Paying the Prices

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Randy Price had been in college for 2 years before he moved into an apartment. He had grown up nearby to the school and his dad had insisted that since he was on their dime he’d stay there until his junior year.

Now living with his roommate Bob, he was free to explore his sexuality even more, and that was what he was doing when he heard a gasp from the kitchen door.

“My god” Said his mother, standing there with a bag of groceries in her hand. As she turned to go back into their kitchen Bob slowly removed his penis from Randy’s ass. They had been so deeply involved in their fucking that they hadn’t heard her drive up, much less enter by the back door.

Randy pulled on his pants while Bob went to the bathroom. He approached his mother saying “Mom I know this must have been a shock but let me explain.”

His mother, Anne, turned from the backdoor, apparently intent on leaving, and stared at her son with a scowl. “I always suspected you liked guys more than girls but I didn’t want to say anything. Your father would cut you off you know.”

“Mom are you going to tell him,” he said, suspecting that she would. She had always favored the two girls and didn’t like the special attention her husband, James, had always shown their son.

Thinking that their support would mean more to Randy she said “Well it would be easier not to if you told your little buddy to move out.”

Randy knew a time would come when he would have to move out from under their support. Now seemed as good a time as any.

He said “No mom I think I’ll stay right here. If that makes up your mind then fine. I’m not going to change my life to win your money.”

She said nothing but slammed the door as she left. Bob had returned to the living room. As Randy came back in he said “You know your Moms going to tell him, and then you’re going to have to get a real job to stay at the university.”

“I don’t care.” Randy said plopping down next Bob. “I’ve got to start my own life sometime. By the way did you finish off in the john?”

“No, I couldn’t seem to do it with that conversation going on in there.”

“Then pull that thing out here and I’ll take care of you.” Randy said pulling Bobs pants off.

Randy dropped to his knees between Bobs outstretched legs and started licking the head of his cock. Though Bob was a smaller guy, 5’7″ 145, his cock was 8″ and a good 2″ wide, bigger than Randy’s 6 and 1/2″

As Randy stroked the base and sucked the head into his mouth he slowly pushed a finger into Bobs ass. Bob started humping his friends face and before long shot his hot load down Randy’s throat.

With cum still lingering on his tongue they met and kissed, tasting the kartal escort cum between them.

Randy had not heard from either of his parents for almost a week. He suspected that Anne had told his Dad what had happened and that James was not ready to deal with it.

He and Bob were watching a show on Friday evening when the bell rang. Bob went to answer and Randy heard him say “Come in Mr. Price.”

Randy stood to face the entry as Bob and his Dad entered. His dad was similar in stature to himself, 6’1″ 190. They favored and he always heard his dad saying “Yep that’s my boy, a chip off the old block.” Now he wondered how his dad felt about his chip.

His Dad came around near Randy by the couch as Bob started for the bedrooms. “Don’t leave Bob. This involves you as much as my son.” Bob turned and walked back to the recliner opposite of them and sat. Randy and his dad sat near each other on the couch, an awkward silence between them.

James spoke first. “Randy I want you to know that I love you, and nothing is going to change that. I just wish you had confided in me sooner that you were interested in men.”

Randy was not expecting him to be this calm. He stared at his dad waiting for the explosion of hate and disgust that he was sure would come. His dad just looked at him as if they were discussing something like how his grades were.

“But, that being said, there is the issue of dealing with your mother. She has been in a state of rage since her visit last week.” James said looking at both of them. “She wants me to cut you off. She has always thought I give more to you than the girls.”

“She even wants to expose you to all of our friends. “Randy started thinking about all the people he’d known growing up. He thought of his Grandparents and all his relatives. The weight of this decision was becoming clearer, and is wasn’t an easy one.

Randy was in mid thought when his Dad said “She also wants to expose me.” For A second Randy wasn’t sure of what his Dad had said. But then he looked at his dad and saw the understanding in his eyes.

Now he knew why his Dad had been so calm about things. He also started to see why his Mother didn’t like him as much as the girls. With his Dad and him being so close she must have thought that he would turn out like his father. She also must have blamed his father somehow now that things were out.

Randy said “Dad what could Mom expose about you that would have you worried?” But he was sure of what the answer was.

His Dad looked at the wall and started to explain. “When you were 8 you’re Mom went on a trip to her sisters to help out with the death of uncle Franks Dad.” Randy remembered some of this cumhuriyet mahallesi escort taking place. “She came back early and you kids were all in summer camp so I had the house to myself. When she got home she caught me and Dan Roberts in a compromising position by the pool.”

Randy remembered Dan and that he lived across from them at their old house. The thought of his father with another man started to form in his mind. The thought started to stir his crotch and he tried to push it away. He glanced at Bob and saw that he was rubbing mindlessly at his own crotch.

James continued “She was so mad that she almost left me and took you kids. I convinced her to stay and not say anything with the agreement that I would never be with another man again.”

He turned to face Randy and said “When she came home she told me that cocksucking must run in the family cause you were just like me. She said if I didn’t cut you off she’d ruin my business and take everything. This is the same threat she’s held over my head for 12 years. Now I want to do something about it.”

“What can you do about it Dad?” Randy asked his mind spinning at all that was happening.

“I want to get pictures of your Mom with another man. She’s got nothing but her word against either of us. With that hanging over her head I could control things and wouldn’t have to bow to her every whim.”

Randy was thinking of several things at once. He was seeing why they had moved across town after that summer he turned 9. He was seeing how all the decisions that his dad made that seemed to be to please his mother were actually hers forced upon his dad. How that her threat that his dad would cut him off was not his but hers.

“Dad I’m so glad that you’ve come to me with this. I was so worried that you would be upset.”

“Randy I never gave you any indication as to which way to go sexually, and though I like women I still miss being with a man. I’m glad that you have decided how to live you’re life.”

That statement was enough to get the air charged in the room. Randy crossed to his father and they hugged.

Randy said “Would you like to be with a man again.” The boldness of his statement excited him and his cock began to twitch.

His father broke their embrace and knelt before him. Knowing there was no turning back Randy pulled his stiffening cock from his shorts and offered it to his dad.

James engulfed the rod with one swift stroke. He placed his hands on Randy’s ass and pulled the cock deeper into his mouth. He smelled the musky odor of his sons crotch and then fondled his balls.

Bob walked around behind James and started rubbing yunus escort his nipples through the cotton of his shirt. He reached between his legs and grasped James dick.

James let out a muffled moan around Randy’s cock. Bob unzipped James pants and pulled out his cock. Stroking the hard piece of flesh was more than he could stand and he knelt beside them and bent to take the hard member into his mouth.

Randy placed his hand behind his fathers head and quickened his thrusts into the waiting mouth. James, lost in his lust, reached behind Randy and pushed a finger into his sons ass. This sent Randy over the edge and he forced all of his cock into his fathers hungry mouth. With a groan he emptied his balls into his fathers throat.

James sucked as hard as he could but cum dripped from around the corners of his mouth. Randy seemed to cum a gallon. Cum still dripping from Randy’s cock he pulled from his mouth and told Bob to fuck him.

Bob stood and removed his shorts and shirt and James sat on the couch and pulled his legs up to reveal his asshole.

Randy knelt and licked his dads ass and tongued the hole. He lapped from James balls to his ass and then moved to the side. Bob brought the head of his 8″ cock to James asshole and pressed.

The head popped in and James let out a moan. Bob pushed more into him and he began to stroke his cock.

Randy knelt and took his fathers dick in his mouth and began to suck up and down the hard shaft. His father was a little bigger than he but almost identical.

Soon Bob had set a good pace of fucking James ass. With his son sucking his cock he said “Randy I have wanted this for so long. You have got a great cock and you know how to suck one just like your mom said. I can’t wait to give you my cum.”

Bob chimed in “James your ass is as good as your sons and I can’t wait to fill it full of my seed. Randy is a great cocksucker and loves to have his mouth filled with cum, so make him happy and fill your boys mouth up.”

With that said James started arching his back and shot load after load of hot thick sperm down his sons throat. Randy kept sucking and stroking his dads cock until he was milked dry.

Bob said he was about to cum and James reached up to pull on his nipples. Bob cried “Yes oh yeeesssss.” And James felt the warm goo fill his bowls.

As the evening went on they satisfied each other’s needs until there were no more.

Sitting naked and sipping from wine they talked. Randy asked again how his father planned on catching his mother with another man.

That’s when James looked at Bob and said “Well if you’ll help Bob, I can arrange for you to fuck my wife. It might not be as good as my ass but you won’t be sorry.”

Bob looked at both of them and said “Well I have had my share of girls. I know my way around and since I’ve had both of you I guess it’s the Price I’ll have to pay.”

They all laughed and set forth with their planning.

To Be Continued…

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