No Longer Submissive


You see me enter the room wearing my leopard print halter top and black leather pants. All the guys in the bar turn to stare as I walk towards you. It was obvious I wasn’t wearing underwear or a bra. The look in my eyes were pure lust and you knew we’d be leaving soon. I sit beside you and place my hand under the table on your groin. Deftly unzipping your pants, I began to stroke you right then and there. God I wanted a taste of you. “What, no hello?” you ask me with a teasing smile. You know me well. I love sex and I hadn’t seen you in a month. My college is eight hours away from where you live and you knew I was just aching to get fucked. Eat? Hell no, not right now. You knew what I wanted to do.

We leave within minutes, I already had you breathing heavy and sweating. Your cock was so hard you had to try to cover it with your coat, Betturkey and my bemused smile as we left made you laugh. I was soaking wet but you had no idea yet. You pull over a cab and we get in. You tell him of a hotel and we are on our way. You grab me and kiss me passionately, and start to fondle me. Ohh you know I can’t be quiet. The taxi driver smiles, lets us out and we quickly make it to the hotel room.

I walked in stunned. You had never been romantic or even dominating, my two favorite qualities in a man. I did everything in the relationship and I had secretly become very sick of it. But the hotel room was decorated in flowers. and near the bed was body oil, handcuffs and blindfolds. I almost had an orgasm right there as your touch was suddenly electrifying and there was nothing I could do but Betturkey Giriş to be submissive to you. “baby I’ll do anything you want” I say as you order me over to the bed. My laughing eyes taunt you and you become more aggressive. “Oh you think I’m just submissive huh” you start. “Well get ready for this” and you wrap the blindfold around my eyes.

You take my nipple between your teeth and tongue and begin to roll it around, making me moan and squirm. You stop suddenly and I can’t tell where you are when you start kissing my stomach and start to fuck me with a finger. Ooh I yell in surprise and I can feel your dick swell against my leg. You lick my clit and start tongue fucking me. My juices pour onto your face and I begin to buck. You immediately stop.

You grab the body oil and start rubbing Betturkey Güncel Giriş it all over my body. I am so aroused that i can’t take it. I beg you to fuck me, but you tell me to wait. You lovingly oil every inch of my body. Then you dangle your cock in front of my mouth as I strain to reach it. You start to fuck my mouth as I take you all in, loving the feel of your cock in my mouth. It swells and becomes even harder. God I want to taste your cum. You are about ready to cum when you quit…leading your cock down to my pussy you tease me. God I can’t quit moaning, all I want is to feel you inside of me. But I want to taste your cum. I’m torn and there is nothing I can do but to let you have your way with me. The suspense kills me. You jam your cock in me. I have an instant orgasm. You keep going as your cock fills me up. I cum again and again and you keep going until your cock explodes in me and I feel it dripping out of my pussy onto the bed.

You lay on top of me and take the blindfold and handcuffs off. You gently caress me and tell me that I’ll be getting a lot more where that came from, and I smile in anticipation.

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