Rachael’s Humiliation

Ariana Grande

I never would have believed you if you had told me that I would watch my sister physically dominated and sexually humiliated twice in the same weekend.

My sister Rachael and I were born only two hours apart. Despite our imperceptible age difference, she always treated me like that gap was ten years instead of two hours. I guess she had an overdeveloped sense of obligation to raise me since, as a girl, she was always a step ahead in maturity. That was the only complaint that I had about Rachael and other than that we were very close.

Our father had left us soon after I was born and our mother had a weakness for alcohol that kept her away from home most of the time. In the absence of any real parents, Rachael had raised me.

We were both eighteen years old and had just finished high school. Rachael would soon be off to a good college on a full scholarship, which she had to earn because there was no other way our family could afford an education. Through hard work and perseverance Rachael had managed to overcome the odds and give herself an opportunity to make something out of her life, and in a small Midwestern town that is as close to a hero as you can get. She seemed to have everything going for her and the whole of our small town loved her.

She was good looking in a plain sort of way, with her soft white skin and smooth brown hair that fell to just below her shoulders, innocent brown eyes, and a perfect nose. Standing next to the popular girls in our school you might dismiss her as ordinary but you could never deny that the potential was there. At the ten-year class reunion she would be the raging hottie with the great career that all of the other girls were jealous of because they knew their husbands were secretly lusting after her.

She wasn’t too tall or too short and had a nice natural look without any real need to wear make-up or jewelry. She had a nice voluptuous body even though you would never know it to look at her because she was usually modestly dressed in somewhat loose clothing.

If you looked hard, and most of my guy friends would, you could tell that underneath the clothes was a nice rack. This was a secret that she desperately tried to hide, especially after, unnoticed by herself, they had appeared when she returned to school following our summer break. After she dressed for gym, the tee shirt that had fit fine last year was now snug in the chest. This snugness gained her a lot of unwanted attention from some of the guys who had themselves undergone a change over the summer, but it was the jealousy from the other girls that really hurt.

The fury from the girls was in part because of the unwanted attention that she drew from the boys, but mostly it was because she was a reminder. To the ones that had blossomed, she was a reminder that their blossoming hadn’t gone as well for them as it had for her and that they would be left with a nagging sense of insecurity that they would follow them for a lifetime. For the girls that hadn’t blossomed yet, she was a reminder of just that very fact and all the emotional insecurity that accompanies the uncertainty of knowing if they ever will develop. That was all in the past now but no one would ever know that for whatever pain they had felt from their insecurities, Rachael had suffered the same pain, many times over.

Regardless, Rachael’s breasts were natural and bouncy and although she was proud of them this experience had made her more than a little self-conscious, so she took measures to confine them under her clothing.

There isn’t much to do in our small town especially on the weekends; so most people go out to the bowling alley and just kind of hang out before all the late night parties begin. That’s where the first of two of my sister’s humiliations took place.

La erzurum escort Tonya Washington was a domineering black girl who had recently come to our school from Chicago, where it had been rumored that she had been expelled for fighting. There seemed to be more and more colored kids attending school but they mostly stuck to their own kind and rarely interacted with the white kids.

The degradation of my sister was really my fault. That Friday I accidentally spilled some of my soda on La Tonya’s nice new jacket and she cursed and yelled at me, drawing everyone’s attention. My overprotective big sister wasn’t in the immediate area so when word got back to her the story had been blown up to “the new black girl was messing with her kid brother”.

My older sister’s nurturing instinct went into overdrive and she over-reacted, rushing to my defense, screaming at the younger sophomore of the same age and calling her names that can never be repeated. Once the words were in the air there was no taking them back and the two verbally traded curses and racial jabs back and forth. I had never heard my sister talk like that before and the verbal argument escalated. Then followed the sexual humiliation of Rachael.

I know that my sister has enough psychological baggage in her life to be able to talk tough, but I’ve never known her to be in any real fights before.

The two opponents agreed to meet in the parking lot outside. Once outside they squared off, standing face to face. As with any Friday night fight a crowd started to gather, mostly blacks on one side and whites on the other.

La Tonya swung her open palmed hand at Rachael’s face and squarely connected the meaty portion of her hand to the fragile jaw line of my sister’s face. La Tonya had landed what would be the first and only blow that she would need in this brutal fight. It was a solid hit that snapped my sister’s head quickly to the side, spinning her body a full one-quarter of the way around. It wasn’t intended to be a knock out blow and served only to soften Rachael up but judging from my sister’s reaction it more than accomplished that mission.

The strike had left Rachael dazed and completely unaware of her surroundings. Her mind was overwhelmed with trying to process all the incoming information from her senses. The pain of the strike, the noise of the crowd, and what she was doing in this circle of cheering people was too much for her brain, leaving her in a state of confusion. There was nothing that I could do but watch as La Tonya launched a devastating attack that would physically break down my sister.

Sensing that her victim was stunned and could not react, La Tonya pounced. Reaching up she grabbed two fists full of my sisters brown hair from the back of her head. Rachael’s eyes grew big with fear, she knew that another hit was coming but could do nothing to prevent it.

Capitalizing on the temporary control she had over my sister, La Tonya began to swing her helpless white victim around in a large circle, building momentum in a clockwise direction, spinning Rachael out of control. La Tonya, treating my sister like a rag doll, swung her around by the hair. Once momentum was built up, La Tonya forced my sister’s head down, knocking her slightly off balance and at the same time quickly reversing the direction of her swinging hands.

It was a small, quick movement on the part of La Tonya and the devastating results came at the other end that was my sister. It reminded me of a whip where a small, quick flip of the wrist could result in a large powerful force at the tip. My sister was the tip of this human whip.

Rachael’s feet left the ground as she flipped completely over in midair and landed flat on her back with a loud thud sound. It was bodrum escort such a vicious blow that you could hear the air rush to escape my sister’s lungs.

Everyone’s body responds differently to pain but my sister’s body’s response was to just shut down.

The blacks cheered, and the whites in the crowd groaned as they witnessed their white queen all laid out with her black tormentor still clutching Rachael’s brown hair.

One look at my sister’s face and I could tell that she was physically beaten. The white crowd wasn’t too upset though because they sensed that La Tonya wasn’t finished yet and the real show was about to begin.

Rachael’s body did not hold up well against the beating down. She was now barely conscious. When she did manage to move, it was under the power of La Tonya wrenching on her hair, compelling my sister’s body to comply. It reminded me of watching our drunken mother after one of her three-day drinking binges powerlessly dragged upstairs and put to bed by two rough looking men who would emerge hours later from her room.

La Tonya had made quick work of my sister and I thought that the fight was finished. I had watched my big sister get softened up, physically broken and tamed, but La Tonya had more in store as she began to position her kill.

La Tonya reached down with both of her hands, getting an even more secure hold on the back of my sister’s hair than she had before. From that position she was better able to control the movements of my sister’s body the same way a puppeteer has control over his puppet. She was also using it inflict pain on Rachael whenever Rachael’s white body failed to obey one of her commands.

La Tonya heaved up on the hair, hoisting Rachael’s torso slowly off the ground. Rachael shrieked in pain as both hands shot up reflexively grasping onto La Tonya’s hands to relieve the pressure on her scalp, in a futile attempt to make the pain stop.

Rachael was able to pull her knees up underneath her to support the weight of her own body when La Tonya pulled backwards on her hair forcing my sister onto her ass in an upright sitting position.

Barely responsive, Rachael instinctively put both hands on the ground behind her to help prop herself up. My sister’s body couldn’t accomplish the simple task that her mind was telling it to do. Her body had been so wracked that her arms simply couldn’t support the weight of her upper body, making her totally dependent on La Tonya’s punishing hold for support.

After La Tonya had positioned my sister the way she wanted her to be, she plopped down on the ground behind her, careful not to release her hold. Her grasp now served more to inflict pain and was less about positioning as La Tonya was in the dominant position and had complete command over Rachael. La Tonya next wrapped her strong, black legs around Rachael’s upper arms, cinching them securely behind her victim’s back.

While maneuvering into place, La Tonya would release some of the tension on the hold that supported my sister’s head while maintaining a tight grip. This would cause my sister’s head to nod and her chin to droop down to her chest as if she had been knocked out. Her once beautiful brown hair that was so shiny and lustrous was now a tangled mess that hung down over her face, hiding it from view. When I could make eye contact, I noticed that her eyes were still open but the fire that was in them when this fight began was now gone. That is when I realized that La Tonya had not only dominated my sister physically but more importantly had broken her will to resist.

But Rachael didn’t like being a puppet, and futilely struggled to regain use of her own limbs. Every time she would resist, La Tonya would clamp down harder with her legs and yank my eskişehir escort sister’s brown hair, forcing my sister back where La Tonya wanted her to be.

La Tonya released the grip that she had on my sister’s hair, freeing up her hands for other things.

If my sister were going to fight back, now would have been the perfect time to do so. Although she was battered and bruised, with her arms still cinched behind her back, if she resisted she might have been able to twist out of it. La Tonya, having released physical control over my sister, had given Rachael a small window of opportunity for escape and revenge. Just moments before, Rachael had shown that she had recovered enough physically to resist against her black tormentor.

My sister would not capitalize on this opportunity, and La Tonya knew what she was doing. She had pushed Rachael past her breaking point. It was no longer about the physical struggle but about the will to resist. Rachael, having her had will crushed, had mentally conceded defeat and was a laying herself at the mercy of La Tonya and mercy did not appear to be one of La Tonya’s strong points.

The crowd understood what was going on and they loved it. They watched with lustful anticipation of seeing the prom queen go down, hoping to see her thoroughly defeated, whipped and beaten.

From her position in the rear La Tonya reached over my sister’s shoulder and grabbed a handful of shirt just below the navel and pulled the material up, stopping just below Rachael’s bra.

What little support there was for Rachael disappeared as the whole crowd turned against my sister once they got a good view of her now exposed white stomach. The crowd was in a frenzy and chants of “Finish her, finish her!” could be now be heard from everyone, regardless of their color.

La Tonya continued to pull the material up over her wounded prey’s shoulder, exposing my sister’s lacy black bra to the crowd. The howls were now at a fever pitch.

As a final act of humiliation, La Tonya reached over with her other free hand and unfastened the center clasp of the bra. The two cups from the bra fell away to either side, unleashing my sister’s milky, white breasts for all to see. The crowd, especially the girls, erupted in deafening cheers at the revenge that they had waited years to see.

Rachael’s breasts, unleashed from the confines of the bra, were allowed to swell up and expand to their true size. They were magnificent, white, round orbs that were a little pink in some places caused by my sister’s efforts to keep them under wraps by wearing tight bras. With her breasts enlarged, the material could no longer easily fit down back over them, holding the material securely in place above my sister’s tits and freeing up La Tonya’s hands to resume their hold on Rachael’s hair.

Just out of spite, every time Rachael’s defeated body moved to reposition itself, La Tonya jerked back viciously, snapping Rachael’s head back and causing her to wince and whimper in pain. It also kept my sister’s head up and forced her to face the crowd and see them enjoying her degradation. La Tonya would repeatedly do this just so that the crowd could watch my sister’s tits bounce and jiggle around, ensuring that everyone got a good view.

As quickly as it had started, it was all over. Everyone had gotten a good view of my sister’s goodies and La Tonya was done making her bitch squirm in pain.

La Tonya got to her feet, letting my sister’s humiliated white body fall to the ground, making her tits jiggle for the crowd one last time. La Tonya left without looking back as she went inside the bowling alley to celebrate her conquest over her newly crowned white bitch. Most of the crowd stayed with Rachael to revel in her humiliation and see if she could emotionally recover enough to make a go at a second round. It took my sister five minutes to recover enough to be able to cover herself back up and stumble to her feet, but one thing was for sure: she didn’t want anymore of what La Tonya Washington was dishing out.

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