On Holiday with Mum Ch. 03


They arrived at the restaurant, mum was looking stunning, her tits looked massive. We went inside the restaurant and were greeted by a delightful lady who turned out to be the sister of the Chef, Rene. She led us to our table then a bottle of the Champagne that we had a lunchtime appeared on the table. Anna, then poured the Champagne, she recommended the Menu Gourmand, and we went with this. The restaurant was buzzing, I was glad that mum had made the booking.

Mum said, “This is not like a holiday, it’s like a honeymoon, and I want you to ass fuck me in the bathroom when we get back, a special request, make me cum four times.”

She leaned over, and tongue kissed me. The first of the five courses was served, it was a warm Fois Gras and was delicious. The service was excellent, we stayed with the Champagne. Anna told us the case was ready, but she had put two bottles into the fridge so it would be cold if we wanted a glass when we got home, we finished the last course and asked if the restaurant was open tomorrow evening and we were told they opened again on Tuesday. We booked a table for Tuesday evening. Then Rene the chef came to the table asking if we had enjoyed our meal in perfect English. We told him we had and had booked a table for Tuesday evening. Mum then asked how much Champagne could she buy from his as she loved the Champagne.

He replied, “As much as you want, it’s my father’s Champagne. We are now getting a lot of the Champagne houses eating here, and they want us to serve their Champagne so we can sell you plenty. We also have a Pink Champagne. I’ll let you taste it.”

He went and came back a minute later with fresh glasses and a bottle of Premier Cru Pink Champagne. He then sat, and we drank the Champagne together. Mum loved it, and I liked it too. Mum introduced us as Tom and May. Mum said, “This is delicious, we will be ordering a lot of it, I am sure.”

Rene then suggested a restaurant in Epernay that stocked his father’s Champagne. He also recommends the Coq Au Vin at the restaurant as it was cooked traditionally. I paid for the meal and Champagne which Rene carried to the car. When Rene saw the Bentley, he said, “That’s a beautiful car, one day before you go home I would love to go for a drive in it.”

I told him no problem, we would do this. In the car, as we drove out of the car park mum had me unzipped, and my cock out and she went down on me. Her tongue was everywhere as she massaged my balls as her head was bobbing up and down. Her head was angled differently, then I realised what she had done, she had the full length in her mouth from the base to the tip. The head of my cock was banging off the wall of her throat, she was deep throating me, and it felt so good.

We arrived at the hotel and mum came up for air. She said, “I’m glad that I do that, it’s a bit awkward at first but when I have my next period I want to feel you squirt your hot cum down my throat.”

We escort bayan kissed, and I squeezed her left breast firmly, she looked me straight in the eye and said, “I am yours.”

I zipped my trousers and got the box of Champagne out of the car. There were all sorts of glasses beside the mini bar in the suite and included Champagne glasses. I opened a bottle and poured the Champagne as mum slowly stripped for me. When she was naked she helped me strip, I was rock hard when mum put the lube around my cock. She led me into the bathroom, she positioned herself in the same position as we had used earlier, then said, “I’m going to redesign the bathroom at home, and we are definitely going to have support rails like these.”

I went behind her and went inside her doggy style. Twelve minutes later mum had her fourth anal, vaginal orgasm, she was cuming stronger with them now. I led her back to the lounge with a towel for her to sit on as her cunt juices were running out of her cunt. We kissed and touched as we sipped this beautiful Champagne.

We finished the bottle then we went to bed. We lay down together facing each other and gently touched. Mum raised her left leg, and I slid my cock inside her hot wet cunt. Then I slowly started to ride her, mum was gripping my cock with a gentleness which was very sensual, we were both looking at each other’s eyes as we continued our lovemaking. It was gentle but firm, it was so arousing as we both were giving the other pleasure.

We both had no idea of time, then suddenly I sensed that I was going to cum, I started to go deeper and faster, and mum responded by gripping stronger then we both climaxed simultaneously, it was an unforgettable experience.

We kissed passionately and tenderly for several minutes then mum said, “That was beautiful, I felt you squirt five times, Tom, I love you.”

Next morning, mum went on top in the cowgirl position, neither of us was in any rush, we were both thinking of the other as we came together. Mum’s up and down movement coupled with her gripping was fantastic. I was rubbing her clit so slowly and so gently that I was feeling the warmth of her cum more frequently.

Then mum increased her tempo, she was going faster and gripping tighter, she was now making me cum. It was a wonderful feeling, where last night I had been in control, this morning she was in control, and it felt so good. We both climaxed simultaneously.

After breakfast, the hotel had organised a tour of a significant Champagne Houses Cellar, it was a total waste of time. We sat on little trains which drove us through kilometres of tunnels with a guide rambling on about how good the Champagne House’s Champagne was. We were offered a glass at the end of the visit, both mum and I couldn’t drink it, our throats said no.

We then found a small café which was buzzing, we ordered two Croque Monsieur and two glasses of the café’s house Champagne. The tuzla genç escort Champagne was far better than the Champagne we were offered at the Champagne House earlier. Mum wanted to look through the shops, so we spent the afternoon doing that. There were small boutiques in abundance and mum bought lots of stylish things, she said, “I’ve a problem as the more clothes that I buy, the less room I have for the Champagne.”

I kissed her and said, “Buy what you want, we can order a pallet of Champagne and have it shipped over. We can get a big box for your clothes and send it over FedEx.”

Mum gave me a long tongue kiss and said, “That’s a brilliant idea, the quality, style and price are much better than you can get at home. Any of the outfits that I have bought you would not be able to find at home, so I am not going to walk into a room and see someone wearing the same outfit.”

The next boutique was heaven for mum, all the outfits were unique, and the lingerie was in a class of its own. The owner, Claudia, spoke perfect English but mum wanted to improve her French. Claudia said, “OK, you speak in French, and I’ll speak in English as I need my English to improve, if either of us makes a mistake then the other corrects, immediately, that’s good for both of us.”

Mum bought a lot, and Claudia suggested that mum should subscribe to the boutique’s website newsletter and it would be easy for mum to order online and it would be delivered within two working days. Mum agreed to this and half of what she had bought today would be sent by DHL. Claudia offered us coffee which I really appreciated. Mum asked, “We are eating at the Bon Auberge this evening, is it good?”

Claudia replied, “It’s excellent, you must order the Coq Au Vin, it’s cooked traditionally and is the best Coq Au Vin in the region. I only eat it there. May, you have spent a lot of money here today. I would like to invite you and Jack for dinner this evening. Would you like to join me?”

Mum replied, “We would love to join you, could you book the table and what time will we meet?”

Claudia said, “It is nearly six, let me cash up, and we can go now. I’ll book the table now.”

Mum suggested that I get the car as we had left in a supermarket car park. I went to get the car and arrived back at the boutique ten minutes later. Claudia and mum helped me load the boot, we could still get everything in the boot, and the Champagne could go on the back seat. Claudia had an apartment above the boutique, she locked the door, and mum let her sit in the front passenger seat. Claudia was impressed with the Bentley, she said, “This is a wonderful car, it’s so luxurious, and you can feel the power. It gives a wonderful ride.”

Mum replied, “That always depends on who is riding you, Claudia?”

Claudia answered, “It is a long time since I’ve done it in a car, I prefer lots of space so my vivid imagination can be fulfilled.”

We tuzla kendi evi olan escort arrived at the Bon Auberge, mum and Claudia were chatting with each other with a lot of innuendoes, Claudia was hot. The Coq Au Vin was excellent and also the Champagne. We left the restaurant and mum said, “Claudia, that was so nice of you to take us out tonight, thank you so much, we have had a long day so would like to call it a day. We would like to invite you out for dinner to a wonderful restaurant. The Chef’s father is the man that produces the Champagne we drank tonight, can we pick you up at six tomorrow evening?”

Claudia replied, “May, I would love to go with you, I’ve heard of Renewable but have never eaten there. I have enjoyed being with you and Jack tonight and look forward to getting to know you both better.”

We dropped Claudia off at her apartment then drove back to the hotel, mum said, “Claudia is a very sexy woman, she’s a widow and isn’t seeing anyone at the moment. I think it’s just a matter of time before she joins us in bed, I’ll let you think about, and it will be your decision, I’m game for it, darling, but I leave it up to you. Tonight, I want you to fuck me hard and deep in both holes.”

We got back to the hotel, we carried the bags of mum’s shopping to our suite. We left the bags in the lounge where we both stripped, mum led me to the bathroom where we both lubed her ass, we both were fingering her ass with two fingers. She was now ready, she took her position, I went behind her and slid my cock inside her ass doggy style, mum moaned with pleasure then said, “You must do this with Claudia, she loves anal, we were touching in the changing room, and she has some junk in her trunk, she also has a wonderful body. Darling, make me cum four times with this.”

I was rubbing mum’s clit as I pounded her ass, she loved it, twelve minutes later mum had her fourth anal, vaginal orgasm, every one a body shaking orgasm. Mum said, “Thanks, that was amazing, do my pussy doggy style as you can go so deep here.”

I then slid inside her very wet cunt, still rubbing her clit as I rode her, mum was teasing my cock with her gripping, her cunt muscles were so strong. It was amazing what was happening as mum had once told me that she liked to see my face when we were fucking then it hit me that with the mirrors in the bathroom plus the support rail, we could see each other’s faces when we fucked in this bathroom.

I told mum as I was riding her and she said, “You are right, our bathroom at home is going to be redesigned when I get home with mirrors and the support rail. Then you can go deep inside me, and I can still see your face.”

I sensed mum was about to cum, I started to pump her faster, and then it happened, we both climaxed within seconds of each other. I turned her around, and we kissed tenderly with lots of affection, we went into the bedroom, and we were both asleep in minutes.

If any of my serious readers can give me any advice on how I can best progress this story, I would appreciate it. I want to continue the story but don’t want to restrict it to May and Jack although Claudia could easily play a role. Any suggestions would be welcomed.

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