Quiet Servitude Pt. 06a1


Author’s Notes

Before reading this story please be aware that that some people would label this work as obscene and pornographic in nature. It contains several themes including transgendered, homosexual and lesbian issues in addition to graphic sexual descriptions.

To make the action flow more freely and the stories light-hearted, I have taken a socially naïve approach and have not included the usual protections that intelligent people would choose such as condoms, birth control and out safeguards against sexually transmitted diseases. Such risky behavior as those exhibited by the characters of this story should not be followed.

If any of these topics make you uncomfortable please look elsewhere.

If this sounds like a story you might find interesting, enjoy.

With the exception of the main character Stacy, after whom I modeled a lot of my own psyche wanting to capture how I would feel in situations developed in the story, all other characters and circumstances are completely fictional. Any resemblance to actual people or places is completely coincidental.

NOTE: This chapter is an alternate ending, which replaces the existing Part 06. This section leaves off following Quiet Servitude Pt. 05.

* * * * *

Chapter 10 – Wednesday, June 11th – 9:32 p.m.

Christa stepped into the kitchen and dropped her purse in the nook that acts as a catch-all when we walk into the house.

“Everyone make their flight ma’am?”

She stood there in the shadows staring at me before stepping forward into the soft lights of the kitchen.

“Yes. Everything is running right on time in fact.”

“Glad to hear it. Mr. Williams and Ms. Jackson were nice.”

“Thank you. It was great to be able to catch up to them. You were a big help in that.” She said, but she seemed a million miles away at the time.

We stood face to face now studying each other for a minute before she found something else to say.

“Do I hear water running?”

“Yes ma’am. I thought you might like to take a hot bath.”

She walked through the living room without another word and disappeared down the hall. I don’t what I was supposed to be experiencing at the moment but several emotions made an appearance. I was mad, sad but mainly confused. Perhaps the departure of her friends has signaled the return to our previous life, one where she seemed to find little joy. I kicked off the lights and made my way to the master bedroom where Christa was already reclining in the hot water, the hint of bubbles hiding all her head and shoulders. Her eyes were closed and she made no move to indicate she knew I was present. I stepped back to the bed and folded her clothes, carefully setting them on the bureau before turning towards the hallway to leave.

“You did well this week Stacy. I’ve been impressed thus far but you did promise me that I’d have your help through the weekend so I’d like to continue our arrangement until then if that’s alright.”

I turned back towards the bathroom and could spot her face just above the lip of the tub, her eyes still closed. My silence must have been too long since her eyes flashed in my direction and rising eyebrow indicating that she was expecting an answer to her query. I was chewing on my lip as I pondered my response. I was having fun as Stacy but perhaps she wanted her husband back. I could lose either way so the best course of action was to tell the truth but the words didn’t come. My head nodded in agreement and I could feel my turn downwards wondering if I had made the correct choice.

“Excellent. That will be all for tonight. I’ll see you in the morning. Please have breakfast ready by nine, I have places to go and people to see tomorrow.”

“Yes ma’am.” I mumbled, unable to meet her gaze as I turned and left the room, pulling the door closed behind me. I returned to the small bedroom that had become mine, cleaned up and slipped into bed where a fitful sleep awaited me.

Chapter 11 – Thursday, June 12th – 8:51 a.m.

I was still in a fog despite a very hot shower. What little sleep I had managed to grab was listless to say the least. Although I received the usual rush as I got back into my role that I would play for the next four days it didn’t seem as big as it had in the past. I tried a bowl of Lucky Charms for breakfast but even the sugar failed to give me any energy. Christa strolled up to the counter as I stifled a deep yawn.

“Good morning Stacy.”

“Good morning ma’am. I have pancakes this morning and bacon. Would only take a few minutes if want eggs.”

“Pancakes are fine, thank you.”

She looked up at me for a moment, a flash of the old Christa appearing as quickly as it disappeared again. Her smile faded and her eyes turned to the folded newspaper lying next to her plate which she read in silence as she ate. I was just finishing up when she finally spoke again.

“I have several appointments this morning and I need you Kurtköy Türbanlı Escort to run an errand for me.” She said as she flashed those eyes again in my direction. My mouth was hanging slightly, the thought of stepping into public again wearing the crisp uniform filling me with a hearty mix of terror and exhilaration. Christa easily noticed the look I was transmitting despite my attempt to hide it.

“Don’t worry.” She continued. “I just need you to take some boxes over to Debbie’s house for me.”

I nodded, somewhat relieved.

“Of course ma’am.”

“Thank you Stacy. Breakfast was great.” She said as she got to her feet, slipping them into a pair of black, business pumps that matched the professional looking skirt suit that was expertly tailored to her curvaceous frame. Grabbing her hand bag from the nook she turned back, finding me standing in the kitchen.

“Debbie is going to send a driver over with their SUV. The boxes are in the garage. Please make sure they get to Debbie’s and see if there is anything else she needs. Help her out if you can.” Her eyes, which had been examining something on the floor I couldn’t see turned up to meet me for just a second before they turned away and she was gone, the sound of the garage door rumbling into the house. I heard the car start and pull away, the garage door rumbling back into it’s closed position. Silence.

Christa hadn’t mentioned when Debbie’s driver would be around but the doorbell rang thirty minutes later just as I had finished up in the kitchen and made the beds.

“Good morning Ms. Johnson. How are you?”

“I’m fine Hal. Thanks for asking. Here for some boxes I understand?” I asked, amazed at how casual I felt as Stacy. He nodded. “They’re in the garage.”

He stepped back outside and popped the hatch. I locked the front door, grabbed my purse from the nook where it too had set and stepped into the garage, noticing the half dozen boxes for the first time. The garage rumbled up again, this time with one car missing. Before I could lend a hand the SUV was loaded and Hal was back behind the wheel. With nothing left to do I started the door on it’s return trip and stepped outside into the beautiful morning air. The sun was already up and the fog was burning off. It was going to be another warm day I thought as I slid into the passenger seat and we rolled. Hal was of few words as always as we neared the end of the street, prepared to merge into traffic. Apparently Christa’s first appointment was at the bank as I spotted her car in the lot, one occupant behind the wheel. We stopped at the light and Hal honked, also spotting Christa’s Cadillac. If she heard it, she didn’t respond.

The light changed and we were off for the remaining drive over to the Hennessey’s. Within minutes we landed at the front of the home which was becoming more familiar with each passing visit.

Hal had the rear hatch open and was unloading the boxes when Debbie stepped out and greeted us.

“Good morning Ms. Hennessey.” I said in greeting, the formality sounding strangely familiar.

“Morning Stacy.” She replied, the normal spunk replaced with a chilly tone. “Can you take those boxes up to the room you changed in on Monday? When you’re done, open up the one on top there” she said, indicating the smallest box in the group.

“Yes ma’am.” I said, happy in my heels that the first box wasn’t extremely heavy. I slipped inside and up the stairs where I deposited the box on the bed where I had made love to Julie earlier in the week. The thought providing more of a jolt than caffeine or sugar could ever accomplish. By the time I returned to front steps, both Debbie, Hal and the SUV were no where to be found. I snatched up the next box and hauled it to the bedroom, repeating the procedure until all six were neatly stacked on one side of the room. There were still no one about on the second floor of the home so I did as commanded and pulled the heavy duct tape from the smallest box and pulled back the flaps.

I must have stood there for an entire minute as the ramifications began to wash over me in waves. I recognized the first few articles of clothing as Stacy’s from my dresser at home. A quick flip through the contents revealed the rest of the box contained even more clothing, my intimate apparel. On top was a simple, white envelope. I took it out held it in my hands for a moment, noting that it couldn’t hold more than a simple sheet of paper. When my brain failed to comprehend what the hell could be happening I gave up, hoping instead that the envelope held the answers I was seeking.

My hands were trembling unexpectedly as I slipped a manicured finger inside and drew it through with nothing resembling lady-like fashion. As expected, it held a simple sheet of white paper, neatly scribbled words I recognized as Christa’s writing.

Dear Stacy,

I didn’t tell you before but after catching up with Julie and Terry it was Kurtköy Otele Gelen Escort clear that a week wasn’t going to be enough to satisfy my needs. We talked it over a couple of nights ago and Julie invited me to visit her place. Debbie said her regular housekeeper would be a way for the next two weeks and that she would keep you out of trouble and put Stacy to good work so behave and take care of anything she needs as any good employee would do for their employer and I’ll be back in a few days. Take care and thanks.

Love Christa

Wow. I didn’t know what to say or feel. Numb was probably a good description but there was a hint of betrayal. Another couple of days playing Stacy wouldn’t be bad I thought after a few minutes. I had begun to empty the boxes and set them in the closet where I hung up the rest of my clothes. Debbie walked in just as I was finishing up.

“Everything OK?” she asked, no hint of concern in her voice. The smirk she had been wearing in my presence as Stacy was gone to.

I nodded. “Yes ma’am. I understand I will be working for you until the end of the week.”

“I know.” She said, an ill-timed smirk appearing on her face. “But unlike Ms. Miller I am quite a bit more demanding of my staff. As you know, my regular housekeeper will be gone for the next week and a half so you will be picking up her duties while she is gone. A list of which you will find downstairs in the dining room. Get acquainted with them right now and help out in the kitchen to get lunch prepared. Just do what our cook needs done and we’ll work through the list after lunch. If you need anything, please ask one of the other staff.”

With that she turned on a heel and strolled from the room.

“MS. Miller?” I thought to myself. Things were definitely going to be different this week but Sunday evening was only three days away and I would just have to make due.

Chapter 11 – Thursday, June 12th – 12:15 p.m.

I had set up the dining room table as instructed and had brought various items to Mrs. Hennessey. Her husband, however, had decided to work from his home office where I split my time and attention. He was far less demanding once I brought his lunch, which he poked and prodded as he worked, oblivious to my coming and goings. I didn’t desire to start any conversation and retired back to the dining room and Debbie, who managed to keep me on my toes, a sure sign of things to come. My duties in the Hennessey household were going to be very real, in sharp contrast to the play acting I had been doing at home. Any apprehension on my part quickly faded as the first two days came and went, the long list of chores having kept me busy. I was told that Sunday would normally be a day off from my duties but since this was my only week in the employ of the Hennessey’s that I would have some things to do that day as well.

Saturday morning met my eyes when I peeled them open. It had been another restless night and I was thankful that there would only be one more night before I could finally crawl back into my own bed and hopefully resume a normal life that didn’t involve high heels or uniforms. As enlightening as my life had become with Stacy in it, I was eager to take a break from all the shaving I was doing as I stared into the mirror once again following the brief, hot shower.

The daily regiment in the house allowed me to fall into step with the flow relatively easy and the pattern became predictable until Debbie caught up with me in the hall with an armload of bed sheets.

“Stacy. I need you run to the store and pick up some items for our cook. Hal will take you up there and drop you off while he runs another errand.”

I froze slightly, aware once again how I was dressed. Debbie must have noticed my discomfort and after receiving nothing but cold admonishment from her the last two days I could only expect that I would be returning to the store dressed in my current pink and white uniform.

“Go ahead and get changed into something more casual. Hal is downstairs waiting on you so don’t take too long. The account card is in the glove box. Hurry back. We still have a lot of work to do.”

Relieved beyond belief, I nodded vigorously.

“Yes ma’am.” I said, turning to my room where I deposited the sheets in the corner for later and quickly got changed into a pair of jeans and loose blouse and flats. It was clear that the usual store at the end of the street wasn’t our destination so my mind began to ponder the possibilities as I gathered up my purse and hurried downstairs and out the front door. As promised, Hal was behind the wheel as I slipped into the passenger seat. By the time we were out into traffic I had the account card and knew we were headed half way across town to an up-scale grocery store that sold the typical produce at three times the price. I couldn’t help but laugh at that fact as we rode in silence as we neared our destination. Because I wasn’t driving Kurtköy Ucuz Escort I wouldn’t have time to hesitate in the parking lot. After several days, I was far less hung up on going into such a public place now as Stacy and started to climb out as soon as we pulled up to the front door.

“I’ll be waiting out here in twenty minutes.” He said, as though reading my mind.

“Got it. Thanks.” With that, I slammed the door and watched him pull away, my only refuge pulling away into the distance. Feeling a bit vulnerable suddenly in the front of the store I walked inside, dropped my purse in the cart and tried to get on with the task at hand as I navigated towards the nearest aisle to get away from the bulk of the people. I fished out the list, figured out what products were around me and managed to concentrate on shopping rather than who was around me and what they were thinking. Half way through the list I realized that I had forgotten that I was a man, standing in the middle of the store dressed as a woman. Perhaps I was reaching a comfort level required by a transsexual who needs to live life without worrying about those around them.

My reverie was short lived however when an old woman in aisle three, hands firmly dripping the handle of her cart, stood staring as I approached, her mouth hanging open in disbelief. I guess we really can’t fool everyone all the time and for the remainder of the shopping trip my attention was once again on the shoppers around me. I suspected at this point that feeling comfortable enough as Stacy to live this way full time was not something I could choose to do. But in life, sometimes decisions can be made for us as I soon found out as I stood in the checkout lane. It had taken me nearly a half an hour to grab the required groceries in the unfamiliar store so I knew that upon exiting I should find Hal waiting and wouldn’t have to stand awkwardly out front.

The clerk rang up the groceries without incident and I handed her the account card. I had the cart in motion and was headed quickly for the door. Although I had every expectation that Hal would be waiting, I was disappointed to find that he was no where to be found. As I feared, I was standing out in the open. In hopes of escaping increased scrutiny I slid down from the front door to a less traveled path where I could keep a look out for the familiar vehicle if it entered the lot.

And that’s when it caught my eye.

Lined up like obedient soldiers were a row of paper boxes. Car fliers, real estate magazines and newspapers were available, but it was the local newspaper box that drew my attention.

I pulled the cart off to the side and slid over to the box, oblivious to the world around me. It was headline that caught my eye but the opening of the story held it. The name of my company was plastered across the front and a story about missing company funds ran on in great detail. I had no idea who could have been behind such a scheme but there were a few slime balls who were capable of something like that and now, it seems, it had caught up with them. My heart skipped a few beats when I reached the bottom of paragraph one and found my name there. It seems, that I alone had been implicated in the scheme and that the police were looking for me. Without a care of anything going on around me I dropped my purse and knelt down trying to read more but it ran behind the window. I fumbled for my purse and snatched out my wallet, praying that the emergency change I kept inside for a phone call would be enough. I took a quick look around but none of the people were looking my way. Stacy, it seems, could walk around the town without anyone thinking I was the town’s most wanted. As I loaded in the change I took another look around and spotted Hal turning in from the street. I couldn’t believe Christa had anything to do with any of this but if I didn’t do it then Debbie was the prime suspect. And until I had some answers, Hal couldn’t know anything was up. I fumbled with the door as soon as the change hit bottom and nearly had it slip from my hands before snatching up three copies of the paper before the door slammed shut again. I tossed the extras back on top and quickly unfolded, aghast at seeing a cropped photo of me from the company Christmas party last year. I stepped to the cart, trying desperately to hide the paper inside one of the plastic sacks just as Hal pulled up in the handicap spot behind me, my shaking frame hiding my work until the last possible second.

I heard the door open and the rear hatch pop. Convinced that I could do no more to hide the paper in the thin, white, plastic sacks, I turned and tried to smile, pulling the cart towards the curb. Hal stepped up and started loading the bags while I tried to keep my on which one held the paper. I spotted it just as Hal’s grip grabbed hold and he set it inside, the print clearly visible but fortunately, not the story. He closed the hatch without apparently noticing it and we were on our way back home, my head swimming with complications. I couldn’t tip Debbie off but needed to get home and get a hold of Christa for help. I would play along like the subservient employee and slip out in the evening and make my way back home and hide out until I could figure out what was happening.

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