Pam: My Fantasy Girl

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Big Tits

It’s odd that people are so ashamed or embarrassed about preferences they have that might be slightly out of the mainstream or out of fashion.

Many times, those desires aren’t really that strange at all, and all the person really needs is someone who can understand them. Those people are out there, and sometimes they find each other.

In the interest of full disclosure, let me state that this story could end up in one of two categories; My preferred choice – First Time, because it is about a woman’s deflowering, or Fetish, because it is about a woman with a considerable amount of body hair, and the man who enjoys it.

If either topic offends you, this may not be the story for you. If both topics excite you, or even just pique your curiousity… please enjoy!


Chapter One: Lust at First Sight.

I recognized Pam the moment I saw her walk into the restaurant, even though we had never met. The same young woman that had walked nervously past the front window of the establishment several times in the last half hour with her eyes darting as she tried to look inside without being obvious about it, and failing miserably.

I had recognized her by way she had described herself to me in the hundreds of messages we had exchanged over the last several months over the internet. She was more attractive than she had led me to believe, but that didn’t surprise me, as she had displayed a tendency to be self-depreciating, a trait that I had found charming, especially given the way people usually act.

Pam was twenty-three, and had just celebrated her birthday last month, an event that I had noted with a rather clever card that I had created. It was that card that had helped lead to the point I found myself that evening.

I watched as Pam looked around the restuarant nervously, eyes down and sneaking furtive glances about. She seemed to be about 5’4″ and slender, with wavy dark brown hair that was about shoulder length. Pam was wearing a dark blue sweater and matching slacks that effectively covered her from neck to toe, just as I had expected.

Sitting at the bar, I cleared my throat and looked at my reflection in the mirror behind the bar before rising. At 33 I was ten years her elder, and I hoped that I had been equally accurate in describing myself. Six foot tall, and at about 200 pounds I knew I could stand to lose a few, with short medium brown hair that was just staring to thin a bit. I was no Tom Cruise, but neither was I a total disaster. Just an ordinary looking guy, looking for – something.

When I walked over toward Pam, she raised her head slightly as I approached. Pam’s eyes lit up a little bit, and to my relief she not only didn’t run away, she smiled a little bit, exposing her pearly whites and a delightful overbite that gave her a little Mackenzie Phillips look.

“John?” Pam said in a quivering voice, and when I nodded her smile widened as her cheeks flushed a little.

“Hello Pam,” I said and extended my hand.

Pam took my hand and it disappeared into my paw as we shook briefly, unsure on whether this was too formal. We gave each other a tiny hug before stepping back awkwardly, as I looked for the hostess who would lead us to our table.

We slid into the booth opposite each other and took the menus from the waitress, looking at each other nervously and unsure as to what we should do next.

“My hand was sweatier than yours,” I said to break the silence.

Pam giggled at that, and from that moment on it was like we were old friends, which we were in a way. We had started out warily months earlier, exchanging information electronically and gradually becoming more and more personal. More and more intimate.

I don’t remember what we ate that night, or whether it was any good because I was so excited. The person that I had fantasized about was now across the table from me. Pam was so painfully shy at first, but yet as the evening progressed her eyes began to meet mine more and more often.

I looked at Pam’s tiny hands, and the slender fingers that held her wine glass, and as Pam raised her glass I watched as the sleeve of her sweater slipped up ever so slightly, exposing a bit of the auburn hair that grew abundantly on her arms.

When Pam noticed where my gaze had momentarily wandered, she self-consciously lowered her glass and pulled down the sleeve as the color rushed to her face once again.

“I’m sorry,” I said sheepishly, but I wasn’t. Not really, because after all the hair was what had brought us together.

Chapter Two: First communication.

It was on a website when I first came upon Pam. I wasn’t looking for love, I was looking for porn. I was trolling the internet one night, bored out of my skull, when I stumbled across a website that featured hairy women.

Women who kept their bodies in a natural state by choosing to not shave their body hair, had always held a dear place in my heart. Growing up it was not unusual to see girls with hair under their arms, and my late wife was one of those who chose to buck the trend.

After she passed porno 64 away in an accident five years ago I had kept to myself, and suffered in silence as the world went around me. Trolling the internet was my entertainment, and many nights I would sit there looking at naked women, thinking back on how wonderful our marriage had been, and how incredible our sex life was.

On this website, I enjoyed the galleries of natural women, relishing the sight of women with untrimmed pubic hair. It was exhilarating to see that their were still such women out there.

The barbie doll look had never appealed to me; perhaps it was an generational thing, because I know that young people today have grown up in a different culture that finds women with body hair appalling instead of appealing. As for me, the sight of a siliconed and waxed Pamela Anderson holds no appeal for me. Different strokes…

I stumbled across a chatroom on that website, and while I found the expected group of men that shared by interest, I also discovered that there were women there as well, or at least people that claimed to be women.

It was there that I read of the embarrassment they had endured, and the humiliation they had endured because they were hairy, or hirsute in the more extreme cases. Some suffered from a disease called PCOS, where a side effect was a great deal of hair growth. That tempered my enthusiasm a bit, as it disturbed me that something that brought me such visual pleasure was so painful for others.

Pam was one of the people that posted there, under the name “furryfeline”. I answered a post of hers, and whatever it was that I said, it must have been the right words because we hit it off immediately. Words became paragraphs, and then we began to correspond personally, and intimately. Nothing overtly sexual, but flirting and teasing, and I learned about Pam.

What brought Pam to such a website, I wondered?

“Loneliness,” Pam typed. She was bored and lonely.

How could a young woman who was so intelligent and sensitive be lonely. That should have been reserved for people like me. People who had their chance at happiness and had it slip away, either through error or, in my instance, fate.

“Too ugly,” Pam replied. “Too hairy”. Too much pain involved whenever she would find someone who seemed interesting. Too many snickers when the guy who see her, or too much fleeing when she would describe herself. “Easy to stay a virgin when you look like me,” she explained.

A virgin? I didn’t even know they made them anymore. How hideous could this woman be? A virgin? Could she possibly be a lesbian?

“Maybe I would be, if a woman would accept me as I am,” Pam typed. “I’m just gross.”

Give me a chance, was my reply.

It took months, but Pam did eventually, and that brings me to being across the table from her that night.

Chapter three: An evening walk.

I paid the check, and since it was a beautiful evening I suggested that we take a walk.

“I’d love to,” Pam replied, and I held the door open for her as we stepped outside into the night.

The sidewalks were almost deserted, as the government workers had long since departed for home. This was Pam’s hometown, although I had traveled here often on business over the years and was somewhat familiar with the city.

“Were you driving home tonight, John?” Pam asked as I led her over to the park.

“No, I’ve got a room back at the restaurant’s hotel,” I explained, not wanting to drive the three hours home after the evening was over.

“Oh,” Pam said in shock and then continued nervously. “Did you want… to go back there?”

“I’m good with doing this, how about you?” I replied, and thought that she might indeed have gone back to my room had I pressed it. It had been my hope going into the evening, but for some reason I decided to take it slower.

“No, this is great!” Pam said with a measure of relief in her voice.

“Hey! What would you say to a ride?” I asked as I spotted a couple of horse drawn carriages across the way.

“Really?” Pam squeaked, her face lighting up with delight, making no effort to hide the fact that it was likely that no one had ever made such an offer to her before.

I took her hand and we skipped over to the carriages, where the livery driver helped us up into the coach for a ride around the park.

The clip-clop of the horse hoofs was the dominant sound as we slowly rolled down the road. As we passed under a streetlight I looked over at Pam, and she was looking around in wonder at a park that she had likely seen hundereds of times before.

Pam had never seen it like this, riding in the open air carriage like a queen, and the glow that surrounded her face let me know that was exactly the way she was feeling. Her eyes were misty and she was biting her lower lip like a schoolgirl.

Pam turned to face me as I watched her, and her smile melted my heart. She reached down and took my sweaty hand in hers, and squeezed it tight.

“This is beautiful”, Pam whispered.

It was, and she was, and porno izle we were both sorry to have it end. If it weren’t for the outrageous price of the ride, I would have had the driver circle the park all night. That’s what the look on Pam’s face meant to me.

We walked back to my hotel, as it was getting close to midnight, and it had begun to get a little chilly. Pam had parked her car in the hotel parking lot, so it was right on our way one way or the other.

“Um… did you want me to come up to your room?” Pam asked tentatively, with a mixture of fear and excitement in her voice.

Would she have, and did I want her to were two questions that ran through my mind. Did she want to was the third.

“Want to?” I asked as we went into the garage. “Yes, I do, very much. I would also like to see you again. Are you busy next weekend?”

“Me? Uh, no.”

“Then would you mind if I came back down next Saturday to see you?” I asked, mentally kicking myself for not taking her upstairs and doing what I probably could do at this point. Something I really wanted to do.

“You want to drive all that way again to see me?” Pam asked increduously.

“If you want, I’ll walk,” I said with a grin.

“Yes! I mean no,” Pam chirped in confusion. “You know what I mean.”

“I think I do,” I said as we got to her car. “We can figure out what we’ll do and when we’ll do it during the week, okay?”

“Okay John,” Pam said as she opened her car door and threw her purse over to the passenger side before turning to face me. Still time to change my mind, and maybe hers I figured.

“Did you have fun?” I asked, and while I thought I knew the answer already, I ewanted to hear it from Pam.

“This was a wonderful evening John. Thank you so much.”

Pam lifted her face and gave me a signal that I was not going to ignore. When I touched Pam’s full lips with mine, my shy little virgin gave me a kiss that was so full of passion that I was waiting for next week already.

A kiss that was so long, so sensuous and so passionate that by the time it ended I had a full blown erection that was crushed against Pam. If she noticed, she didn’t make any effort to get away from it. Far from it.

“Good night John.”

I watched Pam drive away before heading into the hotel and back up to my room. Three hundred miles and hundreds of dollars for a kiss. That kiss was a bargain.

Chapter 4: Next week.

Pam and I made a date for the next Saturday, and since she had mentioned that she liked baseball, I got tickets to the Orioles game scheduled that day. She sounded very excited at the prospect and gave me directions to her apartment, which surprised and delighted me as I took it as a sign of trust.

Pam lived in an apartment building that was just outside of Baltimore, in an area that was probably considered working class. I found the place with no problem and right on time. Pam was waiting out front, dressed casually in jeans and an Orioles long sleeved jersey that I thought she would be suffering in as the day went on.

I jumped out of the car and ran around to let Pam in, and was rewarded with a kiss on the cheek for my efforts. Pam looked really cute with her baseball hat and jersey on, but I was hoping to see a little more of her, yet she remained covered from neck to toe.

We had fun at Camden Yards, and the Orioles even won the game which pleased Pam a great deal. I didn’t care much either way, and was too busy having fun with Pam. Pam was much more outgoing than she had been the last time we were together, and by the end of the game she was cheering and screaming as much as everybody else.

“I’m impressed,” I told Pam as we drove out of the staduim parking area. “You’re very knowledgeable about the game. You must go to a lot of games, being so close to the stadium and all.”

“No, I’ve never been to a game before,” Pam said. “I watch a lot on TV, but it’s so much better in person I couldn’t believe it.”

“Geez, why wouldn’t you go?”

“I’d feel kind of stupid going alone,” Pam said sadly.

“Oh,” I said softly, and then tried to lighten the mood that I had just put a damper on, by asking Pam to pick a restuarant for dinner.

“Why don’t we grab some Chinese food or a pizza or something and eat at my place, if you wouldn’t mind that is,” Pam suggested, and that sounded fine to me.

We drove to her place and walked down to the corner and got a pizza, compromising on pepperoni, and went back to Pam’s place. She had a cute little apartment that was decorated very simply but tastefully.

“What would you like to drink, John,” Pam asked. “I’ve got soda and wine.”

“Wine sounds good,” I answered.

“It’s in a box,” Pam said apologetically.

“Almedan!” I exclaimed. “You’re a wine connoisseur like me,” I said while sheepishly admitting my frequent purchases of the very same thing.

“It’s just that a whole bottle of wine is a lot for me,” Pam said as she poured a couple of glasses.

“I know what you mean,” I said. “You end up either throwing some away or sex izle drinking too much.”

The pizza was pretty good, the wine was fine, and the conversation was delightful. It seemed like there was never a quiet moment as one of us would always be chattering about something. We both had so much stored up inside of us that it seemed like we exploded whenever we were communicating, either electronically or like this.

“Did you get a hotel room?” Pam asked as she poured us refills.

“No, I’m going to head back home soon,” I told her, not wanting to admit that this was an expensive way to date, even though she was well worth it.

“NO!” Pam said very loudly, and then blushed. “I mean, you can’t drive all that way tonight. You had a beer at the game and wine here.”

“I’ll be fine,” I assured Pam. “Big guy like me and four drinks over six hours? No problem.”

“You could… stay here, if you wanted to,” Pam offered shyly.

“Really?” I said. “No, I’d better not. I only have the clothes I have on.”

“No suitcase in the car?” Pam asked.

“Afraid not.”

“Are you sure that’s the only reason?” Pam asked. “You can be honest with me.”

“That’s the truth,” I confessed. “I thought that showing up with a suitcase would be kind of forcing myself on you.”

“I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop,” Pam said.


“You’re too good to be true, so there has to be something wrong with you,” Pam said, and I could tell whether she was angry or not.

“I’m weird all right, but I don’t think I’m evil,” I said with a chuckle.

“It just seems strange,” Pam said. “I’ve met a couple of other men on line like this, and it was obvious what they were looking for. You I can’t figure out.”

“I’ve been very honest with you,” I told Pam. “You know just about everything there is to know about me.”

“It’s just that for somebody that seems so interested in me, you aren’t doing things that men usually do.”

“I’m not other men, I’m me,” I told Pam. “I’m very interested in you, and you must know that. I’m very attracted to you, and you’re all I think about these days. I just… I don’t know. I never met anybody the way we met, and I didn’t want you to think that I was only using you.”

“I would have gone up to your room last week, you know.”

“I thought you would have,” I admitted. “I kicked myself all week for not asking you up there too. It wasn’t because I’m not attracted to you.”

“You are?” Pam said in surprise, leaning back against the kitchen counter.

“If you could read my mind, you would be rather shocked,” I admitted. “Maybe even scared off.”

“Really?” Pam said with a tiny smile. “Me too. When I got home last Saturday night I thought about what you would look like naked.”

“Oh?” I said as I leaned against the counter alongside Pam and whispered in her ear. “I don’t think anybody ever wondered that about me before. Feels kinda nice. Feel free to tell me all about it.”

“Omigod!” Pam said. “I can’t – I’d die of embarrassment.”

“Would it make you feel more comfortable if I told you what I’ve thought about you?” I asked Pam. “When I first started exchanging messages with you there were many times I would picture what you looked like. Then when I saw you last week, I was so surprised. Where was the woman that you described to me? You’re so pretty that I have no idea what it is you see when you look in the mirror. When I got back to my room last week, the first thing I did was run in to the shower and masturbated. How’s that for honesty?”

Pam mumbled something that I couldn’t make out and I asked her to repeat it.

“I said that I wished I was there to do it for you,” Pam said with a nervous giggle. “At least that’s something I know how to do.”

“Is that right?” I said as I rubbed her neck.

“I’m not a nun or anything,” Pam said. “You found me on an adult website after all!”

“You’ve got a point there,” I admitted. “Look, do you really want me to stay here overnight?”

“I don’t know. I mean, yes I think I do,” Pam fretted. “I’m not sure what I want. Maybe I want to you to stay because it’s so sweet of you not to assume I would let you, or that you didn’t come all prepared. Maybe it’s because you’ve been so sweet to me, and not forced yourself on me or anything. The other guys I’ve met like this have always wanted to – see me, if you know what I mean.”

Suddenly, a thought crossed my mind and my eyes must have lit up for a second, because Pam asked me what was wrong.

“Look, I just remembered that I have a gym bag in the car with stuff I wear when I go to the Y,” I recalled. “I’m not sure if they’re funky or not…”

“And I could wash what you’re wearing now,” Pam said with a smile.

With that I hustled out to my car, hoping that the shorts and t-shirt were clean. To my relief, they hadn’t been worn and so I hustled back up to the apartment.

“Success!” I announced as entered Pam’s place, and she seemed as happy as I was.

I went into the bathroom and took off my clothes, my mind racing and heart pounding. After I got my shorts and tank top on, I realized how close to naked I was. With no underwear on, my cock was clearly visible in the thin red shorts, but there was no alternative. I tucked myself between my legs and headed back out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32