Pup Ch. 01


I’d fallen asleep again.

The gentle hum of the furnace behind me always made me sleepy, the warmth and the comfort of my chair didn’t help. I always ended up curled up in my chair for hours at a time in the small book store. The book I’d been reading was now on the floor at my feet, and I was sure my hair was even more of a mess than it usually was. But I was more concerned with what had woken me.

A soft sound. Low and ragged. Coming from the book stacks around the corner from my secret spot. My old chair was tucked away between the classical literature section and the furnace, and now someone was close by, making noises like they were in pain.

I got up before I could think it through and made my way towards the sounds. Walking through the book aisles as my curiosity rose. They were getting louder and some rough, heaving voice kept saying fuck. My cheeks heated slightly at the way it was said, but my curiosity wouldn’t let me stop.

“Are you ok-” I rounded the corner and froze.


I was watching two men have sex. I could feel the blush heating my face and backed away slowly. The taller man, who was still pounding away at the moaning boy pressed against the wall, turned to glare at me without missing a beat. The books rattled on the shelves as the boy moaned, muffled by the older man’s hand. When his dark eyes turned to me, I gaped at his familiar face and ran.

I need to get back to my chair. Hopefully he won’t find me there.

And I was almost convinced I was right, until about 10 minutes later when I heard his heavy boots stop in front of me on the old worn carpet of the store. I kept my face buried I’m my book and prayed he’d go away. The book was snatched out of my fingers and thrown over his shoulder, and I looked up to yell at him before I took in his appearance. The v of his hips were exposed by his unzipped pants that were barely staying up. His black shirt clung to his muscled torso and his sharp jaw was clenched. Black eyes under heavy brows glared at me, almost hidden by the dark hair he didn’t bother to push out of his face. All in all he looked sinful and more than a little threatening. I felt a foreign tingling in my stomach.

“Why were you watching me, pup?” The same rough voice, same sex based heaviness. Same unsettling feeling in my belly.

“I- I wasn’t. I heard a noise.. thought someone was hurt, and and I just thought I could help, you know get good karma points or something-” I was babbling 18 yaş porno and his glare made me keep rambling nervously. But he just watched me until I went quiet.

“Listen, pup.”

He crossed his arms over his chest and I was momentarily distracted by the way his forearms and biceps were modestly, and attractively, muscled. In the dim light of the store he looked even more intimidating, but that didn’t seem to stop me from being fascinated by him. I heard him clear his throat and I saw him smirking at me. I knew he must have seen my less than subtle drooling over his body. My face turned an even brighter red and I ducked my head in shame.

“You shouldn’t be watching people fuck. That’s how little boys like you get in trouble. And then it’ll be you getting your tight little ass fucked against a wall.”

He seemed to be enjoying the increasing amount of blood rushing to my face at his crude words. I would never think about, let alone talk about sex. And here he was. Taunting me. I squirmed and told myself I hated him for it. That the warm tingling in my belly was nerves.

“I wasn’t! You shouldn’t be doing.. that.. in a bookstore anyway!” I tried to sound affronted and reprimanding. Instead I squeaked, flustered beyond belief, and he smirked at me.

“Oh, pup..” he sounded amused, and shook his head as if disappointed.

The way his sonorous voice said pup and fuck and tight little ass was messing with me. My body shouldn’t be so warm, I shouldn’t be pressing my thighs together like I was afraid he might ravish me, and I definitely shouldn’t be thinking about him between my legs with his hands on my hips as he- No. I would never finish that thought and would take it to the grave that I thought about in the first place. I didn’t have to look up to see him smirking at my squirming again.

“My name isn’t pup, it’s Matt.” I pushed my glasses up my nose and huffed, crossing my arms over my chest and told myself of course mature 19 year olds act this way. He went quiet (which was never good in the movies) and I glance back to find his gaze roaming over my body. Fear and a strange sort of thrill rushed through me when I saw his lips curl into a smile.

A hungry, devious smile.

“If- no, when I get my hands on you.. I will fuck you up. And I’ll make you like it. I bet a cock in your ass can have you moaning like a whore, pup.” With that same 3d porno voice that seemed to tug and poke at every pleasurable part of my body, he wrecked me.

I honestly don’t know what happened.

He spoke with blunt determination, the crude words calculated specifically to make sure they were seared into my brain and get a reaction out of me. It worked. I should have been offended. I should have been scared or creeped out or something..

But instead his words made a quiet moan slip past my lips and I melted into my chair.

My hand was over my mouth a second too late. My eyes were open wide in awe of his easy going vulgarity, and my body started to burn and ache in places I hadn’t thought about my whole life.

He was watching me with that knowing smirk again. Like he knew how the hot desire burning in me was caused by him, he’d heard that embarrassing moan and was pleased.

“Be a good puppy and come here.” All he did was raise a brow when I hesitated (trying to rationalize why I was not even questioning this, why I so automatically obeyed) and I was up and moving to stand in front of him.

“You need it bad don’t you? You’re so… eager for it.” My body was trembling, and I didn’t know what he was talking about. All I knew was the absolutely filthy undertones in his voice as he spoke. Every word he spoke sounded obscene, and for some reason that just made my body tingle even more.

“I bet you’ve never even touched yourself have you? Never thought about fucking, getting fucked .. anything to blow a load. Never crossed your mind?”

I was having trouble keeping my eyes open and moans from escaping my mouth again. His voice was addictive. Listening to him was not my priority, salvaging what was left of my dignity was. But still I hung onto every word.

A hand slid under my shirt and pinched my nipple sharply before I even noticed him reaching towards me. Another moan slipped out and I felt like melting into the floor.

“I don’t think I have your attention, pup.” There was anger in his voice now, lust. Why is he getting all worked up? His thumb and forefinger rolled my nipple between them and his eyes were focused on my exposed stomach. It wasn’t much, a little fat and no muscle, but the way he looked at me was.. hungry. My lungs just quit. My whole body seemed to tense, waiting to see what he’d do.. hoping he’d do something.

His hand disappeared from my shirt and his smirk returned, a little darker Porno 64 video even more smug when he saw my face that was probably beet red by now.

“Take care of my pants, pup.” His eyes danced with anticipation and I gaped at him. His finger, the same one that had been fondling my nipple, pointed at his pants. Then a glint appeared in his eyes I didn’t like. “Or you could get on your knees and kiss my cock.” He spoke in a way that meant he was trying to be generous. And that’s what made me snap out of whatever stupor I was in, if only slightly.

“You can’t make me do-”

He didn’t even bother to argue, he just cut me off by pressing his lips to mine. Firmly but slowly at first, growing steadily rougher until I thought his mouth was going to make my lips bruise- and the hunger in his kiss would devour me. By the time he backed away he’d already done something to me, messed with my head to make me whimper and try to get his lips back on mine.

“Get on your knees, pup.”

God that voice was what made me feel this way. Why else would I be lowering myself to my knees in front of him without ever looking away? The carpet was rough beneath my knees and he stood before me tall and imposing. Why did that make him more attractive to me?

“Fix my pants and my belt. Now.” And I was scrambling to pull up his zipper and button top, but my hands were shaking and I couldn’t make the button go in.

“Relax, pup. Try again.” He laid his hand over mine as he spoke and his dark eyes were amused as he watched me. He removed his hand and I buttoned his jeans before pulling his belt together and fastening it.

When I was done I sat back on my heels and looked up at him. He smirked at me, but looked pleased. The position seemed natural. His satisfaction with me seemed to make me feel warm and fuzzy and all the cute stuff that I usually didn’t care for. He was pleased with me.

I don’t know why that mattered so much.

“You’ll be tight and blushing.. I love popping good little boys cherries.” He chuckled at how I completely froze. He’s not serious, there’s no way he would want to- “… fuck you. You’ll squeal, maybe cry a little, but that won’t stop you. You’ll come back begging, won’t you? You look like the type. Maybe I’ll fuck you on the same wall I did that other twink.” His musing was making me hyperventilate and he only patted my head.

“Don’t worry, I won’t fuck you till you’re desperate for it.” He grabbed his jacket from a shelf and grinned at me as he backed away. “By the way you look good on your knees.”

He was almost too far away to hear but when he spoke I heard every word he threw over his shoulder as he disappeared into the book stacks on the way out of the store.

“See you at home, pup.”

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