Opening the Door


Everything set up so nicely. Each person agreed upon the game and their roles in the game. Only three knew of the aspects of the plays and their roles in the game. Those there set up and prepared for what lies ahead. Now we begin.

You arrive a few minutes late, a shy smile on your face as I open the door. Noticing you look a bit nervous I lean up and lick your lips softly, my hands caressing your chest.

Taking your hands in mine, I invite you in.

“Come on in Baby, don’t be shy.” A small smile forms on your lips.

“You are here, you agree to this right?” “You are ready to trust?” I ask as I move around waiting your reply.

Your head nods slightly as your feet shuffle, your edginess makes me fonder as I reach for the silk materials. Looping one over each wrist and arranging then to a longer one.

Looking deep in your eyes as I face you, I see you shiver, my hands move to caress you to easy your uneasiness. Letting the drop, for later use I reach up and take off your shirt my mouth eager as I find a small nipple. Sucking hard, my tongue flicking over it enjoying how quickly it gets hard.

“See, you are going to enjoy this” Biting it gently as I reach and close the door behind us. My hands dropping down, undoing your jeans, pushing them over your hips. Pleased you did as I asked and omitted the underclothes. Watching as your cock springs out. “MMMMmmm.” I look up at you, “Already you are hard. I can see already how nice this will be.” Not wanting to wait; I sink down to my knees; I want to taste you first. My hands cups around your smooth balls. Well pleased you did as instructed. Watching your eyes as I trace my tongue under your smooth balls slowly, lifting them with my tongue as I move upwards. Feeling them drop as I pass them and my tongue feels the bass of your hard cock. Pulling my tongue slowly up to the head; my eyes never leaving yours as my tongue dances over the head. I see your eyes slightly roll as my tongue tends to your hard cock. Sucking the head into my mouth as my hands move to cup your sweet ass. I have wanted your cock in my mouth for too long. So sweet, such a nice cock my mind thinks as I pull your cock deeper into my mouth. My hands kneading your cheeks as I pulling you closer to my mouth.

Stopping now, for a mere second to look at you, my eyes giving you permission before pulling your cock back into my mouth. My hands’ tugging your cheeks to force the issue as my eager mouth engulfs your cock completely. Feeling your cheeks tighten as you understand my need, your hips thrusting forward as your cock thrust deeper. Oh yes. Sucking harder my hands caressing your ass; my fingers slip between your cheeks. I have thought of this so many times. My fingers flicking over your tight ring as my other hand prods you deeper, wanting you to loose your self and not hold back. Wanting you to hold nothing back from me; a show of trust in me, in us in many ways.

That’s right, fuck my mouth baby. I can feel your cock pushing deeper; as I watch your face. Your eyes rolling slightly as I suck harder .My finger slides quickly into your tight ass as your cock jumps inside my mouth. My hand caressing your smooth bubble ass cheek, so taunt and firm. You have an exceptional ass. Your hips thrust forward, forcing your hard cock deeper into my mouth.

All the days we have talked of today has you made you intensely hard, letting you go as you hunt release makes it that much more exciting for me. My fingers increasing their speed as you hips push back and forth, your cock pushes against my throat as you start to moan. My hand feels your ass cheek tighten as you get closer, just as your cock plunges deep in my throat; your moan turns deeper as you start cumming.

Pulling back slightly so I can taste your sweetness, your warm cum coating my tongue. My fingers slowly slipping out as I gently suck the head of your cock, milking all I can before letting your cock go.

Smiling up at you as I hook two more ties to your ankles, a bit longer than the wrist ones; leaving them loose one end. Taking your hands in mine I ask you again if you are ready for this adventure. You Betturkey nod slightly; your eyes seem to tell a different tale. I do think you are ready, butt I also see unease in your expression, ofcouse this could be lent to eagerness also. I kiss you once more and lead you to your fantasy. You created this. Your thoughts, your desires, you told me in you words over the months of all your secret day dreams, even your nightly dreams of these things. Today you will find them.

Opening the door to the room I stop and take out a blindfold. Turning to you I see your eyes watching my hands. Holding it up your eyes show your acceptance; and you lower your head. As I slip it into place I take your hand and lead you into the room.

Stopping in front of a table I pause long enough to instruct you to reach out and tell me what you feel. Your hands meet with the coolness of the leather covering the table. As I describe what you are about to find. The table was created specially, its shape unique. Its duel functions equally special; both offering different forms of pleasures. The seat part heavily padded; its shape opened with no barriers. In front and behind the seat building outward offer stability and other uses.

As your hands fumble trying to work out in your head what’s before you in your darkness my hands begin exploring your body; each hand moving differently over your slim form. Cupping your balls in one hand I lean close and softly tell you to move forward; as I help you to position yourself onto the table. As you settle in the seat your body is leaning forward slightly.

Your arms are comfortably away from your body and your legs are parted with your tight ass easy accessible. Tracing my fingers between your ass cheeks as I watch your cock harden; knowing you mind is creating a picture of the table in which you find yourself on. The top half supports your head, without getting in your way and the bottom half supports your weight.

Reaching over and adjusting your ties I loop the hoops thru their prospective slots and hook the straps on the table around your thighs. Once you’re secure I move to the adjoining room and collect the rest of the played in the game. Quietly they take their positions and prepare; each with a different task some with different tools for the game.

With your blindfolds your darkness lets you hear more acutely; the sounds of people approach you in the state you are in causes your body to shiver. You are intensely aware of your. Position, the table no only restrains you, but it exposes you in several forms least of which is your tight ass.

Standing behind the table, I am standing with a perfect view of my fondest part of you, your sweet taunt ass. Player 1 is at your head, he stands there where I have selected because of his perfectly sized cock which stands out from his body, slightly curved and hardening as his eyes watch the scene.

Player 2, now he is unique in his own but that uniqueness’ we’ll save for a bit. He is tall, firm, with a determined look about him. One tends to react to him as if he is commanding them when he’s not spoken a word. People around him seem to wait for him eagerly to use them.

Player 3, a shy almost hidden soul in a room of others. He has a habit of just stepping back and watching as those in the room forget he is there for a while, until he is ready to be seen in which once he is ready no one forgets he was there. His eyes are the first thing people notice, a odd blue green hue that light up and his lips; soft and sexy tend to get noticed soon after; if one can look past the eyes.

Nodding my head I signal the three players to begin, I notice your cock is hard before anyone touches you. Player 1 reaches out clipping the bands to your nipples. They have the ability to hold them tightly pulling them out from your body. As I watch I reach for the leather pouch and slip it past your cock and tighten it over your balls.

With these in place I reach up cupping your ass with both hands and slide my tongue over your tight pink ring, enjoying the whimper as you feel my Betturkey Giriş tongue. My tongue dips slightly into your ring and back out, the effect causing your hips to thrust quickly. Smiling I stand straight and move away, allowing the players their places as I move to watch off to the right.

As player two moves to take my place between your legs behind you, I move the small table forward; ready to hand out the toys as needed. Leaning over I drip the lube between your cheeks, his big hands cup your balls as the lube runs down. Coating your balls and his hand he starts massaging them; squeezing them together. I hear your pleasure as I watch player 1 stroking his cock; the head brushing against your lips as he moves it slightly up and down. The hands on your balls kneading them as your mouth opens, his hard curved cock slipping past your lips. Taking a toy from the table I slip in over my clit, my harness holding it secure I watch as you start sucking the hard cock presented to you.

The hands on your balls move up and slowly pass over your cheeks, the now warm lube spreading over your cheeks as his thick fingers graze your tight hole. Watching I see your cock jump as your hips begin grinding back and forth. Looking over I watch player 3 stroking his cock, my eyes taking in the different aspects of the plays as I reach out and take your cock in my hand; offering it to him. He doesn’t hesitate as he moves around pulling you cock completely into his mouth. His sexy lips sexier as the wrap around the base of your cock.

You moans muffled as player 1 starts moving his hips in slow deep thrust, his cock pushing deeper as it finds its way into your throat. I move quickly to take your blindfold off, suddenly wanting you to see his body as it thrust his cock into your mouth. Wanting you to have the full effect of the scene around you. Just as his cock pushed completely into your throat; player two slides a thick round finger into your tight ass. It’s completely buried in your bowel and your moans grow louder around the cock buried in your throat. As these two sensations hit you at once; player 3 engulfs your cock just as deeply; swallowing around your cock. His throat offers no resistance to your cock. Its ability to tighten around it works almost like a pussy as it climaxes, constructing around your hard cock.

As I watch the players take over your body, your moans affect me more intensely. My clit throbs as I watch. Your ass lifting off the table pulling at the restraints meeting the thick finger as your head moves to take in more and more of his cock. I wonder now if with all of this you realize your cock is getting so much attention. Player 3 sucking intently at your cock, his head bobbing up and down, I can actually see the sucking motion as he pulls your cock up into his mouth past those lips.

Moving back to the small table I take out the plastic cock. Its thick head in my hand I bend over and get player three attention. Noticing he reluctantly lets your cock loose from his mouth I adjust the game a bit in my mind and move back to the table, pulling him with me.

Standing beside player2 I hand the toy to player 3, not needing to be told he takes the toy and places it into its place in my harness. Watching those thick fingers stretching your tight ring appeals to me; I love seeing how your body reacts. The slut inside you is awakening. Slipping my finger along side his I feel how tight you still are. Your ass is so sexy like that. Eager. Slutty. Pushing his hands away from your ass I signal the change in the game. Taking the lube in hand i turn to player 2 coating his rock hard cock. His cock huge in my hand jumps as the coldness covers the head. He and player 3 move to their new positions as I move behind you.

My turn to shiver as I look down at your now wet ass; so perfectly vulnerable, so ready. Taking his cock from your mouth player one steps aside so you can see the table in front of you. Rubbing the head of the plastic cock over between your cheeks, not entering you I wait as the scene in front for you. Noticing how still you become as the size of player2’s cock, your eyes moving with his hand as he spreads the lube over it. As he moves to turn you see player 3 over the other table, his ass, like yours open for abuse. His legs strapped in as those thick fingers you were feeling working into your tight ass rubs against his tight star as you watch.

Reaching down I take your cock in my hand, just holding it as I let you watch the two at the other table. Just as his finger slip past his tight ring I feel your cock jump in my hand, your body reacting to your vision. No sooner had his finger pushed completely into his tight ass, he pulled quickly out; not only that one butt a second finger was forced into his exposed ass as you watched. His ass jumping as if to pull away, but the restraints holding him in place.

Holding his cock with one hand and player3’s hip with the other he added lube one last time before pushing the head of his cock into the tight ring before him. Your cock jumping violently in my hand as player 3’s screams reach up I feel it getting even harder in my hand. I let got of your cock as I push the cock head against you, not entering yet, as player 1 pulls back slightly and pushes in again. His cock getting a deeper as his scream fades away; turning into loud moans as the cock slides deeper and deeper into his waiting ass.

Once more he pulls his massive cock out, the head shinning from the wetness, before plunging it roughly back into the exposed ass. As I push the head of the plastic cock completely into you lubed ass, his fingers prepared you well as the head popped past the ring allowing the cock to force its way deep into your bowels. Looking at player 1 as he steps forward again offering you his hard cock; you open your mouth eagerly as I thrust deeper still into your now slutty ass.

Your vision not completely blocked off your eyes never leaves the scene as the huge cock plows roughly into the wanting ass. Pulling back I let the head come out, waiting, as your ass quickly lifts up wanting more of the cock as you watch, you moan around the cock that is again in your eager mouth before I plunge the head back into your ass.

Pacing my movements with theirs as player2 forces his huge cock deeper and deeper into the small ass in front of him, his trust lifting the table upwards as his cock takes the tight ass, I slam the cock head into your ass and out again, watching as it plops out, leaving your ass wide before plunging back into your now loose ass.

Unable to stop myself ; I feel my clit throbbing as I start to cum, plunging deep into your ass I roll my hips as my body shakes, my climax ragging thru me as I watch the cock in your mouth plunge in, his hips forcing it completely in as his cock fills your throat with his hot cum.

My body shaking as I cum rippling thru to you, cause the plastic cock to quake deep inside your well fucked ass. As screams come from the other table I tear my glaze away catching a glimpse of that huge cock pulling out. Cum gushing out as it slams back into the tight hold between those smaller cheeks, his cheeks shaking violently; I realize he’s stuck in a state of cumming, the cock thrusting into his ass; the hot cum spitting out from the cock as its pushed deep into his bowels not allowing him to stop cumming.

As all this is taking place; your senses cannot take any more. The cock in your mouth exploding as your own cock is twitching, the cum built up pushing up thru you as the sensations your prostrate push you beyond control as you start cumming your moans turn into quivering half words half moans. Pulling out slowly, I watch your body, completely wet it shimmers as you catch your breath. Tiny spasms still rippling thru you are your body completes its journey thru the senses. Player1 rubs his spent cock over your lips once more before moving back to rest as the players at the other table move apart, both breathing heavy still.

Sitting on my haunches near your face I lean up kissing you hard, the cum still on your lips, your breath slowing as I reach and untie the binds. Watching as your legs are rubbed down I undo your nipples, letting the sack on your balls wait until you can sit up.

As you move out off the seat I slide over into your arms and lean into you, letting the players unbind player 3 before I introduce you to the players officially. Caressing your thighs I turn my head and kiss your neck softly.

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