Paris TX Ch. 01


Disclaimer: The following story is a work of erotic fiction. If you are offended by graphic descriptions of sexual activities or it is illegal in your country of residence, please stop reading now. All characters are over 18 and are of legal age. Any resemblance between the characters and any actual persons (living or dead) is entirely coincidental. Please do not copy or redistribute this story without the author’s permission.

Paris TX ch1, Cat’s Brother

My name is Andy. I recently turned eighteen. My parents divorced when I was two years old. My mother was too much involved in being an artist to have time for a child so I grew up with my father in our family house in Paris Texas. My mother started traveling around the world showing her paintings, eventually became quite famous and finally moved to Paris, France. I guess that was her goal all along since she was the one who initially chose Paris Texas for her family. I think I have seen her twice at most in the last ten years.

When I was seven my father remarried and I got a brand new stepsister with the deal. I had been an only child, spoiled as an only child usually is, and I was not very happy to get somebody else in my house. However I soon started liking Cat, short for Catherine of course.

I discovered with time that we were actually very similar, physically as well as mentally. She also recently turned eighteenn. We are both quite tall, me at 6.2 and Cat at 5.10, with dark hair and green eyes. Hers are emerald green, while mine are more hazel. We are both athletic and generally good-looking. I must say that she has impressive breasts, which I later discovered to be a full C cup, and a perfectly round ass that makes some friends of mine at school drool. She and I were born just fifteen days apart and her parents divorced when she was one. Her father disappeared, and she grew up as an only child with her mother until our parents married.

We both want to be either engineers or computer programmers, so in our high school, from which we were both about to graduate, we take the same courses and like to compete in the same fields. We are both lovers of high tech gadgets and excel in math. Sometime I feel that we are almost geeks except that we are also pretty good athletes, me in baseball and Cat in soccer. We both had our share of dates during high school, but we never found that special someone.

People around town that didn’t know our family history always thought that Cat and I were real brother and sister. Some actually thought that we were fraternal twins. I remember once a new teacher in school who could not understand why we had different last names and birthdates. With time I also started to think of Cat as My Sister and not just as a stepsister. I am sure she also thought of me as her real brother.

This all changed one day.

I had just finished taking a shower after I had returned home from a late night baseball match with some friends at a lighted park in town. The summer heat in Texas makes you want to do physical activities at nigh rather than in the daytime. It was almost midnight so everybody in our house was already asleep, or at least so I thought. I just wrapped a towel around my waist and started walking to my room. As I went by Cat’s room I heard a muffled whimper. I would like say that I thought that maybe she was not well and needed help, but it was probably more curiosity that moved me. I saw a faint light from under her door so I slowly opened the door to her room and peeked inside. I was moved by curiosity but I never expected to see what I saw.

My sister was sitting in front of her computer with an oversize t-shirt on. All the lights were off except for the faint light of the computer screen. I could see that she had her right hand between her legs and the left inside her shirt obviously massaging her breast while masturbating to something she was looking at on the computer. She was giving me her back, so I couldn’t see much, not even the computer’s screen since she was right in front of it, but my dick popped right up to attention and my towel fell to the ground leaving me buck naked. I don’t have much experience with female sexuality and that was by far the sexiest scene I had ever seen.

She must have heard the towel fall, or maybe I must have gasped, because she suddenly turned around and stared at me. For a second that felt like an hour we were like two deer caught by the headlights. As far as light, like I said, there wasn’t much, but I was naked with a raging hard-on on the threshold of her room and she was sitting, at her desk, with still one hand between her legs and the other inside the t-shirt on her breast. She was gaping at me with her mouth open, and I am pretty sure I was gaping back.

After the longest kartal escort second of my life I ran away to my room, slamming the door and leaving my towel on the ground in front of my sister’s room. I was scared to death, but I was also extremely turned on, more than ever in my life. My dick had no intention on going down and was as hard as it ever was.

The problem was I that was expecting Cat to start screaming, and for my parents to walk in my room to give me the beating of my life for spying on my sister. I was naked under my sheets, shaking with both fear and excitement, unable to move.

After at least half an hour, or maybe it was just five minutes, during which nobody screamed nor came tearing into my room, excitement started to win over fear. I peeked outside my bedroom to see if anything was happening. Cat’s door was closed and my towel was gone. All lights were off and I didn’t hear any noise.

The image of my sister masturbating in front of her computer started to come back to my mind and my dick, which was already (still) hard, positively started throbbing. I grabbed it with my hand and after just a few strokes I came in one of the hardest orgasms of my life.

That night I had to masturbate two more times before I could fall asleep, and even then I had a restless sleep with images of my sister sometime chasing me to kill me, sometime to fuck me.

The following morning was the moment I truly dreaded. It was Sunday morning, so we all got up quite late, and by family tradition had breakfast all together. I didn’t know if that was the time my sister had waited for to tell me off to our parents but I couldn’t skip Sunday breakfast without a very good excuse. As we sat around the family table I could see that Cat was also quite nervous. She kept sending me quick glances and barely spoke during breakfast. We both found an excuse to leave the table as soon as possible and ran to our rooms.

From that day on the way I thought of Cat changed. I realized that she was a very beautiful woman, with large and inviting breast, an ass, which as I said was to drool for, and a smile that could make your day. I now saw her as a sexual young woman. A young woman I absolutely wanted to see more of.

I started to look for ways to see her naked, or near naked at least. Even just thinking of Cat in her underwear gave me a hard on. I tried to enter the bathroom “inadvertently” as she was taking a shower, but it was always locked and so was her room, when she was inside. I tried to look through the keyhole, only to discover that our house’s keyholes wouldn’t allow me to see anything. I looked for any kind of hole on the wall between our room without any luck.

Then I turned to technology and that was where I succeeded. I bought a small webcam, it cost me quite a bit because of its size, definition, and being wireless. Now the problem was finding the right chance for putting it inside my sister’s room. The problem was that Cat and I take the same classes. Baseball and soccer practice are at the same time. It’s true that sometime we go out on dates, but at night my parents are home and that is a risk all in itself. I don’t know how I could explain to my father what I was doing sneaking into Cat’s room. There was only one time I could think about.

Wednesday afternoon we come back at five from our respective sport practice. I had discovered that if Cat thought she was home alone, she liked to take an extra long bath in the Jacuzzi in our parent’s bathroom. She is probably sore from soccer practice and spends at least half an hour soaking in the tub. Our parents don’t like us to enter their room so that was probably the reason why she did it only when she thought she was alone.

I told Cat that I was going to my friend Mike’s place after practice and instead I waited for five minutes outside our house to make sure that she would be in the tub and then I snuck in.

I placed the webcam in my sister’s bedroom over her door in a position that gave me a perfect view of both her bed and her computer desk. There was so much dust on top of the door that I was sure that she never looked there. About half of her room was invisible and she would be giving me her back while sitting on the computer but I was sure that was the best possible position. Just as I had put the webcam in place I heard a noise and freaked. I thought best to disappear leaving from the window, I’m lucky our rooms are on the ground floor, and I quickly ran away.

After a couple of hours I felt it was safe to return home. As I walked in I ran to my room, I turned on my computer and bingo! I had a perfect view of my sister’s room 24/7 without her knowing it.

I started to wait.

There were quite a few days that I would just see kartal otele gelen escort her reading or sitting at her computer doing homework. A couple of times by tuning in early in the morning I actually caught her dressing, but although getting a glimpse of her bra was quite exciting, I didn’t really get to see much. I was starting to feel that it was all a waste of time until it happened again.

One day I was just in my underwear after taking a shower sitting in front of my computer watching at my sister’s room through my secret webcam. Cat was sitting in front of her computer, giving her back to me, concentrating on what was on the screen when she started to run her right hand up and down along her left arm, like she was caressing or teasing herself. After a few minutes of this her left hand slowly went under her t-shirt and started to tease her right breast. She started ever so slowly to move her head back and forth always keeping her eyes straight on the screen.

My cock jumped out of my underwear. I could not keep my hand away from it as I was watching my sister teasing herself preparing to masturbate. I forced myself to go slow because I wanted to please myself at the same time she was. Suddenly Cat became very excited, either by the teasing on her breast or what she was watching on the computer and her right hand flew under her underwear and she really started at it.

I could see that she was really going. I couldn’t see her right hand but her whole body was moving and shaking. I couldn’t take it any more and I started to masturbate in earnest. My hand was flying on my cock and before long I came with long ropes of cum al over my belly, legs and desk. At the same time Cat’s head went back and she let out a long moan as she came (I had to add sound to my webcam).

Drops of sweat were coming down from her back as she relaxed after her orgasm. Still she never took her eyes away from the screen. As she finally got up I hoped I would catch a glimpse of her body, but all I could see was her chest heaving under the shirt and what looked like a dark spot on her panties. She turned off her computer and went to the bathroom.

From that day on our appointments, as I liked to call them, became more and more frequent. It felt like we were getting tuned to each other for our masturbatory sessions in front of our computers and more and more often our times would coincide. After about three weeks we would “meet” every afternoon at the same time.

At first Cat wore a t-shirt and panties, but after a while she would just wear an oversize t-shirt without panties, probably to give her easier access to her pussy. From time to time I could get a quick glimpse of her bottom as she would get up after pleasuring herself, but I could never see anything more. Every time she would masturbate watching intently on her computer’s screen, as I was after all.

I decided that I had to know what she was looking at on her computer.

My plan was to use the same method for entering her room as I had the day I had placed the webcam in her room. Once again I told Cat I would spend the afternoon at Mike’s house, instead I waited for five minutes outside our home and then I quietly entered the house and my sister’s room.

The computer was on, in hour house they always are. I started to look at Firefox’s history but there was nothing interesting. The jpg and mpg files were all quite innocent. Then I saw a link to a webcam program. Maybe my sister was in some erotic video chat. That would fit with the fact that she would be masturbating almost always at the same time. I clicked on it and a bedroom appeared, it was my bedroom. There was a girl sitting at my desk, it was my sister.

I froze.

I was looking mesmerized at my sister’s shoulders as she was sitting in front of a computer just like I had done many times in the past two months. Only that this time she was sitting in front of my computer in my bedroom and I was watching her from her computer in her bedroom. I spent at least five minutes staring into the computer’s screen without knowing what to do thinking a million miles an hour. Suddenly Cat turned around and looked straight at the webcam, meaning she looked straight at me trough the computer screen. She then stood up, walked behind my desk and turned around the monitor. By doing this she could face the webcam and the computer monitor at the same time.

Mesmerized I did the same without really knowing what I was doing. Ever so slowly Cat started to tease her left arm with her right hand. I don’t know if the webcam had the sufficient definition, but I was sure I could see her arm filling with goosebumps. What I could see for sure was that her nipples started to stiffen and kartal eve gelen escort push against her t-shirt.

Her chest started to rise and fall as her breathing became harder and her left hand went under her t-shirt and slowly rose caressing her flat belly until it reached her right breast. She started teasing and tweaking her now very stiff nipple. Again I don’t know if I could really see this or my imagination was filling my eyes, but I was sure that a dark spot started to appear between her legs. Her right hand left her left arm and descended in an arc slowing to caress over her left tight and then stopped in front of her still panty covered pussy. All movement stopped.

I took this as a clue that it was my turn. With both my hands I began to caress the inside of my thighs and under my scrotum. My cock felt like it would rip through my shorts and positively started throbbing as I ran my fingers along it length. I drew a very deep breath doing my best to avoid cumming right then and there.

At this point Cat put her right hand inside her panties a started to slowly run her finger along her pussy. I could not believe my eyes as I was staring at her in the computer’s screen. I could not take it any longer so I lowered my shorts and my underwear at the same time to take my cock in my hand and start masturbating. As I rose my eyes back to the screen Cat was gone from it, only to appear one second later at the door.

– “It’s just as beautiful and big as I thought I had seen that night you first caught me in front of the computer” she said looking straight at my naked cock.

She walked toward me without ever taking her eyes off my mid-section. As she stopped right in front of me I grabbed the hem of her t-shirt and I started to raise it to uncover her breasts. She raised her arms to help me and in a second Cat stood in just her panties smiling at me.

Her breasts were absolutely perfect. They rose and fell with her heavy breathing, stood proudly with her half inch hard nipples protruding upwards from her dollar sized aureoles. They were definitively more than a handful, but not too much so they would sag. Like I said at the beginning of this story, they are a very full C cup.

Again Cat looked straight at my cock, then went on her knees and with the tip of her tongue touched my pee-hole. That was it. I came like a hose. I came on her face, her chest, her hair, her belly and the floor. Cat laughed in a very musical, happy and sexy laugh. She licked my cum from around her mouth, swallowed it, and took my softening dick in her mouth. Useless to say I was hard as steel in just a heartbeat.

She took her mouth off my dick just enough to say: “I am sure you will last longer this time” and then started to suck me again taking it deeper and deeper. I did last longer, but I must admit that it was not very long. After just a few minutes I came in her mouth looking at her as she swallowed it all to the last drop.

She looked at me and said: “We cannot fuck. I am a virgin and I am not on the pill. I love you and trust you but I don’t want to get pregnant.”

“Don’t worry,” I answered “I love you too and I am also a virgin. I certainly don’t want get you pregnant and I think there are other things we can do besides fucking.” Those were the first words I had said since this whole adventure had begun.

I grabbed Cat from under her armpits, raised her and kissed her deeply. I could taste myself in her mouth. I didn’t particularly enjoy it but it was not too bad. As we kissed we moved toward her bed and fell on it without ever stopping our tongue-duel. I was the first to stop the kiss as I started to lower my head toward her heaving chest. I first gently licked her right nipple, which I had seen being teased so many times. I became bolder and took as much of her left breast in my mouth, I started to lick and finally suck her nipple. By this time Cat was breathing has hard as if she had just run a marathon. Her head was thrown back and she had her eyes shut.

Slowly I licked down her flat belly and as my mouth covered her still panty clad pussy, my sister threw her head back and let out the long, low moan I could see but not hear through the webcam. I laughed just like she had before and told her: “I am sure you will also last longer this second time.” I lowered her now soaked underwear and dove right in.

As I had told Cat I was still a virgin. I had had a bit of experience with girls but in this I was definitively guided more by instinct than actual experience or information. She lasted quite a bit longer than me but from her moans I could tell she was enjoying it. She tasted wonderful. It was like milk and honey, the sweetest honey I had ever tasted, or so I thought. After a while she started to shake and then her whole body stiffened up. She let out a long and low moan, longer and lower than before, and I tasted an even sweeter honey as her cum reached my mouth.

Cat raised me to her, looked me straight in the eyes and in between heavy breaths said: “tomorrow…. condoms…. buy them!”

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