Saving Daddy

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


My name’s Andrew and I’ve always looked up to my dad even though he wasn’t always there for me. My dad and I were like night and day. He was tall and built while I was short and slim. He had been a police officer for years until he left that for a better paying job coordinating contracts for a private security firm. He tried really hard to be a good father though and it showed.

But my father had one glaring weakness in his life, pussy. Let me explain. My mom left us before I was even a year old. After the divorce he turned to alcohol and my grandmother had to raise me. Things got better when he married his second wife. I was 5 at the time. We all lived as one big happy family. I even had a step brother and some step sisters to play with. But for some reason I’m was too young to remember, it didn’t work out. My dad went right back to the bottle and I went right back to my grandmother’s house. I would see my dad occasionally when he had a new girlfriend. He would take us to a movie or to the fair or a football game. My dad always had something fun for us to do. But as soon as the relationship fell apart so did he. It was clear my dad just couldn’t take being alone. I realized early that I was always going to be second priority to his dating life.

I thought things might be different with his third wife and for a brief period of time they where. They married when I was 12 years old. My dad’s new wife was closer to my age than his as she was only 21 herself. It became clear after a year or so of living together as a family that their relationship was toxic. She wanted a sugar daddy and my dad wanted a wife. It just wasn’t made to last. He had two or three jobs and worked himself to death to try to provide for my stepmother’s ever whim. She had a temper as well. At the smallest offense she would turn violent. She would throw things, rage, and slam random doors repeatedly. Over the years her tantrums became more frequent. Often she would strike my dad, bruising his pride far more than his skin. I never once remember my father hitting back. I would often sit in my room, angry, wishing he would fight back. I was too young to process abuse.

By the time I turned 18, my father and I had built a real relationship with each other. We went fishing. He taught me how to handle firearms safely and with accuracy. He even taught me how to fight, although at only 120 pounds, my dad could lift me with one arm when we wrestled.

We both had eyes that where a dark, piecing shade of brown. Our hair was raven black, his in a tight buzz cut and mine in a shaggy punk rock mess that came to my shoulders. Dad was taller than me, standing at what seemed to be to be a towering 5’11”. Only being 5′ 7″ myself, everyone seemed to loom over me.

The girls at my school all called me cute, but none of them ever seemed genuinely interested in me as a boyfriend or even a fling. As a result, I had never done much with girls. Jewelie Smalls, who was know for sleeping around, had let me fuck her once. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get my mind off all the other dudes acıbadem escort that had been in her before me. I’m not sure why it bother me, but no matter how good her pussy felt I was freaked out and nervous. I eventually came in my condom when we were trying to find a comfortable position. She seemed pretty disappointed and unsatisfied by the whole ordeal. After that encounter, I tried to avoid girls to save myself the embarrassment. I just put all my efforts into my schoolwork. At the start my senior year of high school I had a perfect GPA and a dozen AP credits already under my belt.

A week after my 18th birthday I came home to find my dad in ruins. He was noticeably drunk setting at the kitchen table with a note in his hand. “She’s fucking gone.” He said, crying. I had never seen my dad cry before. “I gave her fucking everything. Everything I could at least.”

I didn’t know what to say so I just sat down and made an attempt to console him. When I put my arm round him he sighed, patted my hand, and got up to get a new pint off bottom shelf whiskey out of a paper bag. There were two empty pints on the kitchen floor already. “You wanna have a drink with your old man? You’re old enough.”

“Sure, Dad. Sure.” I didn’t really want the drink, I just wanted to be there for him. I took the smallest sip I could. The sweet whiskey burned my tongue and the fumes gagged me, causing me to cough uncontrollably.

That night I stayed up with him as he drank two more pints and passed out in his living room chair. He didn’t go to the work the next day or for the rest of the week for that matter. He just stay up late drinking his whiskey and cursing about his lot in life. I stayed up to listen and comfort him. On the fourth night things took a dark turn.

“You know what the worst part is?” he asked me. “I know exactly how this is going to go. I’m going to do some stupid fucking stuff like set at home, drinking myself to death, probably lose my job, and you know what? I don’t even fucking care this time. Fucking shoot myself is what I’ll do.”

I stared at him, my mouth agape. “Dad, don’t say stuff like that.” Immediately I was thinking of where I could hide the ammunition for his gun until this all blew over.

“Why not? It’d be fucking easier than dealing with these bitches. I hope you turn out queer. Be easier on you. Women are trouble, Andrew. You hear me? I mean it. You understand?” He said, his words slurring together.

“Yeah, Dad. I get it.” That night I hid the bullets to his gun. The next night I heard him rummaging around the gun safe trying to find them. I was a afraid he would come to confront me and ask me for them, but he never did.

The night after that he was quieter. He seemed more introspective and broken. He talked slower and more direct. “You know, your the only good thing that came out of me marrying your mom. I’m glad you never had to meet her. Saved you lots of trouble, trust me. She was a looker, man, beautiful. Hands down, the hottest. You take after her, you know?”

“I’m guessing I at least got my height from her.” I said, trying to get a laugh. Something about my atalar escort dad’s tone and mannerisms bothered me.

“You did. She was a cute little thing. Hey, Drew? I just want you to know. I’m proud of you. How you’re doing in school and all. And just in general. Just promise me you’ll always remember I’m proud of you.” He stared me straight into the eye holding back tears.

“Yeah. I know you’re proud, Dad. I proud of you too.”

I went into the kitchen to get water to keep him hydrated when I saw the empty box sticking out of the trash. He had bought more ammo for his gun. Could he go through with it? I didn’t want to find out. Confronting him about it likely wouldn’t do much. What could I do? He needed a woman. He just couldn’t bare life otherwise. But where could I hind him a date tonight on such short notice?

I went into my dad’s bedroom and rummaged through my step mom’s things. I quickly, with no idea what I was really doing, stripped and put on a pair of canary yellow panties. I ran back to my father who was drunk in the living room. He stared as if he wasn’t sure if I was real or not.

“Andrew,” he said squinting and rubbing his eyes. “Are you fucking queer?”

“Well, you said it would be easier if I was. And you need someone to be with so you don’t have to be so depressed. I don’t wanna lose you, Dad.” I said openly starting to cry.

I thought he would tell me I looked stupid. Or that he would call me a fag and tell me to get the hell away from him. But instead a sadistic grin crept across his face.

“If I would have known you was a fairy, it would have made both our lives a lot easier. Why don’t you come over here and let me have a look at you. You’re a cute little bitch, aren’t you?” He said as I slowly moved towards him. This was not something I had ever wanted to do and now that my dad was into it I wanted it even less. But I resolved to continue.

He reached out and twisted my nipple as I yelped out. “Yeah, you’ll make I fine bitch. You wont be as high maintenance as all the fucking whores I’ve been with before.” He squeezed my ass and pulled me close as he said this and soon his mouth was on mine, forcing his whiskey coated tongue into my mouth as his stubble rubbed my cheek like sandpaper.

It wasn’t long before he turned me around so my ass was against his crotch. As he kissed and bit my neck, he grabbed the front triangle of my panties and pulled. A loud rip could be heard as he destroyed them in one motion. While standing he put one of my feet in the seat of the chair and pushed my torso forward until I was bent 90 degrees. This was getting to be to much. I tried to stand but he simply put his m massive hand in my back and held me forward.

“Don’t move, bitch.” I did as he said, although this was not what I had in mind. I whimpered as I felt his cock slide up and down the crack of my ass putting pressure on my puckered hole with every pass.

“Dad, wait. Maybe I could just blow you? I don’t think I can do this.” I said in a pleading, panicked voice.

“You ever pleased a man?” He asked drunkenly. “No? Well, I’ve fucked bitches before and aydınlı escort I know how to do it. I’ve learned my lesson about being nice to ’em too. You wanna dress in panties and be your dad’s bitch? That’s fine. But that means you are going to be MY bitch, understand?” He held the tip of his rod at my entrance and applied pressure, causing me a great deal of pain. “I said do you understand?”

“Yes, Daddy.” I hadn’t called him Daddy since I was 5, but for some reason it felt right in the moment. My froze, dreading the pain as I anticipated what was to come. A scream escaped my lungs as he pushed into my rosebud. After what felt minutes, but was probably only a few moments, I felt my hole give way with a blinding, searing pain.

I felt blood run down my ball sack as my father sodomized me, forcing more of his cock into my virgin area. The pain was unbearable. My body went limp, but he just moved me until I was bent over the arm of the chair with my impaled ass pointing straight up for his access. I could fell his every move inside me, my insides being straightened and stretched and torn. My own screams felt distant and far away. This was the worst pain I had ever felt. I couldn’t take it, I needed it to end.

My dad just moaned and slammed into me. “You still wanna be my bitch, cunt? You happy being my bitch?” He asked pounding him massive cock in and out. He flipped me around so I was facing him as he held my legs together over one shoulder as he fucked me hard and deep.

That when I really saw his cock for the first time. It was as big around as a coke can and wasn’t even going all the way into me. There was no way he could go further. It felt like there was no more room, with each slam hitting the end of my tunnel. He had one arm wrapped around my legs while the other pulled my ass to him with each thrust. “Your going to take it all…” he said attempting further depth with each thrust. Soon I felt his hips slapping my cheeks as I babbled incoherently. Once he bottomed out in my ass, he paused to twisted my nipples while forcing two of his meaty fingers into my mouth. “Suck ’em, cunt.” he barked

I didn’t hate him fucking me, I loved my dad and he needed this. I just hated the pain. As he rested, the pain lessened and I saw the lust on his face and felt his control. He took his figures out of my mouth and grabbed my hair, pulling my hair until I was making eye contact with him. “You going be my whore? Tell me. Say, ‘I’m going to be your whore and your bitch.’ Tell me you’re going to please me whenever I want. Tell me you’ll be my new wife!”

He slowly started moving in me again as I tried to put the words together. “I… I’ll be your wi… uhn!… wife, Daddy. I’ll let… let you fuck me. I’ll be your…ohh… whor… uhn!… whore, Daddy. Ahh! Fu… fuck me, Daddy!” My eyes burn with tears as my ass burned with my dad’s cock. He quickly tensed up, slammed fully into me, and unleashed a torrent of cum. Blast after blast. He seemed to continue forever.

When he finally pulled out of me, semen and blood leaked everywhere. “This is the start of something beautiful,” he said picking me up in my limp, broken state. Carried me to his bed and laid down next to me. We spooned all night with dad cock poking into my ass crack. And in the morning I was taught to blow him and told what was expected of me.

That’s how I become Daddy’s loving wife and dutiful slut.

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