Paul and Jane Ch. 01

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Jane was already seated when Paul arrived at the restaurant. It was her first date since her recent divorce and she had arrived early. She was wearing a thin summer dress, low cut and flowery, the sort Paul liked. Paul, for his part, knew he would spend most of the evening imagining what underwear she had on. Summer dresses had that effect on him. He knew she was wearing a black bra, he could see the straps peeping out from her shoulders, so the question was whether she was wearing black knickers too. The thought was almost too much to have to bear for the entire evening, he had to know. But then if he knew, he would be thinking about her pussy tucked inside those black knickers, and that would be torture too. So he determined to think about food instead.

His plan fell apart almost immediately.

“I’m wearing black knickers,” she whispered to him, touching his hand with hers. “And bra.”

He stared at her.

“You’re the only person in this entire restaurant who knows.” She grinned at him.

“They’re lacy at the back and front, with a nice cotton gusset. I hate that word. Gusset. Sounds so….. old. Isn’t there a better word? The part where the pussy touches the knickers, you know, where we….”and she lowered her voice even more… “leave our pussy stains….”and she grinned again, wrinkling her nose.

Paul was speechless. His cock was rock hard, but he could find no words.

“Wine?” she said.

Paul reverted to the inconsequential. “Lovely,” he said. He opened the wine list and pretended to take an interest, but his mind was elsewhere. Between Jane’s legs to be precise. He was imagining her black knickers, pulled in tight around her pussy. And her pussy, pressed flat against the cotton of the knickers. How long had she had them on? Did she put them on specifically for their date, or had she been wearing them all day, in which case they would be heavily scented and might even carry some stains he could lick….. but his thoughts were interrupted.

“I’d prefer white. What do you want?”

“White’s good. I like white. I love white. White’s my favourite. White is …. fine.” He smiled.

“Are you okay, Paul?” As she spoke Jane put her hand to her shoulder and adjusted her bra strap, pushing it under the material of her dress. It was an unconscious movement, one women do all the time, but Paul thought it was the sexiest thing he had even seen. Until, that was, the next thing she did. She decided to pull her hair back, so she raised both her arms to grab her long dark hair, and in doing so exposed her underarms to Paul’s eyes. He suddenly felt weak. She held her arms up beyliikdüzü escort at the back of her head as she spoke again.

“Paul? Are you alright? You’ve hardly said a thing since I’ve been here. Is anything the matter?”

Paul stared at her.

“You……” He stopped. He took a deep breath. He took another deep breath.

“You’re scaring me now. Say something. Paul?”

He suddenly stood up. “I need some air, feeling a little odd, it’s okay, I won’t be a moment.” And he edged his way around the table and past Jane. “Order wine,” he said.

“Paul…” she started.

She looked him up and down, and in a moment her expression changed. She smiled. Paul strode off quickly and went out through the front door to the street, where he stood taking deep breaths. He paced up and down on the pavement in front of the restaurant.

Get a grip! Get a grip! You’re with the sexiest girl on the planet and you’re behaving like a muppet. She’s told you about her knickers, that has to be a good sign. Most girls don’t do that. Or do they? No, they don’t. I’m sure they don’t. No, of course they don’t. So, that’s good, isn’t it? Just be….. cool. Normal. Just act normal.

After a few more paces and a lot more deep breaths, Paul decided to go back inside and be normal. Be his normal self, have some wine, chat with Jane, make her laugh, order some food, just be normal, have a nice meal. Easy really. Just be normal.

He returned to his seat. Jane watched him sit down.


Paul nodded. “Much, thank you.”

Jane put her hand on Paul’s. “It’s okay, Paul, I know what’s wrong.”

“You do?”

“Have a look under your napkin.”


“Under your napkin. There. Just have a look.”

Paul lifted the corner of the napkin that was lying on the corner of the table where he had left it. There was something black underneath it. A black material.

“My knickers,” said Jane. Paul quickly put down the napkin.

“I saw your erection when you went out just now. Couldn’t really miss it! I understand, Paul, you’re feeling excited and probably frustrated. I know I have an effect on men, it’s just the way I am. It’s happened before. Am I right?”

Paul looked at her. “I find you very….” He stopped.

“I know,” she said, smiling. “I know. It’s fine. Really. But we can’t have you sitting there all night in that state, that won’t make for a very successful evening. So here’s what we’ll do. Take my knickers with you to the loo. I want you to masturbate into them, I want you to cum into the gusset – I hate that word – and bodrum escort then bring them back to me. Then I’ll go to the loo and put them on, and pull them nice and tight. You see? I’ll have your cum pulled up into my pussy, just as if you’d already fucked me. You do want to fuck me, don’t you Paul?”

Paul nodded.

“Of course you do. But you can’t until after dinner, so this is the next best thing. Then we can relax and enjoy our meal. What do you say?”

Paul paused for a moment. He felt himself redden slightly as he said “Okay.”

“Goody,” said Jane. “I’ll order the wine.” She smiled at him again. He got up, and as he passed her she grasped his hand and pulled him close to her. She spoke to him in a whisper.

“I’ve been wearing these knickers all day, Paul. Since 6 o’clock this morning. And they’re probably still warm.” She looked him in the eye. “Enjoy.”

Paul hurried off to the toilet. He rushed into a cubicle, turned to lock the door, and as soon as he was safely secured he took Jane’s black knickers from his pocket and put them to his face. He inhaled deeply. Oh that smell! That wonderful, intoxicating smell of pussy. Jane’s pussy. It was strong and overwhelming. He sank to the floor, rubbing the knickers around his face, his nose, his mouth, he bit into them, inhaled again and again. His cock was throbbing. Using both hands he opened the knickers and tried to sort out which was the front and which the back and which the gusset, as Jane called it. That wasn’t hard to find because there were two white marks on the black material, oh joy, pussy stains! He put his nose to the material and inhaled the deep musty smell of Jane’s pussy, then he put out his tongue and licked and licked the white stains until he had cleaned them off completely. Such a wonderful taste. He was feeling light headed. He sank his face into the knickers again, and noted that the smell of Jane’s pussy had lessened. He had sucked and licked a lot of it away. He took a deep breath. He stood up, faced the toilet bowl, and unzipped his fly. His cock sprang out, hard and throbbing. He wrapped the knickers around his shaft and began masturbating himself. Very quickly he came to the edge, but he pulled back and stopped stroking himself. Instead, he opened the knickers so that the gusset was lying flat on his left hand, and he began masturbating again with his right. In no time at all he felt himself coming, and in a tremendous surge of orgasm he came violently and deeply. It was all he could do to aim the cum in the right place, but he managed it and in no time Jane’s knickers were full of his ejaculation. bolu escort He pulled himself a number of times to make sure all the cum was out, then he wiped himself on the side of the knickers, rolled them into a ball, and put them in his pocket. In no time at all he found himself sitting opposite Jane, looking into her eyes.

“Done?” she said, simply.

Paul nodded. “Done.”

“Did you enjoy my knickers?”


“Good. Now pass them here and I’ll do my bit. Order me a scotch fillet steak, medium rare. Vegetables. The wine is pleasant.” And Jane stood up and left the table.

Paul sat for a moment. He suddenly felt tired, but almost immediately the waitress arrived and he lost himself in decisions about the meal. While he was explaining how he wanted his steak he could feel the seep of cum oozing from his now deflated cock. He always enjoyed that feeling, even though it was often accompanied by concern that the damp might make its way to the outside of his trousers. The waitress was the model of patience. Then Jane returned, a beaming smile on her face.

“All done?” she asked, flicking her eyes between the waitress and Paul.

“Yes, madam, all done. Sir?”

“Yes, I’m all done.” Jane giggled. “If we could just have some water, please.”

“Of course. Thank you. Sir, Madam.” And the waitress left.

Jane looked at Paul and held out her hand across the table.

“You certainly are all done. My knickers are soaked!”


“And I’m a happy to report your cum is now securely secreted inside my pussy. I’m feeling rather horny, actually.”

“It was supposed to defuse that,” said Paul.

“Did you sniff my knickers? Did I smell nice?”

“Jane! You’re impossible.”

“Don’t be such a prude. What’s wrong with talking about sex?”

“Nothing’s wrong with it. But you are quite…… forward, aren’t you?”

Jane smiled, and took a sip of her wine.


“Well what?”

“Did I smell nice?”

Paul took his wine glass in his hand and held it up. They clinked glasses.

“Smelled and tasted delicious,” he said.


Paul nodded. Jane looked quizzical. “Pussy stains….” he said

“Naughty,” said Jane. “I hope Sir was satisfied?”

Paul laughed. “Judging by the state of your knickers, I’d say that was self-evident. Madam.”

Jane drained her glass, and tipped it towards Paul. He filled it again.

“I love sex, Paul, everything about it, and I’m not afraid to talk about it openly and honestly. I won’t have it any other way, in fact. If we’re going to be together, you’re going to have to accept that.”

Paul smiled. “Okay, then,” he said. “I think I can manage that.”

Jane beamed a smile at him. She really was quite stunning when she smiled.

“I think we’re going to get along quite fine,” she said. “Have you ever done anal?”

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