Not All Is As It Seems


Not all is as it seems…

Do we ever really know what goes on behind closed doors? Do we ever stop to think of the freak that exists beneath the surface? I am a high school teacher…most people who meet me think sweet and innocent. If they really knew the dark side that lurks beneath the surface they’d be appalled that I teach their children. I am owned; I am the slave to a very strong, very powerful man. I do what he tells me, who he tells me, when he tells me; I cum only when given permission. At times he’s very brutal and hurtful…he likes to remind me that I am his slut, his whore. At others he’s sweet and caring; giving me reason to stay, to not run away from him.

This story is about one of the sweeter times…I was in the shower one day when he decided to join me. As his slave I have no privacy and he’s free to come to me and take me at his whim. As I picked up the shampoo bottle to wash my hair, he took it from me and began to lather my hair from root to tip, rinsing it, then gently massaging conditioner into my hair, rubbing my scalp, all the while I was wishing it was my clit he was rubbing. The sweet sensuality of it all had my cunt throbbing coffeedonutfest.com/ with desire…cum beginning to pool between the lips of my pussy. After my hair he took my loofa and my favorite soap, tropical pleasures, and began to suds my entire body…he ran the loofa up one arm and down the other. Teasing my breasts by just skimming across the tops. He caressed my back coming to rest just above my ass, reminding me that he controlled my every orgasm. Just as I was about to beg him to touch me he moved the loofa up and over my breasts, circling around each nipple taking time to lather one while he caressed the other. Squeezing each breast, pinching the nipple, rinsing them off, kissing each tit in turn. Sucking, biting my nipples, causing me divine pain.

Moving the sudsy loofa down my stomach to caress the area between my legs, he spread apart the lips of my hot, wet cunt. The rough loofa causing such sweet ecstasy that I wanted to beg, to plead for release. However, I knew it was too soon; I knew not to anger him at times like these.

After my body was completely cleansed, he took my shaving lotion and lathered my legs and pussy with cool white lotion and began to shave my lower body. Taking great care with my pussy to be sure there wasn’t any stubble left. Rinsing my body, he raised one of my legs up to rest on the side of the tub so that he could access my throbbing clit. He flicked his tongue between my legs, sucking my clit, drawing it to a head. Cum was pouring out of me and beginning to trickle down my legs. I couldn’t take anymore of this exquisite torture. I begin to whimper and beg for him to allow me to please him, to allow some release. To service him, to please his every waking desire.

He stood and ordered me to my knees, water cascading down around our bodies. He demanded that I take his cock in my willing mouth. I began to run my tongue up and down the length of him, to flick my tongue along the head of his dick, drinking in his pre-cum hungrily. Wrapping my lips around his cock, placing one hand at the base of his dick, using my other hand to shove my finger into his ass. Letting him pump his exquisite cock in and out of my willing and hungry mouth. Chocking me with each deep thrust. I loved it when he fucked my face, I felt so powerless, so controlled by him.

When he was ready my master jerked me up by my hair and spun me around; bending me over at the waist. I had to place both hands on the shower wall to brace myself so I wouldn’t fall down. He shoved his throbbing cock into my dripping cunt and began to push himself deeper and deeper into me, pressing himself up against my cervix. Keeping his hand tangled tightly in my hair, keeping my head down in the lowly servants position. All while I pressed my hips towards him taking in all of him that I could until I begged and pleaded to be allowed release. To be able to cum, to have my pussy tighten around his massive cock. After several minutes of mind-numbing fucking he granted me the right to cum, I clamped my pussy around his shaft as he swelled and spewed his cum into me with so much force that I just knew he’d impregnate my wanton body. I could feel his hot juice flowing into me and down my legs, mixing with the water from the shower, shuddering from release, feeling his body tense and relax as the last few spasms wracked his body.

For hours after I could still feel him inside me, feel his juices trickling out of me, all while I stood in front of a classroom full of young horny boys who would give their left testicle for a chance to experience what I gave freely to my master everyday.

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