Ready to Please Ch. 04


It was late on a Friday night when I arrived at Nicki’s building. I let myself in and climbed the stairs that had now become so familiar. I fumbled in the gloomy hallway for the other key and let myself into the flat itself. It was dark and silent. I closed the curtains and put on the table lamp then wandered around picking up a few bits and pieces and generally tidying up.

I opened a bottle of red wine and took it with an empty glass into the bedroom placing them both on the bedside table. I reached under the bed for the small travel case and opened it to reveal the few items she had asked me to buy: a collar, a leash and a leather cock restraint.

We had been settled into our arrangement for several months now. By day, during the week, we were work colleagues, barely interacting with one another. We’d even go to the pub with other work friends and make polite but vague conversation. No one suspected that nearly every weekend I would be staying in Nicki’s flat on my knees tonguing her pussy to multiple orgasms. Why would they suspect? She was in her vivacious prime while was just older, heavier man with no particular redeeming good looks.

Now her former fiance Ben was out of the picture, most weekends were like this one. She would be out enjoying her new found freedom and confidence at a club or pub while I would arrive and prepare myself for 48 hours of blissful servitude. I would be ready to please her when she returned. She could use me like a sex toy as much or as little as she pleased and I asked nothing more from her than to be a part of her life. She had discovered the thrill of being in control of a submissive who was ready to fulfill her every desire without question. It was an addictive thrill and it revealed that her appetite for selfish fulfillment was boundless. We had yet to reach the limits of our mutual desires.

The first weekend when I felt her inner domme awaken had been after Ben had rejected her for a night out with his rugby mates. She had channeled that anger and frustration onto me and unlocked something within that was hard to put back. I had spent most of the next day kneeling at her feet eating her pussy as she discussed her plans. She wanted to get a leash so she could really feel her control over me. She also wanted a solution for keeping my cock under control preferably out of sight. At first she showed me pictures of steel cock cages available online but I suggested that a leather one would be more practical for occasional use. She agreed and the next day I ordered the items and wore them for her on the following weekend. The result was sensational: a weekend orgasmic trip for her and a deep sense of fulfillment and purpose for me. She split up with Ben shortly after.

Our peculiar relationship worked for us. She had no interest in me as a sexual partner in the traditional sense so she would still meet and very occassionaly fuck other men during the week. She would then delight in telling me all about their cocks and what they did to her while she sat on my face that weekend. Despite this I did feel that she loved me. Not in the way that I adored her, but there were tender moments between us and we both filled a burning need that the other had.

I clasped the collar around my neck and attached the leash. Then I removed my trousers and underwear and carefully strapped myself into the leather cock restraint. It fitted around my waist and had a ring and pouch for my cock with a strap that attached to the waistband. I tightened it so my cock was pulled flat against my pubis and my balls were exposed. Sometimes she liked to squeeze or punch them. I didn’t like the pain when she did so but still felt an electric thrill whenever she exerted her dominance like that.

I sat on the edge of the bed and waited patiently for her to come home. A couple of hours later I heard her key in the lock and I quickly got onto my knees beside the bed and held the handle of the leash up in my upturned hands. I heard her kick off her shoes and then she dashed into through the bedroom and into the bathroom to pee. From the sound of it she’d been holding it for a while. She flushed and then came into the bedroom and stood in front of me.

She wore a cream blouse and a loose red skirt with a floral pattern that ended just above her knees. Her legs and arms were bare apart from a silver chain bracelet that dangled from one wrist. I had bought it for her recent birthday, the chain symbolising our relationship. Her hair was wet as though she had been caught in the rain but I quickly remembered that she’d been in a hot nightclub all night and it was likely a mix of sweat, water and alcohol.

She nodded her approval at me and took the leash from my hands before sitting on the side of the bed. Very slowly she pulled her skirt up over her thighs until it lay neatly at the top of her lap. She had either lost her panties during the night or never bothered wearing them in the first place.

“I’ve been waiting for this all week,” she said and reached over me to pour her glass of wine.

I gazed at ısparta escort her face and then back down to her waist as she slowly parted her legs to reveal her divine pussy.

“I must warn you though,” she said, “I am extremely wet tonight. Some guy insisted on fingering me throughout our dance and it was all I could do to stop myself cumming on the dance floor. I saved it for you, cuntlicker.”

The sound of that name sent shudders through me and my stiffening cock strained against the leather restraint. I shuffled forward until my head was level with her knees. The chain of the leash jangled as I moved. I placed my hands against my own thighs, waiting for her permission.

“Please Ms Nicki,” I said quietly, “may I show my devotion to you?”

Instead of answering she gathered the loose links of the leash in her hand until it was stretched taut. She took a sip of her wine and then pulled my face steadily into her crotch until my nose was pressed into her. Despite her hot night at the club she still smelled sweet to me. Her pussy juices coated her outer lips and already I could feel them on my face.

She held the leash tight so I couldn’t pull away although both of us knew that leaving her pussy was the last thing on my mind. We held like that for a long moment until finally she gave her permission: “you may taste me now.”

Eagerly I reached out my tongue and licked the juices on her lips, savouring the delicious flavour. I then reached up and pulled her open to give me access to her inner lips and vagina. She glistened within and at the top I could see her clitoris already growing in anticipation. I began to lick her gently. The taste of her was divine. She was sweet and tart at the same time with a salty note from her recent pee. I licked all around her lips and clit while she sighed in appreciation. I switched to stroking her clit lightly with the tip of my finger while I french kissed her vagina. I kept this up until she finished her wine, placed it back on the side table and then lay back with a loud sigh of pleasure, pulling me along with the leash.

I pushed one of her legs up and to the side and began working on her clitoris with my tongue. I made firm strokes with the flat of my tongue, pressing hard against her, taking delight in the gasps I forced from her with each lick.

I could feel her body rising from the bed as the feelings inside her grew. I could sense that this was going to be an intense all body orgasm so licked harder and deeper but still with the same regular stroke. She was pounding the bed beside me, the leash pulling at my neck, and then all of a sudden she was coming in pulsating waves from deep within. My mouth rode her through the climax and into the next one without a pause. She came hard again and screamed wordlessly.

I brought her down tenderly with small kisses and licks in and around her pussy while she lay panting beneath me. In the moment I felt this was the whole of my purpose in life. Bringing this woman such ecstatic pleasure was all I really existed for.

She shifted under me to get more comfortable and then I felt her legs wrap around my back, holding me in place. Her hands grasped my hair and she began to rub my face up and down against her open cunt. My nose repeatedly bumped down over her clitoris and into her vagina and then back up. I held my tongue out for her and let her masturbate fiercely using my face. It didn’t take her long to orgasm again and she held tightly as she came against me. I pulled back against the leash and her legs to gasp for breath before diving back in to clean up the creamy juices leaking from her.

“Oh my fuck that was good,” she gasped, still holding onto my hair. After a few minutes she tugged the leash to make me climb up onto the bed and lay on my back. She swung herself onto my chest so her hot throbbing pussy was a few inches in front of me. I could still see small rivers of juice flowing out of her and onto my chest. She poured herself more wine and then held the bottle to my lips. I drank as she poured several small mouthfuls for me.

“Hydration,” she said sunnily. “It’s very important.”

“I agree Ms Nicki, but I see a lot of yours is going to waste,” I indicated her pussy with my eyes.

She laughed. “Well we mustn’t have that must we?” and slid upwards to envelop my mouth with her pussy lips, opening herself with two fingers as she did so.

I lapped at her sweetness while she told me about her night out. She’d gone with Sarah from the office and two of Sarah’s friends. They’d danced and flirted with a number of horny men but none of them were aiming for sex that night. She thought she’d seen Sarah with her hand down one particularly gorgeous man’s trousers but Sarah had denied it when asked. Sarah was dating our mutual friend James from our office so she probably didn’t want any rumours accidently reaching him.

I tongued Nicki’s pussy tenderly, unable to take my eyes off of her face as she relayed her night to me and drank her wine. At one point I saw her close kars escort her eyes and give a little shudder. She looked down at me and giggled: “that was the tiniest orgasm ever I think.” It was followed by several more in a chain which caused her to spill her wine on me. She got off me and then did something she’d never done before: she leaned over and licked the wine off of my face. She continued licking until she was tasting her own juices on my cheeks and lips. Then I felt her tongue slip into my mouth and she kissed me deeply and passionately, our tongues curling around each others.

Then, as suddenly as it had started, it was over and she was leaning over me looking into my eyes.

“I don’t know where that came from,” she said with a curious smile on her face.

I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t want to break the spell. Moments passed and then she turned away and got out of bed to brush her teeth. When she returned she told me to get to the bottom of the bed.

“Kiss my ass goodnight until I fall asleep. Then you may hold me.”

She got under the covers and turned away from me. My cock was nearly exploding from the tension but I slid in beside her and got close to her glorious round bottom. I kissed it gently and continued planting kisses until I heard the deep slow breaths that told me she was asleep. Then, careful not to disturb her, I returned to the top of the bed and lay on my side facing her. I placed the end of the leash in her hand and wrapped my arm around her, my palm on her hip and my fingers just touching the small triangle of pubic hair she kept. I soon fell into a dreamless sleep.

I woke before her and stretched out my stiff limbs. The only time I ever lay so still was when I was with her. At home I’d be rolling around all over the bed as I slept. There was something about her that drew me down into the deepest sleep. Probably all the energy I spent on eating her out I joked to myself.

She too hadn’t moved during the night and she lay with her black hair sprawled across the pillow and her perfect face. I reached up and stroked her cheek which caused her to wake up. She rolled onto her back and looked up at me as I propped my head on one elbow.

“Morning,” she murmured.

“Morning,” I replied. “How did you sleep?”

“Like a princess,” she replied with a smile, “but I need to wake up properly”. Then she pulled the leash tight forcing my head to move towards her feet. She kicked off the covers and I could see her legs were already spread and she had one finger inside her vagina. She pulled it out and held it up for me to suck. I took it into my mouth and greedily tasted her again. Then I moved down and licked her to her first orgasm of the day.

I left her basking in the glow of her climax while I went to prepare breakfast. I soon heard the shower running and I timed my tasks perfectly so I was pouring her coffee as she emerged from the bedroom in her kimono still drying her hair. As usual I had eaten mine quickly so that I could be at her feet while she ate hers on the couch by the window. The morning light streamed into the room, lighting her up with a heavenly glow.

This time was my favourite of all our time together. She would relax with her coffee while I devoted myself to pleasuring her pussy and ass. Sometimes she would read a book or watch TV, other times she would simply lie with her head resting on the back of the couch just enjoying the feelings I gave her. I could usually keep this going all morning bringing her to ten or more climaxes depending on how horny she was feeling. We seldom spoke but sometimes she would stroke my face or hair and whisper words of encouragement.

Today, though, we were interrupted just after she had come for the third time. The buzzer for the building entrance buzzed loudly.

“Shit!” she exclaimed. “Stay here.”

She rose and pulled the kimono tighter around her as she went to the intercom system.

“Hey Nicki, it’s Sarah, can I come up?” came the crackly voice.

Oh fuck. My heart leapt in my chest and I felt my balls tighten in fear. Nicki was swearing under her breath.

“Erm, ok Sarah, come on up.”

She pressed the door release button and turned to me. “Stay where you are.” she ordered. “Fuck fuck fuck!” she kept muttering to herself.

I looked down at myself. I was dressed in a t-shirt, a cock restrainer and a leashed collar. The t-shirt didn’t even hang low enough to hide my dangling balls. My face was sticky with pussy juice. I wanted to run and hide in the bedroom but I obeyed her instructions.

“This was going to happen sooner or later,” she was saying quickly. “We just need to face it. Sarah’s ok. I’ve kept enough of her secrets in the past. Fuck!”

She adjusted her kimono again and then pulled the door open. Sarah stood there with a big smile on her face and a box of cookies in one hand. “Hi Nicki,” she said breezily, “I hope I didn’t get you out of bed?”

“No not at all,” Nicki replied, “I usually just lounge around on Saturday mornings.”

“The kastamonu escort joys of being single,” laughed Sarah as she stepped through the door. She still hadn’t seen me. I knelt quietly in front of the couch, my hands on my knees. My heart was pounding like a drum and my hands were shaking from adrenaline.

“I hope you don’t mind me popping over like this, but I really wanted to talk to you about this guy I met last night. I think I’ve fallen for him!”

“The tall one?” Nicki asked. “The one you felt up during One More Time?”

“Yes, that was him, although I wasn’t…” her voice trailed off as she saw me. “Tim?”

She looked at Nicki.

“Is that Tim?” she asked.

Nicki closed the door and leaned against it. “Yes.” she said.

“Why’s Tim here? Is he bothering you? I thought you two didn’t like each other.” The confusion on her face would have made me laugh out loud on another occasion. She clearly hadn’t registered that I was half naked or wondered why I would be kneeling in Nicki’s living room.

By way of answer Nicki strode across the room and sat on the couch in front of me. Her kimono remained closed and her legs were tight together but it was impossible to mistake our relationship.

“What the fuck?” said Sarah incredulously. “What the actual fuck?”

“Come and take a seat,” said Nicki gently, indicating the single chair beside the couch.

Dumbstruck, Sarah sat down and gripped onto her box of cookies. Then she caught sight of my balls, shrivelling up beneath me, and burst out laughing.

“Oh my God Nicki!” she said in an admiring tone. “I would never have believed this was possible, that this was happening. What exactly is happening? I’m so confused.”

“It’s very simple,” said Nicki calmly, although I could tell she was terrified. I just wanted to hug her right there. “Tim is often here at the weekends. He has a submissive nature that matches my own dominant feelings. We take on those roles over the weekend.”

“You’re dating Tim?”

“No,” replied Nicki quickly. “We’re not dating. It’s different. It’s better than dating in some ways.”

“Fuck buddies?” said Sarah laughing, “I’d never have had you two down for it.”

“No we don’t fuck. Tim has other talents that don’t involve fucking.”

She looked into my eyes and took hold of the leash. She opened her legs and slowly pulled me between them. Just before I reached her pussy I heard Sarah gasp and then say “Holy fuck girl!”. I had time to plant two big kisses before she pulled me away.

Sarah’s jaw was slack and her hand kept hovering around it uncertain of what to do.

“You force him to go down on you?” she said eventually.

“Well, I don’t really force him. He does it willingly. I use the leash just so he knows who is in control but most of the time I have to push him away. He’s addicted to pussy and he can keep at it for hours.”

“You are one lucky lady,” said Sarah and began to clap her. “Damn, you are lucky.”

Nicki smiled in relief as she sar Sarah relax.

“Do you want a drink?” she offered. “Tim will fetch you one. Tea, coffee, wine, gin?”

“I think a glass of wine is in order if you don’t mind,” replied Sarah looking at me as I rose to my feet. “What the fuck have you done to his dick?”

“It’s tucked up out of the way. It’s not that useful compared to his mouth so we keep it wrapped up to avoid nasty messes.”

“Fuck, if I tried that at home I’d get a slap,” said Sarah shaking her head. “James loves his dick too much. It’s a nice one I’ll admit.”

I returned with two glasses of chilled white wine and returned to my position at Nicki’s feet. I still hadn’t said anything.

Sarah took a long sip of wine and continued. “So he’s good then?”

“Like no other. Seriously. And he’s totally devoted to it. There’s literally nothing he won’t do with his tongue.”

“I’d give my left tit for a man who’d go down on me for more than five minutes. James is hopeless. Perhaps you can get Tim to teach him a few things.”

“I don’t know, maybe,” laughed Nicki sweetly. Then I saw an idea flash across her mind. I knew exactly what she was thinking and I didn’t like it.

“If you want,” said Nicki carefully, “you can give him a try.”

Sarah did a double take. Again it would have been comical in any other situation. I pulled back on the leash trying to grab her attention but she ignored me.

“You mean now? Here?” said Sarah incredulously.

“Yes, if you like. I promise you won’t be disappointed.” she turned to me and yanked the leash. “She won’t be disappointed will she, cuntlicker?”

I looked at her in desperation but found myself saying “No Ms Nicki.”

Sarah gaped at Nicki. “I think I must be fucking dreaming. Or maybe someone spiked my drink and I’m tripping off my head.”

“I’m serious,” said Nicki. “Here.” She jerked the leash and I shuffled toward Sarah until I knelt in front of her. “Tell her what you’ll do cuntlicker.”

I looked up at Sarah and I could feel my face burning. She was older than Nicki, close to my own age, with strawberry blonde hair cut short into a bob. She wore a loose baggy pullover that hid her breasts and tight jeans that accentuated her slender hips and thighs. I could see crows feet around her eyes and her lips looked dry.

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