Rick , Lori, Mike , Sheila Ch. 01-03

Big Tits

Chapter 1

Couples that have really close friends are very lucky, aren’t they? And, when you have them, you often fantasize about what it would be like to be more intimate with them. At least, WE do. My wife Lori and I enjoy just such a friendship with Mike and Sheila. We’ve known them for fifteen years, and have been really good friends for the last eight. Nothing sexual, though, except a few New Years Eve kisses, and very vivid fantasies.

We don’t have any kids together, but Mike and Sheila have two daughters, Kelli and Patricia (Trish). We’ve been like aunt and uncle to them since they were little, and now they’re nineteen and eighteen, and VERY sexy! Prim and proper on the surface, but just a hint of the “wild side,” which I firmly believe they got from their mom.

A few months ago, we went on a week long trip with their family, kids included. We have an SUV, and they have a van, so part of the time one or both of the girls rode with us. That entire time, both girls drove me crazy with what they wore, and I think it was on purpose. Shorts and skimpy tops while on the road, bikinis at the pool, and short dresses or skirts, sheer nylons and high heels (just like their mom!) when going out in the evenings.

We stayed in a big cabin, with three bedrooms and a big family room and kitchen, and lots of times, I’d catch glimpses of the girls (as well as their mom!) going to and from one of the bathrooms. Once, the click of high heels drew my attention to the hallway, and I saw Sheila walking from the bathroom to her bedroom, in just her bra, pantyhose and heels. She was carrying her dress, but when she saw me, she did absolutely nothing to hide her charms! Seeing her in her sheer nylons and spiky heels was just about enough to make me cum without even touching my cock! I stayed hard all the time!

The third night, we were going out to dinner, and then to a movie, and we all rode in their van. Mike drove, with Sheila riding shotgun, Lori and Trish sat in the second row seats, and Kelli and I sat in the “way back.” She had on a short, pleated skirt, sleeveless blouse, sheer pantyhose and 3″ stiletto sandals. As we got in, Kelli went first, and her skirt rode w-a-a-a-y up in the back. I was able to see all the way up – ALL the way up. She had no panties on under her sheer-to-waist nylons. I was hard immediately!

Let me tell you a little bit more about Kelli. She’s tall, about 5-10 (volleyball player), slim without appearing too skinny, shoulder length blond hair, and mile-long, perfectly shaped legs. Her tits are small, but well-formed, and she’s really pretty, with sexy, fat lips.

On the way to the restaurant, Kelli seemed intent on driving me totally insane. She kept crossing and uncrossing her legs, her skirt riding higher and higher. Just listening to the “swish” of her nylons rubbing together made it impossible to keep up a conversation.

After a few minutes, Kelli asked, “What’s the matter Rick, can’t concentrate?”

“No,” I answered, “Just tired, that’s all.”

“Uh-huh,” she responded, and turned toward me. The spiked heel of her sandal coming in contact with my left leg. She moved it up and down, and I looked over at her. She was staring right into my eyes, refusing to look away. Her foot kept caressing the back of my lower leg, and I wished I’d been wearing shorts.

I took a chance, and laid my hand on the seat, very close to her nyloned leg. Immediately, she closed the gap, moving her thigh over to my hand, her eyes never leaving mine. I let the back of my fingers move up and down, and finally lifted my hand, placing it on her nylon clad thigh. She finally broke the stare, closing her eyes sensually.

Very slowly, I slid my hand upward. I encountered the hem of her skirt and slid under it. I was in dangerous territory now. Her legs were still crossed, and she slowly uncrossed them. Up, up, up my hand slid, until I was at the top of her thigh. I was so close I could feel the heat coming from her pussy.

Luckily, it was dark in the van now. Unluckily, we were pulling into the place where were going to eat. As we emptied the van, Kelli placed her hand right on my cock to push herself up to get out of the van. It was only there a few seconds, but it was enough to know it wasn’t an accident!

Inside the restaurant, Kelli sat across from me. It didn’t take long for her try the age-old trick of sliping her high heel off, and running her nyloned toes up my pants leg. That went on all through dinner, with no one the wiser, and Kelli seemed very proud of herself!

Back in the van on the way to the theater, it was dark, and Kelli went into action almost immediately. She hiked her skirt all the way up, and moved her feet over next to me. I went with the flow, caressing her nyloned legs and feet in her sexy spiked heels, running my hands all the way up to her crotch, which was wet and hot.

My wife and Trish were engrossed in the sights along the way, and weren’t paying any attention to us, so Kelli slid closer to me and put her hand manisa escort on my cock. She stroked it through my pants, causing me to groan in sexual distress. She did that all the way to the theater, very nearly causing me to cum in my pants. As it was, I had a wet spot that was pretty hard to hide.

Once inside, we all sat in the same row. I went in first, going all the way to the wall, and before my wife could enter the row, Kelli and Trish slid in after me, with Kelli acting like it was an accident. She offered to trade places with my wife, who, being a good sport, declined, saying it was okay the way it was. Sheila and Mike finished out the row.

After the movie started, Kelli did too. She’d taken her jacket off, and draped it across her lap, partially covering mine. Her hand went right under her jacket to my crotch, and unzipped my pants. She slid my cock out, and softly stroked it, her eyes never leaving the movie screen. She seemed to have a surprised look on her face as she stroked me.

I slid my hand over to her leg, and under her skirt. She quickly uncrossed and spread her legs. Her nylon clad thigh drove me to distraction, and I moved up toward her crotch. She’d cut the cotton panel out, and her pussy lips were hot and wet! We played with each other as best we could, through the whole movie, but neither of us had reached an orgasm.

As we got up to leave, I barely got my pants zipped up, and there was an even bigger wet spot in front. Kelli saw it and walked in front of me so it wouldn’t show. Back in the van, it was very dark. More fun, without being too obvious.

Once back at the cabin, my wife tried to get me to go to bed, but I resisted, saying there was a movie I wanted to see on cable. She’d had several drinks at dinner, so she headed off to bed pretty quickly. Mike and Sheila were next (I think they wanted to fuck!), which left the two girls and myself. Kelli kept giving Trish dirty looks, so she soon headed for bed too.

After a few minutes, Kelli got up to get a soda, and when she came back, she sat next to me on the couch, drawing her sexy legs up under her. I looked over at her, and she wasn’t watching TV – she was looking directly at me. “What?” I asked.

“Oh, nothing,” she responded, but she didn’t look away. A few seconds later, her hand went to her dress, and she started sliding it up, her eyes never leaving mine.

Soon, her dress was all the way up, and in the light of the TV, I could see the sheen of her nylon clad legs, almost to her waist. Then, Kelli straightened her legs out in front of her, still watching me. “Stand up, Kelli,” I ordered. She stood up and faced me. “Take your dress off.” A quick movement of her hands, and it pooled around her heels. She stepped out of it. What a sight!

“Your bra – take it off.” It hit the floor, and except for her pantyhose and high heels, she was naked, her eyes still locked to mine. “Come closer.” She stood between my legs, and I reached up and slid my hands along the outsides of her nyloned legs, all the way up to her waist, and back down to her ankles. I felt her tremble against my touch. “Kneel down in front of me.” She did.

“Unzip my pants, Kelli.” Again, she complied. A quick look behind her revealed a movement that I knew was Trish, watching us. “Take it out.” She seemed to be in a trance, so I reached out and tweaked her nipples, which caused her to moan as she slid my hard cock out of my shorts. She had both hands wrapped around it, and started stroking it.

“Have you ever given a guy a blow job, Kelli?” I asked her. Her head nodded slightly. “Are you good at it?” She shrugged her shoulders. “Let’s find out, then. Suck me, Kelli.” She leaned forward and licked the tip, tasting it. Then, her mouth opened and she took the head of it in, still watching my eyes.

I was in heaven, to say the least, as her mouth pleasured my rock hard cock. She was pretty good, or maybe it just seemed that way (no such thing as a bad blow job!). I alternated watching Kelli’s mouth on my cock, and Trish in the backround. She had a pretty good view of her sister sucking my hard dick.

This went on for a few minutes, and I finally felt myself approaching the point-of-no-return. I simply told her I was ready to cum, and that I wanted her to swallow it all. She moaned loudly, and sped up her actions on my cock. She slid back until just the head of my cock was in her mouth, and poked at my slit with her tongue as she jacked the shaft with her hand. This was not the first time she’d sucked a dick to completion, either.

My orgasm started slowly at first, and I humped up at her face, trying to speed her up. I started squirting stream after stream of hot cum in her mouth, and she held it all, without spilling a single drop.

When I was done, she slid up and kissed me full on the mouth, spreading my lips with her tongue, and sharing my load of cum with me. She swallowed what was left in her mouth, and put her head on my chest. I stroked her nylon-encased legs, and noticed Trish kütahya escort retreat down the hall to her room. I asked Kelli how many cocks she had sucked, and she just said, “A few.”

You’re really good at it,” I added, and she just said, “I know,” got up and went to bed. Just like that.

Chapter 2

The next day, Kelli acted like nothing had happened, which was fine with me. My wife was a little peaved at me, since it turned out that ahe was expecting some action when we went to bed, and she let me know when we woke up. “Why didn’t you come to bed, Rick?” she asked, and I told her I was watching a movie. “Well, you missed out on a great fuck, Bonehead, ’cause I was hot and ready for you.” With that, she got up and went to the shower.

At breakfast, Trish was the one I was worried about. She kept looking at me, smiling, and kidding with me. She was sitting next to me at the table in her granny gown, and would hit my arm to make a point. Then, when everybody was sitting down, she dropped her fork, and leaned over to get it. As she did, she slid her hand up the inside of my thigh (I had pajama shorts on) and grabbed my cock, stroking it slowly. She didn’t let go when she sat back up, either, and I was soon very hard in her hand.

After a few minutes of this, she slid her hand inside, stroking my naked dick. I put my hand on her bare leg (no nylons – what a disappointment!) and caressed her, sliding my hand ever upward, under her gown, until the side of my hand was against her hot, bare pussy. We played with each other all through breakfast, and I noticed Kelli watching us, but she didn’t seem upset, so I kept at it.

Right after breakfast, (I made it without cumming in my pants!) I tried to conceal my hard dick, which was tough, considering that I had no underwear on under my pajama bottoms, but I did it, and headed for the bathroom for a shower and shave. Once done with that, I dressed in shorts and T-shirt, and headed back downstairs. Trish was on her way up and we met on the steps. She leaned in and kissed me hard on the lips, her tongue invading my mouth, and her hand sliding into my pants and around my cock, stroking it.

“I’m getting dressed now, Rick. Anything special you want me to wear?” she teased.

“Uhhh…. just surprise me, okay?” She turned and headed up the steps, sliding her nightgown up to expose her naked ass to me.

Awhile later, I sat in the family room reading the paper, and everybody else was down by the pool. Except Trish. She came down the steps in a short summer dress, beige nylons and strappy 3″ sandals. “Not going to the pool?” I asked. “No, don’t feel like swimming. I’m ready to eat!”

With that, she sat down next to me on the couch. She turned toward me, pulling one leg up underneath her, and the hem of her dress slid way up. I could see the crotch of her sheer-to-waist pantyhose, and her light brown pubic hair through the gossamer material.

She caught me staring, and said, “See anything you like, Rick?” “Uh-huh,” I stuttered. “I loved watching my sister suck your cock last night…. but I think I could do a better job.” I looked out the window, and counted the people by the pool. They were all there. I knew if I kept a close watch, we had plenty of time to straighten up before anyone could make in back to the cabin, so I unzipped my shorts.

Now Trish is shorter than Kelli, and cuter, too. More full-figured, just a hint of baby fat, and the same great legs. Nicer tits, a little bigger than Kelli’s, but not as big as Sheila’s. Short blond hair, and perfect teeth and mouth.

Trish stood up and unzipped her dress, letting it fall to the floor. Her pert little breasts were excellent, the nipples poking out stiffly. She knelt between my legs and slid her small hands into my shorts, pulling my rock hard cock out. “This isn’t my first blow job, Rick, so don’t be afraid to enjoy it, okay?”

“Oh, yeah,” I said, and reached out to pull her head in closer. Her mouth opened and she quickly engulfed my cock, taking about half of it on the first downward thrust of her face. “We don’t have much time, Babe….” “”Don’t worry, Rick, this won’t take long!”

As my legs enjoyed the feel of hers through her pantyhose, her mouth plunged down hard on my cock, one hand stroking the head, the other cradling my balls. “Ummmmmmmmm,” she moaned as she sucked. Up and down her head moved in my lap, keeping pace with the hand stroking and rotating on the rest of my shaft.

For an instant, she backed off. “Come on, Rick, come for me. Cum in my mouth so I can swallow it!” The index finger of her other hand snaked its way between my thighs, to my asshole, and she pushed it in. That was enough to finish me, and I shot off in her mouth, sending several spurts of cock juice right down her throat.

She quickly slid up and kissed me, and I asked her where she learned to suck a dick like that. As she picked her dress up and headed toward the stairs, she looked over my shoulder and said, “My Dad taught me!”. I was stunned. malatya escort Her cute ass, encased in the sheer nylon of her pantyhose, jiggled as she hit the steps. Just in time, I got my pants zipped as the door opened, and in walked my wife and Sheila.

Both were wearing sexy bikinis, and after Lori walked past me, Sheila dropped her wrap on the chair and leaned over in front of me to pick up a cup on the coffee table. Her fine tits were exposed alomost to her nipples, and the moment wasn’t lost on either of us. Would I score with all three of Mike’s women? I quickly calculated that if I could score a blow job from Sheila in the next 13 hours, I would cum in the mouth of all three of them within 24 hours. I’m always up for a challenge!

Chapter 3

Thr rest of the day was uneventful, except for my wife trying to talk me into a quickie as we dressed for dinner. “Honey, I’m a little tired right now, how about later?” I tried to beg off.

“Just lay on the bed, Rick, I’ll do all the work! I almost weakened as she stood in front of me in just sheer stockings, garter belt and high heels. But I knew if I did, I’d never be able to finish my “trifecta” if the opportunity presented itself. If it worked out, I wanted to give Sheila a good mouthfull of cum.

I flipped my wife over on the bed, and spread her nyloned legs. She started to resist, but as soon as my tongue hit her clit, she shut up and just enjoyed it. I ate her for several minutes, enjoying the taste of her sweet pussy, and the fact that I was giving her extreme pleasure.

Since we diin’t have much time, I quickly licked my index finger and slid it into her ass, which is usually all it takes for her. This time was no exception, and she started cumming immediately, hes ass bucking up off the bed. She squeezed her legs tightly against my head, and came to her heart’s delight.

When she was done, she got up, straightened her hair, and put her dress on. “I think Mike likes my legs, Honey,” she said, as she straightened her stockings.

“He’d be a fool if he didn’t,” I added. “Did he say something?” I probed.

“It’s not what he said…. it’s what he DID.” she added. I just looked at her with a question mark on my face.

“Last night, a couple of times, he put his hand on my thigh, and played with my stockings.” She’d definately peaked my interest. “HIs hand went w-a-a-a-y up, above my stocking tops, almost to my crotch.”

Lori knew I wanted her to play with other guys, and a few times, I’d had the opportunity to watch her in action. Unfortunately, it never got past the ‘playing around’ stage. Maybe this time….

“So, what if he tries something, Honey?” she questioned.

“What do YOU want to do, Babe? Are you attracted to him?” I asked.

“Yeah, I guess I am…. I accidently felt his dick, and it felt pretty big….” she said, looking away from me.

“Accidently?” I moved closer to her.

“Well, kind of….” she said. “I just bumped into him, and my hand was down there. I couldn’t help it, Honey, I was horny, and…. curious.” She couldn’t meet my eyes.

I took hold of her shoulders, and turned her toward me, looking her straight in the eyes.

“Look, Lori,” I started. “I told you you could have all the fun you wanted to have, as long as you told me about it, and tried to let me watch!”

“I know, but I’m really nervous! I don’t want any trouble started between us, or them, ’cause they’re our best friends!”

“Well, just play it by ear, and see what happens, Babe. If I get the chance, I’ll try to help you out,” I reassured her.

“Okay. Thanks, Honey.” We left it at that, but I was very hopefull that Mike would come on to her, which I hoped would help me out with Sheila.

We left the girls at a nearby mall, telling them we’d pick them up at midnight, when the movie they wanted to see was over. That gave us about four hours to see what kind of trouble we could get into. We found a little night club called ‘Chances R’ that had several cars in the lot, so we hoped that meant it was a popular place. We piled out of the van and went inside.

We found a tall table and sat down, ordering drinks. I volunteered to be the ‘designated driver’ which limited me to non-alcoholic beer, but that was okay. I didn’t want to be too tipsy, and I wanted everybnody else to be feeling no pain.

The club had a dance floor and a pretty good combo, so we all headed up to dance a slow song. Lori was already feeling giddy, plastering herself against me. “Honey,” she said, “I R-E-E-E-E-EALLY want Mike to try something with me.”

“Okay,” I answered, “when this song is over, I’ll ask Sheila to dance, and maybe he’ll dance with you.”

“Great!” was all she said, and pressed harder against me.

When the song ended, we headed back to the table, and another slow song started. I took Sheila’s hand, and pulled her toward the floor. She looked at her husband, and he just nodded. As I took her in my arms, I noticed that MIke and Lori were right behind us.

She really melted against me, and between that and trying to watch my wife with MIke, it was hard to concentrate on my plan for the night. Then Sheila got my attention. “Is that a banana in your pants, Rick, or are you just glad to see me,” she kidded.

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