No One Knows Grandma Better Than…


Everyone is over the age of 18. This is one of my fantasies and not a true story. I also want to thank my friend Don for helping me with the editing. We may have missed some mistakes throughout the story and I am sorry if we did. If you’re one of those perfect writers with no name, give us your name and show us how perfect you are, by asking to edit my next story. For all the rest of you, I hope you enjoy the story as it is meant to be for one’s pleasure.


“Hello, Grandma. How are you doing today?” I asked over the phone.

“I guess I’m doing okay considering. Are you going to be home soon or did you decide to stay in the army to do another tour?”

“That is why I’m calling you. I’m fixing to leave out here, to come home. As soon as we get off the phone. It may be tomorrow or the next day when I get there, depending on how many stops and how long I stop for on the way.

“We’ll be looking forward to your returning home. Where are you now?”

“I’m still here in Fort Lewis Washington. I got my walking papers this morning and I just finished packing my stuff and loaded it into my pickup. How is grandpa doing?”

“He’s doing okay I guess. Right now he is watching the news and weather. The doctor told him last week he was able to return back to work. Now that he is able to get back to work it has made my job of caring for him easier again.” Hahaha, Chuckled grandma.

Grandma usually had to wait on grandpa hand and foot when he was home. Grandpa made sure she had everything she ever needed to keep the house going like the utility bills paid. Money for the laundromat that she and my mom always went to so we would have clean clothes to wear every day. Grandpa made sure they had gas in the car for mom to take them anywhere else they may need to go. He would write the checks out if he knew the amount to write it for. He would just fill in who it was to go to and sign his name and leave the amount blank for my mom or grandma to fill in the amount that was spent or asked for. Grandma would then tell him the amount that evening after he had his supper.

Pulling into the driveway two evenings later I see that grandma and grandpa’s car was the only car in the driveway. I park one car length behind their’s and as I open the door to get out, grandma walks out of the back door to meet me. We meet at the back passenger corner of their car. “My heaven’s son you look all grown up. It looks like the Army has been feeding you well during your stint.” She said giving me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

I noticed she held me in a hug longer than she has in the past when I happened to be gone for so long, which really wasn’t very often. It had been just over one year since I last saw her or any of my family.

The other thing I noticed about grandma Mabel was she still had a youthful look about her. She still had her slender waist. The little bit of her legs that showed from under her skirt, are smooth looking with a youthful look about them. The hem of her skirt stops right at the top of her knees with a little bit of flare to it.

As we broke the hugging grandma said. “Put your things in the spare bedroom across from our room where you and your mom used to sleep before she bought that trailer house back there.” Indicating the trailer house in the backyard with her thumb over her shoulder. “Do you need any help bringing anything in from your truck?”

“Naaa. I can get it all in just a couple of trips.” I turned toward the passenger side of my pickup, I pulled out my suitcase with civilian clothes, and then my Army issue duffle bag with my military clothes. I sat the suitcase down and pulled out two shopping bags and handed them to grandma. “Here are some snack foods I have leftover from my trip that we all can share this evening if anyone wants any of it.” I picked up my suitcase and we headed into the house through the back door.

As I returned to my pickup for my second trip, grandma walked with me opening and closing the doors to my pickup and the house for me. That way I wouldn’t have to set things down to open or close them. Once I had everything in the spare room grandma said. “I need to go start supper for all of us. Grandpa should be here in one hour. Do you want anything to drink before I start supper?”

“I can get it. I’ll just have some water till time to eat.”

Grandpa got home from work just as grandma said he would. He set his lunch box down on the counter and then went to the bathroom to wash up.

That evening after we finished eating grandpa and I talked about some of the things he would like to get done around the house. We even talked about what needs to get done. I offered to do the needed repairs between my job searches. Grandpa said he would really appreciate my help.

Thursday and Friday I decided to just take the time and fix the needed repairs around the house instead of looking for a job. I did take a look at the job ads in the papers before attacking the job repairs. I finished the last job I had supplies for two hours before grandpa got home from work. I made kurtköy escort a list of supplies needed for the next job repairs. Saturday grandpa and I both went to the lumber yard and hardware store to get the materials I needed.

Monday morning I did my job hunting and got hired with a union construction company. They had two men retire and needed men to fill their spots on a couple of crews. What may have helped me land the job was the fact my grandpa introduced the construction company’s owner to me at the lumberyard, where he was placing an order of materials he needed to have delivered to a job site.

Six months later my foreman walked up to me and said, “your grandpa’s wife called the office and said you are needed at home to take her to the hospital. Fred had a very bad accident. I’ll clock you out so that way you can go straight home and not have to go by the office.”

“Okay thank you. I’ll see you tomorrow morning.”

“Just call me in the morning if you need the day off.”

“Will do then.”

As soon as I pulled into the driveway grandma walked out of the house before I could get parked. I got out of my pickup and walked around to the front of the truck and grandma opened the passengers’ door and started climbing in. I closed the door for her and walked back around to the driver’s side and got back in. “I figured it would be quicker for me to just get in here rather than to take the car. It would take time to warm up whereas this is all ready to go.”

“Now, which hospital do we go to? Lawton Regional or Comanche County Regional?”

“Lawton hospital.”

At the hospital, we found grandpa had to be rushed back for an emergency operation. The staff told us he had a bad head injury and his back was broken. That is all that they knew so far. So we waited in the waiting room. In the middle of the night, a doctor came out and said it wasn’t looking good. He was still in bad shape but stable for right now.

Grandma and I went home and got some sleep before getting up and heading back to the hospital the next morning. I called into the job and my foreman told me he took care of it for me.

It was a touch and go, off and on all week, with grandpas’ condition. He kept losing blood and they could not seem to find where he was losing it. They thought they found it and they went in to fix it, yet he kept losing blood. Off and on grandpa would wake up and talk to us before drifting off to sleep again.

A few times it were just me in the room with grandpa while grandma went and met some family members that grandpa didn’t want to see him in his condition. Which was for good reason. Other times grandma would go out to get something for her and me to eat from the Cafeteria. During those times it was just him and I in the room, he told me to take care of grandma as if she was my woman. Let her know what to wear and when to wear it. Make sure her needs are met so that she has no needs, as he had done for her all of these years. He told me her and I were meant to be together which didn’t make sense to me. When it was just grandma and me at home, I said something to her about what grandpa told me and she said, he had been talking to her the same way as well. After the second day of grandpa being in the hospital, I returned to work so grandma had more alone time with him. I would take her every morning to the hospital on my way to work and then stop at the hospital every evening after work.

Grandpa never got to go home before passing from this world. For the next two weeks I would go to work every morning and return home to a cooked meal every evening. Grandma would go through grandpas’ things while I was at work. I would then go through what she had picked out for me to decide whether to throw out, keep, or give away.

In the third week after grandpas’ death all of his stuff had been gone through and passed out to the different family members. On Friday evening toward the end of the third week, grandma asked me while we ate. “Is it possible for me to go shopping tomorrow at the mall?”

“Yes, I believe so. I don’t have a lot to do tomorrow really. I just want to finish some repairs around here but I need more supplies. There is nothing pressing that has to be done. It is just something grandpa wanted to do.” I wasn’t going to tell her he wanted it done for her at this time.

The following day after we ate breakfast we got in her car and drove to the mall. I noticed that grandma’s skirt that she has worn a meany a time, is pulled up with the hem halfway between her knees and her hips. Her skirt or any other skirt and dress tail she would wear from time to time, always rested about one or two inches above her knees while riding in the car or pickup. After parking in the mall parking lot, I escorted grandma to the mall doors with her arm wrapped around my arm. Once we stepped through the mall door, I asked her. “Do you want me to go with you or sit on one of those benches and wait for you?”

“I don’t know. Do what you want to, I guess.” Grandma answered in such a way that aydıntepe escort told me in her voice, she wasn’t sure what I might think. She would come off as not knowing what to answer to the question.

“Just tell me Mabel. You either want me to go in with you for the company or my opinion or you want to be alone. It is what you want right now. Either way, it will not bother me. I will be happy with your decision.” It was the first time in my life I called her by her name and not put grandma before her name.

“I didn’t want to embarrass you by telling you I would like your opinion about different selections of women’s clothing you may or may not like.”

“That would not embarrass me at all. I will gladly go with you and give my opinion whenever you want it.” I said indicating for her to take the lead to the first store of her choosing.

The first store we walked into had women’s dresses, skirts, and blouses. It also had some women’s underwear like panties, bras, and some sexy nightwear. Grandma picked out a couple of dresses and skirts and blouses to go with the skirts. The next store we walked into had lingerie where grandma did some shopping. I didn’t pay much attention to what she picked out from there. I did some looking around with thoughts for another time. After shopping at a couple of other stores we left the mall.

Grandma and I got into the car and saw that it was almost dinner time, so I asked her. “Any place in particular that you want to eat at?”

“How about that Caption place on the way to the grocery store?”

“Okay. They do have good food.” I replied as I started the car and put it in gear. Again I noticed that grandma had her dress pulled up showing off a little bit more than half of her thighs. Her legs looked so smooth and sexy it made it hard for me to keep my eyes on the road and off of her.

Before I enlisted and since I’ve been back home I’ve gotten up skirt views of grandma while she was sitting in her rocking chair. After parking and opening the car door for her at the restaurant, is the first time I ever got an up skirt view, while she exits a car. I felt my jeans start to get a little bit tight at the view of her pantie covered pussy. Even though it was just three seconds of a view before she stood up and her skirt fell down to rest one inch above her knees.

For the next few months, I would go to work during the week and come home to find grandma had supper ready for me when I walked into the door. For the next few Saturdays’ grandma wanted to go shopping for new clothes. I noticed that the dresses and skirts that she bought and began wearing were more mini skirts and mini dresses. The hems on them stopped halfway between her knees and her hips. A few of them were even shorter than that. I was even getting more upskirt views than I ever have from her. It was like she was showing me on purpose. She even began asking me which dress or skirt and blouse to wear that day. It wasn’t every day she would ask but it was mostly on Saturday and Sundays that she would ask. Two or three days during the week she would ask. The first couple of weeks when she asked me surprised me. I guess I got used to her asking me after that. At least I didn’t feel weird if she asked what she should wear.

The blouses she began wearing seemed to be a little bit more see-through than her old blouses. She even started leaving the bathroom door open when she went in to use it, other than to take a shower. I even found she would leave her bedroom door cracked open when she dressed and undressed. Over time that crack got to be a half-open door then, a fully open door. I finally asked grandma about her leaving the bathroom and her bedroom door open. She told me it was just us two of so she saw nothing wrong with it. Only the two of us would know about it unless one of us told it. I saw her point so I began leaving the doors open as well.

The following summer after grandpa died. My one year anniversary of working for the same company, on the Friday following, I sat down at the supper table with grandma, I asked her. “Is there any place you would like to go on vacation?”

“I don’t know where I would like to go. There are so many places to go. They also cost so much I don’t think I could ever afford to go anywhere that is so extravagant.”

“You might be surprised at how much you can afford.” Two or three months after grandpas’ death I found out, grandma did not know how to balance her cheek book, since he always did it for them. I knew what she had and I also know what I have and combined, we are better off than she even knows.

“We can go see your brothers and sisters if you want to.”

“Talking with them this past year or so they cannot put both of us up at night in the same house. One of us would have to go to another relative to spend the night. Since your grandpa has died, you have become my rock and I want to be near you every night. So many times I’ve wanted you to come in and cuddle with me and hold me while we sleep. Besides they wouldn’t know what to say tuzla içmeler escort or how to act with my new way of dressing now.”

“Wow! I didn’t know you were wishing that. You should have said something to me. Like asking me to come and hold you or cuddle with you, whichever or both if it was what you’ve been wanting. You have to tell me these things for me to know what you want babe.”

“I know but I was afraid to. Your grandpa always told me what to do and how to do it. He told me where to sleep and where not to sleep. You never told me to sleep anywhere different, but at least you tell me what to wear when I ask because I cannot decide what to wear. I just know I miss sleeping with a warm body next to me, and my brothers and sisters wouldn’t approve of us sleeping in the same bed.”

“Knowing my aunts and uncles, they would talk badly about us sleeping in the same bed, even with nothing happening between us but sleep.”

“You’re right. Another reason I don’t want to go to visit them.”

“Think about where you want to go on vacation. In two weeks we are going on vacation for one week. Oh and do not worry about how much it is going to cost to go anywhere you want to go.”

Two weeks later as we sat down to eat, I asked grandma. “Have you figured out where you would like to go for vacation?”

“I would like to go camping and stay in a cabin I think. What I don’t know is how much a cabin would cost. Or if they have cabins to rent out in the middle of nowhere. I just want you and me and no one else to be around.”

With supper finished and the dishes washed along with the kitchen cleaned up, I asked. “How fast can you be packed and ready to head out to that cabin? What state is the Cabin in?”

“I don’t know really. I don’t know where any cabins are in any state, any more than I know where any are here in Oklahoma. I’ve just seen pictures of them on the tv and in magazines.”

“Okay then. How about we rent a motorhome and that way we can travel from one place to another and find a campsite that is RV accessible?” After we discussed our options between a cabin and a RV I made a few phone calls and found a cabin we could rent in Colorado. I made the reservation for it to be ready for us the next afternoon. I hung up the phone and asked grandma. “Can you be ready to go in one hour or so?”

“Yes, I can.” Grandma jumped up from the rocking chair and was off into her bedroom in record time. I had a suitcase packed and ready to go in five minutes. I took the suitcase out to my pickup and returned to find grandma with her suitcase laying open on her bed. I noticed she had some clothes folded and laying next to the suitcase. “I don’t know which of those dresses and skirts you would like for me to take. Other than those few things all I have left is my overnight personal things in the bathroom left to be packed into an overnight bag.”

Looking through the clothes she had beside the suitcase, I placed each one into the suitcase before saying. “You don’t know what you may need so take them all. That way if you need them you have them. Even if you don’t need anything of them, at least you have it just in case you do.”

It took us forty-five minutes to get everything loaded into my pickup and going down the road. I noticed that grandma had slid over to the middle of the seat and her dress was barely covering her pantie-covered crotch. I drove for four hours and pulled into a motel and checked us in while grandma sat in the pickup.

After I checked us in, I pulled the pickup around to our room and parked. Walking into the room I sat the suitcases down on a stand next to the bathroom door. Grandma stopped at the foot of the bed and asked. “Hun… Are you sure about this?… There is only one bed. I was hoping for one bed but yet,… I want you to be ready for us to sleep in one bed.”

“This is going to be a new beginning for both of us. I remember you saying you would like for us to sleep in the same bed a couple of weeks ago, I believe it was, The clerk said they only had rooms with one bed left. All the rooms with two beds are taken tonight. So I thought why not start doing what you told me you would like for us to do starting here and now.” While I said all of this, I was checking out the room for its cleanliness and adjusting the temp on the AC wall unit. I also was watching Mabel’s reaction to what I was telling her.

Mabel didn’t really show a lot of reaction to what I told her but she did give a half-smile like look as she watched me move about the room. “I thank you for remembering that and thinking about me. What made you decide tonight was the night for us to sleep in the same bed?”

“I guess it was a combination of things that made me decide when and where. Grandpa started it all. He told me to make sure you are happy and have everything that you will ever need. He kind of indicated to me that you may be sexually neglected in a roundabout way, because of how he was about talking about sex. You know how he always said sex was to be done behind closed doors and not out in the open for everyone to see. And that included kissing even. All emotion towards each other is to be done behind closed doors according to him. One thing he told me really didn’t make sense till you told me a few things that he had told you when I wasn’t in the room, from what you told me he said.”

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