Pastor Thomas’ Last Friday Ch. 02


For those of you who saw the first installment of Pastor Thomas’ Last Friday, you know the circumstances that led to the lecherous abuse of a young girl who came to her father confessor for absolution of her sins. For the newcomers, I will only say that this miscreant does not represent any known religious order. Pastor Thomas is a degenerate cleric of my own invention and should not be construed to reflect negatively on anyone’s religious affiliation, belief or custom. That said, read on…..

After the young girl had left the senior pastor’s study, Pastor Thomas sat for a moment, enjoying the pleasant ache in his testicles as they valiantly strove to refill the reservoir of semen the 54 year-old had just emptied into the mouth of his young penitent. In his younger days, this task could have been accomplished in less than an hour but now, in his advanced years, it would take a bit longer, or so he thought.

He left the senior pastor’s study, only glancing back for a moment, thinking that this was surely the last time he would ever see or touch those hundreds and hundreds of hallowed tomes that filled the shelves lining the walls of this cloistered sanctuary. As he walked down to his own little nook of an office, which he shared with the sexton, he realized that everything he did today was probably his last experience as a pastor of St. Benecine, or of any religious order for that matter. He opened the door to his office with a heavy sigh. Once the committee of inquiry announced their decision, all this would be gone; the deference of the congregation, the perks of the profession, and the status of a pastor, so dearly sought after and so clearly unwarranted in his case.

He plopped down in his squeaky old office chair and shuffled through some correspondence that now bore no urgency of reply. “What’s the point,” he thought to himself? Once his status as a pastor unfrocked, banished and excommunicated became known, who would care to correspond with him on any subject? His melancholy was interrupted by a knock on the office door.

“Pastor Thomas,” a soft female voice asked as a head bearing very long blond hair peeked around the door. “Good grief,” he thought to himself, “not another one!”

As the young lady entered his dingy room, he perked up a bit. He could not recall having seen this one before, anywhere in the church or at the youth activities. The girl was unusually tall, probably six feet in her socks. The long blonde hair framed an angular face, highlighted by two enormous green eyes. She was slender to say the least. Virtually no bosom was visible under her T shirt. She wore typical jeans and sandals and carried a ratty looking book bag.

“Come in, my child,” he said as she quietly closed the door. The only other chair in the room was the sexton’s straight back wooden antique. “Please sit down. Do I know you?”

“Well, I don’t know. We just joined the church a few weeks ago. My name is Rose.”

Pastor Thomas was momentarily taken aback by the classic beauty of this girl and he searched his memory, trying to think of that particular Sunday when newcomers are urged to come forward and join the church. Then something clicked in his head.

“Oh yes, you must be Clarence Petals’ daughter, Clarence who runs the appliance store on Walnut Avenue.”

“Yes, that’s right. People always think my name is cute, Rose Petals.” She giggled a typical teenage girl’s laugh and smiled, showing a row of blazing white teeth.

“So,” sighed Pastor Thomas, “what can I do for you? You know it’s getting late. Shouldn’t you be home for supper by now?”

The young woman looked down at the floor and hesitated a moment.

“I was just talking to Mary L___ a little while ago. She and I have become very good buddies. We keep no secrets. We share everything now and I knew she was upset about what happened after the prom last weekend. She said that after she talked to you, she felt like a new person, as though a terrible pain had been wiped off her soul.”

Pastor Thomas stiffened with shock. “My God,” he thought, “I told that girl to keep her mouth shut and ten minutes after she leaves, she blabs the whole thing.” His panic was lessened a bit when he considered that whatever Mary accused him of, he could deny it to any and all who cared. And after tomorrow, it wouldn’t matter anyway what people thought.

“Well, my dear,” he forced himself with great effort to utter in a low and calm voice, “just what did she tell you?”

“Well, she said that you had a special way of getting rid of her shame and worry over her committing a terrible sin. She told me how you delivered a ‘holy essence’ and that after she drank it down, she felt so much better. It was like she was a new person.”

“That’s true, what she said, but that was a very special and secret ritual that we pastors reserve for only very unusual circumstances. She was told not to reveal this to anyone. But how is this of any interest to you?”

There was another long pause and then Rose looked at erzincan escort the old man’s face with those big green eyes and began in a low but steady voice.

“Because I’m so tall and skinny and something of brainiac, I don’t get to date much. In fact, I haven’t had a date since my sophomore year. I had to go to a dance with my cousin because no one asked me. Now that I’m a senior, I thought maybe I could go to the prom, maybe even double date with Mary and Derek. But no one asked me. I dropped some really big hints with a couple of guys but they just laughed. One of them said he wouldn’t go to a dog fight with bean stalk like me. I was really hurt but there was nothing I could do. No way was I going to take my geeky cousin.”

“Then my half-brother Dale called our house about something. He is a freshman at Dalton University. My mom mentioned that I was down in the dumps because I didn’t have a date for the prom. He said that his fraternity was having a keg party the same night and I could come if I wanted to. Since I’m eighteen now and it’s legal to drink beer in Wisconsin, my mom said it would be ok if he promised to look out for me. I was so excited. I was going to go to a party with a bunch of college guys! The night of the prom, Dale picked me up and we drove over to his fraternity house. It was so cool. They had decorated everything like a country farm with hay bales and milk cans and even an old barn door. There were lots of guys and girls there, all dressed up in coveralls, kerchiefs and straw sun hats. We danced and played lots of silly games and I was having a great time. “

” Then Dale said that we were going to play a trivia game where the guys would ask the girls questions and which ever girl got the most correct answers, would get a special prize. I guess those sorority girls aren’t too bright because I won the contest very easily. There was big crown placed on my head and a necklace made to look like a horse collar. It was like I was the big hit of the party. I guess I started drinking a lot then. They kept bringing me drinks to toast my victory. It was getting late and I told Dale that maybe he should take me home. Some of the college guys were hitting on me pretty heavy. “

She added with a smirk, “I have to admit I enjoyed the attention. “

“Then Dale told me that I was due one more honor. He told me that I got to sit at the ‘Glory Hole’. I had no idea what that was but I was pretty drunk by then and was ready to agree to anything. He led me to this little room, more like a closet and sat me down on a low bench. There was only one little light in the room and I could hardly see. Dale said that it was now my chance to be the hit of the party by being the

“Princess of the Glory Hole”. He closed the door and I just sat there, kind of woozy.

Then I noticed a hole in the wall, just about eye level. I started to peek through the hole when all of a sudden, this penis appeared in the hole! I was so shocked, I didn’t know what to say or do. Then someone on the other side of the wall said, ‘Start sucking, Princess. Show us what a royal cock sucker you are.'”

“My head was reeling from all the liquor I drank. I was tired and confused. Then I heard Dale’s voice, ‘Don’t let us down now, Princess, this is your royal duty You are not to be released from the Glory Hole until you have proven your skills to everybody.'”

“What could I do,” she cried? “I didn’t want them to think I was just a dumb high-school girl. So I put my mouth over the tip of the penis and suddenly it started to move into my mouth, back and forth. I put my lips on it and sucked each time it thrust into my mouth.”

“In just a few minutes, the guy came in my mouth. I coughed and spit it out and thought that this was nasty but at least I proved that I wasn’t a wimp. Then another penis came through the hole. I realized that I would have to do more than just one so I sucked that one, too. When he came in my mouth I just swallowed it. ‘ What the Hell, I thought, it’s not going to kill me.’ I don’t know how many guys I sucked off that night. I must have passed out sometime or other because in the morning I woke up in my bed at home with a huge headache and my jaws were really sore. My stomach was queasy and I thought I was going to throw up but I didn’t. . My throat is still raw and it’s really hard to swallow.”

Pastor Thomas had heard of these fraternity parties and about some of the goings on that shocked even the most hardened observers. But this abuse of the young girl by these cads seemed far beyond anything he knew about. It was a revelation even to him, at once abhorrent and yet, in the back of his mind, he sort of envied the young studs. His own phallus began to react to the thought of such a mindless, impersonal face fucking. By now the girl was sobbing in her shame. She buried her face in her hands as she sat in the rickety old chair.

“Is my sin worse than Mary’s, “she sniffled?

In his encounter with the previous penitent, Pastor Thomas erzurum escort had reverted to being the lecherous old fool that he really was, but with this girl, he decided to act the part of a true Father Confessor

“In some ways it is, but to be specific, you were taken advantage of just the same way Mary was. Is your soul as troubled by this experience as was hers?”

“Oh, yes, Pastor Thomas. And if my parents ever found out what happened, I would be kicked out of the house for life!”

“Well, my dear, I don’t think they would do that. That’s really not what’s bothering you, though, is it? I am more concerned about how you feel, what your conscience is telling you. What you need to do is to put this terrible event behind you and move on with your life. You are going to college in the fall, aren’t you?”

“Yes, but not to the University, you can be sure of that. I could never face those guys.”

“Well, it seems to me that you would not know them anyway since you never saw their faces did you?”

“No, but they knew who I was, I think. But more than that, I just can’t sleep or do anything thinking of how sinful I was and that unless I get some help, I will wind up in Hell.”

“Nonsense, ” he said. “If we just light some candles and say some prayers, begging forgiveness, I’m sure you’ll feel much better.”

“No!” suddenly she cried out. ” That’s not near enough. You don’t know what torture it is to carry this burden day after day. You have to save me with your Holy Essence.”

Stunned by this unexpected burst of passion, Pastor Thomas fell silent for a moment.

“Well,” he said, his perverse mind now altering his role into that of a victimizer. “I suppose if you insist on participating in the ancient ritual, we could accommodate you.” He rose and took the girl’s hands in his.

“You’re sure you want to do this?”

“Oh yes, Pastor Thomas, I do but there may be a problem. My throat is still so sore from Saturday night, I might not be able to take your….” She paused for a moment, realizing what she was about to describe.

“All we can do is try, my dear. You realize that a certain amount of stimulus is required to bring forth the Holy Essence and that without that, the results may not be satisfactory.”

He thought about the fact that it had been many years since he performed a “double” within a 24 hour period.

He rose and said ,”Now,kneel on the floor and place your hands behind your back. And, oh yes, you need to remove your T shirt just in case it might get stained.”

A sly grin appeared on the old lecher’s face as the slender Amazon pulled off her shirt.

True to his first impression, the girl had virtually no breasts. Two large, brown nipples were perched on a couple of bee-sting lumps on the girls’ chest.

He soon realized another problem. She was so tall that her mouth did not line up perfectly with his now tumescent cock. He quickly reached around behind him and grabbed two large metropolitan phone books from a shelf and placed them on the floor.

When he stood on them, he was just high enough to place his dick at the lovely blonde’s mouth.

“Now,” he said in a whisper, “close your eyes and concentrate on your deliverance.”

He pushed his cock into the girl’s mouth just slightly and Rose opened her lips to accommodate him. He pushed further and further until he reached the back of her mouth. She recoiled suddenly and pulled away…

“I’m sorry Pastor Thomas but I just can’t take it in my mouth. My throat is so sore.”

She began to weep again. “I’m going to the doctor tomorrow to get my throat swabbed but I can’t wait another day with this sin burning a hole in my soul.”

Pastor Thomas pulled back and wondered what else he could do when the evil demon in his brain took over once again and he said, “Then, Rose, my dear, we will have to find a different orifice to deliver the Holy Essence. Take off your jeans and panties.”

For a moment, Rose, hesitated. She had not envisioned having actual sex with her father confessor. Cock sucking wasn’t really having sex according to her generation. Every girl she knew who had a boyfriend and some who didn’t sucked cock as regular part of dating. She was a virgin in nearly every sense of the word and now this old man was telling her to get ready to be…..fucked. That’s the only word that came to mind.

She rose to her feet and looked apprehensively at Pastor Thomas who was standing with his huge prick poking out of his cassock, throbbing in time with his pulse. Then, slowly she unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down her luscious, long legs. She wore the briefest sort of thigh-high panties. She slid them down as well and stood there, totally naked in front of a man for the first time in her life. She was trembling, partly with the chill in the room and partly with anticipation of what was about to happen.

“Here,” he said, “lean over and put your arms on the desk.” As she did, her marvelous butt came into the bursa escort licentious old man’s view. It was a perfect “bubble butt”, with rounded cheeks, smooth as silk.

“Spread your legs just a bit, my dear,” he murmured almost breathlessly.

He placed his hands on the tender globes and pried them apart. A wisp of blonde hair appeared. She was unshaven, of course. Her pussy was just barely visible and it was obviously quite wet. He slipped a finger between her legs and was shocked to find that the girl’s pussy was actually drenched with lubricant. He stepped forward and placed his cock at the entrance of her cunt. A few gentle pushes and the end of his prick was coated with juice. He shoved forward and at the same time, pressed downward on the girls’ spine. Her pelvis tilted upward, facilitating his further entrance into the pocket of heaven. He felt a slight resistance in the slippery envelope and in response he pushed even harder.

“Ouch,” she cried, “that hurts. Please stop. I don’t think this is such a good idea.”

Undaunted and most certainly undeterred by the girl’s complaints, he grasped her pelvis tightly between two powerful hands and pressed onward. In and out, in and out he thrust his fat cock into the no-longer virginal cunt. Rose began to writhe and moan. She was experiencing an ecstasy she had never known from diddling herself in the shower. A strange sort of heat spread through her body unlike anything she had ever felt. Her entire body tingled and hummed in the strangest way. As her very first orgasm swept over her, she rocked her pelvis to the rhythm of the Pastor’s thrusts. The tiny closet that served as an office now was awash with the sounds and smells of unbridled sex. Squish, squish, the fat cock sluiced into her opening. More and more juice flowed from the tight, velvety vagina. It coated her thighs and his, running down their legs. The more he pushed, the more liquid flowed from this seemingly endless fountain of female love juice. Soon, the tightness began to fade as her cunt became more and more loose. Pastor Thomas began to lose the passion as the pressure decreased.

“My dear,” he huffed and puffed, “I’m afraid that the stimulus is beginning to fade. I’m not sure I can deliver the Holy Essence you so rightly need..”

“You have to,” she moaned, “I am not…. leaving here ……with this burden …..on my soul.”

The now nearly exhausted cleric continued to ram his cock into the wet, sloshing cunt of the young girl, wondering what else he could do. Then, the second epiphany of the day came to his twisted, perverted mind as he stared down at the little brown flower that winked at him just above his sloppy cock.

“I have one more option to exercise, my dear, please be patient.” By now Rose was in a sort of delirium. Her cunt was so wet and stretched, she cold probably have accommodated a baseball bat. Pastor Thomas took a copious handful of her juices and wiped it onto her anus. As he continued to drive his now waning cock into her cunt, he stuck his thumb into her ass. The girl jerked slightly at this intrusion into her only remaining virginal orifice.

Another handful of lubricant, two fingers now instead of the thumb and her ass was about ready to be violated. Pastor Thomas rose up on his toes and pointed his newly restiffened and dripping cock at the girl’s backside. He pressed the head of his fat cock on her brown rosebud and it slipped inside her sphincter.

He thought for sure she would scream in pain but instead her moans grew louder and longer. He pushed in again and his slimy cock began to disappear into her asshole..

The tightness of the connection was overwhelming to the old lecher. It seemed as though he had stuck his cock into a blast furnace. He grunted again and again, shoving his cock into the dark tunnel. His heavy balls banged against her sodden cunt. He kept it up until he felt the old familiar tingle in his groin, now thoroughly drenched with female emissions.

And then, finally, with a loud roar from the old man and a high pitched squeal from his victim, orgasm was simultaneously achieved. Jet after jet of hot, slimy come poured into the steamy anus of the partly supine girl who shuddered and shook with her spasms.. Somehow, Pastor Thomas found the strength for a few more thrusts and then his wilting cock slipped from its self-imposed prison. Immediately, semen mixed with her liquids oozed from her violated rectum.

Pastor Thomas grabbed a box of tissues from his desk and began to wipe up the mess they had created. He was shocked to see a small puddle on the tile floor. “This girl has Niagara Falls for a cunt,” he thought to himself.

Rose was still leaning over the desk in a sort of half-conscious state. She was gasping for breath.

“Oh, Pastor Thomas, that was…… so wild. I’ve never…… felt that way before. “

She turned to look at him, her eyes soft with passion mixed with admiration.

“You are now a girl with a soul cleansed of all sin, my dear,” he announced triumphantly.

“Thank you, oh thank you, Pastor Thomas. I’ve never felt so relaxed and at ease.”

She hurriedly put her clothes back on and hugged the old man, kissing him on his grizzled face. In her haste, however, she neglected to pick up her soaked panties.

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