began to toss us both off at the same time. She leaned across to kiss me and her tongue snaked its way inside my mouth once more as she pulled me off. I quickly began to become hard once more as she wanked me and I could see John was growing just as quickly as me. She let go of us both and got onto her hands and knees. Taking me in her hand again she began to suck me off as John got behind her with his tongue and began to lick her out. She started moaning loudly as he did so sending those tingling vibrations through the full length of my shaft again. We changed positions after a while and it was John’s turn to be blown off whilst I licked at Anna once again letting John experience the exquisite sensations I had been party to. He was also obviously enjoying it as much as I did.

“Aren’t you going to screw her then Craig” asked John presently.

“Yes c’mon baby, put it up me again” Anna added.

I stopped licking and knelt up behind her and forced my tool into her in one sharp thrust. She squealed as I did so but still had her lips wrapped around her husband’s knob so it was muffled slightly but still clearly audible. Grasping her by the hips I began to force myself into her with long hard strokes, her head and hips bobbing alternately onto her husband and me. She stopped sucking John, pulled herself off me and asked me to lay back on the bed. I did as asked and she straddled me, facing in the opposite direction.

“You’re going to fuck me up the arse” she said decidedly, who was I to argue, I’d always wanted to try it anyway. She took hold of my dick and placed it against her ring piece and ever so slowly lowered herself down onto it. She groaned loudly as she did so and I did too. God she was so tight in there it took a bit of getting used to at first. However once I was all the way in I started to make a little leeway and soon she was taking my full length in and out each time she rode up ad down on me, gasping out as she went. John meanwhile had moved around to the front and getting in between her well spread legs was now trying to force his own erection into her gaping fanny. We both slowed our movements to let him in and Anna squealed loudly with delight as he entered her with his thick tool. We both pushed into her slowly at first trying to get our alternate rhythms matched and we soon got the hang of it. Before long we were both pounding into Anna as she continued to literally scream with delight at the severe shagging she was getting in both holes.

“Yes, fuck me you beautiful bastards” she urged as we ploughed away, although we needed no encouragement whatsoever. She came again as we continued until having become a bit sore from the tightness of her behind I had to stop. I pulled out and got out from underneath her as John continued to screw her, obviously lost in his own erotic paradise.

“Come in my mouth Craig” she said so I knelt up beside her face and she took me between her lips again and sucked as hard as she could on me, her cheeks pulling in with each sucking motion. John was moaning loudly himself now and it was easy to see he was close to coming.

“Go on John, fill me up” Anna urged him and with one last gasp he began shooting his load deep inside her. I meanwhile was also close to coming again and as Anna continued to suck forcefully on me I could feel my spunk building up inside me once more. Gasping loudly I began to spurt into Anna’s mouth but there was too much for her to take. She swallowed what she could as the remainder oozed from her mouth and ran down her face sticking to her lips and chin like sticky glue making her look like a porn star. She scooped the excess off her face with her fingers and licked them dry before laying back on the bed contentedly smiling to herself. John and I lay next to her on either side and rubbed her stocking clad legs and dripping pussy simultaneously before we all fell asleep again to regain our strength for the next session a couple of hours later.

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