Random Connections Ch. 05

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The phone rang; “Oh shit.” muttered Alison without taking her eyes off the screen. ” Can’t you ignore it?” She implored of her best friend, Elaine. “It’s getting to a really hot scene.”

Elaine chuckled and shook her head. “No way! It might be my mum. Just pause the tape.”

Alison pouted and turned the volume up instead; “Oh yes, yes, right there, don’t stop!” A girlish voice moaned, distracting them from the shrill tones of the phone.

“For God’s sake Ali, don’t! Think of the neighbours.”

“Fuck the neighbours?” she said coarsely, muting the ecstatic shrieks of the coupling women, who continued to eat each other out in silence. “I’d rather think of you.” Alison replied, giving her a lewd wink.

Elaine’s laughter bubbled merrily around the dimly lit room and faded into a muttered curse as the phone stopped with her hand poised over it.

“Don’t worry Eli, it probably wasn’t your mum. Where is she anyway?”

“At the pub with dad.”

“Do you think they’ll divorce?”

“I dunno. This is the longest separation ever and between you and me I don’t think she’ll forgive him this time.” She replied sadly, a tear building up in the corner of her clear blue eyes.

Alison hated to see her friend cry and held out her arms consolingly. This was how it had all began in the first place she remembered. A tearful embrace, a gentle kiss that swiftly turned passionate. The memory of their love-making made her pussy eager, she squeezed her thighs together as a fresh trickle of juice seeped into her panties, sticking them tightly into the crease of her freshly shaved mons. She’d trimmed, but never shaved all of it off before and the sensation was driving her wild.

“What do you think your mum will do?” Elaine murmured, watching one of the girls push another finger inside her partners glistening pussy.

“About the tape?”

“Yes. Won’t she tell your dad?”

“Maybe, maybe not. What’s done is done. Serves the nosy cow right for snooping around.”

“You’re right, we can’t change the past can we.”

“Would you want to?” Alison whispered, soothing her lovers skin with tender kisses, trailing a moist tongue under her chin.

“No darling!” Elaine sighed, kissing the tip of Alison’s pink tongue as it wriggled over her lips. “I love you.”

“I love you more!”

They kissed deeply, confirming the sincerity of the spoken sentiments with a probing tongue, a loving gaze, a gentle caress, that gave them an emotional bond which they needed as much as physical satisfaction.

Elaine loved Alison’s slim, well proportioned body. Her short blonde hair always smelt fresh and she adored the way it shone like spun gold in her fingers. She twisted the soft tresses as they kissed with urgency, moaning gratefully on her soft lips as Ali’s hands cupped her pendulous breasts, squeezing them, teasing her nipples into hard points of excitement. Their lips parted breathlessly, hands busy undoing buttons and zips, eager to get to grips with each other.

Alison’s sea-grey eyes glittered mischievously as she guided Eli’s hand between her legs. “Guess what I’ve done?” She simpered, nuzzling at Eli’s neck.

“You haven’t!” Elaine gasped, slipping her hand under the damp panties, feeling the smooth flesh with her finger tips, sliding a finger into the tight heat.

“Just for you my love.” Alison whispered, nipping and licking the soft skin down to the abundant flesh in her hands, suckling on her erect nipple. She knew how sensitive they were and played with them tenderly, nibbling and licking each one until her lover pulled away to get a closer look at her handiwork.

Elaine slid to the floor between her legs and gazed at Alison’s pussy lips, parted like the petals of an orchid, the surrounding flesh a deep pink compared to the delicate hue of her open cunt. She gasped and looked more closely, parting the lips tenderly with her fingers, her breath washed over the soft folds as she inhaled the hot scent, her tongue flicked over the hard bud, making it tremble with anticipation, expectant gasps coming hard and fast from Alison’s panting lips. “Do you like it?” She asked.

Elaine had never seen anything so beautiful and nodded, kissing her lovers clit softly.

“Oh darling! Do that again, and again!” She crooned as Eli’s lips lingered on her clit, flicking it knowingly with the tip of her tongue, fingers pushing, twisting and thrusting into her hot, soft flesh.

Alison closed her eyes to savour the bliss while Elaine moved her tongue away to replace it with her thumb, rolling it gently under the pad while she emptied her glass of wine then, pressing more firmly on her clit, put her mouth full on the pouting lips to empty the contents into the hot hole in a steady stream, swishing it into the swirling juices as they gushed back down her throat, drinking her creamy cum down in deep gulps.

Alison felt the liquid spurting inside her and went a little crazy, bucking like a hooked salmon on the wriggling tongue in her pussy. She whimpered sarıyer escort and shook in ecstasy as her orgasm burst forth, opening her eyes to enjoy the sight of Eli’s moist lips locked onto her cunt as she came, drinking the sweet, hot juices convulsively until they slowed to a trickle.

“I could use another drink.” Elaine gasped, finding her glass empty.

“Didn’t you just have enough?” Alison said, the afterglow warming her body in ways, despite the efforts of the worlds finest science, they’ve not managed to bottle yet.

“I never have enough of you.” She smiled, blowing her a friendly kiss. “But the bottles empty too. Be back in a minute.” She got up and collected the empty glasses, put them next to the bottle on a tray to fetch fresh victuals from the kitchen.

“Ok babe, get me a top-up while you’re there.” Alison smiled, letting her go with a parting kiss.

She watched Elaine’s lovely big ass wiggle away, her long black hair swinging jauntily from side to side. Alison loved the voluptuous curves and couldn’t wait to get her hands, or any and everything else for that matter, on them again, before turning to watch the action on screen The women were into a frenzy of finger-fucking and the sight brought a fresh tingle of lust scampering through her crotch.

“Damn, that’s so hot.” She muttered, pulling her skirt off to feel the wet gusset of her panties, pulling it aside to ease a finger into the moist flesh beneath with a groan. Both were shaved clean as she was and Ali determined that Eli should do the same A.S.A.P. It felt so much cleaner, so sensitive and soft.

“You’re insatiable!” Elaine giggled, returning with two glasses and a fresh bottle of wine on the tray. Blue Nun wasn’t her favourite tipple, but it seemed oddly appropriate to her quirky sense of humour.

The phone rang again. She placed the tray next to the phone and picked up before Ali could stop her.

Alison stuck her tongue out to show what she thought of that and lay back on the sofa, parting her shapely legs to show Elaine exactly what she wanted her to do.

“Hello?” Elaine smiled at the sensual sight of Ali’s moist panties cleaving to her slit and licked her lips.

“I want you to lick my wet pussy.” A feminine voice demanded in her ear.

Elaine almost dropped the phone in surprise.

“What’s wrong?” Elaine asked, concerned at the stunned expression on her face.

Elaine placed a finger over her lips, demanding silence and Alison shut up, curious at the callers identity.

“Who is it?” She whispered, sitting up.

Elaine beckoned her closer, holding the phone out and she did so, sitting cross-legged at the end of the sofa.

“Please lick my wet pussy baby.” She heard. Alison pressed a hand over her mouth to stifle the shock and Elaine smothered a giggle. “Come on, I need you so bad.”

The sultry voice brought Goosebumps to Alison’s flesh and she slid her hand back into the snug nest between her thighs while pressing the receiver to her ear to hear better. Elaine let it go and poured the wine out, taking a big gulp before topping up her glass and sitting next to Alison.

“Who do you think it is?” She whispered. Alison shook her head and cupped her hand over the receiver.

“It sounds like Miss Berkeley!” She sniggered. “And is as horny as I am by the sound of it.”

“Like hell it is!” Elaine said scornfully. Miss Berkeley was a spinsterish lady who worked part-time in the local library. “You’re fantasising again. Let me listen again.”

Alison didn’t want to let go but compromised by holding the phone between them, heads pressed together as they listened to the horny pleas pour forth.

“Put your tongue in my pussy… Yes there, lick my clit, suck on it… God that feels so good! Now stick your tongue in there, all the way inside…OH! OH! YES! Slide it in my crack…”

“Maybe it’s Jenny. She’s slutty enough to do something like this.” Elaine suggested, sipping her wine thoughtfully.

“How would you know?” Alison asked tartly. “Anyways, this voice isn’t whiny enough for her. Maybe it’s old Mother Hawkes!”

Elaine spluttered a mouthful of wine at the image of Gordon’s weird mother doing something so flagrant.

“Messy girl!” Chided Alison with a smile, brushing the drops off her pert breasts.

“Horny girls!” Elaine grinned, pointing at the screen where the two women had been joined by a third, sporting an unlikely erection in the curved shape of a strap-on dildo.

“Put your tongue in my ass baby, please!” Added their mystery caller.

“Christ!” Alison exclaimed, grabbing Elaine’s hand. “I need to cum so bad.”

“You need to cool off.” Elaine replied, tipping wine from her glass onto Ali’s crotch. This had completely the opposite effect on her. She gasped in delight as the chilled liquid splashed onto her hot skin, inflaming her juices to flow faster, pooling under her arching body as she bucked up and down on Elaine’s burrowing fingers.

“Suck my nipples istanbul escort darling.” She panted into the phone, holding it tightly in one hand, using the other to pull up her T-shirt.

“Oh yeah that’s so hot!” Groaned the caller in response, to her unseen lover or herself Alison didn’t know, or care. She was far too horny to prevent her groans of passion spilling down the line.

Elaine trapped a pink, hard nipple between her teeth and teased it, her fingers slipping smoothly inside the streaming pussy that felt hot with unslaked passion. She ran her hand over the smooth flesh between her lovers writhing thighs and moaned on the succulent teat, twisting it in her mouth.

The twin lovers on screen were competing to get their hungry mouths around the obscenely large dildo and Alison urged them to suck it. Elaine heard her and sucked more of the soft flesh into her mouth, wriggling another finger, then another between the dripping wet lips of her pussy, becoming more eager to taste the sweet fruits of her flesh.

The lewd cries of their mystery caller provided a perfect soundtrack to the silent action, accompanied by their heavy breathing as they moved together, two hearts beat as one in the harmony of finding each other in perfect accord. Whether it was the alcohol fizzing in her veins or the erotic sensations buzzing through her body, Elaine knew not, but she simply followed the impulse to pull Ali on top of her, take the phone in one hand and pull her head down with the other to smother her face with hot kisses. Alison submitted to the embrace with alacrity, crushing Eli’s superb tits in both hands, wrapping their legs together to press her clit into her slit.

“Fuck me darling.” Elaine breathed into the phone. “Suck my big tits…fuck me with your clit.” She went on panting as Ali did as she urged, feeding on a mouthful of tit and rubbing her clit in a frenzy.

A siren call of passion wailed down the line as their caller heard got the response she wanted, demanding more and more in that throaty voice which dripped with desire. “Suck me! Lick me! Eat me!”

Elaine repeated each demand and Alison responded, sliding down her heaving body like a sailor lost on a stormy sea, almost sliding off onto the floor before reaching the proud thicket of Eli’s hairy cunt, spreading the dense black curls to expose the thick, wet lips, pouting readily for her loving kisses, opening the pink slit with her lithe tongue, curling it into the juicy folds, licking them clean as a fresh rivulet of hot juice trickled down. This was close to being one of Elaine’s favourite fantasies, although she’d not shared it with Ali yet. She didn’t know what her friend would make of her desire to have Mrs Hawkes joining in their fun. She loved the idea of having the older woman’s huge ass on her face, smothering her with wet flesh as she came. The image brought her closer to boiling over and she pushed her sex into Ali’s face. “Eat me!” She begged, feeling sharp teeth scrape over her clit, a wet tongue lapping at her, probing deep in her pussy, sliding down her crack, over her asshole, rimming both holes until she melted in orgasmic bliss.

Alison had her fantasies too, but this wasn’t one of them, and no way would she share her favourite fantasy with anyone, least of all Elaine. She slurped every drop her lover had to offer before sitting up to wash it down with a long draught of wine, smacking her lips with a contented “AAAAHHH!” Sucking the neck of the bottle provocatively, she asked. “Is she still there?”

Elaine took the proffered bottle and handed her the phone, drinking thirstily as Ali listened to the happy groans. “Horny bitch isn’t she.” She commented. “I wonder who it could be?”

“I don’t know.” Alison replied, turning around. “It isn’t your mum, that’s for sure!.” She added, rubbing herself sensuously along Eli’s body.

The thought that her mother may have tried to call while they were playing around brought a twinge of guilt that was swiftly allayed by Ali’s fingers teasing the curly hairs around her clit. “Come closer darling.” She suggested, shifting her body a little to rest her head up more comfortably. “That’s right, a little closer.” She said, eyeing Ali’s cute little ass wriggling eagerly over her tits. The pungent aroma of her sex made Elaine’s mouth water and she licked her lips before planting them firmly between her cheeks.

“That feels beautiful babe” Alison gasped. “Fuck me with your tongue!” She groaned into the phone.

“Oh yes fuck me.” Their kinky caller agreed. “Fuck me with your hot tongue.”

That was another thing Elaine loved about Ali; normally so well spoken, her language went into the gutter as she got horny, becoming cruder as her passion demanded satisfaction. But, above all, Elaine loved the taste of her pussy, sucking the peachy lips apart to drink the zest of her body, slurping each drop noisily onto her tongue, sliding it in and out, around and around, swirling the juices in her mouth like a connoisseur before mecidiyeköy escort swallowing them down. She spat in Ali’s crack, adding to the flowing juices, pulling her cute ass open to get a good look before brushing feather light kisses over the pink, puckered hole, rimming it tenderly, then plating her crack with fresh spittle until she dripped with lust.

Alison went wild as Eli’s tongue slid over her asshole. “Oh fuck yes, lick my ass. Make me cum again.” She babbled, slapping the phone onto Eli’s silky slit and descending like a horde of locusts on her throbbing clit, sticking proudly up from the sticky curls sucking, almost chewing, on the fleshy bud in her frenzy. thrusting the phone receiver into her syrupy snatch. “How do you like that then?” She crowed at their unseen, obscene caller.

A bubbling torrent of sound flowed from the speaker, vibrating inside Elaine’s body delightfully. She yelled in disbelief at the incredible sensation and screeched. unable to maintain the strain of keeping her tongue on Ali’s bouncing ass. “Oh fuck, you dirty girl!

“Look who’s talking!” Alison retorted.

Both of them rocked with uncontrollable mirth at the pun, giggling and gasping until the erotic sensations took over, bringing them closer and closer together. Elaine sucked her index finger, thrust it into Ali’s hot little asshole and sucked with renewed vigour on her swollen cunt, pushing her tongue briskly into the moist folds.

Alison jabbed the phone deeper with a squelch and licked her clit. “Do you like that?” She breathed into the receiver. “Can you hear how wet she is? She tastes so good.” She groaned. “She fucks me so good too.” She went on, lapping the phone in excitement at the moaning response. “Oh yes, she fucks both my holes so fucking good…so fucking hot…makes me…cum!” Alison’s voice went up an octave as another finger pushed between her cheeks.

“Yes darling, cum for me.” Elaine entreated, twisting both fingers into the hot, soft hole, as Ali’s body began to shake uncontrollably in the throes of passion.

The demure young ladies their mothers knew so well were dissipated in the sexual frenzy, replaced by two demanding harridans, spitting obscenities like common whores.

“Fuck my asshole!”

“Cum for me!”

“Fuck my cunt!”

“Cum for me!”



“FFFFUUUUCCCKKKKK!!” Alison wailed as she came hard.

“Oh my God, yes!” Elaine gasped. “Fuck yes!” She gasped again as another hot gush of cum rained down. Her own orgasm detonating empathically to see and feel her lover cum so hard.

“FuckFuckFuck.” Alison whispered, shuddering as the aftershocks shook her body, subsiding as she sank down to lay her head comfortably on Eli’s soft, wet pussy. It seemed to be talking to her! Confused, she opened her eyes and giggled at the phone sticking oddly from the hairy slit, removing it slowly, sensuously stroking it back and forth until she pulled it free with a glutinous squelch.

Their caller was still there, moaning softly. “Did you like that?” She asked. The moans rose in pitch but no further reply was offered. “I’m sure you did, she tastes so good doesn’t she?” She said pertly, licking juice from the receiver.

“You’re a kinky cow.” Elaine commented, lightly stroking her clit.

“You can talk.” Alison retorted, shaking the phone at her.

“It’s good to talk!” Elaine grinned.

“It’s better to fuck!”

Elaine took a swig of wine, sighed contentedly and passed the bottle over, unable to disagree with that.

“Is there any more?” Alison said after polishing off the remainder with a flourish.

“There’s more in the kitchen.”

“I can’t be bothered to walk all that way. Besides, i’ve got a better idea.” Alison said, rubbing the bottle-neck over her nipples.

“You can’t be serious!” Elaine exclaimed, sitting up.

“Just watch me.” Alison replied with a devilish smile, stroking the bottle down to part the lips of her glistening pussy.

Elaine did just that, goggle-eyed at the sight of her juicy cunt sliding onto the bottle neck, behind her the scene was even hotter as two women ate each other out while the third pushed the strap-on between her upturned buttocks and, to complete this virtual orgy, the phone began to buzz as a vibrator was turned on in the background.

‘Wine, women and a dong.’ Elaine thought, becoming more than a little drunk on the alcohol and sex. She reached for the remote and turned the sound up, flooding the room with the sounds of sex, harsh panting cries of pleasure mingled with the wet slap of flesh-on-flesh.

“What the hell…?” Alison cried in alarm, having completely forgotten about the video.

“It’s the film you silly bugger.” Elaine smiled fondly at her. “Two of them are in a 69 and the one on top is getting royally screwed by the third with that strap-on.

“God that’s hot!” She groaned, sliding deeper onto the smooth glass, vowing to herself she would get that glass dildo from the website where she’d got the video. “How’s our friend doing?” She asked, nodding at the phone.

Elaine picked it up and listened. “The dirty bitch has a vibe on the job now.” She said, her memory jogged by the noise. “Turn around Ali.” She suggested, feeling behind a cushion.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32