Piggy Tails Oh My!


Have you ever noticed that some of the conversations you get into at bars can really be weird. Questions come up like if the Gilligan’s Island people were cannibals, who would they eat first? Or if you were going to bang a cartoon character which one would it be? You get all kinds of interesting trivia that has no real use in the real world. But when a topic comes up everyone wants to play.

Which brings me to my present situation. I was out at Club Asylum one night and we had a really good topic come up. What is your favorite fetish. I won’t give you all the conversation but I will hit some of the highlights. Leather, the sight smell sound and feel, Miniskirts, Feet, Shoes, and Blue jeans. All quite interesting fetishes. And then there’s mine. I was sitting there musing about it, I wasn’t sure I even wanted to bring it up. When from a back table she spoke up.

“Long hair.” A shadowy figure in the back contributed this.

The surprising part was that it was a feminine voice. I’m not really sure any of us even knew that there was a girl in the club. It was still relatively early and most of them don’t make it in until nine or so. There was a lot of neck stretching to see who had spoken. I think she sensed we wanted to see her and moved out into the light by the bar.

She was a beautiful girl. Do you know the difference between pretty and beautiful? Pretty girls have looked good there entire lives and have no depth. Beautiful girls are those who have character stamped upon them. They understand themselves and are content.

She stood about five feet four inches tall and weighed about one hundred sixty pounds. Kind of round, but well packed into an hourglass figure. She had knee high boots, a catholic schoolgirl mini-skirt, and was well packed into a leather halter top. It was amazing how many of our fetishes mardin escort she seemed to answer. But for my money the most striking thing about her was her hair. It was bottle job red, but the best part was it was drawn back into piggy tails.

Now piggy tails is my thing. I absolutely love them. It doesn’t matter to me who or what there on I love to play with them, hold them, and best of all use them for handles during sex.

Several guys started working there way over to her. She eyed them one by one and told us more of her fetish. It seemed she loved long hair, loved to feel it cascade over her breasts, tickle her belly, and whisk across her pussy. Like I said she was very comfortable with herself. As she finished speaking she ordered another Martini and retreated to her shadowed table.

I watched mesmerized as she shot down guy after guy who went back to talk to her. If she’d been a World War II pilot she’d have been an Ace, she shot down seven guy’s over the course of the evening. Along about midnight she got up for a trip to the bathroom. There is only one bathroom at the asylum and it takes awhile to get through the line. So I knew I had awhile. I hopped up and strode out the door to AR Mystics. The guy in the kilt that works there is a jerk, but he sold me what I needed. I walked back into club Asylum with a bouquet of feather roses eleven black roses and one blood red one. I left it on her table with a little calling card. I jerked out one of my hairs and left it draped over the blood red rose. These roses are fantastic. They are just the ticket for an erotic night. If you get the chance try one on your significant other and you’ll see what I mean. If she was down at the club a lot she’d have been next door and she’d know about the roses.

When she came back from the bathroom, I saw her nevşehir escort stop and assess the situation. She spotted the bouquet and checked to see who was watching. I did my best to look indifferent as her gaze swept over me. When she was done scanning the crowd I don’t think she new it was me. She reassessed the table and went back to it and sat down. She lovingly fondled several of the black roses and then her hand strayed to the red one. As she touched it I saw her start in surprise as she found the calling card, my hair. I saw her take it from the rose and run it through her fingers. She seemed to delight in it’s feel.

She slowly looked up and glanced around the room again. This time as our eye’s met I nodded to her. She looked down at the hair in her hand and back at me. I have fairly long hair. It stretches halfway down my back. I keep it in excellent condition and I think it’s one of my best features. I could see an almost imperceptible nod as if she’d made a decision and then she looked away. Well maybe tonight just wasn’t my night. I stayed until last call and then headed for the door. As I left I said goodnight to Ox the bouncer and headed up the street. I’d gone about half a block when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I glanced back and was rewarded by the sight of pigtails. She was right behind me with an interesting look on her face. I couldn’t decide if she upset, mad, or confused. She may have been all three.

She asked me why I hadn’t come over to talk. Now I visibly started at that. I explained that I’d sent out m greeting card and that I felt that I’d been rebuffed. I wasn’t going to make her evening worse by intruding. She looked at me kind of quizzically while I explained this. When I finished feeling somewhat justified I could tell that she hadn’t heard a word I’d said even niğde escort though she listened. The very next statement out of her mouth summed it all up for me.

“Good now can we go someplace and fuck?” she asked.

I didn’t even bat an eye. “Sure my trucks right here.”

I led her to my truck and in no time we were headed for the river bottom. There’s a nice little park at Oracle and River road. You can park at night and have a little fun and no one will bother you. We didn’t talk very much as I drove. Ok we didn’t talk at all.

After I’d parked I grabbed my emergency blankets and we headed down for the river. Now a river in Phoenix or Tucson is a funny thing. There is really never any water in them even during the rainy season. So I spread out the blanket and we set down upon it and looked around. It was a nice night out. Kind of cool and the stars in Tucson are always gorgeous. They actually have city laws that limit the use of light at night. This way the observatory can see more.

As we lay back on the sand I got to play with those wonderful, gorgeous, fantastic piggy tails. They were about a foot long and braided just like a catholic school girl. She kept running her fingers through my hair. We started doing some serious necking and it just seemed to progress from there. Next thing I knew we were naked on the blanket. My hands on her tails her hand s in my hair. I think we both came while just holding each other’s hair. I know I did, I had the proof splattered all across her belly.

I decided I’d finish my fetish. I stood up and pulled her to her knees as I pressed my cock to her mouth. I took one pigtail in each hand and set the scene.

This is for the clutch, or to go faster.” And I pulled the left pigtail.

This is to slow down , and I pulled the right pigtail, clutch and brake just like on my bike. Using these I speeded her up and slowed her down as she gave me a fantastic blowjob. Then laying her back on the sand. I rubbed my hair all around her body till she came again. We cuddled for an hour or so after that and then I took her home.

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