One Night Can Change Your Whole World Ch. 04


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Ashley was the first one to stir as she came out of the dream world. As she looked around, letting her eyes get accustomed to the darkness of the house, she wondered what time it was. Looking out the window it wasn’t dark yet as there was still some light coming in through the curtains, though they were closed keeping the room darker than it should have been. She lifted herself up and looked over at the clock and saw it was just after 5pm. She started to stretch making a slight noise and then noticed that Tanya was starting to stir.

Tanya was starting to awaken even before hearing Ashley’s light yelp. When she heard it, her eyes flew open and saw her friend and slave sister and looked at her with a smile. After Ashley got the feeling someone was watching her, and saw Tanya smiling at her. Ashley then leaned over her brother and for the first time kissed her sister. The kiss was one of love and not a hurried lust filled kiss. Both women had kissed other women before but this was different. This was like kissing someone whom you were dating and in fact with their devotion to Adam and thus being in a relationship with him, they were both also in a sort of relationship with each other as well.

Ashley’s eyes all of a sudden went wide and she broke the kiss and pulled back quickly. Tanya shot up thinking she had done something wrong, but Ashley just smiled, “Sorry, I have to pee or else I will pee myself.” She ran to the bathroom, with Tanya giggling the whole time, leaving the door open as both of them had already seen her naked. Once she was cleaned up, she joined the two of them back on the bed.

She looked over at Tanya and had a wicked idea. “I am starving but we need to get Master up first and I have a great way to do it.”

Ashley moved her body, so she was laying with her body perpendicular to Adam’s. Tanya mirrored her from the other side. Ashley took Adam’s cock in her hand and started to run her tongue up and down his length. “Now, I know he cleaned it somewhat, but I can still taste myself on Master and I have to say, I taste damn good.”

“I second that,” Tanya replied with a giggle as she wrapped her hand so both their hands were holding his cock together. She started to lick up the other side of his cock mirroring Ashley, “But I will add that you taste even better on Master’s cock, as do I.”

Both women then giggled again as their tongues met at the head of his cock. They both smiled wickedly at each other before they started to make out with each other, their lips wrapped around their Master’s cock, as their tongues danced around the cock between them and into each other’s mouth. Both women moaned at the excitement the kiss was causing them.

Adam then moaned himself as he felt a shock going through his cock attacking the pleasure centers in his brain. He felt something wonderful as he was leaving his dream state and coming back to reality. As his eyes finally opened, he was able to look down and saw that both of his slaves were making out with his cock in between them. He reached up with both hands and patted their heads causing them to break the kiss and look up at him quickly. All he could do was smile back at them, “That has to be the best way to wake up.”

“Well Master, if you like it so much, we can definitely find a way to arrange it for you?” Tanya replied, her voice full of her lust and love for him.

“That would definitely be nice, but is not needed my loves,” Adam replied, caressing each of their faces.

“Well then maybe just for special occasions or if the mood is right,” Ashley responded, biting her lips as she conveyed her own lust and love to him.

“Though I am now painfully hard, we need to get up and get something to eat.”

Both women huffed in annoyance as they were truly enjoying themselves but each of their stomachs growled stating they were hungrier than they had let on. The three of them reluctantly got out of bed and headed downstairs. None of the three of them were clothed and it didn’t seem to bother any of them either. After rummaging through the fridge and cabinets for something to eat, all they could find were a couple snacks to hold them over for the moment. They all agreed they didn’t want to go anywhere and decided on pizza.

Adam picked up his phone and called a pizza place that was a little further out than one that his parents usually use. He did this as he had a plan. Once the order was placed he turned to his slaves. Knowing Ashley would do anything for him, as she was his sister, he wanted to test Tanya’s resolve. The pizza would be there in 30 minutes and they chatted for about 15 before he brought up his plan.

“Tanya, you have shown promise in being my slave, but I have a task for you,” Adam said in a commanding voice.

“Of course Master, what do you need?” Tanya replied wondering what she could do to please her Master. She was an object of his will and he would impose it how he desired.

Adam told them both to wait there for a few moments as he ran upstairs and found what he needed. When matadorbet he came back down, he had something in his hand. It was a mask that would cover her eyes and part of her face, but leave her mouth exposed. “When the pizza guy gets here, I want you to answer the door just as you are now and pay the man.” He handed her the cash that included the tip. “When you speak to the pizza delivery person, whether it be a man or woman, act as casually as you can, such that you believe you are wearing clothes in front of the person. This will show me that you are comfortable with your body and that it won’t bother you being naked when I tell you too.”

Fear took over Tanya. She didn’t want to do it but was too terrified to say anything against him. She looked to Ashley but she was just looking at Adam with a look of shock on her face. Finally, she was able to gather the courage to say something to get her out of this task, “But Master, couldn’t the pizza delivery person then know my face if the person happens to see me in public?”

“That is why I have this for you. It will keep you from being recognized,” he replied as he put the mask on the counter.

With some reluctance, she dropped her head and responded, “Yes Master.”

“Good. I want you to be comfortable in your own skin but also know that you will follow my orders when I give them to you. One thing you have to remember is that my parents are coming back on Monday. When that happens, we won’t have a safe place to be together like this without getting a hotel or staying somewhere else. So I have to know I can trust you when my back is turned and I’m not around.”

Tanya cocked her head to the side in confusion, “But won’t you be there watching me?”

“No, Ashley and I will be in another room and will rely on you to tell the truth.” In truth, when Adam went upstairs, he grabbed his video camera as well and left it near the stairs turned on and pointed at the door.

Five minutes later, the doorbell rang. Adam took Ashley’s hand and guided her near the back door and held her there, giving her a kiss while they waited. Tanya on the other hand, had her nerves running wild but her commitment in wanting to please her Master outweighed her nerves and reluctance. With a deep breath, she put the mask on and went to the bathroom near the kitchen to make sure she was unrecognizable. When she was sure the mask was in place correctly, she headed to the front door.

Before opening the door, she looked through the glass to verify that it was the pizza delivery person and though it was blurry, she did see the person holding some pizza boxes. She took a deep breath and opened the door. “Yes I have a delivery for …”

The pizza boy’s face dropped at the site of the nude woman before him. He didn’t know what to do but luckily hadn’t dropped the pizzas. Tanya recognized the guy before her from one of her classes and was glad she had the mask on. She changed her voice just a bit just to make sure she wasn’t recognizable and handed the guy the money and took the pizzas before saying thank you and winking at him, giving him a good view of her ass as she closed the door. When the door was closed, she let out a sigh of relief as she leaned against it, but also felt freer and more confident than she had ever been before. It was scary yet exhilarating to do what she just did and couldn’t wait to tell her Master all about it.

Tanya then walked back over to the kitchen counter before taking off her mask. Hearing her moving into the kitchen, Adam and Ashley walked back over with Ashley clinging to Adam’s arm. “So tell me how it went,” Adam asked wanting to hear her side before checking his camera.

“Actually, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was. I am glad I had a mask on as the delivery boy was a guy from one of my classes. I was nervous as hell but when I opened the door and his mouth dropped, it felt like I had complete control and it felt great, hell I even felt so dirty and naughty at the same time,” Tanya giggled as she blushed, “And if I am being truthful,” she paused for a moment to gather the right words, “I feel more free now than I ever have in my life.”

Adam’s eyes went wide at her explanation, glad that it didn’t upset her, “Excellent! But be forewarned; I will not be showing off your body to many others as you are mine now,” he explained as he took hold of her naked body and kissed her passionately. Her leg lifted up as she tried to rub her pussy on the underside of his cock that was pressed against his stomach currently.

When Adam finally broke the kiss, he saw nothing but lust and passion in Tanya’s eyes as she bit her lip, knowing exactly what she and he both wanted, and probably Ashley who whimpered behind them, “Before this goes any further, let’s eat and talk and then we can have some more fun …. IF you are a good girl.”

“Yes, of course Master. I will always obey,” Tanya replied with all the lust she could manage in her voice, trying her best to not jump him right there and take that piece of man-meat deep within her willing snatch.

The three of them got some drinks and plates and took the pizzas into the living room. The two women sat on either matadorbet giriş end of the couch while Adam sat in the middle. Neither woman tried anything on Adam, or did anything that wouldn’t be considered normal to eating and drinking, to tease him. Though just having them sit there in the nude was enough to get his cock twitching. He tried not to notice them but having two women who are close to, if not already, model quality, in his eyes, sitting naked on either side of him was plenty to get his cock going, but he knew they had to finish eating and get through the talk so they would all be on the same page. If this was going to work, there had to be no secrets between them.

All three of them had their fill of pizza and soda and before each of them knew it one and a half pizzas were gone and all three were laying on the couch rubbing their now full bellies. What Adam found funny, yet disturbing at the same time, was that Tanya had accidentally let out a belch and then giggled. Adam and Ashley looked over at her while she was giggling and her only response back to them was, “What?”

They just looked at her and shook their heads. Then just as Adam was sitting back wondering if he was truly in the Twilight Zone, he heard another belch but this one came from Ashley to his left. He looked over at Ashley along with Tanya before both women started giggling. The two women then had a belching contest and were giggling the whole time. When Adam had finally had enough, he let out his own belch which was louder than either women had causing the three of them to burst out laughing.

When they stopped laughing, Adam had a big smile on his face just thinking about how he was able to have fun with the two of them, without having sex or doing anything of the sexual nature. That, to him at least, brought the three of them that much closer. Yes, the sex was the best he had ever had and would never complain nor get denied sex since they were his now, but it was still nice for them to enjoy the little things like laughing at something as stupid as a belching contest.

“Well,” Adam said slamming his hands down, more as a way to get himself going than anything else, “Let’s get to it then.” He stood up and walked around the coffee table they were using for their food and drinks and turned to look at them. “Since I’m new at this, I don’t really know what rules to put into place per se but one thing I will voice is that I want honesty above all else. I don’t want us holding any secrets from each other. That being said, I will tell you both my secret that almost no one knows at the end of our talk today,” he finished while putting his head down, praying that his secret would not be on some social media platform and suddenly have loads of fans trying to break down his door; not wanting anyone to find out about his books until he was ready, but he needed to provide something private about himself if they were to provide their secrets to him.

Adam continued as he looked up at them, “Now as for what I expect of the two of you. As you both know our parents will be home Monday. Wednesday is also New Year’s Eve and we will be going out together, but make sure to find someplace we can go where no one will have a problem that we are together.” Both girls giggled and lightly moaned at the thought of being close to him in public. “Once our parents are home, we will not be able to act the way we do now. Since I will still be living here with Ashley, we may try to sneak around our parents but only if it is safe. For the outside world, since how Ashley and I are lovers now and it is frowned upon by society, Tanya will act as my girlfriend to our parents and the outside world.”

This had an effect on Tanya who moaned while she was biting her lip. Just the thought of being able to show off her Master in public to her other friends and other people was a treat she would savor. She could already feel herself getting wet just thinking about the thought.

Ashley on the other hand whined as she knew that being close to her brother outside the house was hard. They couldn’t chance having someone either of them knew catching them together, much less kissing and holding hands. It would raise too many questions, but she would cherish the times they could be together at home, whether Tanya was there or not.

Adam continued further, “That being said, we will make some time to have some weekends together at a hotel or even some kind of vacation. Also, as you both said when you submitted to me, neither of you are to flirt, kiss or sleep with anyone other than me unless I order you to and I am not as keen as the two of you at sharing. One last thing and I will give up the floor for a moment. I don’t want either of you touching yourself in any way shape or form of a sexual nature. If you are extremely horny and need release and can’t hold it until you see me next, you must call me and beg permission to touch yourself and also beg for your orgasm as well. If I do not allow it, then you are not allowed to touch yourself. If I do not allow your orgasm, then you must hold it until I allow it. Do you both understand?”

“YES MASTER,” they both said in unison. Each of them looked at each other and had wicked grins on their faces. It sent shivers down each of their spines every time they said something together like that. It was like they were meant to be in this situation.

“Good girls. Now, I give the floor up to one of you,” he said gesturing for one of them to take the floor.

Tanya stood from where she was sitting but didn’t move forward as that, to her, was her Master’s current position and she couldn’t take the main position like that. She was reluctant to stand in the first place without a direct order but did only because she knew it was what her Master truly wanted. “I have no secrets that I can think of other than what I have told Ashley which I presume she shared with you, which was that I wanted to have sex with my own brother until that dream was destroyed due to the fact that my brother is homosexual. Other than that, I don’t have anything to say other than I am in my third year of college as Ashley is and I am studying Finance with a minor in Economics because I want to be a Financial Manager. The only other thing I want is to serve my Master to the best of my abilities,” she finished as she winked at Adam, biting her lip in the process before sitting down.

Adam felt his cock twitch with the look Tanya gave him and knew they would be having some more fun later on, after they were finished. He then looked over at Ashley who nodded and stood up. She felt odd standing up without her Master giving her a direct order, but she stood none the less. “I don’t have any secrets either that I can think of but if something comes up, I will share it with both of you right away. I do want to tell you both about my dream though and how the first of our group has joined us,” she said while pointing to Tanya. Tanya had a strange look on her face but listened to Ashley explain about her dream. In it, her mother and another unnamed woman would be joining them as well. From what Ashley could explain, the other woman had fair skin as she did, but she couldn’t provide any details other than that. Ashley then also explained she was working towards her degree in Political Science. She hadn’t decided on just getting her bachelors or if she was going to continue and get her Master’s as well.

After she sat down, Tanya had motioned that she wanted to speak again and Adam just smiled thinking that this was more an open forum but acknowledged her letting Tanya speak again, “Master, I just wanted to add that from what Ashley said about her dream, that it just makes me feel like this is something that is meant to be. Even in my short time with you, I feel like we are becoming a family and in that I not only love you with all my heart and soul, but Ashley as well. I see her as my sister, lover and true friend, maybe even more than I did before.”

“I feel the same way. Something about this has brought the both of you closer to me than I have ever had anyone. Even closer than me and Ashley had been beforehand,” Adam responded with a smile to both women.

“I also want you both to know that your commitment to me is always in place but during our talks like this. I don’t want you to two to hold anything back and I want both of you to speak up as we are all equals during these talks. I am not your Master and you are not my slaves. You can still address me that way and I will always do the same.”

“One thing I want to ask Master, is that if you are now okay with calling us slaves since you don’t seem to be as upset about it as you were initially,” Ashley asked with curiosity.

“While I am still not comfortable calling you both my slaves, I know it is what you two would prefer me to call you and I know it adds to your submissive sides. Since I love you both and know this is for the best, I will continue to address you both as my slaves.” Both women nodded as it did make sense. “But don’t think for a minute that I see either of you as actual slaves. I see you more as my girlfriend’s and maybe even future wives.”

Adam waited for a few moments and neither woman had anything further to ask or add to the conversation. Then he proceeded to the final part of the conversation. “I have one more thing to ask before I reveal my big secret. Are both of you on birth control or not?” Adam asked

They both nodded at him while answering, “Yes Master.”

“Good. I know I should have asked this before but as your Master, I took it upon myself to fill the both of you up the first time as it was something I wanted to do as soon as you both submitted to me.” Both women looked at each other and giggled some more knowing they would have accepted his seed without attempting to stop him even if they weren’t on birth control. “I do want you both to continue taking it unless I tell you to stop. If, or more likely when, I tell you to stop, know that I have decided to breed you as it is my right as your Master. One other thing I want you both to know is: even though you are both bound to me, as I am to you, if you feel the need to separate so you can have a normal relationship with someone else, please let me know. Don’t hold in these kinds of feelings. I will release you if you are unhappy with me, but while you are with me, I do own you; both as individuals and as a group. Most importantly, your happiness adds to my pleasure and happiness,” he paused his eyes moving between the two women, “if you’re not happy then I won’t be either.”

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