Sapphidex Ch. 01

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Solo Male

Jane had grown tired of waiting for her best friend Paul to show up. She was seated in the food court of her local downtown mall, lazily sipping on a mocha. She had been waiting for him for an hour, and had only tolerated the wait because it gave her an excuse to devour her guilty pleasures – white macadamia nut cookies and the latest celebrity gossip magazine.

“I can’t believe she is pregnant! Why are they all pregnant nowadays?” she said to no one in particular.

Remembering the world outside Hollywood again, she checked her watch: 3:45. That’s it! she thought to herself and prepared to get up and leave.

No sooner had she stood up to put on her coat than she felt a strong pair of hands on her shoulders. “Paul!” she squeaked, and turned around to give him a hug.

“Hey, Janie babe!” he said, warmly returning the greeting. “Sorry I was so late. You’ll understand in a second.”

Jane returned to her seat, closing the magazine and looking across the table at the newly seated Paul Westenheim. “Let me guess,” she said, lightly mocking him, “you had to deliver a huge lecture at the University to the incoming medical students?”

“Ouch,” he said, feigning insult. His voice took on a modicum of seriousness, “No. No big university would have me. I am too unorthodox…they call me a witch doctor instead of a chemist,” he said, avoiding her eyes, and looking into the distance. He was looking back at the life he never had. He had been thrown out of one of the top colleges in the country.

“Then what was it, Paul, that was important enough to keep me waiting here, to get ogled by perverted old Pretzel makers?” she asked, betraying annoyance.

“I’ve developed something that is going to…change the world. Something incredible. Something no one else could ever have even imagined!” Paul said.

Jane mentally rolled her eyes, though she was too kind to let her old friend see her skepticism. “This isn’t like the pill to cure the cold, or the sunburn pill is it? You know that stuff didn’t work. I had to watch you fall flat on your face in front of the local medical community. It hurt watching it, Paul, it really did.”

“No. This works. It really truly works,” Paul responded.

Jane sighed. “Lay it on me then! What is it?”

Paul rubbed his chin for a moment. “Okay. What is it that every modern man wants from his girlfriend, or wife, or significant other?”

Jane furrowed her brow, “Oh, I dunno, Paul…blonde hair and big silicone breasts?” she answered with a nervous chuckle.

“Hmmm, can you show me a perfect example of that type in your celebrity magazine over there?” Paul asked.

Jane was somewhat confused, but she obediently leafed through the cheap rag. She came to a picture of particularly busty blonde Hollywood starlet, and pointed the picture out to Paul. “Here,” she said. “Now what does any of this have to do with your “medical breakthrough”?”

Paul ignored her direct question, and after looking over the picture of Scarlett Johanssen he looked into Jane’s eyes. “See, Janie, that is where you are wrong. Not all guys are THAT shallow. Perhaps the more important question though is: What do you think when you see this picture of Scarlett Johanssen?”

Jane turned the magazine around to look her over. “Oh I dunno. I don’t get what guys see in her. She looks kind of slutty in that dress,” she said. “Guys like that though I guess. What does ANY of this have to do with your work?”

Paul leaned in and spoke softly, “How much do you think a guy would want you if you thought Scarlett Johanssen was the hottest thing you had ever laid eyes on, that the sight of her in that dress made you wet? That you would give your left arm to go down on her?”

Jane just frowned, because she didn’t understand, and his language was making her uncomfortable.

“Perhaps I should put it more clearly. You see, every guy, whether he marries the girl-next-door or the tramp-next-door, would give his left arm to have a threesome. Its every guys’ absolute wet dream. There is one obstacle: most women aren’t particularly attracted to other women. There are some who are, sure, and there are some who will willfully slog through it to make their husband or boyfriend happy, but then are bitter about it.”

Paul continued, “I truly believe what every man really wants is an open-minded wife, who loves him unconditionally, as well as a hot tramp who would get down on the next hot female piece of ass she saw…”

Jane interrupted, “Paul, please stop using that kind of language. Look, this whole topic is kind of disgusting. Is that what you think, in your deluded mind, this pill of yours does? It makes girls into lesbians?”

Paul raised a finger to silence her, “Not think – KNOW! And this is no delusion. This formula works. A girl takes a couple of pills, and she is ready, no DESPERATE, to fuck the next girl who comes along her path. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is that she is female and attractive.”

Jane sat in stunned silence, and Uzun porno was shocked to feel that a tiny, tiny part of her was turned on by his description.

“The pill takes control of the woman’s sexual drive, Janie. You see, I did thorough neurological tests. I studied the chemicals that are exuded in the female brain in situations of extreme sexual arousal.

“A straight woman’s brain releases subtle signals upon seeing an attractive man, and a different set of signals upon seeing a woman. This pill releases chemicals that switch the signals, and strongly stimulate extreme sexual response. Thus, a woman becomes, temporarily at least, a hopelessly turned-on lesbian. Once she takes the pill, there is nothing she can do about it, except find a hot girl and eat her out, or whatever else her transformed mind can think of.”

Jane absorbed all the information. “Wow. Who do you plan to sell this to?”

Paul was pleased she hadn’t completely freaked. “Well, I will ship it to adult novelty stores, and hopefully, once it is FDA approved, to the pharmacy at your local grocery store. Anyone could buy it – horny straight men, bored straight women, lesbians with unrequited crushes…it will be a hit, I can feel it.”

“So why do you need me?” Jane asked.

“Well, I have done preliminary testing. Distributed it in nightclubs, disguised as ecstacy and such. The results have been overwhelmingly positive. I need one last test though, someone to write an extensive journal after having been exposed to the drug multiple times…”

“You want me to take it?!!” Jane asked..

“No,” Paul said. “I want you to live with it! I want you to take it for seven days, and write a daily journal about its effects.”

“Paul! I can’t. I am straight! I have a boyfriend! The thought of being with a woman isn’t in the least bit arousing to me!”

:Paul laughed. “Of course, Janie babe! That’s why it SHOULD be you. You’re the model straight girl. The girl-next-door! If this works on you, it would work on anyone!”

Janie settled down. She was still a little shocked. This had all come about so suddenly. She couldn’t change her lifestyle! The thought of being with a woman did nothing for her. The thought of touching another girl’s vagina…eww! She and her boyfriend were 8 weeks away from getting married!

“Why should I, Paul? Tell me why I should do this for you?”

“If you do it, Janie, I will pay for your wedding and give you an extra 20,000 dollars to spend however you see fit! That is the price I will pay for your willing cooperation.”

Jane was taken aback. That was incredibly generous. Paul was offering to make her life immensely easier for the next year.

She was going to do it. She had no choice. That money would help her and Brian start a new life together.

“Should I buy a whole closet-full of plaid shirts?” she asked.

Paul smiled. “Then you will do it? You will be my straight girl guinea pig?”

“Yeah,” she said, with a weak smile.

“Good. Excellent. And, no, no plaid sweaters. The drug changes your perception and increases your sex drive only. You will still be as feminine as ever. I will bring you two bottles of Sapphidex tomorrow. The experiment begins in the morning.”

“Okay,” she said, being incredibly polite through her nervousness.

The following morning, the doorbell woke Jane from her rest. She hadn’t gotten much sleep. She had had a painful discussion with her fiancé Brian, and he had not understood why he couldn’t see her for a week. She had told him it was for the best, and she loved him, and that they would still get married.

She opened the door hastily, without thinking of her appearance. It was only when she saw Paul’s smiling face that she remembered how horrible she looked.

Paul didn’t seem to notice or care. He was holding two huge blank bottles. Sapphidex! He handed the pill bottles to her.

He also handed her a large check. “Here is the up-front payment…5,000 now, and 15 when its over. Here’s the thing though…uh…are you doing anything tonight?”

“No, Paul. Its Saturday. I would usually be out with Brian…but you know…the experiment and everything.”

“Alright,” Paul said. “Good. Tonight you aren’t going anywhere. Tonight is your introduction to the wonder drug. You need to take a high dosage level in order to fully saturate your blood stream with the chemicals. After that, two pills a day, morning and night, will do.”

“How many do I have to take?” Jane asked.

“Three pills now, three pills tonight. When you wake up in the morning, the drug should have taken hold. You will more than likely be horny as a schoolboy and desperate for pussy. You will probably have a restless, feverish sleep tonight. Its good this is a Saturday.”

“Is this going to be dangerous?” she asked.

“No,” he said. “There is nothing in the pill that could harm anything but your innocence,” he said with a smile.

Paul left her with the pill bottles. She Öğrenci porno sat down for breakfast, and when it was through she stared for a second at the pills. A tiny part of her was excited and intrigued. Having her mind thoroughly fucked with was going to be exciting, and sexy. She was going to be a different person for the next while.

She took three pills and swallowed them down with orange juice. So long straight world, she thought.

For the rest of the day she felt weak and feverish. She spent most of it parked in front of the TV, watching AMC. When night came, she was pleased that the ordeal of the day was over – she swallowed another three pills and drifted off to a restless dreamland full of sensuous curves and heretofore denied pleasures.

Day 1

Jane woke up late in the day. She checked the alarm clock – it was already one o’clock in the afternoon. Her head ached. She scrambled to the kitchen, drinking down three full glasses of water (which made her feel much better) before noticing a moistness between her thighs. Whatever she had been dreaming about the night before had made her very, very wet.

She checked her answering machine. One new message. The fact that no one seemed to care to call her was depressing, but nevertheless she pressed the machine to play back the message.

“Hey Janie. Its Pauline. Remember that we have that appointment to meet at Starbucks this afternoon. Its gonna be fun. We don’t hang out enough anymore. I’ll see you at 6. Chiao.”

Damnit! Jane thought. I forgot. I will have to call and cancel. I have to take part in this experiment.

Speaking of the experiment, she wasn’t really feeling much different. She tossed her soaked panties on the bathroom floor.

This stuff of Paul’s probably doesn’t work. Just like everything else he tries. She felt sorry for having to cancel her day out with Pauline. Pauline was one of the nicest friends she had…and it was true that they hadn’t been spending enough time together.

Pauline…with that…nice long red hair.Janie paused for a moment. The hot water hit her and lit up her skin. Yeah she thought, and she does have those perfect, gorgeous long legs guys always compliment her on. Those…mmmm…big breasts. Her perfect green eyes.

Janie was shocked to be feeling these things. She felt a brief tinge of guilt, which was almost instantly submerged in her arousal. Her hand went down to the joining of her thighs. She pictured herself undressing and ravishing Pauline. It got her so wet. She rubbed her clit, creating delicious friction. Yeah…kissing her perfect puffy lips, sucking on her engorged and feminine breasts…the thought of that gave Jane a start. It aroused her so much…

She was unashamedly rubbing herself down, massaging her own breasts. She pictured herself, with Pauline’s legs splayed on her shoulders…her own lips inches from the delicious moistness that was Pauline’s not-so-well guarded treasure.

Jane found she had no resistance there anymore. The thought of kissing a woman’s vagina had always disgusted her in the past…she no longer could remember why.

She pulled her sloppy wet fingers off of her pussy, instantly replacing them with her left hand. She went back to her fantasy…she was about to make out with Pauline’s pussy. When her lips touched Pauline’s vagina in her vision, she plunged her moist fingers into her own mouth. The taste was incredible…she sped up her rubbing, and within seconds she was coming. It was a fierce, all pervading orgasm – she thrashed and moaned all over her bathtub.

When it was over, she sat stunned. Her lust had receded for a moment, enough to give her a few moments of clear thought. The hell I am going to cancel my day out with Pauline. I need to experience this for real. I need to seduce Pauline.


Pauline was having a terrible day. It was cold outside, the sky was dark, and her hair was wet. She found herself thankful that she hadn’t worn any makeup, as it would be running down her face right now. Yay for laziness, she mumbled, with a self deprecating smile.

She knocked on the door of Janie’s apartment. Janie answered a moment later, a wide smile on her face. “Pauline!” She took a second to give Pauline a once over, and then said, “Its raining outside? I hadn’t noticed. Come on in.”

“You hadn’t noticed? I saw Noah float by down the street on my way here,” Pauline joked, removing her jacket and entering the room.

“I’ve been…distracted,” Janie said. Janie’s stomach was humming, she was very nervous. Butterflies Butterflies. Even wet and cold, Pauline looked beyond amazing. Her friend had put on perhaps ten pounds in the last few years, and it had filled out her figure, making her look more womanly and more mature. Janie noticed with satisfaction that the extra weight had done nothing to Pauline’s stellar legs, her most complimented feature.

Janie continued. “So…I don’t really feel like going out in that. Wanna stay in and have a girls’ night? I made margaritas!” Janie offered with as much cheer as she could muster, trying not to sound like she desperately, desperately wanted Pauline to say yes to that.

Pauline was agreeable. “Sure. I really didn’t feel like going out today anyway. I just wanted to see you.”

Janie smirked. “Oh really? Well, here I am. Come in and sit down on the couch, I’ll pour us some drinks.”

Pauline relaxed and Jane headed into the kitchen. She had to physically resist the urge to masturbate in the kitchen. Her horniness had subsided after her orgasm in the shower, but with Pauline in the other room, it was returning. She took her evening dose of Sapphidex with water.

She poured two margaritas and returned to the living room, taking her seat alongside her friend.

“How have things been with Max and you lately Pauline? We hardly talk anymore,” Jane asked while handing the drink to her.

Pauline scoffed. “It’s hardly going anymore at all. Have you ever just reached a point in a relationship where the wooing is over, and…he just takes you for granted? He used to make you feel so special and wanted and now he hardly even cares?”

Janie made a sympathetic noise.

“Everything is just down the tubes. We argue all the time, the sex is terrible…”

“No…” Janie said, feigning disbelief. “I thought the sex between you two had been amazing?”

Pauline laughed. “It was. Past tense the key part there.”

“How could sex with you not be amazing? Is he gay or something?”

Pauline laughed and blushed. “Maybe, you never know. He never goes down on me anymore. I mean, what is that about?” she said with annoyance. It felt good letting out her frustration.

“Do you miss that?” Jane asked, her finger resting on her lips.

“Of course I do. Not that he was ever any good at it to begin with.”

“That’s kind of a key element of the experience. You stayed with him even though he couldn’t work the tongue?” Jane asked playfully.

“Love is love darling. Like with you and Brian. You guys are so in love it is sickening some times. You’d do anything for him.”

Jane was intoxicated with Sapphidex and definitely didn’t want to spend any time talking about her boyfriend. She was steering her sexy redheaded friend into good territory. Pauline finished the margarita, and Jane refilled it and came back.

“People always say that girls are way better at oral than men are anyway,” Jane said, provocatively moving the conversation forward. “Have you ever tried it with a girl?” Jane asked as though she was innocently curious.

Pauline frowned for a moment. “Can’t say that I have. Made out with another girl in high school. I’ve always been a little curious, but I’ve simply never gone there. Most women are a bit curious if they are honest I think. Have you ever been with a chick?” Pauline inquired.

“Yeah,” Jane said, lying.


“It was…amazing,” Jane said, lying again. Somewhere inside her the Jane that hadn’t been subsumed in lust cried out at her blatant dishonesty in seducing her friend, but the Sapphidex was much more powerful than her conscience. The new Jane simply ignored the feeble protests. There was pussy to be had.

“Oh my God. How come you never told me?”

Jane shrugged.

“Was the oral as good as people say?”


Pauline downed another margarita and Jane obligingly replaced it. As she handed it to Pauline, her hand rubbed gently down her friend’s arm. She met Pauline’s eyes with a smile.

“Can I be honest with you Pauline?”

“Go ahead, Janie dahling,” she replied, the alcohol starting to effect her.

“I don’t want you to be weirded out or anything, but I honestly think you are the most beautiful, most intelligent woman I have ever met.”

“Awww, Jane…” Pauline looked down to the couch, blushing, both from the heat of the alcohol and her own shyness.

Jane leaned forward and kissed Pauline. The meeting of their mouths was like a smoldering fire that wouldn’t be put out. Jane was amazed at the wonderful softness of Pauline’s feminine lips, and decided that she liked kissing girls much more than men. Pauline eagerly returned the kiss, a reality that Jane could hardly acknowledge, as caught up in pure animal lust as she was.

Pauline broke the kiss after several moments, to Jane’s audible dismay. “Jane…how did you know I wanted this?” she asked, her head tilted back, the porcelain skin of her divinely muscled neck calling out to Jane’s desires.

Jane tried to get her thoughts back. “Ummm…because I just knew,” Jane said, trying to sound as self confident as she could, hoping that Pauline would stop asking questions and let this happen. The truth was she had not the slightest that Pauline had had any such feelings. She was perfectly willing to take advantage of them though.

Jane’s mouth dove onto Pauline’s lovely neck. Pauline began to breath hard, her red tresses tickling Jane’s face. “I want you SO much,’ Jane whispered breathily into her newfound lover’s ear.

Pauline pulled Jane in for a deep kiss. Their tongues met. Pauline was clearly getting aroused, and Jane was long past being able to control her needs.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32