Sex Smells

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It was a hot and humid day in August and I sat on my couch in the living room reading a book and drinking a cold glass of sun tea. I was periodically distracted by glimpses of my beautiful girlfriend as she bounced around our yard weeding and watering her plants. She had been working out there for a while, in her crop top tee and a pair of tight athletic shorts that accented her fat little dumper very well. I could see the effects of the sun were starting to get to her. Rings of sweat had formed on her clothing and were slowly expanding. I watched her wipe her brow, then pinch her shirt at the chest fanning it in and out, a movement that caused her pomegranate sized breasts to shake and jump in a haphazard fashion. She started walking towards the door and I noticed her pivot one foot mid stride and slightly arch her back in the fashion of a person working to release a waiting fart. I imagined her sweaty cheeks slipping past each other like the arms of passers-by in a crowded hallway. Her tight asshole contorting its shape to break the pressurized seal that was containing her scented wind. The skin on my dick shaft started to slowly peel from its resting position on my balls as blood started to pool in the area.

I had been hoping she would start to react to breakfast soon. Earlier I served her a morning meal consisting of scrambled eggs with spinach and cream cheese, yogurt topped with bran kernels, and a fresh fruit smoothie. It had been my intention to fill her little gas tank with all the dairy and fiber I could manage to prepare. We’d had Thai food for dinner and a late-night bowl of ice cream that would hopefully be churning in her little belly by now. I didn’t want to miss any of her anal perfume, so I jumped up from the couch and opened the door for her. She stepped in, rubbing her tight but soft tummy, followed by a trailing wisp of her digestive expression. The latent scent was a mellow musk similar to the steamed air wafting from a boiling pot of hot dogs. I shut the door and spun her away from me as I took a knee following the invisible trail with my nose into her shorts. I found a concentration of stinky gas trapped between the kickball orbs of her ass, I spread them slightly and inhaled with a purpose like a drug starved cokehead over a fresh fix. My hungry nostrils vacuumed up the leftover aroma, and my body was jolted by shocking head rush, a passing feeling of revulsion, and a granite hard erection. She was well aware acıbadem escort of my fetishistic proclivities and was not shocked by my actions.

“I guess you’re gonna want to fuck now, huh?”

“It’s more of a need at this point than a want.”

“Ok, but I have to pee, and I think I should shower first, I’m soaked in sweat.”

“Please don’t wash any of this away!” I begged, “I want to savor every bit of your body right now.”

“Well do you want to savor my piss too? Because I’m serious, I have to go.”

“Actually, yes let’s do it in the bathtub.”

“You’re so fucking weird, you know that right?”

“Of course.”

We walked into the bathroom and she removed her clothes stepping into the tub. I quickly followed and laid my naked body beneath her perfect figure, awaiting my rare treat. As she squatted down, I watched her labia part and belly tighten as her pee began to trickle out of her urethra until building into a solid stream. I opened my mouth and thirstily gulped at her feeling errant spray patterns beading on my cheeks and running down my neck. I was drowning in her holy water and loving every second of it. She had been staying hydrated outside, so the piss was not overwhelmingly strong, just a light saline solution with a hint of ammonia as subtle as the aromatic flavoring in a can of La Croix seltzer. As the power of her stream began to dwindle I moved my face up drinking up as much as I could handle and was rewarded for my efforts as her final pushes ushered out a squealing burst of gas into my waiting mouth. I breathed it in deeply as I cleaned her ass and pussy with my tongue. It was not a strong smell, but my proximity heightened the intensity of the experience.

“Let’s go to the bed.”

“Clean yourself off first, you’re disgusting.”

I hated to wash away her beautiful fluids, but I flipped on the shower for a quick rinse.

When I stepped out of the bathroom she was on all fours on the bed waiting. As I approached she pushed her arms out and raised her hips. I watched the skin of her butt cheeks still sticky with sweat slowly peel apart presenting her perfect holes in prime position for access. Her pussy area was still moist from a minute ago and glistened on the outside like morning dew on the lawn. It was beginning to lubricate itself in anticipation and I noted tiny strings of her wetness spanning the widening part between her labia minora. atalar escort Her puckered asshole protruded like pursed lips of a person pondering an appealing proposition. It had a light brown tone to it, a few shades darker than the surrounding area. The softly folded wrinkles fanned about the central void in a wide sunburst, suggesting an ability to accommodate any sized visitor who wished to cross its threshold, an experienced poop chute trained by a lifetime of healthy shits and unworthy cocks.

I grabbed a handful of either cheek and spread them further apart, gaping her magenta vagina and stretching her sphincter into a tight straight line. The line began to transform into an ovoidal shape trebling slowly at first and then rapidly vibrating as she expelled a huge growling fart in my direction. I dove forward into the cloud of stench. It enveloped my head and I absorbed all of its odoriferous delights. I stuck my mouth against her anus and hungrily licked it and began to prod at its opening with my tongue. I explored her stinky shithole as deep as I could, pressing my face into her crack and straining like I was trying to reach her colon. I swirled around her intestinal walls enjoying the metallic sensations and breathing in the raw anal flavor which reminded me of a damp bale of hay left out in the weather. It was mixed with the womanly aroma of her hot cunt, which was wafting up to me with its low tide mix of mucusal flavors.

She had turned on her Magic Wand and was slowly grinding it into her clitoris. I could feel my own penis dribbling a steady stream of precum from its engorged tip.

“Fuck me!” She yelled.

While I hated to pull away from the glowing valley of her ass, I knew her amazing pussy would be a good enough reason to. I rubbed my fingers around her waiting sex, and dipped my fingers in, painting the outer lips with her internal wetness. I stroked my own penis spreading the viscous semenal lube over my rigid shaft. I rolled her to her back and entered the silky pink swamp while she continued to work her clit with the vibrating massager. We fucked slow and we fucked hard. I ran my hands up and down her body following the slope of her neck. Cupping her breasts and rolling the nipples between my thumbs and fingers. I ran my hands down her curves until I could grip her hipbones and thrust her body against mine forcing my cock deep into her but trying to avoid beating against her aydınlı escort cervix. I reached one hand forward and cradled the base of her head and placed the other slightly above her pubic mound putting a light pressure against her abdomen. As I continued to work cock in and out of her slippery tunnel, I felt a poof of air against my balls. She continued to release her gas as I pressed and pounded. The smell was rising between our bodies in smelly gusts propelled by our rhythmic motion. I flipped her over to her stomach again and pulled her into position by her thighs. I pressed my cock easily into her waiting pudding pot slamming myself against its back wall.

“Oh my god” she screamed.

I felt the silk snapping turtle ring at the entrance of her vagina starting to clamp down against my cock. The walls were trembling and pressing together so tightly it was forcing me out. Her breaths became more rapid and her abdomen was spawning as her legs began to shake. She was coming. Hard. She started to squirt slowly at first, her little peehole spitting steaming hot liquid against the top of my scrotum. I sucked on my thumb leaving a healthy slathering of saliva on it and pressed it into her wavering turd cutter, hooking it upwards so it didn’t jam into my cock, which I could feel bulging against the thin separation between her pleasure tunnels. This was enough to send her over the edge. Her pussy let loose a torrent of fluid washing over my testicles and running down my thighs. Her asshole shot my thumb out and began a grand finale of flatulence. The symphony of stink began with rapid fire staccato notes then crescendod into a roaring tuba-esque tone. I watched the thin skin around the edges of her sphincter flapping and pulsing. The heavy cloud of gas that surrounded us started as a sharp chemical stench and then bloomed into a deep rotten bouquet with notes of spices and composted flowers. As I reveled in the fumes I began to cum myself, my abdomen clenching, asshole puckering, as my cock started to spurt what seemed like endless streams of jism deep into her quivering pussy. It slowed to fruitless contractions after it had emptied the contents of my balls and I pulled out collapsing into the puddle we had created on the sheets.

I reached around and pulled her into me. She rolled and embraced me wrapping her legs around one of mine. We kissed deeply, and I was overjoyed as I felt the rumbling tremors of her pussy loudly burping against my thigh, then a soft bubbling from her asshole as the final poofs of gas escaped her bowels.

“That was incredible.” I said.

“It was, but you’re still gross.”

“I know, but I love you.”

“Love you too, creep.”

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32