Nilofar Pt. 04

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Welcome back readers, The story continues.

I really want to thank John Smith for editing and Heyall for his valuable pointers towards the story.



After we enter the bathroom, I keep walking till I reach the last stall. After six glasses of beer I’m feeling like my bladder is about to burst, but, still, I somehow manage to close the door, pull my panties down till halfway, before sitting on the toilet seat and letting go. As the long stream of piss starts flowing, I opened my handbag and take out my mobile, which is on silent mode throughout the evening. There’s no call or messages, which is not very unlikely, considering there’s hardly anyone to call or message me on a regular basis, but it’s the time on the screen that surprises me. It’s already half-past nine, which means two and a half hours has already flown by, whereas I’m feeling like we have just arrived maybe only half an hour ago.

People say that time flies when you’re enjoying it the most, and in my case enjoying must be an understatement. Now obviously there’s Nil, the girl that I’m utterly in love with, sitting right beside me and all the small talk, the occasional holding of hands under the table, to more glances and much more laughter, make my heart sing throughout the evening. But, I’m also enjoying the presence of all these newly made friends. It’s true that Becca is my neighbour and I have known her for some time now, but, that’s nothing compared to what I’ve come to know about her tonight. All four of them are born and brought up in this same neighbourhood. They went to the same school and then to the same local university (with different subjects of course) and knew each other even before they lost their first tooth, let alone their virginity. So, it’s not unusual for them to know each other like the back of their hands and, when they start pulling each others leg and there are two new pairs of ears to fill, it’s more like a race to embarrassing each other to an extent, that none of them is willing to lose.

So, all the stories from how Sus (the nickname they use for Susan) enrolled Becca in a gym session, which is actually scheduled one hour prior to her own, so that they can actually work out together to how Bonnie ended up pleasing half of the dorm boys during one drunken night and how little Lami used to cry every day at class after pissing in her pants, everything been served along the food, while we just sit back and listen and laugh our hearts out with occasional comments. I feel my tummy hurting often from laughing continuously, but I’m not going to complain anyway.

As I keep thinking about the girls and the bond between them, I’m feeling jealous of Becca. She has something that I never had. Some true friends, but I’m happy that they have let us in so easily. I should’ve accepted her invitations previously if I only knew that going out with them could be so much fun, but

it must be fate that has saved this most fun-filled night of my life to enjoy it together, with Nil.

Coming out, I’m surprised to find Becca standing in front of the mirror and doing some touch-ups. I’m not sure if she is done using the loo, because I don’t remember hearing any other flushing sound apart from my own and I guess that she might have accompanied me because she needs some touch-ups or maybe only because she doesn’t want me to go to the washroom alone.

Walking up to the mirror, I have a quick glance at my makeup, which looks the same as when I left my flat hours ago. I adjust my hair just a little though and I’m about to ask Becca if she’s ready to leave when she speaks.

“We need to talk.”

Becca sounds quite serious which is very opposite to the mood of the evening and now I’m quite sure that she has accompanied me only because she wants to have this conversation with me, one on one in the absence of her friends or even Nil. I’m not sure what she has on her mind, but I nod anyway.

“How do you know Nil?”

The cat is out of the bag. I knew this question is about to pop up at some point, what I’m not sure is, how to answer this and how much to tell actually.

“From my shop,” I say. Not lying but also giving away as minimal as I can.

“I know that because outside of your work, your social life is a big zero. The question is, do you know where she’s from and what she does for a living?”

Now we’re talking business and Becca doesn’t waste any time coming to the point directly. I nod again because I’m entirely sure that she knows Nil somehow from the past and isn’t looking for my answer but only confirming that I’m aware of her background.

“Good.” She smiles. “And how serious you are about this girl?” she asks again.

“I’m still trying to figure that out, I mean I have feelings for her, but it’s also a fact that we have just met and barely know each other. I need some time to know her in a better way and I hope it works out between us.”

“Perfect, because I don’t want you to jump into something without knowing the consequences. You know that I really care for you, right?” She puts her hand on my shoulder as she finishes with another Short links big smile.

I smile back with a little nod before asking her finally, “But how do you know Nil?”

“I don’t know her well, but I have met her once. There’s a friend of mine, living just opposite to the hive and she buys products from Nil on a regular basis. Fortunately, I was there one evening, when Nil showed up just to deliver some of the pre-ordered products. I’m quite sure that she doesn’t remember me and so should I, if only she hadn’t acted like such a cold bitch with no fucks given attitude. I was worried about you, the moment I saw her standing beside you at the basement, but I was shocked even more when I saw her blushing, when you tried to introduce us. I’m not sure how you put a collar on that wild beast and make her meow like a pussy, but I’m happy for both of you.”

I’m touched, and when she opens her arms for me, I don’t hesitate before closing the gap between us and taking her in for a big hug. As we stand here in the tight embrace of each other, I’m actually feeling guilty, for suspecting Becca. I’m quite sure that she’s going to turn up late again next Saturday, but that doesn’t change the fact that I’ve found a good friend in her. A friend who is not only caring, but she’s also sensible and understanding.

“Thank you,” I say as we part finally.”And Becca, Nil has quit shoplifting altogether, so, tell your friend to start searching for another source,” I added.

“I bet she has,” Becca replies with a smile, “But if she continues behaving such naively, it’s going to be extremely hard for me to stop myself from trying to seduce her. She looks so fucking cute when she blushes and by the way, I wasn’t joking when I suggested the threesome. I guess you know that, right?” She smiles before turning and starts towards the door.

As I see Becca leave, I’m thunderstruck. I’m unable to move or say anything, but the slamming sound of the washroom door help me get my senses back. Coming out of the washroom, I see Becca almost halfway through to the table and I run. Yes, I’m running as if my life depends on it. Only a moment ago, I’m so sure that I have found a true friend in Becca, but now, there’s a rivalry between us and I have to reclaim my seat before Becca claims it. There’s no way I’m going to let her flirt with Nil, right in front of my eyes.

As I chug on my beer I’m huffing and puffing, trying to get my breath back after running all the way back and almost tackling Becca off her feet to reclaim my seat. Thank god, the table isn’t too far away from the washroom and most of the diners are too busy among themselves to notice me, but a few must-have. I can feel their eyes still on me and I’m wondering what would happen if someone actually come up and congratulate me for breaking the record of Usain Bolt.

“Are you all right?” Nil sounds suddenly concerned, after watching me running like crazy.

“Yes,” I say, keeping it short. By the way, everyone is looking at me, I’m sure, they’re looking for further explanation from me, but there’s no way I can tell them the truth.

“I think she’s just afraid of being alone,” Becca says for me, giggling.

After shooting a few daggers at Becca through my eyes, I turn towards the table to face the others. I’m still searching for a better excuse and quite sure that no one is going to believe this, knowing I’ve been living alone for more than three years now. I’m proven wrong though, as I find them laughing at Becca’s comment. I sigh, feeling relieved that they don’t cross-question and it certainly saves me from lying to them. I’m guessing that maybe I should be thankful for all the alcohol being served throughout the evening. It’s a fact that people do care very little when they’re drunk.

After almost another hour, and another couple of glasses of beer and food, we call for the bill after deciding to call it a night. As the waiter arrives with the bill, everyone pays their share and I’m counting the bills, to pay for me and Nil, when Nil takes out some money from her purse.

“Here,” she says with a smile as she hands over a fifty-dollar bill to me to pay her share.

“You lending money again? How many times do I have to tell you that I don’t like you borrowing money from others?” I snap at her, unable to control my anger.

Nil lowers her head before she speaks faintly.

“All that I want is to pay my share, as everyone else does. I don’t want to be an extra burden to you.”

I’m starting to panic now because Nil looks absolutely on the verge of crying and there’s nothing that I can do except cursing myself for shouting at her in front of others. I never meant to hurt her ego and now I’m not sure what to say or do, but there’s no way I can let her cry, not again.

I’m standing on my toes, as I put my arms around her neck, to make her bend down while I push myself up as possible before claiming her lips.

The moment our lips touch, zing!! It feels like I’ve been electrified and a jolt of electricity starts running through each and every cell of my body, stimulating me. Every part Short link of my body feels supremely sensitive now, but I hold onto those luscious lips somehow. Nil’s eyes had gone wide and she looks absolutely stunned by my sudden advance, but, to her credit, she doesn’t pull back. It takes a few moments for her to realize what’s going on before she kisses me back. I feel her hands going around me, as she draws me closer and I moan in pleasure.

It’s not a kiss full of passion, nor demanding but, rather sweet, tender and giving. A very unique in its own way. To me, it’s all about showing her how much she means to me, and I can sense her acceptance through the lingering touches.

“Do you still feel like a burden to me?” I ask, looking into her eyes, as we part finally.

She nods immediately and I’m just starting to panic that maybe it’s not the best idea and I have given her some wrong impression when I see an evil grin appearing on her face before she starts shaking her head side to side. I smile as I put my hand on her face, before continuing,

“I promise, I will be going out with you the day you receive your first salary and I will leave my purse at home, but let me do this please until you find a job.”

Nil nods again. Turning around, I pay our combined share to the waiter, before I say, “Here,” keep the change”

“Huh, oh… and about that… thanks,” he stammers through his words, before making a quick exit.

“Am I the only one who’s feeling hot? Or, the temperature of the whole restaurant has grown up in the last few seconds?” Becca says, as she keeps fanning herself with her hand.

I’m about to snap at her, but stop as the sudden realization hit me. I have just kissed Nil, in a restaurant, packed to its capacity on a Saturday night. I’m praying within as I turn towards the others, hoping no one has seen us kissing, but, to my horror I find most of them staring directly at me. According to what I’ve read, it’s a very common fantasy for men to see two girls kissing and there’s no way I can blame them for looking after putting up such a nice show in front of all of them.

I’m dragging Nil with me, as I start running towards the door the next moment. I’m embarrassed to the limit and quite sure about not coming back to this restaurant again. According to my guess, most of the diners here are regulars and there’s a huge possibility of some of them turning around next Saturday as well.

I’m debating my decision of either to wait for Becca or leave, as we stand outside the restaurant. I know that we will be in for some more teasing and taunting once they come out, but, Becca lives in the same flat and it will be very rude to just leave without waiting for her.

“Next time, you kiss at the beginning of the dinner and I bet we will be getting free drinks from the guys all night long,” Becca says, coming out of the restaurant, embarrassing us more as I blush deeply.

“Don’t be so mean, there’s nothing wrong with showing a little affection to the person you love and I think it’s cute,” Susan chimes in.

“Right, the guys in the restaurant will surely agree to you Sus, though a few of them might have cum in their pants already, watching,” Becca replies with a grin, humiliating us more.

“Cut it off, there’s something serious I need to discuss.” Lami put a lid to the argument, before turning towards us, “I’m not sure if this is worth discussing, but there’s actually a vacancy…” She trails off looking at us and trying to understand if we’re interested in the offer.

I’m starting to panic now. Lamia works in a big book store at the Central Mall. I’m guessing that she’s talking about some vacancy in the book store itself and that’s what I’m concerned about.

Anyone working at the bookstore needs to have vast knowledge about books and authors and their writing patterns. It’s rather easy when someone walks in looking for a particular book, but there are also people who show up without any particular order and you have to talk to them and try to figure out what they’re looking for actually before suggesting something to them. One wrong suggestion can easily take away one potential life long customer.

With her limited educational skills, Nil is no match for a job like this, but, the pay is too good to deny, especially as a newbie. I’m already thinking about excuses that I can pull up to deny the offer. Yes, I know I can tell them the truth that Nil isn’t educated enough for this job, but I don’t want to reveal her incapability, not in front of anyone. I nod anyway, letting her continue.

“Okay, there’s a new café opening up, just beside the mall and they’re looking for girls to serve as well as other kitchen duties. I know this is not a dream job, but it’s good to pay your bills until you find something better.”

By the time Lami finishes, I’m more than pleased about the offer. A job like this which doesn’t need much of an education and will be perfect for Nil.

“That will be just fine with her and we will be thankful to you forever if Nil gets the job somehow.”

“Consider it done. The owner is one of our regulars and as she’s new here, she actually asked me if I can refer at least a couple of girls,” she replies with a smile.

Lamia sounds extremely confident. I’m sure, that she’s not faking it and must be close enough to the owner to say it. In fact, I’m so overwhelmed inside, that it’s difficult for me to find the proper words to thank her.

“Thanks a lot, Lamia and I will always be so grateful…” Nil trails off as she’s unable to complete the sentence. Her voice was thick with emotion and instantly I’m afraid that she might start crying at any moment now. I know that she needs this job really bad and I panic. I’m not good with comforting words and there’s no way I’m going to kiss her in front of everyone again after getting teased mercilessly, especially by Becca, only moments ago.

Thankfully it’s Lamia, who steps forward and hugs Nil before she speaks

“Hey, you don’t have to thank me. After all, that’s what friends are for. Right?” she asks with a smile before pulling back.

“I was a bit unsure at first, thinking that you may not be interested in a job like this, but now I know how much you want this and I’m very sure that I couldn’t find any better person than you for this job, even if I tried.”

She ends with a smile and I’m feeling relieved as I see Nil smiling back.

“Now you don’t seem to have issues with Lami hugging her and all, but you always act so mean towards me,” Becca pouts.

“Because she’s the grandma…” I bite my tongue, stopping myself midway. I’m sure it’s the devil within me speaking again, but this time the words are spoken loud enough for everyone to hear.

“And not the big bad wolf” Lamia finishes for me and everyone starts laughing when Becca whistles like a wolf.

I’m right in the middle once again, as we walk on our way back to our apartment. Yes, because I still don’t have enough faith in a big bad wolf. I’m feeling a little tipsy after all those beers and Nil has her arm around my waist, holding me close and making sure I don’t stumble into something. I’m hardly listening to Becca, who is still very much in her gossip mode and hasn’t stopped for a second since we said goodbye to the others. It feels so good to be held so close, to know that there’s someone who cares for me, loves me, and I’m wishing that she holds me like this forever. I have never felt so safe before. Every good thing has to end somewhere though and it’s not a long walk anyway.

“Thanks for inviting me. I enjoyed the evening very much, but, It’s quite late already and I guess I should leave now. Goodnight,” she says, losing her grip on me.

Waking up from the dreamy state, I’m surprised to find myself standing at the base of our apartment and the place she’s been holding all the time already feels so void.

“And what about the computer learning session that you missed today?”

The shock on Nil’s face is clearly visible and I’m finding it tough to not to laugh out loud, but I somehow manage to keep a serious face until Nil lowers her eyes without protesting. I guess she already knows she doesn’t stand a chance arguing.

“Follow me, you need to complete your lesson first,” I say, though teaching her how to operate a computer is the last thing on my mind tonight.

I could’ve asked her politely if she wants to come up and I’m sure she would’ve followed me happily, but I love dominating her too much and don’t want to give her the slightest chance to decide the terms. As I start towards the lift with Becca, I don’t even bother to look behind to be sure of Nil following us.

“You better close the doors and the windows before starting with the lesson, or the neighbours might complain,” Becca adds as we enter the lift and gets an elbow from me on her side, but that hardly stops her from giggling constantly.


I blush deeply once again at Becca’s comment. Part of me wishes it to be true, but there are so many contrasting sides of Jess that I have seen today, making it difficult for me to guess what she has on her mind right now.

On one hand she’s full of confidence when it’s just the two of us but can get nervous as hell around others. She can get jealous very easily and it’s her over-protective or possessive nature that caused us some real embarrassing moments throughout the dinner. I’m not complaining though, in fact, I loved being called her girl and the kiss? It’s undoubtedly the best thing that ever happened to me.

As I follow Jess out of the lift and then into her flat, a small smile appears on my face, remembering how tense I was, leaving this very same place only a few hours ago.

Becca and her friends are fun to hang out with and though this is our very first meeting, they simply acted like they knew me forever, even sharing some of their most embarrassing and darkest secrets. Thankfully they aren’t too nosy and didn’t ask many things about me. I followed Jess’s advice, a lot of nods and smiles and very little talk, and it helped me survive the evening without making a mess. I know things aren’t going to be the same forever and they are bound to know about me at some point. I’m still not sure how they are going to react then, but I don’t want to think about it right now, especially knowing there’s nothing I can do about it anyway.

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